Out of the woods

Wake up with a terrible memory in 2230. Find yourself on Vulcan. And here's the kicker: imagine if that you are that guy who's from the future. A admiral. This is a story how amnesia can be overcome, how some obstacles can be challenged and overcome with, and how sometimes you can do the difficult things just for someone you care about. When pieces of the puzzle come together . . . realization hits. This man with amnesia calls himself 'Jim'.


16. Evacuation

. . . 2258. . .

Last year Jim adopted a Vulcan child. A little girl named T'Prin. He missed raising a Vulcan. Raising a Vulcan was . . . fun. T'Prin missed her home planet so he moved to Vulcan for the final time.  Since he was familiar to the culture of Vulcan, it was a logical choice for Jim to adopt the little one. Her parents died in a shuttle crash. He knew much about her society and culture enough since he had lived on that planet for six some years. She was a little one. She was one hundred percent Vulcan. She reminded him of Spock in some little way. She showed emotion. Which was awfully cute.

She was also two years old.

The city had grown massive since the last time he had been there. The city where Spock had been born and raised. The ground trembled beneath Jim's  feet. T'Prin was busy playing with her pleenok. Jim went out of the house to see a familiar anchor down into the planet.  It was like a blast was sent through him. Images, words, letters, names, and the outside of a ship was seen in his memory. No wait, Constitution class starship.

USS Enterprise 1701.



"I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise D." Picard introduced himself.

Jim raised an eyebrow.

"Enterprise D?" Jim said, with eyebrows raised.

Picard smiled.

"It has been a long time, admiral." Picard said.


It was like he had been frozen in time.



"The Enterprise is bein' pulled down toward the planet, captain, we're tryin' all the tricks." Came the voice of Scotty over the communicator.



"Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise," Jim said, sitting in his chair from across the screen that displayed the then-alive-Nero. "Who are you?"

"I am Nero, captain of the Narada," Nero said. "And I am going to make you suffer dearly."



"How is she, Bones?" Jim asked, as they stood near the doorway to sick bay.

"Lieutenant Uhura has lost all her memories."  Bones said.



"My name is Khan, Khan Noonien Singh." Came the reply from the man with tan skin and dark hair.  There was something very wrong about him.


"The tribbles. . ."

"What is it,Bones?"

Bones shuddered.

"They starved to death."


"Hello, I am Q!"

Jim frowned.

"What kind of name is that?"

"I will totally ignore that statement, I am going to help you, and you are so going to give me credit for brightening your boring life."

"What are you?"


"What. are. you?"


"You are not a letter."

Q frowned, folding his arms.

"Damn you simple minded humans. You think so acutely."


Q unfolded his arms.

"I am a Q, who's helping you out of here. You are dead. Congratulations," Q grinned grabbing Jim by the shirt. "You are an echo who I am going to make real again."

And he felt very afraid right then.

Who wouldn't be?



"I'll be right back, I promise."

The Vulcan frowned.

"Promises are broken."

Jim was relaxed, casual, then he stepped off the transporter then grabbed Spock by the shoulder.

"I will keep it,and  I will give you a kiss to seal that promise."


Jim broke his promise.


S P O C K!


"Today is the last day we serve as crew members of the USS Enterprise," Jim said. "In twenty-four hours we will be docking to the station and returning to Earth." Jim looked over toward the Vulcan who seemed to be . . . quite emotional in those eyes. They used to be so full of logic and straight forward 'I do not have emotions, captain'. "The past five years has full of  adventures, and I am pleased to say, it has been a rather honoring experience. Kirk out."

Uhura looked as though she was ready to burst into tears.

Bones put one hand on Jim's shoulder.

Jim looked over.

Jim saw Spock's face.

It then returned to Jim.

Five years of that face, that voice, those eyes, those eyebrows, and the face.

The one he would later risk his career and life for.



"I remember." Jim said.

Jim ran back into the house and picked up T'Prin.

"Daddy?" T'Prin asked, as Jim hurried out of the house to the towns square.  "Rat is rong?"

There were several Vulcans flooding into the large ships.

"Children only!" Came the announcement.

Jim lowered the little girl to her feet.

"Go aboard the ship." Jim said.

T'Prin seemed to be scared.

"But daddy." T'Prin said.

"Do as daddy says. I will find you, I promise," Jim said. I am not breaking this promise, Jim swore to himself.  "Wherever you are, daddy will find you."

T'Prin nodded.

"I will keep you to it." T'Prin said.

Jim hugged T'Prin, muttering, "I love you. You'll always be my little girl." into her ear. Jim then guided her to the pathway of children heading to the  large ships. He stepped back watching T'Prin be guided in by the swarm of children assimilating her in. T'Prin looked over her shoulder in the arms of a older male Vulcan probably around ten years old. She waved a little at Jim's direction. Jim waved back. She turned her head away. Damn, this be the way how fathers felt sending their children off the boat of the Titanic to emergency life boats.

Jim wiped off a tear.

The ground was trembling beneath Jim's feet ever so lightly but it was obvious. The Vulcans could not feel it but a super enhanced person could. Jim knew what he was carrying inside him. The sea of children did not seem to end. Then the back end went up. Three more passenger ships came down. Pregnant Vulcans went in first. Then Vulcans with babies. They were doing it quite logically, far as Jim had to say. The passenger ship with his adopted daughter T'Prin Kirk lifted off into the sky. There were other passenger ships heading in the same direction.

Precious minutes the planet of Vulcan had.

Spock . . . I am glad you can't see Vulcan be in the middle of chaos, Jim thought with comfort.

Jim was thankful that he had acted quickly and sent her off.

Jim saw the crowd become smaller and smaller as the seconds ticked by.

A much older class of the passenger ship landed on the ground.


"And don't worry!" Q shouted back. "You are never going to die!"


Jim was out of the woods.


 "I will put this lightly: if you value your life, you mustn't think of him. Do it for him.  It is likely he did not intend to hurt you with a dissolved marriage bond."


"Spock. . ." Jim said, his head below the Vulcan as they were in bed. 

"Yes?" The Vulcan said, undisturbed.

"I have, and always will be, yours." Jim said.

The Vulcan had a smile.

"As am I." Spock Prime said, as he could feel the man's hand on his chest.


Jim could remember a photo he took of with Spock.

His Spock.

"1990's technology." Spock Prime observed.

"Think you can do it?" Jim asked.

"There is no 'I think' there is: I can."  Spock Prime said.

Jim smiled.

"Fantastic." Jim said.


Jim felt relieved to remember everything.

Things that had been previously impossible to remember.


 There was only one logical solution as to why Jim is here.

His Spock was here.

In this universe.


 "I am visiting Vulcan."  Spock Prime said.

"Make sure you call me." Jim said.

"Live long and prosper." Spock Prime said.


"Two years!" Jim said.

"I do realize---" Spock Prime started, but is cut off by Jim.

"'TWO. YEARS," Jim emphasized.  "You didn't send me a message. Nothing. Kaput!"

"I was emotionally compromised." Spock Prime said.

Jim glared at the direction of Spock.

"Does that mean we are over, Spock?" Jim asked.  "Because I cannot feel that bond anymore."

McCoy Prime came in to the room.

"Jim, we just found something off about Lieutenant Llia." McCoy Prime said.

Jim appeared to be hurt.

"We will finish this later, Mr Spock." Jim coldly went past the Vulcan.



"The only reason why you cannot feel the bond is because I shielded you from it." Spock Prime replied.

Jim appeared to be upset.

"That really hurts." Jim said.

"Pain from a non-existing infliction is illogical." Spock Prime said.

"You could have just told me that you would have missed me for petes sake." Jim said.



"We used to be  a great pair."

"How so?"

"You don't remember that?"

"What is 'that', Admiral?"


"Are you implying that we were in a relationship prior to my death?"

"Years before your death."

"What happened?"

Jim sighed.

"You were 'emotionally compromised' at the end of our five year mission."

Spock  Prime raised his arched eyebrow, almost in disbelief at first.

"And how was it?"

"It depends on which 'it' you are talking about."

"After 'us' broke up."

 Jim looked Spock Prime at the eye.


"It was a marriage dissolution. You are still my best friend."


"Adults and elderly all aboard!" Came the announcement.

A large family of Vulcans came from behind.

They were rather emotionless and didn't have a sweat.

"Are we late?" The middle aged Vulcan.

There was on little boy with his arms wrapped around his mother's neck appearing to be scared.

"You are late," Came another un-emotional reply. "Younger shiploads have already gone. We are on the elderly and elderly."

The female Vulcan appeared to be at great pain as did the other lady Vulcans with their young.

"Logically, since we're elderly aren't we able to take small 'luggage'?" Jim asked.

"That is illogical referring to children." The head Vulcan said.

"But is it?" Jim asked.

He could see the mountains were falling. Buildings were collapsing to the ground. The Vulcan staring at him, contemplated for awhile, maybe two minutes and one second. The head Vulcan of the organization movement then made another announcement which was along the lines of 'Children and Elderly come aboard.' Jim had a sigh of relief. His Spock would be likely stunned to see this kind logic being applied. McCoy Prime would give Jim a pat on the shoulder saying, "You did good, Jim. You did good."

God, did he miss his  Enterprise family.

Jim stepped aside out of the Vulcan's line of sight.

He saw little Sehlat's being brought aboard.

Jim saw the sky dotted by Vulcan passenger ships blasting off into space.

"We have reached our weight limit!" The head Vulcan declared.

Jim was out of the crowd by this point.

Jim would rather save lives than save his own as he is immortal and all. He watched the parents hold their hands up, all muttering, "Live long and prosper." to the confused children in the arms of what few adults could be squeezed in and in the arms of some elderly. Then the back end  went up.  The landing gear came up to the side of the passenger ship. The passenger ship blasted off into the sky. Jim caught a glimpse of golden rings appearing around him. It was . . . Wait a second . . This sounded a lot like the transporter when it was beaming people. Someone was beaming him off the planet!

The ground gave out beneath the Vulcans.

No screams were heard.

They fell like rag dolls.

Into the dark  abyss that was brightened by a red glow.

And Jim's world became enveloped by a golden flash.


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