Something sweet

Chase Hemingway is guy with good looks, he has girls,best friends and everyone wants him or wants to be him. he is the captain of the towns hockey team and has scholarship waiting. Nova Starr is nothing like Chase. she is kind and caring but also has stubborn side. the world ward three is gonna start when those two crosses path.


1. dickhead coach and teasing players

Nova Starr

i love skating. i have been ice skated since i can remember. it's not only that i like it. it means more to me. my mum taught me how to skate when she still was here. i made my way to ice rink. i opened the heavy doors of our towns ice rink. i never practiced here. but right now i didn't have any other place where to practice. i usually went to bigger ice rink few miles from town but the place was packet with some other skaters and there just were not enough time for me to skate. and i CAN'T  skate when there is others at the ice. i am figure skater. "okay boys we have to finish five minutes earlier since we don't have the hall to all for ourselves." the man's voice yelled. there were some random hockey team practicing i guess. i went to girls locker room and changed to my matching white pants and hoodie with 'Nova Starr' written on backside with golden letters. yeah. my stepmom bought them she wanted to give something nice to me and i don't want  to upset her. my long was on brides and i pulled my golden  colored helmet on. don't laugh. my brand new skates were white with golden dots and golden strings. and my gloves where golden too. as i was ready i excited the locker room. the players where just exciting the ice and i stood at side waiting them to past me. "are you lost?" one of them laugh looking at my clothes with amuse. i rolled my eyes not saying anything. "look at the little princes." other yelled and they laugh. "okay boys. keep going." the coach yelled. "so you are the skater." their coach said with arrogance in his voice too. i just hate hockey players and their coach. they are such a pigs and always up to at fights in school. "yeah. are you done. i need to practice.please." i said. "the ice is all yours." he said. they gladly went to locker room. i plugged my iPod to the speakers and started to practice. i heard the boys locker room door open. i ignored it continuing my skating. i heard chattering. are you freaking kidding me. "what kind of shit is this. i can't speak to my boys when this shit is playing." their dickhead coach said loudly and the music was turned off. i stopped. you gotta be fucking kidding me. "i can't practice without my music." i said simply and turned it back on. the oldish man gave me a glare. "turn it off." he said. "it's just classical music what is the matter." i said few faces looked out the locker room. "i need to give feedback to my boys i can't heard my own thought when your shit is on." he said. "it's not SHIT. i bet is much better than the shit what you are listening. now let me continue my practice." i said. "do you know who i am?" the man said.i was starting to get angry. "do i look like i give two flying fucks who you are? i do not care. leave me alone and let me practice." i snapped. "you bitch." the man mumbled. "caveman." i snapped back. "i have better things to do than this." i said and skated away. the coach gladly left back to the locker room to give the feedback. after hour and half practicing i was sweating as pig and took my skates off and went home. next day my skate shift was before the hockey team gladly. i still had ten minutes left as i saw few guys with their hockey bags and hockey sticks looking at me while i skated. it didn't make me nervous though i was used to have audience. "you may go after the skating brat." their coach mocked me as i was getting off the ice and the players stood there in queue. i stopped in my tracks and stopped in front of me. "you said what?" i snapped. "you heard me." he laugh. "aren't you just lovely man. i bet everyone loves you just so freaking much." i said.the hockey guys 'ooo'ed and laugh. "you are such a fucking pain in the ass. is that because of your mother. not being around and all." he said. WHAT.THE.SHIT.  oh that old shit did not clearly have a idea what he got himself into. "I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN. what the fuck is your problem anyway. you know nothing about my mom. don't you fucking dare to speak of her like that. you peace  of shit." i raised my voice looking at him deadly. i was losing it the smug smile on his face. "coach. isn't this enough.lets go." one of the players said. they weren't laughing anymore they were death silent. "shut up Chase. i am gonna make this bitch realize where is her place." the man snapped there was a small pause  "since Jessica didn't teach you how to behave, isn't that right.Nova." he said. "I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU. YOU DICKHEAD. thats it. i will fucking break that stupid look of your face with my skates. you are so fucking dead." i yelled taking a steps towards him. i was furious. the way he spoke about my mum just got something inside me totally lose it. before i was gonna hit the fucking asshole i was stopped. a guy got between me and the coach. i was furious. "let me go!" i screamed. "no. you have to calm down." the guy said. "he's fucking making fun of my mum who died in cancer! who the hell does that! what kind of fucking bastard does that! wait till i tell this to my uncle he will fucking punch the crap out of the old grandpa." i screamed. i tried to get away from his hold but the tears in my eyes were blurring my sight. i was lifted up and carried to the warm locker room. he had a blond hair what was on small bun and piercing blue eyes. he totally had the hockey player look. he sat me down to the bench. "he is not worth it. Jeremy is total asshole. he is not worth of your energy." he said. "but i think you really got to him. no one ever says no to him. no one never disagrees him and the look on his face showed that  you really made him angry." he said he was kneeling on the floor to look into my eyes. i kept my mouth shut. i just sobbed. "man, he's gone. Jeremy stormed of." a other boy said as he walked in. "what?" the blonde guy said. "woah you really pissed him off." the guy at the door said with smirk on his face. "you are my new hero! high five." the guy said. "Sebastian. not the good time now." the blonde guy said as he noticed that i wasn't into mood to give high fives. "okay." the boy said giving me a wink before the blond guy pushed the door close. "the good thing is that you don't have to face him when you leave." he said giving me a smile. i nod. "my hands were shaking as i tried to un tie my skates." the guy noticed my struggle and placed his hands untied my skate. i watched him bit taken back. i guess i underestimated  hockey players. maybe not all of them are pigs. "t-thanks." i said. "it's okay. my name is Chase. Nova? right." he said. "yes." i said. "i put my shoes on. and packed my skates and helmet to my bag. "thanks. you know.  for stopping me to total embarrass my self." i said. "it's okay. i know how you feel. i have the douche bag at my coach you have no idea how much i have wanted to mash his head against wall." he said and i let a laugh. "what school are you in?" he asked as we excited the locker room. the other players had changed to their regular clothes. "at Kinsley high." i said. "really? how come i haven't seen you around." he said. "well you are busy in your popular grew and don't notice the others." buy with black hairs said as he stepped next to him. i recognized him. well the most of the guys from the team actually went my school. but i didn't pay so much attention to them. "shut up Josh." Chase said. "well i have taken a lot of home schooling lately. so i haven't been at school so much i stopped home school like a month ago. and i like to stay quiet." i said. "hard to believe from girl who got more balls than the most guys from the team. Jeremy is up on our asses for 24/7." other guy with brown hair said. "i am Henry. nice to meet you finally. i though who you were like the start of year but then i didn't see you at school anymore." he said. "so she is the mysterious beauty you told about." a guy next to him said. "shut up Christian. that's not true. he is making it up." Henry said blushing. "sure i am." Christian smirked and Henry hit his shoulder. Chase rolled his phone beeped. my uncle."my ride came. i need to go. see you guys and thanks Chase." i said looking at my phone. "sure honey." Christian winked and other waved giving me a smirk. "Chase here is bit disappointed that he didn't get to take you home." Josh said patting Chase's shoulder while others laugh. "shut up Josh trying to embarrass  me in front of her the whole time? got a thing for her?" Chase said. "oh even if i would have a thing on her i wouldn't dare to make a move on the girls you have eye on it would be brutal." Josh said i raised my eye brows. "don't listen him." Chase said. i giggled and then waved and left. my uncle was going to flip when he was going to hear about the Jeremy thing.


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