Forbidden Magic

In Gallagonga there are two types of people: those who can use magic and those who can't. Selina is one of those who can use magic. As the war between the Kingdom and the Society grows she becomes caught in the middle. Instead she try's to turn her attention to her unknown past and her newly found love who loves another. Will she help the magic Society defeat the Kingdom, or will she let magic be taken from the land forever.


2. Thief

Silently in the night a short, skinny girl slipped along the alleys. Her face was shielded by the hood of her cloak. She was heading to the middle of the city of Paro, where the rich lived. The city was big but she knew her way around the streets.
The normally sparkling mansion was dark. Hastily she made her way to the mansions underground sewer. The tunnels were too dark for her to see anything. With a snap of her fingers she created a blue fire that floated in her palm. Sprinting down the tunnels she kept an eye out for a ladder. Finally when she found one she closed her hand and made the fire go out.
Up the ladder she climbed and she pushed open a heavy, metal hatch. She peered through a crack and saw no guards. She found herself to be in a dim, storage room. She pulled off her hood and revealed her beautiful face. Her mahogany brown hair fell over her round face and perfect porcelain skin. Her emerald-green eyes, framed by long lashes, twinkled like stars. Above her eyes were neatly curved eyebrows. Her nose was straight, her cheekbones high, and her full lips were dry and cracked. Her chin and jaw were chiseled. Her body was fully mature with all the right curves. Her clothes were ragged and torn but cleaner than a ball room floor. She wore a red tunic with short sleeves and brown leather pants. A belt with a sword in sheath was strapped neatly at her hip. Beneath her black cloak were a bow and quiver of arrows and an enchanted satchel that can hold almost anything. Her name is Selina Silver. She will be 18 tommarow, on the sixth moon of the fourth quarter.
She peeked through the opened door. No guards. Stepping back, she gave herself room. She reached up as far as she could and grabbed an invisible force. She then brought it down and dropped it on the ground. She had turned completely invisible herself. Stepping out the door she tiptoed down the hall.
At the end of the hall was a wide door. Two guards stood watch. As she walked past them she flicked their heads. Both fell asleep instantly. Cracking open the door she stepped inside. Two snoring people were asleep on a gigantic bed. She made her way noiselessly towards a dresser. On top of it was a jewelry box full of diamonds and pearls. She opened the box and stuffed the jewelry into her satchel. Next she went into the closet full of furs and expensive coats. Checking every pocket for money, she made her way down the endless hall. Finally when she reached the end she counted any coins she may have found. There were five pouches full of silver, gold, and copper coins. Each coin bared the royal family crest, a hawk in flight carrying a rose in its talons. She stuffed the in the satchel and went back into the bed room. She had no interest in stealing fancy clothes.
Once she found what she wanted she exited the back door and walked with her head held high back to her home, in the poor side of town. The lights were off in the house. Selina sighed with relief. After sneaking in through the back window she made her way up to her room. Once entered she slipped her calve high boots off. A snap sounded throughout the room and a single fire lit beside the chair near her desk. She held her breath as she saw who started the fire. It was Dale, the old man who found her on the streets and raised her sat in the chair. He pushed his hand out and the fire shot into the fireplace by the bed.
"And just where were you?" He grumbled, "Do you know how late it is?" Selina grinned slightly, "I was out with some friends." Dale, standing up now, said pointing his finger, "Don't you lie to me. I'll give you one more chance to tell the truth before I start poking in your head." Selina grimaced remembering the last time he looked into her head. She had lied about stealing before and it hurt to have someone look into her head.
She smirked as if to say go ahead. Dale glared at her and pushed a telepathic force into her head. Selina glared back and pushed out the force. Her face turned red as Dale broke her defense. "Alright fine," she had given up, "I was out stealing." She sighed. "What were you thinking, you could have been caught? Go to bed. In the morning you will receive your punishment." Dale left the room as Selina plopped onto her bed and drifted off to sleep.


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