Why the rain makes me cry

The rain. You wont see them. All of it gets washed way. Too much of it gets washed away. I don't need him. Or anybody. I love nobody and nobody loves me. I'm treated like a monster. The rain is my only friend. The tears and the rain mmix together so you can never see them.


7. Worried

(Oliver's) POV

"I can't believe it. We found her. Our daughter that we gave up after all of these years." I thought as Rhain and Amara talked. Mostly Amara talked though. Rhain just sat there like she had been trained to do that. It's like a second nature to her. "Amara. Rhain will it be ok if we go and take the blood test tomorrow?" I asked the two of them. "I do not care when you take the test. I will not argue nor will I try to get out of it." said Rhain mechanically and she started to coughed. I just waved it off as a sore throat.. "Yeah. Lets do that! Tomorrow it is then! Oh we got to go shopping for you Rhain! We will buy you all kinds of stuff and we will get you what ever you want!" squealed Amara. "No thank you. I will not let you waste your money on the likes of me. You must use it to help yourselves. I am not worth using money." Rhain explained coughing more.. "Rhain who told you that?" I asked. "My adopted father. He always told me that so it must be true." she said. "Well it isn't." I growled. "Oliver?" asked a confused Amara. "Amara can I talk to you in the other room?" I asked. "No. I will go and retire to bed. For I am tired." said Rhain. "Don't you want to eat anything? I bet you haven eaten anything for days! I bet your starving!" said Amara trying to keep Rhain up. "No. I don't eat. I can't handle food anymore." she said and walked up the stairs. That was my last straw. I pulled Amara to the kitchen. "Amara. We can't let her live here. She isn't the baby child that you heald in your arms when you gave birth. She is far different. She can't stay. What if she is suicidal?" I asked concerned. Amara gasped at me. "What? No Oliver. She has to stay!" pleaded Amara. "I'm so sorry b-" "Stop! It was you who made me give her up! It was you who told me that we can't raise children. It was you who wasn't ready! What about me? I want her! I want my baby girl back! Nobody is going to take her away ever again!" she cried.

(Rhain's) POV

I listened to them fighting. "Don't fight over me." I whispered. I looked longingly out the window. "Please rain." I said. The sky was already dark and cloudy and it wont be soon. "Please. Rain." I begged silently. As on cue it started to sprinkle. It got harder and harder. I changed back into my clothes. I tiptoed sown the stairs. They were still talking. "Please don't see me." I whispered and gently opened the door. It made no sound. Inch by inch the door quietly opened. Inch by inch my escape from the pain was almost here. The door was opened and I slipped out. I quietly closed the door. It was kind of cold but I didn't care. I was being watched and I expected the people to throw things at me but all I got was worried looks. "Just put on a fake smile and nobody will notice." I thought and smiled at the people  passed bye. I quickly walked around. I saw a park. "Lets see if I can find a hidden spot here." I thought. I walked through the park and into the trees. I followed my gut and stayed straight and sure enough there was a clearing all quiet nothing around. I layed down on the ground. "They must of noticed by now that I'm missing." I thought. "I'm sleepy." I thought. My cold was getting worse but I didn't care. I coughed violently into my hands to muffle it. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

(Amara's) POV

Oliver and I argued for a while but I won. Rhain was going to stay with us. No matter what. She is our child. I know it. Call it a mother's intuition. I walked up the stairs slowly and quietly opened the door that leads to Rhain's temporary bedroom. I lammed it open. "Rhain? Where are you?" I cried out. I looked everywhere. On the bed was the clothes that I changed her into neatly folded. I looked in the bathroom. Her wet clothes were gone. I ran down stairs. "OLIVER!" I cried. "What is it?" he asked in a panic. "I-I can't find R-Rhain!" I sobbed. "she must of heard us fighting." I said. I looked out the window. It was raining I suddenly remembered. "When ever it started to rain I started to develop a habit of going out in it with nothing on except a shirt, pants, and shoes and go sit in it." "Oliver. Look it's raining." I whispered. "Yeah so?" he asked. "She said she liked to go out in the rain and just sit there. She could get a cold What if she dies out there?!" I sobbed. "Hey, hey. She wont die. I promise you that. When she gets back we are going to ground her just like we would of done if she was always with us. We will make sure she will be treated properly and make sure she is feed." he said comforting me. "Y-yeah. When she gets back I'm going to scold her about telling us when she will leave. I will re-raise her." I said hugging Oliver. "Yes we will." he said kissing my head.

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