Why the rain makes me cry

The rain. You wont see them. All of it gets washed way. Too much of it gets washed away. I don't need him. Or anybody. I love nobody and nobody loves me. I'm treated like a monster. The rain is my only friend. The tears and the rain mmix together so you can never see them.


12. Lies & dating?

(Oliver's) POV

I can't believe it. I just lost the closest person to a daughter Amara and I had. "Why?" I asked as I just stared at Rhain's retreating back. "Come back." I whisper as I reach out to her. I wanted to go after her but something is stopping me. I wait until she is out of sight. I turn around and walk back toward our house. It started to rain. "The rain will forever be a reminder of our Rhain. Who we lost because of my stupidity." I mumbled. I walked up to our door. I was dreading telling this to Amara. I opened the door. "Oliver? Is that you?" asked my wife. I walked dejectedly to the kitchen and slump in a chair. "Amara. I-I lost her. We lost her." I whisper. She froze. "W-what?" she asked me. I looked at her. "She said that the doctor took pity on us and lied to us about her being our daughter. She could of talked all along too." I said. "T-the doctor lied to us? But why?" she asked. "Rhain said that he took pity on all of us and lied." I mumbled. "Where is Rhain right now?" she asked me. "With a boy named John. He was from her neighborhood where she was from. He was the one that made her choose." I said. "She went with THAT boy?!" she yelled. "I know. She choose a boy over us." I whispered. "I know she wouldn't do that. Tell me what REALLY happened." she said with venom in her voice.

"Ok. So I yelled at her a little and said that we didn't trust her. She freaked out saying that she couldn't live with two people that don't trust her. I said some mean things and called her a liar. She said to keep the stuff that she left behind." I whispered. "YOU WHAT?! SO IT WAS YOUR FAUL THAT WE LOST OUR BABY?!" Amara yelled at me. I nodded. "I can't believe you. It was you the first time and not you the second time. Do you not want us to have a child?!" she sobbed into her hands. "It's not that!" I yelled. "I can't believe you! I just can't!" she cried. "Amara! It's not like I don't want a child! I always screw things up!" I argued. "Wait! We can track her by using the tracking chip in her phone!" yelled Amara. "Great idea!"  replied. She ran to her laptop and typed in the tracking number. "It says it's heading north! It's nearing some town." She said from the other room. "Ok We head north!" I said.

(Amara's) POV

I looked back at the laptop. There was a message. "It's from Rhain?" I thought and opened it. "Please don't follow me. Leave me alone. I need tie to myself" it read. "I'm sorry Rhain." I thought. "Wait! It's heading south now and is moving fast!" I lied to Oliver. "I'm sorry honey but we need to leave her alone for now." I thought. "Lets go get our baby back!" yelled Oliver from the other room. "I will respect you for now." I thought. As we entered the car and headed south.

(Rhain's) POV

"That should get to her." I said to John as we unplugged my phone from the wall in the shop. "Well that good. Lets be on our way." he said. "Um. John. I'm not going back home." I said. "But everybody want's to apologize!" he said. "I'm just not ready yet. C-can you stay with me for now?" I asked. "Sure. I'll stay until your ready." he replied. "Thanks." I said hugging him. "On one condition." he said. "What would that be?" I asked. "You have to be my girlfriend." he said. "A girlfriend?" I asked. "Yeah. When a guy like a girl and she likes him back when they are young they date until their ready for marriage." he said. I though for a minute. "Ok. I'll date you. What do we do?" I asked. "Well when we like each other a lot we kiss and stuff like that, but for now we can just hold hands and hug." John said. I nodded. "Great lets go." he said taking his hand in mine. "His hand is so warm. My cheeks are getting red." I thought. "Get a hold of yourself." I thought. "Where will we be staying?" I asked. "Well we can get jobs so we can buy a house?" he answered. "Ok! Lets do that!" I agreed. We walked out of the shop and around town. We saw many places that asked for help. We finally decided on working at a café. "We'll work here." I said John nodded and we headed in.

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