Angels of Los Angeles

Amynta McNair is a seventeen year old born and raised in Aberdeen. She got a scholarship to one of the best all-girls' schools in England, and hates the thought of having to spend her summer holidays in the soaring temperatures of Los Angeles. She soon feels comfortable hanging out with her stepbrother and his friends, but things take a weird and Amynta finds herself hunted by the Archangel Gabriel. And who or what exactly is her father?


15. Chapter Fifteen

“Did Lucifer send you to kill me?” I ask trying to keep myself from trembling.

“No. It seems that the King of Hell has a soft spot for you.” She tells me. “I was sent by his brother.” Michael. No, he told Cassiel that I wasn’t a threat to Angels. Of course he also said that I didn’t know anything, but I doubt that he would send someone else to kill me. that just leaves one Archangel.

“Gabriel.” I breathe. “He sent you.” I look up and try to find some colour in the eyes of the person stood in front of me but all I found was darkness and the longer that I stared into it, the more I felt my entire body going limp.

“Don’t worry,” I watch as a smile came into few in front of me. “I’ll make sure it’s quick.” I break my gaze when I feel something shoved into the palm of my hand. I bring it up and see a bracelet with a small gold lightning charm on it. I feel energy pulsing through my arm and turn my head to the left.

“From your father.” Mum whispers and indicates towards the Demon in front of me. I focus all of my newfound energy on the Demon and the lightning bolt in my hand gets bigger until I am holding onto the middle of it. I look down at the now blue lightning bolt that pulsed electricity through my body and at the Demon.

I raise my arm and bring it down, cutting the right arm of the Detective. As the lightning bolt shrinks back to its charm bracelet size, black smoke rises out of the Detectives mouth and she collapses in a heap onto the floor. Gran and Ben come into the room to see the smoke cloud move towards Mum, but Gran waves her hands and it diverts to flaming hole in the ground.

As I run upto Mum to hug her, Aubrey and Luca enter the kitchen to find out what’s going on. “Mom!” Aubrey yells. She falls to her knees to check that her mother is alright.

“She’s just unconscious.” Gran tell the room. “The cut on her arm was made by a lightning bolt made by the Cyclops. Where it is harmful to Demons, it does nothing to mortals.” Gran kneels next to Aubrey and takes a bottle of some kind of green paste out of her pocket. She gives it a squeeze over the cut and the paste emerges along with the foulest smell I have ever experienced.

“It smells like... like blocked drains mixed with horse shit.” I groan, scrunching my nose as though it’ll help to block out the smell.

“Though does not smell appealing, it will heal her wound without leaving a scar.” When she’s finished smothering the paste onto the wound, Gran directs Luca and Ben to get their mother onto the settee in the room.

Mum walks to the opposite end of the kitchen and stares out the window. “Mum.” I say as  I walk over to her. She smiles as she turns to me.

“I didn’t want this for you.” She tells me. she takes my hands in hers and then reaches up to cup my face and then she takes the bracelet and holds it up in front of me. “Your father told me to give you this. He made me swear that I would wait until your eighteenth birthday but-”

“But Gabriel had other plans?” I force myself to laugh even though a Demon just took over my Stepbrothers’ mother and tried to kill me.

Mum pulls me over to the table and sits me down next to her. “There are three possible heirs to the throne of Olympus; One each from Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.” She puts the bracelet around my wrist. “This makes you one of those heirs.”

“Me?” My voice gets higher. “How am I... I mean why am I a possible heir?”

“You are one of the Children of Hecate.” Mum answers. “The only one of Zeus’ half-breed children to be so.”

“You mother’s right.” we look up at the patio door and find Charlotte standing there. Unlike the other night at the club, she’s wearing a silver trident necklace. I look behind her and she a boy about my age with jet black hair and even darker eyes. “This is Jack Everidge.” Charlotte says. “Son of Ares.” The two of them move to the table and sit down as Mum moves away.

“I’ll go check on Heather.” She says and she leaves the room. I look across the table at Jack. 

“Why would Gabriel send a Demon to kill me?” I look over at Charlotte since she seems to the only one with the answers.

“The Archangels believe that we are the reason that God has vanished,” she begins. “They see it as a sign of the Gods waging war on Heaven and they have single you out because of Zeus.”

“But I don’t know what happened to God anymore than everyone else does.”

“Heaven doesn’t care about that.” Jack speaks. “As far as they a concerned you’re here to help them take control of the United States because they can’t set foot in the country.”

“Whoa,” I say standing up. “The first time Zeus even spoke to me was when I managed to get everyone stuck at the top of a ride at Pacific plunge. Why would I be used to take America if he didn’t want me to find out until November?”

“I told you...” Jack stands up to look me in the eye, his fist slamming itself down on the table. “The Angels don’t care about that.”

“Jack!” Charlotte places a calm hand on his shoulder and turns to look at me. “It doesn’t matter what his intentions were, Amynta, Heaven doesn’t have anything like the fates and your being in LA is being seen as an act of war.”

I sit down and stare at both of them. I’m the reason that Gabriel told Kaliegh to kill Tina? “He wants me to be a suspect in Tina’s murder.” I say out loud.

“Because he knows that Mortals will never believe that an Angel told her to kill her friend. He knows that you will be looked at.”

“But Michael was there too. And he was questioned by the police.”

Charlotte nods. “he and Michael must have planned it.”

But Michael defended me to Cassiel. He said that I wasn’t a threat. I wipe a single tear that falls from my eye. “If it’s a war that Gabriel wants, then it’s a war he’s going to get.” I say. I walk up to my bedroom and grab a broom and then head back down to the kitchen.

“Take me to the Children of Hecate.” I tell Charlotte. “Gabriel pissed off the wrong Demigod.” I follow Charlotte and Jack out into the garden and we fly off over the city. 

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