Angels of Los Angeles

Amynta McNair is a seventeen year old born and raised in Aberdeen. She got a scholarship to one of the best all-girls' schools in England, and hates the thought of having to spend her summer holidays in the soaring temperatures of Los Angeles. She soon feels comfortable hanging out with her stepbrother and his friends, but things take a weird and Amynta finds herself hunted by the Archangel Gabriel. And who or what exactly is her father?


14. Chapter Fourteen

“Not like that.” Gran scolds me as sit on my broom. “Remember what I told you. Tell it to lift off the ground and then you sit on it , side-saddle.” She tells me. I do as she says and once on, I find myself going up into the air slowly. 

I only found out that I passed her little theory test last night – the day after I took it – and now I am in the middle of the back garden, on a broomstick and trying not to end up in the pool. I look at one of the windows of the house next door, and I swear the little kids that live there are watching me. I decide it best to ignore them and concentrate on the art of riding a broomstick.

“That’s it.” Gran says as she mounts her broom. “There see, you’re a natural.” I make the mistake of looking down and I end up having flashbacks to two days ago when I got everyone stuck on the Pacific Plunge and I lose my nerve... and my grip. I fall and land with a massive splash in the pool. “It’s ok,” Gran says as she touches back down.

“I’m never going to get used to it.” I say as I clamber out of the pool. “Besides, whoever heard of a witch who was afraid of heights?”

“Isabella Whitestaff was afraid of heights.” I look up from under my wet hair.

“I want to say I’m surprised that you had an answer, but after everything I’ve learned recently...”

“We will try again tomorrow night.” Gran says gathering the brooms and heads into the house. I follow her and close the door.

I decide to try out my powers by using them to lock the door, but it goes a little too far and shutters like the ones on shops come down around the house. “Well, at least we won’t be burgled.” I tell myself before I head to bed.


“Wake up!” my spring open at the sound of Aubrey’s voice and I look around and find her looking at me with a worried look in her eyes.

“What’s going on?” I ask. I sit up in bed and Aubrey sits down, she’s twisting her phone around in her hands. “What is it?”

“Well... last night someone next door posted something.” She begins. “They posted a video and, well, you kind of went viral.”

“What?” she plays the video on her phone, and hands it to me. “No, no, no, no, no.” I say as I get off the bed.

“Are you really a witch?” Aubrey asks. “Or is it just CGI.” I stop and turn around, glaring at her. Then I go through to my room and out on to the balcony.

The little brats are playing out in their garden. They can’t be more than about seven, but that’s the digital age for you. They have told the world my secret in one night. As my anger builds, I start to see a mini tornado take shape in the garden the kids are in. they’re panicking and running to the patio door, but it’s locked and they can’t get inside. They run to the gate, but that’s locked too.

They look up at me.

They’re shouting at me to stop. But anger just keeps building inside me and I can’t stop what I’m doing. “Amynta, stop.” I hear Gran’s voice. It’s right next to me but it feels like I’m at the other end of the street to her. “Amynta!” a hand comes down hard across my face.

“Gran,” I breathe as clutch the side of my face. “What was that for?”

“You’re powers are definitely surfacing,” she says looking past me. “It’s even more important that we continue with your lessons”

“Those kids deserved it, after what they did.” I show her the video that they posted.

“It will be dismissed as a childish fantasy.” Gran assures me. “You do remember what it was like to be their age, don’t you?”

“I never put a video of a witch online.”

“Have you seen it?” Ben walks into the room and his eyes dart between me and Gran.

“Yeah, we’ve seen it.” I tell him. “And I was making the little brats pay for what they did.”

“What do we do now?” he asks.

“Nothing.” Gran tells us. “We do nothing.” She walks out of the room and down stairs. I follow her and we end up in the living room watching the news. They’re talking about and playing the video of me falling off my broom and into the pool.

“Well, I have officially become Mildred Hubble.”

“Cheer up Minta,” Mum says. “She might have been the Worst Witch but she always found a way to save the world.” Yeah, by accident, I think. Mum pulls me into a hug as Rowan turns the TV off.

“So it’s true?” he asks. “Amynta’s a witch.”

I look from Mum to Gran and then at Ben. Rowan doesn’t miss that one and turns to his son. “You knew?” he questions, but it’s not angry. “How long have you known?”

Ben looks at me and then back at his father. “Since Pasiphae got here.”

“Ben’s my guardian.” I step in. “Our lives have been linked since I was born, and that... that’s why you and Mum met.” Rowan looks at me, not knowing what to believe. “Ben was destined to protect me.” I look down at the floor.

“My son, has to protect you?” Rowan asks. “Who exactly is protecting you from?”

“I don’t know, but God wants me dead. He sent Gabriel and Michael to kill me.” I look up at him. “And then there’s Lucifer.”

Rowan throws the remote down on the settee, and walks through the glass doors into the kitchen. Mum kisses the top of my head and lets go to follow him, I try to stop my ears picking up their conversation in the garden but I end up putting it down on the list of things that I need to work on.

The conversation is actually more of an argument. Rowan asks Mum why she didn’t say anything sooner and Mum telling him that not even I knew until I arrived in LA. Then it goes quiet and I hear the side gate open and close, and a car drive off.  A few minutes later and Mum comes back into the living room. “Are you ok?” I ask. She looks up at me and nods, I can tell she’s forcing the smile on her face by the way she looks at me – it’s the look that she used to wear when her ex-boyfriends broke up with her. “He’ll be back.” I tell her. “He has to be. I mean this whole family is part of whatever the fates have planned out for me... and Ben.” As I say it i realise that the words aren’t exactly comforting. And decide that it’s best if I just stay silent.

“So is Amynta really a witch?” Aubrey speaks up from her place in the armchair. Mum turns and looks at her. She only manages a small smile and a nod. “Cool. So can she like, turn someone into a toad?”

“That is considered an irresponsible use of magic.” Gran pipes up. “Magic should never be used for selfish or vindictive means.”

“Sorry.” I shrug as turn back to Aubrey.


Rowan still hasn’t come back. and Mum’s starting to get really worried.

She’s pacing the floor in the living room while Aubrey and Luca try to watch some TV show. I walk through to the kitchen where Ben is making us all something to eat. “Where do you think he’s gone?” I ask, sitting down at the breakfast bar.

He shrugs and turns to plate what looks like stir-fry. “I don’t know. But I’m ready for when we have to call Mom.”

“Great,” I murmur. “Something else that she’ll try to pin on me. Just as I say the last word, Ben’s mother appears in front of the patio door. She walks forward and her eyes go black.

“Ben, I think you should get my Grandmother.” I say as I stand up. Ben runs out and up the stairs while his mother advances on me until I hit a wall. 

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