Why the rain makes me cry

The rain. You wont see them. All of it gets washed way. Too much of it gets washed away. I don't need him. Or anybody. I love nobody and nobody loves me. I'm treated like a monster. The rain is my only friend. The tears and the rain mmix together so you can never see them.


14. Letting go

(Rhain's) POV

Today is the day when I go and see Amara AND Oliver together with no interruptions of any sorts. John I coming with me to give me company. "You ready to go?" asked my fiancé. "Yup. Ready as I ever could be." I said. "Ok. Lets load up." he said as we entered our car. John is 18 so he is old enough to drive while I am just 17 and have my driver license but John wants to drive. It took about 2 hours and 1/2 to get there. I had to give him directions to the house. We got out of the car and rang the doorbell. Samantha was the one to open it. She glared at me but gave a flirtatious wink at John. He just rolled his eyes. "We are her to see Oliver and Amara." I said. Samantha just growled and opened the door so we could go in. I went in first then John. Samantha made a move to grope John's but. He just caught her hand. "Please refrain to touch me. If you don't then we will have a problem and you will get hurt." he said and roughly pushed her hand away. She growled again. I walked into the living room and Oliver and Amara were there. "Hey. What's up?" I asked putting my hands behind my head. "Rhain! We are so glad you came today!" Oliver said and hugged me. I stood there frozen. "U-Um y-yeah me too." I said. "What's wrong?" asked Amara. "O-oh um nothing." I quickly said.

"Well I do have on problem." said John. I looked at him weirdly. "Oh. Please tell us so we can fix what ever is bothering you." said Amara. "You daughter. Please teacher her to stop groping taken men." he said. "Samantha!" yelled Oliver. "W-what? I didn't do anything!" she said with a fake innocents. "Yes please stop touching my fiancé." I said glaring at her. "F-FIANCE!" she yelled. "Yes. fiancé. Stop yelling." I said. "Samantha I want you to go up to your room and to think about what you have done. We will be taking all of your phone away along with all of you electronics." Oliver said with a strict voice. "B-but father." she said pouting. "No! We will not allow you to fool us anymore." said Amara. "I HATE ALL OF YOU EXPECALLY YOU RHAIN! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!" she scream at us. "GO YOUNG LADY!" yelled Oliver. Amara turned towards us. "I'm sorry Rhain. This is the first time she has ever acted like this. I don't know what to do." she cried. "Just keep punishing her. Sooner or later she will have to learn." I answered as Samantha ran up the stairs. Oliver cleared his throat.

"Now. What is this talk about a fiancé I heard you talk about?" he asked me. "Well you see John-" "That's why you look so familiar! You were that boy that Rhain was with in the woods..... when she left" he whispered the last part. "Yeah. John is my fiancé! We are getting married in about a couple of weeks form now." I said. "Well we better be invited." said Oliver. "Yeah now since you both know about me alive and well you two are invited!" I said happily. "And besides I do need somebody to walk me down the isle." I said looking at Oliver. "Y-you mean me? B-but why?" he asked stunned. "Well your the closest person that I have that feels like a father to me." I said in a small voice. "Will you do it" I asked. "Yes. I will walk you. And besides you feel like a daughter to me....unlike that ungrateful brat upstairs." he muttered the last part. We laughed at that. "Amara will you be the maid of honor?" I asked. "OH! YES! I WAS WAITING FOR YOU TO ASK ME!!" she yelled. I giggled at her. "Rhain I do see a difference in you. You've become more open and forward towards people. I' glad that you've learned to love again." Oliver said. "Thank you." I said hugging him. "Please will you call me you father again?" he asked me. I nodded. "Sure...Daddy." I said silently. "Thank you." he said. I was pulled away by my hair. "GET OFF OF MY FATHER!" screamed Samantha.

I fell on the floor. "You better stay away from MY parents! Their not YOURS there MINE! You got that?!" she yelled and stopped on my leg. I yelled in pain. I could hear a crack as she continued to break the bone. She was pulled off by Oliver. "RHAIN?! Are you ok?" asked Amara horrified by her daughter's actions. John picked me up. I screamed as my leg hit the table beside us. "Sorry honey." he said and quickly ran out the house with Amara as Oliver continued to hold Samantha. "Where is the hospital?!" John asked in panic. "Follow me!" cried Amara as they ran towards the nearest hospital with me in John's arms.

(Oliver's) POV

"WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU?!?!" I yelled at my supposed daughter. "It's that witches fault! She-that thing is trying to take you guys away from me!" she yelled. No! SHE ISN'T DOING ANTHING!" I yelled. "Yes she is!" she struggled. "If anything it's YOU who is taking us away from HER!" I yelled at her. "NO!" she screamed. "She was here first! She had a horrible childhood and we took her in! SHE was here FIRST!" I yelled. "I WAS BORN FROM YOU TWO! NOT HER!" she yelled back. "Well maybe she should of and not you!" I yelled at her. She stopped struggling. "W-what are you saying?" she asked. "I'm saying maybe SHE should be our daughter and not YOU! She deserves us not you. You nothing but spoiled and snobby. I don't even know why we continue to give you everything you want!?" I said at the girl. "I see. So I should just die? Am I right?" she asked. "NO! Not that! You should go and find another family. I'm sorry Samantha but you can't stay here. Your too much." I said with tears in my eyes. "We should of been there in your life to teach you. But instead we just left you. I'm sorry but your life would be better without us in it." I whispered. "So you saying that. I should just leave?" she asked. I nodded. "I'm sorry Samantha. But we can't let you live here if you will continue to act like this. Go back to your family that you had before us." I said. It killed me but I had to. She needed to leave and learn that she will not take advantage of us anymore. I let go of her and she just stood there. "Goodbye I guess.......Father." she said and walked out the door. I just stood there tears falling. For the third time in my life I let my child go. First was when she was a child. Second was Rhain and now this was the third. "I'm sorry." I said.





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