Angels of Los Angeles

Amynta McNair is a seventeen year old born and raised in Aberdeen. She got a scholarship to one of the best all-girls' schools in England, and hates the thought of having to spend her summer holidays in the soaring temperatures of Los Angeles. She soon feels comfortable hanging out with her stepbrother and his friends, but things take a weird and Amynta finds herself hunted by the Archangel Gabriel. And who or what exactly is her father?


12. Chapter Twelve

That night we go out for a meal to welcome Gran to LA. But the tension between me and Mum doesn’t leave when get away from the house, it clings to us like the microscopic bits of pollution that scientists are always talking about. “So...” Rowan says in an attempt to break the silence. “How’s violin practice, Aubrey?”

“It’s great.” Aubrey answers as the waiter hands her a menu. “I’m going to learn What makes you beautiful, and perform in the talent contest next year at school.”

“Do you play any instruments, Amynta?”

I look up at him. “I used to play the saxophone. But I gave it up to focus on school.”

“Saxophone?” his left eyebrow rises slightly. “Not a lot of people play that these days.”

“Amynta saw an episode of the Simpsons one night and wanted to learn.”

The whole table turns to look at me and I feel the redness creep onto my cheek. “I was six.” I tell them and they go back to looking at their menus. “I’ll have the lasagne.” I tell Mum as get up and start walking away from the table.

“Where are you going?” Mum asks.

“The toilet.” I say in a hushed tone. I walk to the back of the building and through the door with the female sign on it. It’s empty which I find strange since the restaurant it packed.

I walk over to one of the sinks and stare at myself in the mirror. My eyes seem more purple than they did the other night in the club. Shaking it off, I turn on the tap and splash my face with cold water. “We meet again.” A voice speaks out behind me.

Startled, I turn and find Lucifer standing behind the door. “This is the Ladies.” I tell him.

“I noticed.” He puts his hands in his pockets and walks towards me until I can feel his breath on my face.

“You know that I’m seventeen, don’t you?” I ask looking up at him.

“You know that as the King of Hell, I can do what I want.”

“We wouldn’t work.” I tell him. “For one thing, you’re the Devil.”

“You want me to change?”

“People – and fallen Angels – don’t change.” I say. “Though if you were to be less... of an arsehole.” He chuckles and I cling to the sink to keep myself from collapsing.

“You do want me to change.”

“I didn’t say that.” I argue. How did I end up in the ladies loo, arguing with Lucifer Morningstar? Oh yeah, Mum married a Hollywood director and I had to move too.

“Amynta!” I hear my Gran say. Lucifer takes my hand and kisses it again before leaving the room. I look at Gran.

“What?” I ask, shrugging my shoulders.

“Why are you in here flirting with Lucifer?”

My eyes widen. “I was not flirting with him.” I say in defence. “I was having a casual conversation that’s all.” I do not fancy the King of Hell. I do not fancy the King of Hell. I repeat over and over in my head.

“He is the enemy.” Gran hisses as she walks forward. “His father stole the world from the Gods.”

“From my family.” I say.

“So, your mother told you that you are the daughter of Zeus then?”

“You what?” I look at her in disbelief. “My father’s the King of Olympus?”

Gran doesn’t say anything, I think she’s gone into shock. Instead she turns on her heel and walks out the toilets. I follow her, but she picks up the pace and before I know it, she’s at back at the table. “There you are!” Mum says as I sit back down. “You’re just in time, here comes the food.” As she finishes, a waiter appears to my left and places my lasagne on the table in front of me.

“Thank you.” I say as he walks off.

“What were you and your Grandmother talking about?” Mum asks as she starts cutting up her steak.

“My father.” I reply. I smile to let her know that I know who he is now.

“Oh.” Mum says.

We eat our food in silence and spend the car journey home the same way. Well, I’m in Ben’s car, so I can’t be sure that the others were doing the same but I’d imagine that they are.

“Come on.” Ben says as we go past the turning to our street. “I want answers.”

He drives us to an empty car park and turns the engine off before getting out of the car. I do the same and go around to the front of the car to talk to him. “What do want to know?” I ask.

“I want to know what’s going on. Why did that Charlotte girl say that I was your Guardian?”

“Ok,” I take a deep breath. “I’m the daughter of Zeus and I’m also a witch. My powers are inherited from my Grandmother, which means that I fall into the fifth category of witches. Mum isn’t a witch because it skips a generation and the fates put your father in my mothers’ path because our lives have been linked since the day I was born. That’s why Charlotte said you’re my Guardian.”

“Um, so fate is the reason our parents met?” Ben asks pulling a funny face.

“That’s the short version.”

“Ok.” He turns and puts one hand on the back of his head. “We don’t need to tell anyone else do we?”

I shake my head. “No. I have no intention of making people in the United States think that I’m crazy.” I laugh. My shoulders feel so much lighter now that Ben knows, like now that I don’t need to hide it from him, knowing I’m a witch is suddenly easier to deal with.

“What were you talking to you Grandmother about in the bathroom?” he asks me.

“Oh, she thought I was flirting with Lucifer.”

“Were you?”

“No!” Shout out as I give him a shove. “I don’t flirt. I have far more important things on my mind right now, and that list just got longer.”

“Ok, ok.” He says. “Come on, or they’ll call the police.” I get in the car and we drive home. 

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