Forbidden Magic

In Gallagonga there are two types of people: those who can use magic and those who can't. Selina is one of those who can use magic. As the war between the Kingdom and the Society grows she becomes caught in the middle. Instead she try's to turn her attention to her unknown past and her newly found love who loves another. Will she help the magic Society defeat the Kingdom, or will she let magic be taken from the land forever.


3. Student

Selina tried to sleep as long as she could. She dreaded what the day bring. She forced her eyes open as Dale banged on her door. "Get up, you have a long day ahead of you." She swung her legs out of bed and laid her bare feet on the cold stone floor. She immediately got dressed and ran into the kitchen. Dale sat at the wooden table smoking a pipe and sipping a cup of tea. "Sit." Dale commanded not looking at her. She sat in the chair across from him. "What did you steal?" Selina jumped up and dug out the diamonds, pearls, and coins she stole. She laid them across the table for Dale to see. He scooped up the coins and stuck them in his pocket. He pushed the jewelry towards her. She cocked a brow. He motioned to the jewelry the pointed at his head. Understanding, she stared into his eyes and pushed telepathically force into his head. He resisted, but she could tell he was going easy on her. After several long minutes she received her instructions. She was to take the jewelry and give it to butcher from there she would receive her next instructions.

She made her way down the crowded streets. Stands lined the sides of the buildings. People gathered around to see all the clothes, jewelry, rugs, and pots sold at most stands. She ignored the beautiful dresses being shown to the public. How she yearned to were a nice dress and a new cloak, but she didn't have the money for them and dresses always ripped easily.

When she finally reached the butcher shop people flooded the streets, it was always best to be out before noon when it's cool. Tina, the butcher, stood behind a counter chopped up what used to be a pig. She had golden curls pulled back into a bun, she wore a white apron around her round belly. She turned as Selina walked in and smiled with her yellow teeth showing. She flashed her a pearly toothed smile. "Dale told me you would be coming." She wrapped up the pig she was chopping and placed them in front of Selina. There was about ten pounds of meat. She placed the jewelry on the table. Tina gasped, "This is more than Dale said you had, I can't take all of it." Selina pushed the jewels closer to her, "My instructions were to give them all to you." She scooped up the jewels and placed them in her pocket. "Right, he told me to tell you to go to your secret spot?" Selina grabbed the meat and stuffed it in her satchel. Walking out the door she wondered how Tina knew about her secret spot. No, not Tina, Dale knew. How would Dale know? She sprinted towards the end of town near the lake. She looked down the small cliff that looked over the lake. Jumping into the water she swam to the small cave at the side of the river.

She was greeted by her only two friends, Leo, a lynx, and Fiona, a fox. "Good morning." Fiona chirped, "How were your chores?" Leo nudged her, "Oh right! Dale said he'd be here at noon and you were to meditate until then." Selina sighed and sat down. Leo and Fiona wrapped a dry towel around Selina's shoulders as she sat comfortably on the smoothed stone. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind. She could see images of people and an unknown place.

Selina was standing in the garden of a castle. There were two little girls and a mother sitting on a ledge of a small pond. A mother duck and her ducklings swam in the pond. The youngest girl was circling the pond as her older sister was practicing magic with her mother. She would open and close her hands playing with a small flame. The little girl turned to see the ducks but they had retreated. She soon fell into the pond and struggled to get out. Her mother and sister were soon there in front of her, but when she reached out for them they faded and the whole world around her fell and turned to nothing. Tears dripped down her face.  

Selina jumped when she realized she was being watched. Dale sat across from her, smoking is pipe and watching her. She wiped the tears from her face and shook the towel off her shoulders. Fiona and Leo lay asleep cuddled next to each other in the corner of the cave. "What did you see." Dale asked still watching her. Selina shook her head, "I don't know." Dale stood up, "Well, lets get to it." He led Selina out of the cave. They climbed over the cliff. Two wooden swords were carefully placed in the grass. Dale grabbed the and tossed one to Selina. As she caught it Dale swung his sword at her. For an old man, he was quick, but Selina was quicker. She dodged the attack and countered it.

After several hours, both student and teacher were tired and bruised. They walked back to the house in silence. Once in the house Selina whispered goodnight and went to her room. The door was shut and she tried to remember if she shut it. She pushed it opened and gasped. A purple, full length, strapless dress laid across the bed. She grabbed the dress and clutched it to her chest. She burst into the kitchen were Dale stood. Setting the dress on the table she wrapped her arms around his stomach. She felt him strap something around her shoulders. She looked to see a dark blue, wool cloak. "Happy birthday." She hugged him again, "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Dale grabbed the dress and handed it to Selina, "Now go to bed." She scampered back to her room and placed the dress in her half empty closet. She changed into a clean, dry clothes and laid in bed. As she closed her eyes she could see the little girl and her mother and sister. She tried to shake the thought away but it wouldn't. She slept restlessly all night thinking about it.

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