Why the rain makes me cry

The rain. You wont see them. All of it gets washed way. Too much of it gets washed away. I don't need him. Or anybody. I love nobody and nobody loves me. I'm treated like a monster. The rain is my only friend. The tears and the rain mmix together so you can never see them.


11. An old friend & Truth

(Rhain's) POV

We went home after the doctor said that I as their daughter. But here is the truth. I'm not. I was looking at the results and my blood didn't match theirs. I'm not their daughter. He just took pity on Amara and Oliver. He took pity on me too. I'm the sad, depressed, homeless, and parentless girl. The who has no family. The girl who was never loved. The girl who runs away. The girl who has finally learned to never trust anybody ever again. The girl who will never love ever again. I looked at Amara and Oliver. I pointed to the direction of the park. "Ok. Honey. Be back before dinner!" said Amara with a bubbly and cheery voice. I hate that voice. I walked the other direction of the house toward the park. I got there and walked straight into my secret place. t was the small clearing that I found. I looked up at the sky and right tin cue it started to rain. "Thank you." I whispered to the sky. A roll of thunder answered back. I pulled out a phone that they bought me. I plugged in my headphones and listened to my music on there. Metallica was my favorite band. I layed down and felt the water fall on my face. The small pitter patter of the rain hitting the leaves and ground. It was like it's own music. After about 2 hour the phone went dead. "Damn. I forgot to charge it." I thought. I pulled off the headphones and listened to mother nature's music. The rain and rustling of the leaves along with a roll of thunder here and there.

"Why did he have to lei to us? He could of told the truth. I could of taken it. But I'm not so sure about Amara and Oliver. Why did he have to lie to them? Is he the one who decided to spare the hurt? I hate that man. He gives them false info and gives fake hope!" I yelled. I started to cry. I heard a small caw and turned to see here it was coming from. I felt a small warm breeze that followed the caw. "Thanks Crimson." I whispered. I can't tell what the time is but I know it past dinner. I've been out here for longer than I thought I was. "Well I an go without food. I still can't eat." I said getting up. I stood up and a person was behind me. He looked familiar. "So this is where you've been?" he said. I look at his brown eyes. "Aren't you going to treat me like a monster like you said you would?" I asked silently. "I thought if I threated you, you would of stayed with me." he said. I studied him. He had blond hair and brown eyes with flecks of gold in them that penetrated my green eyes. His eyes were sad with regret in them. I turned away. "Why?" i asked. "I didn't want you to leave me. I wanted to make you happy. I didn't want you to be sad." he said. "Well I don't need you. You came back with the towns people to kill me didn't you?" I asked.

"No! We didn't go there to kill you!" he said quickly. "Then what were you going to do to me?!" I yelled looking at him with tears in my eyes. He looked away and at the ground. "I take with everybody. I tried to speak some sense in them. I said that you were hurting and needed somebody to help you and not be treated like a monster. How you cried ever time you went out to those woods and how you made a grave for your bird friend. How you weren't a monster or a witch. How you needed to have a family!" he said looking at me confident. I looked at him. "Come back home Rhain. Your father needs you." he said. "That man isn't even my biological father! I don't have a family! I never did!" I cried. He walked up to me. "W-what are you d-" he cut me off by pulling me into a hug. "Your not alone. You have me now." he said. I gripped onto him and sobbed. "ALL I EVER WANTED WAS TO HAVE A FAMILY. TO BE LOVED WITHOUT HAVE SOMEBODY LOOKING AT ME WITH DIGUST IN THEIR EYES OR LOVE ME OUT OF PITY!" I cried into his chest.

"It's ok." he said hugging me tighter. We stayed like that for a while. I heard a rustle behind us. I didn't care and hugged the blond haired boy in front of me. "Rhain? What are you doing here? And with that boy?" asked a voice behind up. The boy let me go and i turned around. He held me from behind as I faced Oliver. "This is my friend." I said. "What is your name?" I whispered. "Hi. My name is John." he said to Oliver. "Hello. John. What are you doing with Rhain? My daughter." he asked John. "Oliver. He is a friend that found me from the neighborhood that I came form. He tried to help me but I was the one that pushed him away. He has been searching foe me ever since I left." i said above a whisper. "R-Rhain... You can talk." he whispered just noticing my voice. I nodded. "So. You've been lying to us this entire time?!" he yelled. I flinched. "There is not need to yell at her. I bet she has a perfectly good explanation." John said. "you need to leave my daughter alone. You need to let her go and she is coming home with me. Now." he said. I was shaking. Oliver never sounded so mad before. Never. I lathed into John. "Rhain we are going home." he said. "I-I don't want to." I stuttered.

"Rhain we just got you back after14 years! I don't want to loose you again!" he yelled at me. "The results are wrong! He lied to you two!" I yelled back in a soft voice. "He wouldn't lie to us!" He argued back "I looked at them when he was looking through them! He felt pity on ALL three of us! I don't want to be pitied! I hate it when people pity me!" wrong!" I yelled. "Don't lie to me young lady!" he said. "Oliver I'm not lying! I want you two to be my biological parents. Believe me I do. But I can't lie to you two like this and just-just PRETEND! It wouldn't feel right!" I cried. "Wait until your mother hears about this." he growled. "DO YOU REALLY THINK I'M LYING!?" I yelled back. "YES I DO!" he yelled back. "I thought you would have more trust in me. I guess I was wrong. I don't think I could live with anybody who can't trust me. And I know Amara Doesn't trust me either don't lie to me. I just can't go on with you two. I just can't. I'm sorry but this is goodbye." I whispered. "don't do this to us Rhain." he cried. "I love you two. You can just keep my stuff. Bye..... Daddy." I whispered and took John's hand and walked out of the forest. "RHAIN!" I could here Oliver's yells but I wouldn't came back. Never again. I'm the girl who had no family. I'm the girl who has been hurt too much. I'm the girl who will never rust people ever again. "Bye." I whisper one last time as I cry.

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