Angels of Los Angeles

Amynta McNair is a seventeen year old born and raised in Aberdeen. She got a scholarship to one of the best all-girls' schools in England, and hates the thought of having to spend her summer holidays in the soaring temperatures of Los Angeles. She soon feels comfortable hanging out with her stepbrother and his friends, but things take a weird and Amynta finds herself hunted by the Archangel Gabriel. And who or what exactly is her father?


3. Chapter Three

When the vehicle comes to a halt, it’s in the car park of a beach. The three of us climb out and I follow Michael and Ben over to a group sat right in the middle of the beach. I suddenly feel really uncomfortable, being in the open. I quickly turn my head in every direction, just to make sure that there’s no one staring at the freak that clearly doesn’t belong in California. “Ben,” I tall, dark haired guy shouts out as we approach. “where’ve you been?” his eye catches me as he finishes speaking. “Who’s this?”

“Amynta,” I say before Ben has time to answer; I want people to know that I can speak for myself. “my mother married his father.”

“Awesome. So you guys are like, step siblings then.”

“Your methods of deduction are astounding, Mr Holmes.” Ben lets out a snort as the rest of the group try to hold back a laugh.

“Is that your British sense of humour?”

“I’m Scottish.” I correct him as a tall, slim brunette girl walks up behind him.

“Ignore him,” she tells me stepping out to his left. “Evolution did. I’m Melissa.” She holds out her hand for me to shake, as she looks me up and down. I shake it and smile to be polite, before examining the rest of the group behind her. There’s two blonde girls sat down on towels looking up at us and identical twin guys next to them. “Oh, sorry.” Melissa says, noticing the four people sat down.

“That’s Olivia,” She points to the blonde closest to us. “that’s Kaitlyn and the twins are David and Jaime.” The twins nod and smile up at me. Ben’s sat on a towel talking to Olivia, and Melissa’s eyes narrow as she watches them. “Ben,” she breathes and my stepbrother stands up. “Do mind if we take Amina-”


“Aminda, shopping with us?” I roll my eyes. I know that some people have trouble remembering names, but how do you forget five seconds after being corrected?

“Sure. I was gonna go surfing with the guys anyway.”

“Great.” Melissa shrieks clapping her hands together. “Come on guys.” She grabs me by the wrist and pulls me back towards the car park where we stop in front of a silver BMW convertible just as Olivia and Kaitlyn catch up to us. Melissa pulls the keys out and the four of us climb in the car.

“So,” Olivia says as we drive away from the beach. “what’s your major?”

“Sorry?” I ask, immediately realising that she must think I’m in University. “Oh, I’m not in University yet.”

“You aren’t?” Melissa raises an eyebrow, keeping both eyes on the road ahead.

“No, I’m in my final year of school.” I tell them.

“Well, we’re sophomores,” Olivia puts in. “I’m pre-med, Kaitlyn’s pre-law and...”

“and I’m an English major.” Melissa cuts her off. “What do you want to study?”

“Oh, I don’t know yet.” I look down at my hands, they’re clasped together and sweating – I can’t tell if it is because of the heat or nerves. “I can't decide if want to study English, Law, Psychology or French.” I’m thankful when the car begins to slow down and Melissa pulls into a parking space. Though I wish that I’d stayed at home when I look ahead and see that we’re sat right in front of a clothes shop.

As we step onto the pavement and walk towards the shops entrance, I stop and take a deep breath before following the others. The inside of the shop is huge, with rails full of expensive looking clothes – which I could never afford – lining the walls. Displays of this seasons trends are scattered around the floor. I start to feel self conscious as I look around, and suddenly feel someone tugging me towards one of the rails. “This would totally look good on you.” Melissa says. She puts a black, sequin dress in front of me.

“Definitely,” Kaitlyn confirms. “It’ll be perfect for tonight.”

“Tonight?” I press my hands against my legs in the hope that it will keep them dry.

“The party.” Melissa informs me.

“Oh. No, I can’t go to a party... I mean... I need to study... this years important.” I back away from the dress she’s holding up. If there’s one thing that I hate more than the heat, it’s going to a party; the only reason I go to the school’s Christmas party is because I’d end up stuck in a room with Penelope for five hours.

“Don’t be stupid, we’re all going.” Melissa tells me. Terrific, I get to go to a party with uni students. I don’t know whether I’m more disappointed about being told I’m going or the fact that you need to be twenty one to drink alcohol over here. This is going to be the longest summer ever.

“Do you think Brad will be there?” Kaitlyn enquires as the three of them go back to browsing the racks.

“Of course he’ll be there, Kaitlyn,” Melissa tells her. “but he’s with Kelly now, you need to move on.” Melissa looks up from the clothes in front of her briefly, for a few seconds to look her friend in the eye before examining each item individually, looking for something to wear at the party.

“So, have you seen any guys you like yet?” It takes me a while to realise that Olivia is talking to me.

“Huh? Oh, no. Not yet.” I say.

“You should ask Jaime out.” Melissa practically shouts out. “You would be so good together.”

“I’ll think about it.” I tell her, though I’m not sure if I say just to get her off my back. “What do you know about Michael?” I ask, remembering when he walked past me in the hall earlier.

“Not much.” Kaitlyn answers throwing a blue dress over her arm.

“Yeah, it’s weird.” Olivia adds. “I mean the only thing anyone knows about him is that he is Ben best friend.”

I open my mouth to speak, but I’m interrupted by Melissa thrusting three dresses into my arms and then dragging me into the fitting rooms. As we make our way through the shop, I mentally make a note that Melissa is not the type of person to give on something. “There’s an empty cubicle.” She points to one right at the end and pushes me towards it. I go into the cubicle, pulling the curtain across as Kaitlyn and Olivia join Melissa on the round sofa in the centre.

As I try on the first dress, I can hear the three of them talking about the guy that Kaitlyn was asking about earlier, Brad. I get the dress on, but the zip is at the back, so I need someone to help. I open the curtain and step out. Melissa looks up and walks over to me.

“This dress looks gorgeous on you.” She said as she pulled up the zip. “Jaime is definitely going to notice you tonight.”

My eyes widen. “I’m only trying the dress on,” I state. “I’m not going to the party.”

“Of course you are. Think of it as a ‘Welcome to America’ party.” Remembering the note I made to myself, I don’t continue the argument. I walk around the fitting room for five minutes, in the dress before I head back and get changed into my own clothes, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Melissa might have said the dress looked good on me, but it wasn’t me. I’m from Aberdeen; I belong in green fields, wearing jumpers, jeans and hiking boots, not an expensive dress and heels, going to a party with Uni students in LA.

After another argument about the dress, Melissa buys it for me and we leave to grab something for lunch.

We head to a diner where Melissa, Kaitlyn and Olivia, order a salad each and I opt for a burger, complete with chips on the side. My choice of food earns me a funny look from each of the others, but I just shrug it off. I’m not changing how I eat just because I’m LA. I spend the entire time, listening to conversations around me; the weirdest was when I heard the chef talking to the manager in the Kitchen. We are sat at a table at the opposite end of the diner next to the door. “What do you think?” I’m pulled away from a conversation – or argument – about whether or not some guy cheated on his wife by Olivia’s question.

“What were you saying?”

“Edward or Jacob?” Olivia repeats as though I was actually listening to them.

“Oh. Neither.” The three of them look hurt, like I told them that I kicked a puppy and I know that it was the wrong thing to say. The two types of fans in the world that you should never piss off are Twihards and Directioners, because they’re mental. “I mean you can have Edward and Jacob, but I think that I’ll stick to Count Dracula.” At least he doesn’t sparkle in sunlight.

Once we finish eating, and by we I mean me, we pay the bill and leave. Melissa texts Ben, to let him know that we’re going to her house and we drive out of the diners’ car park. 

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