Why the rain makes me cry

The rain. You wont see them. All of it gets washed way. Too much of it gets washed away. I don't need him. Or anybody. I love nobody and nobody loves me. I'm treated like a monster. The rain is my only friend. The tears and the rain mmix together so you can never see them.


13. 3 years later....

(Time Skip) *3 years*

(Rhain's) POV

I was walking down the street. "Hello Rhain. Have a good day at work?" asked an elderly lady. "Yup. Thanks Gran-Gran!" I said. "Your welcome dear. How about you and your fiancé come over for some dinner later?" she asked. "Sure! Sounds like a deal!" I agreed. About three years ago John and I came to this town and got job here About 1 1/2 years later he proposed to me. Gran-Gran was the first to welcome us with open arms and soon the whole town soon followed. I slowly opened up and I am no that depressed lonely girl any more. I'm much happier and friendly. I still have my habit of going out in the rain but John come with me. I haven't forgotten about Crimson, Oliver, nor Amara. I still talk to Amara but not as much anymore. Oliver was slowly forgetting about me and Amara too. I admit I was a little sad but I can be sad. They found their biological daughter 1 1/2 years ago. They were so happy. I soon decided 1/2 year later to just leave them alone. I did promise Amara one last thing. That I would visit at least once every 3 months. We would visit in secret. I told Amara that I wouldn't bother Oliver. Tomorrow would be the day I would go visit them. "John tonight we are going over to Gran-Gran's for dinner. And tomorrow I am going to visit Amara." I said to him. "Ok. But be back by dinner." he said kissing me. I nodded. We don't live that far away from them. Just a few hours away. We walked over to Gran-Gran's and knocked. The door was answered by a younger woman. "Rhain? Why are you here?" she asked. "Amara? Well Gran-Gran invited me and John to come over for dinner." I said looking down. "Are they here?" I asked. "Yeah. Rhain honey you have to tell Oliver that you are alive and well. He still hasn't given up hope for you." she whispered. I nodded. I took John's hand in mine.

"Can we come in?" I asked. "Yeah. Come on." she said. We followed Amara into the dinning room. "Oh. Rhain your here. Now we can start." said the elderly lady. "What?! RHAIN!" yelled Oliver looking at me. "Father? Who is Rhain?" asked a girl about my age. "Rhain was the girl we thought was our daughter Samantha." Amara said to the girl. "So. You are the famous Samantha Amara would talk to me about on my secret visits?" I asked. "Secret visits?! Amara. Explain!" growled Oliver. "I've been visiting Amara in secret for about 2 years. Once every three months." I said. "you mean to tell me that you knew where Rhain was the entire time Amara?!" he yelled. "Yes. But I didn't know where she lived until today" she whispered tears in her eyes. "Don't get mad at her." I said to Oliver. "You never even thought about me? Didn't you Rhain?" he asked. "You are wrong. Every time I wanted to tell you that I was ok! But I would only hurt you more! It was HARD! I loved you guys but Amara said that you needed to move on so I didn't want to make it harder! I HATED MYSELF FOR LEAVING YOU BUT I NEEDED TO! I HATE MYSELF MORE THAN ANYBODY IN THIS ROOM!" I cried. "Rhain. It's ok. Calm down." John whispered in my ear and hugged me from behind. I turn around and sobbed into his chest.

"R-Rhain.... I that how you feel?" asked Oliver. I nodded into John's chest. "I'm sorry for making you feel this way. But next tie when you visit can you come and see me too? I would like that." he whispered. I hesitantly nodded. "Oliver. No. You need to move on y-" he cut Amara off. "like YOU have moved on?! You lied to me! You said that you were over her! YOU said that I needed to move on! How-you-how could you do this to me Amara?" he asked. "I didn't want to do it but I had to!" she cried. "You just wanted to keep her all to yourself! You are selfish!" he said. "I am selfish! I am because I wanted to have the person that is closer to a daughter than anybody in this room! Samantha doesn't even feel like a daughter! She doesn't-she- Uh! I can't stand this!" she yelled and stormed out of the room. "Amara come back dear!" said Gran-Gran. I turned to her. "I'm sorry Gran-Gran. I've completely messed this up. I will leave and let you guys enjoy the rest of you dinner." I said and walked with John back to our house. "Rhain! Come back please!" yelled Oliver."I will see you tomorrow Oliver. I promise." I said behind me. "We wont be here tomorrow!" he said. "Secret meetings!" I yelled behind me. "DAMN IT!" I could hear Oliver yell.

(Samantha's) POV

"That stupid girl! She just completely messed up my family! When will she learn that nobody want's her? She need to learn that she should just die!" I thought enraged. I glared at her retreating back with that boy with her. "That guy with her looked pretty cute. I just might go and catch him. I mean I can get any guy without fail." I thought smugly. "Samantha we are leaving. Say goodbye to your grandmother." whispered my father. I changed my face to a sad one. Fake sad face should I say. "Bye, bye grandmother." I said sweetly. "Good bye Samantha. Have a good day." she said. I heard her utter something else and I was enraged. "HOW DARE YOU! YOU DON'T WANT YOUR OWN GRANDDAUGHTER TO COME BACK! YOU WITCH!!" I yelled at her. "Samantha! Stop it! You grandmother didn't say that! Stop making things up!" scolded my father. "Shut up." I muttered but quickly replaced it. "Sorry." I said. "You need to straighten your attitude missy." he said. "now go get n the car. I will go get your mother and we are leaving." he said. I nodded and walked to the car. I saw the girl named Rhain standing in front of a house across the street talking to mother and I stormed up to her. *Slap* "Don't you dare take MY mother away from me you wench! You don't deserve to live!" I yelled at her. She stood there stunned. Mother looked at me with mad eyes. "Don't you dare talk to her like that! she is a better than you in every way." she said and took my had in a forceful grip and dragged me to the car. I looked back and saw the wench holding her cheek and the guy glaring at me. I held my hand up to my ears at make it look like I was on the phone. "Call me." I mouthed and dropped a piece of paper on the ground. He glared at me harder and gently guided Rhain into the house and slammed the door. I growled as I was shoved into the car.

(John's) POV

"How could she do that to Rhain!" I thought angered. I gently set Rhain on the couch. "Why is it always me?" she asked me softly. "I don't know honey. Everything will turn out right. I promise." said. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a ice pack and headed back to Rhain. I looked at the mark. It was bright red and Rhain winced when I applied pressure on it. "She sure can hit hard." I said to her. "I'm fine John. I promise. I'm tired." she said. "you need to eat first." I said. "Yeah. I guess I am hungry. Thanks for reminding me." she said an faintly smiled at me. I hugged her. "Rhain it's ok. You don't need to hold anything in. We are all alone with nobody to watch us." I whispered. Se suddenly clutched my shirt and started to sob into my neck. I held her while she cried. She soon called down. I looked at her. "You ok now?" I asked concerned. "Y-yeah thanks." she said. "Anything for you." I replied and kissed her. It was soft and gentle. She kissed me back. "I'll go and make us some tea and dinner." I said and headed to the kitchen. After about half an hour dinner was ready. We ate and headed to our room and went to sleep.

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