Each chapter is a new monologue. If you would like a specific theme, length or style, feel free to request it. My monologues aren't perfect, but they can be personalized. I write my own monologues for my theatre class, and the first time I wrote one everyone was blown away. I didn't think it was that good, but everyone else did. So just be aware I haven't written many, I'm still learning. Hopefully you enjoy, and thanks for reading!


1. The Girl at the Corner of the Room

Once upon a time, I was shy. I was that girl, at the back of the classroom, scribbling in a sketchbook, because I finished all of my work. The teachers pet, I never spoke up, I never said a word. I always did my work, no matter what. I was a straight A student. But then, he came, he? He is Caleb, Caleb is my, WAS my boyfriend. He has the cutest locks, an adorable smile, he reminded me of my cat. I LOVE my cat. One day he came up to me and said, "Bailey, you're cute, and it has been killing me not telling you. I just, I really want you to know." As soon as he said that, I knew we would be together. A few months later, he asked me out. I said yes of course, but, I didn't really expect him to act the way he did, he broke rules, he skipped school, it's almost like he acted good to get me, and he was tearing my reputation apart, I was getting Ds I was loosing friends, and, for once in... NEVER! My mom was actually disappointed. She wasn't mad, just... Disappointed. (Takes deep breath) I was going through a terrible faze. I had no friends, I actually started to speak up, (gets louder and faster) get detention and then all the teachers hated me as they did everyone else. (Pause)I was a wreck. I knew I had to break it up, but I started to get a connection to him. I liked him. I loved him. So we stayed together. I knew it couldn't last too long, and it didn't!! Of course, he went and cheated on me. He didn't intend for me to find out, but when I did, I broke it off. He seemed upset about it, although I feel that if he actually liked me he wouldn't go through the trouble of having another girlfriend. Ok, a little advice to all of you out there, never date. Guys suck. They really do.

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