Why the rain makes me cry

The rain. You wont see them. All of it gets washed way. Too much of it gets washed away. I don't need him. Or anybody. I love nobody and nobody loves me. I'm treated like a monster. The rain is my only friend. The tears and the rain mmix together so you can never see them.


6. Regrets

(Rhain's Father's) POV

I haven seen her. My child, my Rhain. I know I don't deserve to be called her father but now that I have realized my mistake I want her back. I know he wont come back. Not after what I have done to her. "I miss you Rhain." I whispered looking out the window towards the dark stormy sky. I haven't seen her for months. "I'm sorry." I said falling asleep on the couch hoping she would come in any moment to help and make me dinner just like the old times. But not all wishes come true.

(Boy's) POV

I can't believe I said those things to her. "Then prove to me that you're not the monster like the people say you. You either stay and prove your not  monster. Or leave. If you leave I will treat you like the monster they say you are. She looked at me with saddened eyes. "I guess I' a monster then." she said and walked out the door." that memory runs in my head like a broken record. "I'm sorry Rhain. I never meant to hurt you." I whispered. "I want you to come back." I said and fell asleep.

(Rhain's) POV

"Why do you cry?" I asked repeating those word I have said countless of times over and over. "Do you weep? Are those tears of joy? Are you happy? Are you sad?" I asked looked at the sky. Footsteps were nearing and I turned to look at who it was. "What do we have- Oh my! A child?! Come, come! We must get you out of this rain." said a woman. I looked at her. She has Navy blue hair and green eyes. "M-mom?" I asked and feel asleep. "Hush child. I am not your mother but I will take care of you." she whispered in my era and picked me up.

(Woman's) POV

I was walking in the rain when I say a teenaged girl laying on the ground. I was shocked and scared for her. "what is she doing here? She could get sick!" I thought and picked her up as she passed out. "M-mom?" she whispered. "Hush child. I am not your mother but I will take care of you." I said into her ear. I had trouble but I got to my house. "Oliver! Come here!" I yelled as I entered the house. "Yes what is- What are you doing with that girl?!" he asked me in shock. "I found her all alone in the rain laying down." I answered. "I need to get her cleaned up and changed into new clothes before she catches something dangerous." I said. Oliver nodded and picked her up and followed me into the bathroom. I turned around. "I got it from here. Thank you." I sais pecking his cheek and pushed him out. I turned back around and undressed the mysterious girl. "She looks a lot like us." I whispered. I gently placed her in the tub and stripped her. I gently washed her. After her hair was done I quickly washed her body. After draining the water I patted her dry. I picked her up. "She was surprisingly very light. I must of been tired when I found her in the rain because right now she is as light as a feather." I thought. "It's not healthy to be this light either." I said out loud. I gently placed her in the guest bed room and dressed her. She fitted into my clothes but they were a bit too big for her.

After situating her I walked back down stairs to Oliver. "Oliver. She looks like us soo much. She m-might our child. I feel it. I just know it. I'm not letting her go. Not this time." I said with tears in my eyes. "Amara.. What id it turns out she hates us for leaving her?" Oliver asked me. "We couldn't of afforded to have a child back then! But now we can!" I cried into his chest. "Oliver! We missed all of her most important things I her life! We missed everything!" I sobbed. "That's... not true." said a weak voice at the top of the stairs. I quickly turned to see the girl limping down the stairs. "You need to rest." I said holding her up before she feel. "Are you really my parents?" she asked looking up at me. Hey eyes were golden with a tint of green in them. She took mostly after me. "Maybe." I whispered. "Want to know my life?" she asked me. I looked at her. "Yes please." Oliver said. She took a seat and a deep breath and started.

"Ever since I could remember I was treated like a monster. It was supposedly I killed my mother during child labor which never happened in our neighborhood. My 'father' never loved me. I always thought something was wrong and could never figure it out. When I had my free time I decided to break into the hospital I was 'born' at and look at y files. I figured out that the man that I lived with wasn't my father. I was beaten by the towns people and starved by my father. The town calls me a monster and a witch. Ever since I could walk I wasn't accepted. When ever it would rain I started to develop a habit of going out in it with nothing but a what I had on just a shirt, pants, and shoes and go sit in it. It was the only time I could let my emotions out and leave me. I would only leave my spot when it stopped raining. I rained for seven days strait once. I found a friend. A raven who's wing was broken but after three days I named him Crimson and he died. I was found the next day after Crimson's death by a boy who I left behind after he made me take a choice. He said that to prove if I wasn't a monster to stay if I was then I would leave. I left. I never got his name and I do not care either. I have no friend except for Crimson. I went back to my place on hiding when I heard shouting and foot steps the next morning. They were going to kill me. So I ran away and you have now found me about a couple months later." she explained to us. "Oh. Honey!" I cried and hugged her.

She stood rigid and still and I cried even harder. My own child. Who doesn't know what it feels like to be loved or cared for. "Stay with us and we can start over." I whispered clinging onto her. "I do not intend to intrude so I a sorry." she said. "No. You will stay. After all you are our daughter." said Oliver in a commanding voice. I looked at her. She held no emotions. I cried harder. I let go of her. "Is your name still Samantha?" I asked. She shook her head. "We will start all over. You will learn what it feels like to be loved." I said. She nodded again. "To make sure she is ours I want to take a blood test." said Oliver. I gapped at him. "It is clear that she is ours. Look at her eyes golden with a tint of green! Her hair is my color and she had your face and stoic features." I explained. "You must also know you did have a twin sister." he said. "I had  picture of a woman that I thought was my mother. She looked like you but had green eyes. the man she married has golden eyes but I do know that she isn't my birth mother but I would like a blood test too." she explained. I looked at her. Not even a trace of sadness in her eyes or excitement. "Don't worry Rhain I will teach you how to love again." I thought. I was feeling regretful for giving her up. I wish I could take it back.

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