Angels of Los Angeles

Amynta McNair is a seventeen year old born and raised in Aberdeen. She got a scholarship to one of the best all-girls' schools in England, and hates the thought of having to spend her summer holidays in the soaring temperatures of Los Angeles. She soon feels comfortable hanging out with her stepbrother and his friends, but things take a weird and Amynta finds herself hunted by the Archangel Gabriel. And who or what exactly is her father?


13. Chapter Thirteen

When we get back to the house Mum notifies me that Gran wants to see me in her (my) room and I go up right away. McNair rule number one: don’t keep Gran waiting.

“There you are.” She says as I walk into the room. “Close the door.” I do as she says and move over and sit on the bed.

“What’s going on Gran?” I ask. She brought her chest with her and it’s sat next to the desk opposite.

“Tonight, your lesson begin.” She turns round and smiles at me. for the first time in my life, I’m actually afraid of my Grandmother. She goes over to the wardrobe and takes out two broomsticks.

I let out a laugh without meaning to. “You’ve got to be joking.” I look from one broomstick to the other and then back at her face.

“Flying a broomstick is an essential part of being a witch.” She tells me as she leans the brooms against the desk and picks up a book that she then hands to me. Once again I laugh.

“I have to take a test? To fly a broomstick?”

“Even a witch must be responsible. We wouldn’t want to spark another round of witch trials would we?”

“I guess not.” I say. I flip through the book and realise that just like the driving theory test that I’m studying for, there are a lot of rules. “Ugh, I can’t believe you’re going to make me study before I get on a broomstick.”

“As granddaughter of the first witch, you must set an example to those younger than you.” Gran tells me. I take the book and go through to my camp bed in Aubrey’s room, I hide it under my pillow to avoid having to answer questions.


After spending all night reading the broomstick theory book Gran had given me, you’d think that I would be prepared for the test that Gran is making me do now. But alas, I am not.

Did I just use the word alas? What did I suddenly morph into Albus Dumbledore or something?

“Gran, do I really have to do this?” I may be whining but I think I have the right to do so, given the circumstances. “Can’t you just teach me how to fly?”

“Not until it’s dark. And only once you have passed the theory.” I groan and throw my head down on the desk.


The test takes about an hour to complete, though it feels like a lot longer and by the time I’m finished I need to get out of the house. I grab my bag and wedges and Ben and I go to meet the others at Santa Monica Pier. “So what’d your Grandma want with you this morning?” Ben asks on the way.

“I had to do a theory test,” I tell him. “To ride a broomstick.”

He laughs. “Seriously? How much traffic is there in the skies.”

“Oh, you’d be surprised.” I tell him. “We have to fly at night to avoid being seen, and we also have to avoid planes.”

“That makes sense. The planes not the flying at night.”

“We fly at night because we have to avoid another round of witch trials.” Ben nods about he still has a smile on his face.

“Have you heard from Lucifer lately?” I look at him and he smiles.

“I do not fancy Lucifer!” If he wasn’t driving I’d hit him, but I laugh as well.

When we get to the pier I look up at the Ferris wheel and hit Oscar with the car door. “Sorry.” I say as I get out and close the door as quickly as possible. “Are you ok?” he clutches his nose and I think I see blood. I pull out a pack of travel tissues from my bag and hand him one.

“Thanks.” He says as he takes the tissue from me. “Never had a girl hit me with a car door before.” He chuckles as he presses the tissue to his nose.

“They say there’s a first time for everything.” I tell him as I give him the pack of tissues in my hand as Melissa pulls me towards Pacific Park.

The first ride we go on is the Ferris wheel, which Oscar tells me is solar powered. He actually sounds really pleased with the fact as he says. I climb into the gondola after Melissa, Ben and Oscar and spot Lucifer in the queue as I sit down. “Is he stalking me.” I whisper.

“Who?” Melissa asks.

“Never mind.” I say quickly. I give Ben a quick glance and mouth ‘Lucifer’. He nods and the wheel starts going round, taking us up into the air.

The rest of my time at Pacific Park is Lucifer free. And then we get to Pacific plunge and I make the mistake of looking up as we waited in line. “You guys go, I’ll wait for you down here.” I say.

“Aw, come on.” Oscar whines. “It’ll be fine.”

“When I’m picturing something going wrong and me falling to my death, I don’t think so.” I say.

“Look, if it makes you feel better I’ll hold your hand.” He says. Reluctantly, I agree and remain in line.

When it’s finally our turn to get on the ride, I take my place next to Oscar I sense someone watching me from my other side. Out of the corner of my eye I see Lucifer’s familiar outline. I roll my eyes and try to ignore him, and it works until the ride starts.

As we reach the top both Oscar and Lucifer reach over and place a hand on mine. But we don’t move. I look down at the control station and the guy manning it is scratching his head wondering what’s going on. “Great.” I say slamming my head against the back of the seat and regretting it – they’re not as cushioned as they’re made out to be.

You stopped the ride, Amynta. A voice tells me. I look at Lucifer, even though it’s not deep enough to be his. Your gifts are starting to show.

Who is this? I ask.

Your father. Terrific that’s all I need when I’m stuck at the top of a forty-five foot tower. Why would he choose to speak to me now?

I look at Oscar and then at Lucifer. Lucifer seems to know something out of the ordinary is going on. Of course he does, he’s not exactly normal himself is he. Amynta, you can so thick sometimes. I focus on taking us down to the ground, the sooner I get off this ride the better.

It works. But in stages.

Once we get to the bottom I signal to the guy at the controls to let me out. The rest of the gang stay on, meaning that Lucifer is the only other person to get off.


I head to the entrance of the park while the others are on the ride and it’s not long before I have company. “I know it was you.” Lucifer says. “Your fear stopped the ride.” I don’t say anything, just nod.

“Zeus spoke to me.” I tell him. I don’t know why, it just comes out. “My father spoke to me.” I fold my arms and look at him making sure no one is watching. “He was in here.” I point to my head as Lucifer watches me.

“That is all he can do.” He says.

“What do you mean?”

“Your father cannot set foot in the United States.” He explains. He sits down on a bench and directs me to do the same. “Our fathers are at war with one another. Your father believes that mine stole humanity from him, and so when my father lost his hold on Great Britain, yours moved in.”

“But there are people all over the UK who pray to your father.” I argue.

“Yes, but belief in him is not as strong as it is on this side of the ocean. Were I to cross it I would be breaking the rules laid out in the millennium.”

“So when I go back to England at the end of the summer holidays, you can’t follow me?”

“That’s right.” he confirms. “The gods are at peace. For now.” Maybe there are advantages to being Zeus’ daughter. For one, my final year of school will be Lucifer free.

“Amynta!” I look over to the gates of the park, and spot Oscar waving at me. I get up and walk over to them. When I look back, Lucifer has gone.

“Who was that guy you were talking to?” he asks looking over at the now empty bench.

“Oh, he’s just some random that started talking to me when he sat down.” I answer. I’ve never been that good at lying, but Oscar seems to buy the story. “Where is everyone?”

“They headed over to the restaurant, I said I’d come and find you.”

“But I was right over there.” I point out. “They would’ve seen me as they left.” I will never again question my own ability to lie after this.

“Oh, well, yeah. Shall we go?”

“Sure.” I shrug. 

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