Forbidden Magic

In Gallagonga there are two types of people: those who can use magic and those who can't. Selina is one of those who can use magic. As the war between the Kingdom and the Society grows she becomes caught in the middle. Instead she try's to turn her attention to her unknown past and her newly found love who loves another. Will she help the magic Society defeat the Kingdom, or will she let magic be taken from the land forever.


4. Wanted Criminal

Selina tried to ignore her vision the whole next day. She finished her morning chores and ran straight to her not so secret cave. Fiona and Leo where waiting to go on their daily hunt with her. They took back two hedgehogs and one robin. Eating their meal happily in the corner they watched as Selina meditated again. No matter how hard she focused she couldn't see the vision. Frustrated she sat beside Fiona and stroked her silver fur. She had been the last of her kind after the fox family started worshipping demons everyone thought that foxes were possessed and started killing them. Selina had rescued Fiona from hunters when she was a pup. Selina found Leo, however, a grown adult a few years ago and he had helped Selina find her way around the forest. He had stayed with her every since. Fiona and Leo were always fighting about one thing or another, but even though neither of them will admit it they love each other.

Once back in town it was almost sun set. She climbed onto the roof of her house and looked over the city. As she began to plan her next theft she heard a loud voice down below. It belonged to a young woman in her twenties. She was struggling to get out of a mans strong grip. Selina instantly recognized the man to be Herald, a drunk always hitting on younger, helpless girls. This girl however had a bow strung around her back. She made no show of force or defense. Selina jumped down from the roof and right in front of the man and his posy. "Herald, what did I tell you about hurting people." Selina stepped between him and the girl and pried his fingers loose.

His breath smelled of alcohol, "Aw, I wasn't trying to hurt her, only playing." He nearly fell over.

Selina caught him and turned him around, "If I catch you hurting people again, I'm gonna' give you a piece of my mind." She pushed him away, "Now why don't you go home and take care of your wife." With a defeated look on his face Herald left.

Selina turned to the girl, "Thank you. If you knew he cheats on his wife why don't you tell?"

Selina smirked, "A girls gotta' make money somehow and if he pays me to keep my mouth shut, I do it. Plus no one likes his wife." Her black hair whipped as she turned to watch Herald leave.

Selina turned to leave, "My name's Ariana and you are?"

Selina walked away "That's for me to know and for you to never find out." Selina felt a slight poke at her thoughts. She turned and scowled at Ariana, "A magic user!" Selina dashed down the streets. Ariana, with a look of surprise on her face, chased after her.

Selina dipped through the streets until she was sure she lost the strange girl. With a sigh of relief she continued to her house. Out of no where, a black haired boy jumped in front of Selina. She stepped back and eyed him. He pulled out a piece of paper and held it for her to see. It was a wanted poster with her portrait on it, wanted dead or alive 10,000 gold. "Where do you think your going?" He stepped closer, "I have a reward to collect." Selina pulled out her sword,

"I don't know who you are, but I haven't done anything wrong." She lied, "Please leave me alone that's not me." Coming closer still the boy said,

"Are you not Selina Silver, the forbidden magic user, the theif?" Selina then sent a flash of images into the boys mind. He tried to fight it but her mind was stronger. He fell to the ground and grasped his head. Selina bolted down the road but was stopped by Ariana.

She looked at the boy then to Selina and yelled, "You're in danger we need to get you out of here." The boy was up and beside her by then, "Oh good you've met, now let's go." She grabbed Selina's arm and pulled her away.

Selina resisted, "I barely know you, why would I go anywhere with you?"

She released Selina's arm, "I am just trying help you, you have no reason to trust me but I need you to try." A voice in Selina's head yelled for her to go. It was Dale he seemed in distress. She followed the boy and Ariana out of town.

Once they were near the pond Selina stopped and whistled. "What are you doing, you'll give away our position." The boy urged the group forward.

"Just wait." Selina demanded. A few moments later Fiona and Leo showed up.

"Oh wow! A real live fox! I thought they were all dead." Ariana gasped. Fiona snapped at Ariana's hand as she bent over to pat her head.

"How do we know we can trust them?" Leo whispered to Selina. "Dale, he's in trouble he told me to run."

Fiona gasped "Where are they taking us."

"Good question, where are we taking them, Ariana?" the boy asked leaning on an oak tree.

Ariana rolled her eyes, "We're taking her to the Magic Society, and before you say anything, yes, I have considered other options and this is the best." She turned to Selina, "Don't mind him, well, Selina, his name is Graham Griffin, or Gray, and I'm Ariana Hawk." Selina stepped back, "A Hawk that uses magic, no way you are a Hawk."

Gray stood up, "Yes way, the king's her uncle and he would have killed her if she didn't leave."

Selina cocked a brow, "And you, an servant boy, a Griffin, shouldn't you be extinct like your family's spirit animal." Gray scowled at Selina who smirked.

"Enough we have to go." Ariana and Gray began to walk away, Selina, hesitant at first, followed. They walked in silence for the rest of the day.

Once camp was set up Selina sat and meditated. She tried to locate Dale but couldn't find him. She soon became conscious of being watched. Gray sat across of the fire watching her, Ariana was not around. "What?" Selina asked avoiding eye contact.

"I still don't understand you magic people."

"What's not to understand, you've been dating one for over a year."

Gray was astonished, "How did you know that?" "I read your mind when you attacked me I know almost everything about you." Selina stood up. "Well, go a head and forget it that's is an invasion of privacy."

"Nah, I think I'll keep the memories, Grif." Gray scowled, he had been called Grif all his life and he had always  hated the name. Selina turned as Ariana came into the firelight. "There are no guards around the area but we're heading out in the morning just in case. Get some sleep I'll take first watch."

"No, I'll take first watch." Selina proposed. Ariana could tell that she wouldn't win, "Fine wake me at midnight." Ariana and Gray laid on the other side of the fire and fell asleep. Leo and Fiona snuggled up next to Selina and also fell asleep. Selina watched trough the trees and bushes. The only noises were that of a mouse crying for help. A hawk had just caught the mouse in its talons and flew in the trees with it. The squeaking was stopped and a ghostly silence remained. Selina resting her head on a tree tried to meditate. That's when everything became loud. She could hear the heart beats and slow breathes of her companions. She could hear the rustle of the tree's leaves in the gentle breeze, and she could hear a little girl crying. A vision was coming to her, she saw a little girl crying on the ground as a red carriage fled a giant palace.

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