Why the rain makes me cry

The rain. You wont see them. All of it gets washed way. Too much of it gets washed away. I don't need him. Or anybody. I love nobody and nobody loves me. I'm treated like a monster. The rain is my only friend. The tears and the rain mmix together so you can never see them.


10. News

(Oliver's) POV

A week later we got a phone call. "Hello?.....There ready?......What do they say?......Ok.....I'll be sure to tell them......We'll be there soon.......Thanks......ok bye.....thanks again." I put the phone down. "Amara! Rhain! Come here I have something to tell you!" I yelled at them from up stairs. There loud thumping and footsteps the followed assure me that they heard me."Oliver? What's going on?" asked Amara. "I got a call. The tests just came in. The doctor wants us to go and head on over there. So we should go." I explained. Rhain nodded frantically. "Ok. Come on sweetie. We need to get going." Amara said to the mute Rhain. Rhain couldn't speak four days after dinner. She woke up and couldn't speak not even a single word. She was devastated and tried everyday but got nothing in return. We were going to ask the doctor what to do so we re going there for two things. We have got to bond with Rhain during family night. We knew everything about her now. We decided to walk there since it wasn't far. It took about maybe a bit longer than half an hour. We got to the doctors office and Rhain squeezed out hands. "It's ok Rhain. Even if we aren't you biological parents we will still keep you here with us." I tried to calm her down.

I walked up the secretary's desk "We are here to talk with our doctor about our blood tests." I said. "He will be expecting you in room 7." she said. We nodded and walked to room seven We opened the door. "Oh! Your here!" said the doctor. "Now lets explain our results shall we?" he asked. "Well first we want you to take a look at Rhain. She can't speak anymore and we are very worried." said Amara. "Yes. Yes. Let me take a look at her. Come here Rhain!" he said patting the spot next to him. She complied and sauntered over to him. "Ok. I need you to open your mouth and say aaahhh. Just like last time." me said. She opened her mouth. He took a flashlight and shined it down her throat. "hmmm. Uh-huh. Well her throat seems fine nothing is out of the ordinary." he said. I was confused. "What? Then what does that mean?" I questioned. Well either her voice box is damaged somehow or she doesn't want to speak." he explained. "If her voice box is not fixed she may not ever speak again. That is if she isn't going mute on her own." he said. "Rhain are you doing this by choice?" he asked. She shook her head with tears in her eyes. She gave up a pleading look. "Ok. Well back to the main reason you are here. The blood tests." he trailed off. "Tell us please. Are they the same?" we pleaded. "They came back positive. Rhain is your biological daughter." he said."Thank God!" Amara cheered. She ran up to Rhain and hugged her. I soon joined in it too. After a second Rhain finally joined. Although she didn't seem as happy. Here mind was else where. I was worried. "What could make that longing face on you Rhain? What makes you sad?" I thought.

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