Angels of Los Angeles

Amynta McNair is a seventeen year old born and raised in Aberdeen. She got a scholarship to one of the best all-girls' schools in England, and hates the thought of having to spend her summer holidays in the soaring temperatures of Los Angeles. She soon feels comfortable hanging out with her stepbrother and his friends, but things take a weird and Amynta finds herself hunted by the Archangel Gabriel. And who or what exactly is her father?


7. Chapter Seven

It takes about an hour for us to get from the house to the Hollywood Sign, and as we come to a halt I can see the rest of the gang stood waiting for us. “There you are,” Tina says.

“What did you get lost or something?” Oscar jokes.

“Well, actually, we’ve just come from Tattooine.” I put in. “It’s very nice there this time of year.” I get a laugh from some of the group, but I think it might have gone over Kayleighs head.

“Ok, enough messing about” Melissa says. “We’d better get a move on.” She makes her way towards a fence and a sign that clearly states that there is no hiking up to the Hollywood sign.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking you to see the Hollywood Sign.”

“But the sign says you can’t go up there.” I inform the group.

“D’you really think that stops us?” Oscar asks, holding out a hand to help me over the fence. “Come on, we’ll go up to the sign, you’ll touch it and we’ll come back down.” I pause to think about it what I’m about to do. If I get caught I could get arrested for trespassing, and I can’t afford to get into trouble with police if I want to go to university. Eventually, I take Oscars outstretched hand and climb over the fence.

As I jump down, Michael lands next to me. He glances sideways at me, willing me not to say anything to anyone.

Willing me to forget.

He walks ahead of me, and I follow close behind with Oscar walking behind me. I keep my eyes fixed on the path ahead, but I can’t help looking up at Michael in front. Something is going on here, and I know that he has something to do with it.

As we reach the sign, Melissa and Ben turn to look out at the city and Oscar takes out a pen to write his name on the sign. “Feel better?” I ask when he’s done.

“I was going to do that when I got here.” He says as reply.

“When you got here? So you aren’t from Los Angeles.”


“Cool.” I say. It takes a few seconds, but I suddenly notice that we’re missing a couple of people. “Where did Kayliegh and Tina go?”

Everyone else looks around. “They probably stayed by the cars.” Ben answers. “We’d better head back there, before they send the helicopter.” He starts walking back the way we came from and the rest of us follow. I am in awe at the amazing view, and can’t resist stopping for a second to take a photo, before I catch up with the others. As we reach the fence, I am seriously regretting the footwear that Melissa chose for me. Once again, Oscar helps me climb over the fence, and this time Ben helps me to get down on the other side. Michael stayed out of the way.

Neither Tina nor Kayleigh are at the cars, so we start looking around for them. I find them a little bit further down the road. Kayleigh is standing over Tina holding a knife in her hand, and her back to us.  Ruby red blood is dripping onto the road, and none of us know what we should do. “Kayleigh,” I say as I inch forward slowly. She looks round at me and turns back to look down at Tina.

“He said God wanted it.” Kayleigh tells me.

“Who did?” I ask.

“Gabriel said that if I wanted to make God happy I had to.” She turns to look at me. Her face is streaked from tears falling down it. I throw a look at Michael.

“Oh God!” Oscar exclaims. “Let’s get outta here.” Before I can say anything to stop them, everyone is getting into the cars, and driving off leaving me with Kayleigh, Tina and... to my dismay, Michael. I pull Kayleigh back and take the knife out of her hand and throw it to the side. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Michael walk towards Tina’s lifeless body and crouch down beside her.

“Why would he tell Kayliegh to do this?” I ask him, my gaze fixed on Kayleigh.

“Father is missing.” He says. “Gabriel believes that it is their fault. That they somehow made Father leave.”

“Their?” I question his use of the word. “Am I from Mars or something?”

“You are only half human.” He appears beside me.

“I’m full human, my mother is-”

“Your mother didn’t tell you about your father?” he looks me in the eye and sees something that I don’t realise I’m giving away. “You will find out soon.” He walks away.

“Don’t do that.” I say following him. “You can’t tell me that I’m half human and then not tell me who my father is.” Michael turns around and locks his gaze onto mine.

“It is not my place to say.” He says eventually. “All I can tell you is that I was sent to kill you.” I have to do a double take to process what I have just heard.

“Kill me... Why... Who?” I stammer.

“Father believes that you are a threat.” I open my mouth to speak, but no words come out. “But I can see that you pose no threat to us.” I don’t say anything. I can’t, I take a step closer to him. I lift my hand and grip it around my crucifix, ripping it off and dropping it on the ground. “Why did you do that?” Michael asks looking from the floor to me.

“Why should I worship someone who wants me dead?” Michael bends down and picks up the necklace.

“I didn’t say Father sent me.” He takes hold of my hand and drops the crucifix into it.

“But, Kayleigh... she... Gabriel told her...”

“Gabriel told her.” He repeats calmly. “Father would never tell someone to commit murder.”

“Well, good,” I say taking my hand back. “because a God that asks his followers to murder innocent people doesn’t deserve to call himself a God.” I fold my arms across my chest, and turn my head back towards Kayleigh. I begin to feel guilty that I was so concerned about what Michael was saying about me, that I had completely forgotten about her. “What do we do about her?”

As Michael shrugs, a blinding light shoots down from the sky and collides with Kayleigh. It’s only when the light hits her that I suddenly feel feathers brushing against the backs of my arms. When the feathers are gone I look up to find that Michael’s wings are out and Kayleigh is stood next to us. At least I thought it was Kayleigh.

“Michael, why haven’t you killed her yet?”

“Who are you?” I ask.

“Cassiel.” Michael answers instead. “My sister. The shield of God.”

“Shield of God? What the hell happened?”

“Oh very funny.” Cassiel glares at me. I don’t think she likes that much, it could just be an Angel thing, because everyone else I’ve met has been so welcoming.

“She knows nothing of her father; she is no threat to us.” Michael argues. He casts me a softened look as he speaks to Cassiel.

“Gabriel won’t be happy.”

“Leave him to me.” Michael says. Cassiel, sensing that she’s not wanted leaves Kayleighs body; which means that Michael once again has to use his wings to shield me from being blinded by the light.

Once Kayleigh is Kayleigh again, the sound of police sirens in the distance can be heard. As they get closer, Michael retracts his wings, and I bend down to see to Kayleigh who has slumped to the ground – no doubt an after effect of having an Angel take control of your body.

The next thing I know, I am being shoved into the back of a police car by PC Plod, who I think maybe an Angel because all he does is scowl at me.


I’m sat in a white walled room, furnished with only four chairs and a table. I’ve been in here for what feels like a decade, when really it’s only been an hour. They aren’t letting me speak to Kayleigh or Michael; which isn’t exactly a surprise. The door opens and a man with greying hair walks in, followed by a dark haired woman carrying a file; her finger keeping it open at the place she wants.

“Amynta McNair.” The man’s voice is gruff and I can already tell that he thinks I’m guilty. “Do you know the victim?”

“I know her names Tina.” I start. “But I’ve only just arrived state side, so her name is the only thing I know about her.”

“Did you kill her?” I glare at the man.

“Why would I kill someone that I’ve only just met?” I ask in reply, but his face is unfeeling. “No, I didn’t.”

“Miss Mcnair,” The woman starts to speak. “it is important that you tell us the truth.”

“I am.” I say through gritted teeth. I look at the woman, and then at the man. “No one is worth a prison sentence.” I say, just as there’s a knock on the door and a man walks into the room. He walks over and whispers something in the woman's ear, and then leaves again.

“Wait here a moment please.” The woman says, and she also walks out of the room. I look back at the man still sat in front of me, and try to pick up any conversation that the woman is having in the other room. But, there’s too many conversations going on in the same room, that it’s impossible to pinpoint the woman’s. So, I try to figure out where Michael is.

It sounds like he’s in an interview room as well, being asked the same questions that I was. I close my eyes to try to focus on his interview but I think I may have been concentrating too hard, because the next thing I know is that I’m standing behind two Detectives looking at Michael. He looks through me, so I know that I’m not actually in the room. “Why would this girl stab this girl?” one of the detectives asks him. I walk around to Michael’s side of the table. “We need an answer.” Michael stays silent. It’s actually frightening, he’s so still. I would even think that he was dead if it wasn’t for the fact that I can see his chest moving up and down.

He still doesn’t say anything.

Suddenly I can feel myself being pulled back into my own interview room, and I am looking up at the dark haired woman once again.

“You’re free to go.” She tells me. “But don’t plan on leaving the country.” She warns as I walk past.

“I have to go back to school at the end of the Summer holidays.” I tell her, but she just glares at me, and I realise that maybe I should just keep walking.

As I come out of the interview room, I find Ben stood in the doorway of an office. He’s looking down at his feet, or looking anywhere but at me. The woman ushers me into the office along with Michael and Ben and closes the door behind us. “Ben has told me that the two of you were walking upto the Hollywood sign with him,” she tells us. I open my mouth to speak but the woman raises her hand to stop me. “But that doesn’t mean you didn’t tell Kayliegh Althrop to murder Tina Mills.” She sits down and closes the file on her desk, crossing her arms as she rests them on it. “I’ll be keeping a close eye on both of you.” She dismisses us and we head to the car park with Ben. 

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