The Silence Room of Us 「僕たちの静かな部屋」

The quiet room which only belong to us. A room where we look at each other face and get closer from time to time. A silence that bonded in a humid room.


1. The Guy next door

I just moved to a new room which is much more spacious than previous place i rent. I live alone by myself and went home everyday in late hours.

I started to live alone since i graduated from high school and decided to live alone by myself. Working in restaurant until late night is really tiring for me.

Something really strange that the guy living in my neighbors never went out from his room. He is quite mysterious. I've tried to rang his room bell many times but he never appear so i just put his warming gift outside his door. I tried to peep on my room balcony , he is always sitting on the floor while typing on something. It was seen clearly on the window. I never saw how his face looks like. His wide back and untidy hair.

Peeping on him starting to become my strange habit. Every time i went back home from school and part time. I keep checking up on him by window.

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