Angels of Los Angeles

Amynta McNair is a seventeen year old born and raised in Aberdeen. She got a scholarship to one of the best all-girls' schools in England, and hates the thought of having to spend her summer holidays in the soaring temperatures of Los Angeles. She soon feels comfortable hanging out with her stepbrother and his friends, but things take a weird and Amynta finds herself hunted by the Archangel Gabriel. And who or what exactly is her father?


4. Chapter Four

Melissa pulls into her driveway two hours later, if I look to my left I can just about make out the top of the University buildings. As we step out of the car, and head inside, I can more conversations; one is an argument about someone not wanting to move half across the country because her husband got a promotion and another one is one sided, I guess the person having it is on the phone or something. I hope that it will stop when I get into the house, but it doesn’t if anything it gets louder; well, one conversation gets louder.

The husband and wife start having a shouting match with each other, it’s getting really intense. The husband wants to move but the wife is refusing to leave her family, and asking why he is so desperate to leave LA and he’s avoiding the question. “What are you smiling at?” I’m pulled out of my head and into Melissa’s front room. It’s painted red and there are books of all kinds scattered around the room. The TV is placed above the fireplace, a sofa sits opposite the double doors that lead into the dining room and two chairs have been placed in front of the window. “What were you smiling at?” she asks again.

“Oh, nothing,” I lie. “I was just thinking about how jealous my friend is going to be when I tell her about a uni party I went to.” Maybe it’s because I’m in LA, or maybe it’s because these people don’t know me like my friends, but it is so easy to lie to them.

“Oh. What’s uni?”

“Sorry, I forgot that you call it College instead.”

“Ah.” Melissa steps out of her shoes, and I notice that without the heels, she’s the same height as me. She takes her shoes and places them on the shoe rack at the bottom of the stairs.

“I thought it was you.” I look up at the staircase, and see a red head looking down at us. She walks down the stairs, she’s wearing jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt and her hair is draped over left shoulder.

“Yeah it’s just us.” Melissa tells her as she reaches the bottom. “Sophie, this is Amy.” She introduces.

“It’s actually Amynta.” I tell Sophie.

“Let me guess, Melissa talked you into going to the part tonight as well.”  I smile and nod. “Don’t worry, it’s new to me too and I moved here for College two years ago.”

“Sophie’s from Colorado Springs.” Melissa tells me. “Her Dad’s in the Air Force.”  I look from Melissa to Sophie.

“Sit down if you want.” Melissa says, nodding towards the sofas. I follow Kaitlyn and Olivia’s lead and sit down. Just as I do, I hear a car pull up outside and voices speaking all at once. I think there are three of them, and they’re walking upto the house. At that moment, my stepbrother, Michael and another guy – who I later found out was called Aaron – walk through the front door. Melissa’s face lights up as soon as she sees Ben.

Ben takes a seat on the settee across from me and I can’t help but notice the look that he gives Olivia, which is reciprocated. The two of them quickly turn the faces away from each other as Melissa takes her place next to Ben. I, on the other hand, ended up sat next to Michael; who didn’t seem impressed to be sat next to me either. “So Amynta, when do you start College?” Ben asks, leaning back against the settee and bringing his left ankle up onto his right knee. “Your Mum never said how old you are.”

“Not until next September.” I tell him.

“So, you’re a Senior in High School then?”

“Well, at my school it’s the Upper Sixth, but yeah, I am”

“Cool.” Ben says.

“So what’s it like over there?” Melissa changes the subject. “I mean in England.”

“Well, it’s cold, wet and windy.” I say. I feel it necessary to let them know that they have far better weather than the UK. Then I sat rambling on about different heritage sites that I really want to visit, and I can’t help but notice that, as I talk about their histories, everyone looks bored. “So what else is there to do in LA besides surf, shop and party?”

“There are tours. But we’ll give you a tour of LA for free.” Aaron says from the arm of the settee Ben and Melissa are sat on. I want to ask him to sit on the seat properly, instead of the arm and putting his feet on the cushion, but I change my mind when I remind myself that it’s only my second day.

“Yeah.” Kaitlyn shouts out. “And we can show you the best place to go to find your favourite celebrities.”

“Oh thanks.” I say nodding. I have never felt the need to know where my favourite celebrities or where they go on their days off, and I doubt that I ever will.

“Who is your number one favourite celebrity?” Kaitlyn asks and she’s so close that I have to move closer to Michael.

“Well, er... Warrick Davies and Peter Dinklage are tied for first.” I say and I hope that they don’t laugh at me. “I just think they would make an awesome double act. Like Fry and Laurie, but so much cooler.”

“I know Peter Dinklage plays that guy in Throne Games-”

Game of Thrones.” Ben and Aaron say together, cutting Kaitlyn off.

“-but who is Warrick Davies?”

My heart sinks at the words. How could anyone not know who Warrick Davies is? “Seriously?” I spit out. “Haven’t you seen Willow?” Kaitlyn shakes her head, her blonde curls bouncing as she does. “He also played Professor Flitwick in Harry Potter.”

“Oh.” Kaitlyn says as the penny drops for her. The others chuckle as she realises who it is I’m talking about.

We sit in Melissa’s living room until five when Ben leaves the house with Aaron and Michael, to help someone set everything up for the party. When they’ve gone, Melissa takes us upstairs so that we can get ourselves ready. Her room is at the front of the house opposite the bathroom. It’s a huge room, the window is directly opposite the door, and there’s a window seat decorated with cushions and teddies. It’s actually really nice room, even if the walls are painted brown.

“You can change in here, or go into the bathroom.” Melissa tells me. She’s rifling through her wardrobe and pulls out a red dress that still has the label on it.

“Is that the dress you bought yesterday?”

“Huh huh.” Melissa pulls off her shorts and T-shirt and slips into the dress. I head into the bathroom to change into mine. When I come back into the room, Melissa is waiting for me by the dressing table and a chill makes its way down my spine, as I realise that she’s waiting to do my makeup. I haven’t felt this afraid since Lili Macfadyn decided to use me as a model so that she could ‘practice’ being a makeup artist. “Relax; I’m good at doing other peoples’ makeup.” Melissa tells me, though I still don’t feel comfortable.

I sit down on the stool, my back to the mirror and Melissa starts the process. I close my eyes briefly as I let out a sigh. At least she’s being nice to me. I tell myself, as if to make myself feel more relaxed.

It takes an hour for us to get ready, we head back downstairs for pre drinks first. “You don’t need to look so scared.” She tells me as she hands me a glass of Vodka and Coke. “We won’t let anything happen to you.” I smile up at her as I accept the drink and try my best to relax.

When a Justin Bieber song starts playing, I start mentally singing Super Juniors Chok Chok Dance, but stop when I notice that the others are staring at me. “What are you doing?” Melissa asks, trying her hardest not to laugh. “You sort of started doing this... weird dance.” She says. She raises her hands above her head to demonstrate and it’s then that I realise that I am standing up.

“I was.” I confirm as they keep staring.

“What kind of dance was that?” Olivia questions. I take my phone out and search for the video on YouTube. “Oh, that’s cool.” She says and the other two nod in agreement. I can tell that they think it’s weird, but I’m not going to get offended, I like that you need to be a little... odd to be into Korean bands.

After an hour, Melissa tells us that it’s time to go and Kaitlyn, Olivia, Sophie and I bundle ourselves into her car as she locks the front door. 

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