Out of the woods

Wake up with a terrible memory in 2230. Find yourself on Vulcan. And here's the kicker: imagine if that you are that guy who's from the future. A admiral. This is a story how amnesia can be overcome, how some obstacles can be challenged and overcome with, and how sometimes you can do the difficult things just for someone you care about. When pieces of the puzzle come together . . . realization hits. This man with amnesia calls himself 'Jim'.


17. A promise to be kept

Jim found himself in Sick Bay.

But there was another half of it that was sealed off due to the attack launched by Nero. Nero was the one launching this dire and great loss. Jim could feel a hot steaming pain in his head. Tragedy, guilt, and sorrow. It wasn't his. He rubbed the side of his head. Wait, the only time Jim felt emotions that were not his were when he had married to Spock. He felt the rope in his mind growing a thin re-connection back to where it had been attached. It was repairing itself.

Which was unheard of in Vulcan Marriages.

Spock was so close yet so far away.

Then a familiar man looking down toward a padd approached him.

"Mr Jim Kirk--"

"Hello, John."

The man froze, looking up, with eyes of shock.

"You are him?" John asked.

How many Jim Kirk's are there?, Jim wondered.

"You are Leonard McCoy," Jim said. "That is a plot twist. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me."

John raised an eyebrow.

"What did you do to yourself?" John asked.

Jim smiled.

"I have one hell of a story to tell you." Jim said.

Jim explained to the former Marine about being taken out of a Nexus (and also avoided telling his real name) by a celestial being, being fatally injured, being sent to Vulcan twenty-five years into the past, being wakened up, and learning what he has inside his body. Jim shook his head when John asked if he knew what location he had been when he received those fatally and deadly injuries. Jim left out the whole part about being subject to countless experiments (That he knew because he had a friend hack into the company that took him and looked at the files and the videos) that went under his nose.

A young man came wheeling into the room (well actually speeded) with sweat coming down his skin.

"Hey Bones, who's the important visitor?" The young man asked, in between breaths.

The young man froze.

"Grandpa?" The young man said.

Jim smiled.

"Family resemblance is strong, ain't it?" Jim asked.

The young man, technically his counterpart, approached the older counterpart.

"But--But I am the only Kirk aboard." Kirk said.

Jim smiled, then held his hand out.

"I am the guy who you are named after, a long lost grandparent." Jim lied.

The pain was rather extensive in his head.

"No way." Kirk said.

"Yes way." Jim said.

"My father would have talked about you to my mom." Kirk said.


George Kirk died.

"I am sorry for your loss. . ." Jim said, with much heart to it. "He would have been a excellent father."

Then Spock made an announcement regarding a retreat to the other federation starships.

"Is he nuts?" Kirk said. "We have to go after him!" He turned in the direction of his counterpart. "Why are you so important to him? I mean. . . he just lost his mother."

"And Sarek?" Jim asked, concerned.

"Shaky, but okay." Kirk said.

Jim cleared his throat.

"I raised him, kid." Jim said.

Kirk raised his eyebrows in disbelief then he lowered him and he ran off to argue with Spock.

"Who are you really?" John asked.

Jim turned his head toward John.

"My name is James T Kirk,Admiral Kirk," Jim said. "My Bones would have really envied you for living forever." He got off the biobed. "But I have a promise to keep for my little girl. I won't be part of anything that has to do with Nero. I already dealt him with four decades ago. I saw his dead body myself."

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