Why the rain makes me cry

The rain. You wont see them. All of it gets washed way. Too much of it gets washed away. I don't need him. Or anybody. I love nobody and nobody loves me. I'm treated like a monster. The rain is my only friend. The tears and the rain mmix together so you can never see them.


4. lost. Found. Then lost again.

(Rhain's Dad's) POV

I opened the door and boy Rhain's age was standing there. He was holding a girl. At first I didn't recognize her. "Rhain!" I said. "Where did you find her?" I asked the boy. "In a field secluded in the forest. She needs to be seen by the doctor." he said. I lowered my head. "Nobody will take a look at her." I said. "Why?" asked the boy. "She is considered a monster here. I started it. And until Seven days ago when she went missing I realized my mistake." I said with regret. "Then why should I give her back to you?" he asked about to walk out the door with Rhain. "Because she is my daughter!" I yelled. "That's not good enough!" he yelled at me. "Just because she is your so called 'daughter' doesn't mean anything!" he yelled. "Give her back!" I yelled. He glared at me and walked out of the house with Rhain in his arms. I walked after him but was held back by a hand. I was the elderly lady that took care of Rhain. "Let her go. She will return." she said and smiled. "You can survive another day without her. You did for years. You can survive another day." she said and let me go. She walked back into her house. I just stood there as I watched the boy take her.

(Rain's) POV

I woke up to not feeling any rain falling on my face. I opened my eyes. A boy about my age was carrying me in his arms. I coughed heavily. He stopped and looked at me. He stared into my sad filled eyes as I stared into his brown ones. "Who are you?" I asked softly. He looked down at me with soft eyes. "I'm just a friend." he answered. For once in my life I felt wanted and needed. I held back tears. Then is started to sprinkle. As A always say. I will cry when the sky cries. I looked at him and cried. I grabbed onto him and sobbed. He just carried me. We came to a house hear the woods. I was still crying until he went into the house. I stopped when he sat me down on a chair. and knelt in front of me. I sniffled. "Why do you cry?" he asked me. I looked down. "This is the only time in my life that I have felt needed and wanted." I said. He smiled at me. He hugged me. It felt foreign and I just sat there. He hugged me tighter "it's ok. You can hug me too." he said. I nodded and hugged him back. He let me go. "How long have you been going to that secluded spot in the woods?" he asked me. "Ever since I could walk. I ran into the forest and found it. Now every time it rains I go there. I stay there crying until the rain stops. It's the only place where I can feel at peace and not be judged." I said.

He stayed there for a minute. "what if it were to never stop raining?" he asked me. "I would never leave that place then." I said. "Why go to such a sad place?" he asked. "It makes me feel at peace. I already said that." I answered. "I saw you go there before." he said. "Were you that shadow that was creeping up behind me?" I asked. He blushed and nodded. ""I was going to talk to you and say that your shirt was see through and should go and change." he said. I nodded. "I then followed you to your home and left." he said finishing his explanation. "So you were stalking me?" I asked. He blushed again. "I-it wasn't like that!" he said stuttering. I smiled and laughed at him. "I feel happy for once and this is the first time I have laughed." I thought. He stared at me while I was thinking. "What's on your mind?" he asked me. "Nothing it's fine." I answered. "I heard from your dad saying that your treated like a monster here. Is that true?" he asked me. I looked down with a saddened expression on my face. "Yeah. That's true." I said. "He makes me feel weird. I don't like this warm feeling in my chest. I have to get out of here. I don't like this feeing. Crimson. If you were with my now. You make me feel better." I thought. I stood up. "I need to leave. I have stayed long enough. I will go back home." I said. "No your not. you are not going back to that pathetic excuse for a father!" he yelled at me. "I am going." I said. "You can't leave." he said. "I have to go I'm sorry" I said. "Then prove to me that your not a monster like the people say. You either stay  and prove your not a monster. Or leave. If you leave I will treat you like a monster like they say you are." he said. I looked him with saddened eyes. "Well then. I guess I'm a monster then." I whispered. His eyes widened and I walked out the door. I made a friend and lost him. And I made another and lost him too. I walked through the rain. Since it was raining I turned to the woods. It was raining too hard for anyone to see me. But I know this path like the back of my hand. I can get there blind. I walked through the woods and sat next to Crimson's grave and sobbed loudly.

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