Out of the woods

Wake up with a terrible memory in 2230. Find yourself on Vulcan. And here's the kicker: imagine if that you are that guy who's from the future. A admiral. This is a story how amnesia can be overcome, how some obstacles can be challenged and overcome with, and how sometimes you can do the difficult things just for someone you care about. When pieces of the puzzle come together . . . realization hits. This man with amnesia calls himself 'Jim'.


19. Conversation of the Spocks

"Mr Spock, before you leave . . . " Spock said.

"Yes?" Spock Prime said.

"Did you ever have children with Captain Kirk's counterpart?" Spock asked.

"No." Spock Prime replied.

"That is unfortunate," Spock said. "He was . . . almost like a second father. He recently adopted a Vulcan named T'Prin then moved to Vulcan last year."

"That is logical of him . . ." Spock Prime said.

"May I ask, how did he die?" Spock asked.

Spock Prime look toward his counterpart.

"Tell me he did not tell you that. . ." Spock Prime said, in a low personal voice.

"My father told me he came with a broken bond. . . ." Spock explained. "He almost fell into a coma on his first day with amnesia," Spock Prime repeated the word 'amnesia'. "He was warned not to think of you. You dissolved your bond with him," Spock said. "So obviously you believed he had died."

"If I am correct, this may not happen to your Jim as well," Spock Prime said. "A fluke in time. He was aboard the USS Enterprise B for a tour when a energy ribbon enters and . . . took him."

"I am sure he will not be around for then." Spock said.

"How did Jim become a second father?" Spock Prime asked.

"More so of a nanny," Spock said. "A live in one. He moved in three years after appearing with amnesia. Sarek trusted him."

Spock Prime stepped forward, taking off what he had been wearing around his neck.

"You need this more than I do," Spock Prime said, handing the pendant to his counterpart. "I don't need it anymore."

"What is this?" Spock asked,taking the holo-emitter.

"A holo-emitter," Spock Prime said. "It is where you can decide your fate, you know how to operate a holo-emitter. . . do you?"

"This is 21st century technology." Spock said.

"22nd." Spock Prime corrected Spock.

Spock raised a eyebrow.

"It seems so . . . old." Spock said.

"Appreciate what you have when you have them," Spock Prime said. "As do your father."

Spock appeared to be baffled.

"I believe there is a guide to this." Spock said.

"Press the green button," Spock Prime said. "You don't need a guide for buttons that indicate the purpose. Red stands for delete. Green stands for play. It is only logical."

Spock looked down toward the holo-emitter as Spock Prime went down the hall headed to his shuttle. Sarek was walking right past him when he came to a stop and looked over his shoulder appearing to be bewildered. He had sensed his son passing by. Sarek looked over in the direction of his son. What in the name of Surak was going on here? Sarek turned away from the direction of the unusual figure he sensed was his son but was not.

Spock would later play the holo-emitter.

And he would make his choice.

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