Angels of Los Angeles

Amynta McNair is a seventeen year old born and raised in Aberdeen. She got a scholarship to one of the best all-girls' schools in England, and hates the thought of having to spend her summer holidays in the soaring temperatures of Los Angeles. She soon feels comfortable hanging out with her stepbrother and his friends, but things take a weird and Amynta finds herself hunted by the Archangel Gabriel. And who or what exactly is her father?


2. Chapter Two

I sit on my suitcase outside the airport, with my headphones in. Mum had texted me, to tell me that my step-father would pick me up; an hour ago. The plane landed at eight, and I could not have been happier to be off the damn thing. I ended up sat next to some guy, who clearly hadn’t heard of deodorant. Then there was the little brat sat behind kicking the back of my chair, and the kid in front, who kept standing on her seat to look at me.

The food was no better either, and I was so thankful for the sweets that I’d bought before I boarded the plane. Seriously, is there some kind of unwritten law that Plane food has to be revolting?

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of a car door slamming shut in front of me. “You must be Amynta.” A tall, dark haired man in his late forties asks as he walks up to me. I give a weak smile as I stand up. “I’m Rowan.” He holds out his hand, which I shake just to be polite.

“And this is Ben, my oldest.” He claps his hand on the shoulder of a tall guy my age, beside him. As I look closer, I can see the resemblance. Both of them have dark hair, and grey eyes. They’re both six foot giants, who tower over me even though I’m wearing heels. Rowan picks up my suitcase and puts it in the boot of the car. Ben, who is has his hands in his pockets, made his way for the front passengers’ side door. “No. Amynta gets to ride shotgun.” Rowan stops him before he can open the door.

Ben sighs, but moves along and gets in the back. I climb into the front seat.

“I bet this is different isn’t it?” Rowan says. I smile, silently congratulating him on how obvious his statement is.


We pull upto the house about an hour and a half later. Mum grabs me and pulls me into a tight hug as soon as I step through the door, while Rowan grabs my case from the boot. “Minta, love why don’t we get you something to eat, and then you can explore.” Mum says. But I have other ideas.

“I’d much rather get some sleep.” I tell her as I head for the stairs. “Plane chairs aren’t exactly great for those that want to sleep.” Mum leads me upstairs to what will be my bedroom, for the next six weeks. I can tell that she attempted to decorate the same as my old bedroom in Aberdeen was decorated. But there are more than a few differences; the first being that the room is noticeably bigger than the box room I once had, the second is that none of my posters are on the walls, apart from the one of Emily Bronte above my bed.

I don’t even bother searching for a pair of pyjamas; I too tired to faff on with drawers or my suitcase. I just climb into bed.


I wake to the sun on my face. Its rays trying to break through the shields of skin that are my eyelids. I pick my phone up off the bedside cabinet, and glance at the screen; the clock tells me that it’s nine in the morning, meaning that I slept through the whole of yesterday. On the upside, I do feel much better after my flight from the opposite side of the world.

I clamber out of bed and walk to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way. When I get back to my room, I pull out the top layer, and throw it into the wash basket, and then rummage through the remainder of the contents, in search of my three quarter lengths and a top.

Downstairs, I find my step-father in the kitchen, making pancakes. I sit down at the breakfast bar, and take in the pure expanse of the room that I am in. It’s a kitchen-dining room and you could fit the living room and kitchen of mine and Mum’s old flat in it, it’s that huge. “Sleeping Beauty’s up then” someone says as they walk into the kitchen. I turn and find a boy walking towards the breakfast bar, followed by a girl of about thirteen.

“Amynta, this is Luca and Aubrey.” Rowan tells when he turns around and adds the pancake in the frying pan to the pile on the plate. He walks to the pantry, and grabs a bottle of Maple Syrup, and then takes it and the plate of Pancakes over to the table.

“Where’s Mum?” I ask.

“She went out. She said she had to get something for you.” Luca and Aubrey take over boxes of cereal, and jugs of milk and juice. I open the fridge, and take out a butter dish and Jam and Marmalade as Rowan makes the toast. When the toast is done, and we’re all sat at the table about eat breakfast, Mum walks through the front door.

“Morning, sweetheart.” She says as she spots me at the table. “There’s material I thought you might like in the hallway.”

“Material?” Luca repeats.

“Minta, likes to make clothes whenever she can.” Mum explains to everyone.

Halfway through breakfast, the front door opens again, and Ben and another boy walk through into the kitchen. Ben sits down next to Rowan and his friend sits in the space beside me. He doesn’t speak, he just sits and joins in with breakfast. He’s wearing all black; which is weird since we’re in Los Angeles, and not even I’m that insane. “If you’re going out later, take Amynta with you.” Rowan says suddenly.

My eyes widen. “It’s ok. I’m fine staying here.” I tell him. “I have homework that I need to do before I go back.”

“You have six weeks to do that, Minta.” Mum puts in.

“I go to one of the best girls’ schools in the UK, Mum. On a scholarship, I need to prove that I belong there.” I argue.

“I think you did that, when you got twelve A*’s.” Mum fights back. “You can go with Ben and...”

“Michael.” Rowan tells her.

“Michael, and you can make some new friends.” I realise that it’s pointless trying to argue with her, and remain silent.

After breakfast, I clear the table, and place the dishes in the dishwasher before heading to my room.

As I make my way upstairs to get ready to leave, I pass Michael in the hall. He sniffs me as I walk past, which is very disconcerting, especially when it wasn’t that long ago I had a shower. When I get to my room though, I sniff myself to be sure; I smell like my Vanilla shower gel.

I shrug it off, and shove my phone, MP3 player, headphones and purse into my bag before I take my laptop out of my case and place it on my desk. I open it and turn it on; I promised Susanna that I would talk to her over the summer holidays, and I always keep my promises. 

“Hey.” My friend’s voice says from the computer screen. “I wondered when you would get in touch.”  


“So, what’s LA like?”

“Hot. Can’t I just fly back and spend the summer with you?” I beg her.

“Don’t be daft. I need you to tell me all about LA since I’m stuck here.”

I open my mouths to say speak, but my eye catches on something behind Susanna. “Is that a Twilight book?” I ask. Susanna looks behind her before turning back to the webcam.

“Oh, yeah. My cousins staying with us for a few days.”

“So it’s hers?” she nods. “Ok, just as long as you remember that we aren’t in the fourth form anymore.”

“It’s actually a good book.” Susanna defends her choice of literature. “I don’t judge you for writing Hogwarts letters to yourself so you don’t judge me.”

“Ok, agree to disagree on the subject of Twilight?”

“Agreed.” Just as she says it, my bedroom door opens and Ben walks in to tell me that they’re leaving soon. I tell Susanna that I’ll call her later, and grab a cardy and my bag as head down to join my step-brother and his friend.

“So, um, where’re we going?” I ask, as I climb into Ben’s Jeep. There’s no answer, so I just sit in the back and watch as Los Angeles goes past us. 

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