Forbidden Magic

In Gallagonga there are two types of people: those who can use magic and those who can't. Selina is one of those who can use magic. As the war between the Kingdom and the Society grows she becomes caught in the middle. Instead she try's to turn her attention to her unknown past and her newly found love who loves another. Will she help the magic Society defeat the Kingdom, or will she let magic be taken from the land forever.


1. Prologue

The mother quickly grabbed her daughter's hand and pulled her down the stairs. Both her and her daughter looked exhausted. They had to flee the castle quickly and quietly before the "king" discovered their plan. An old sword master met them at the bottom of the stairs. Handing them both black cloaks he proceeded to pull his hood over his head. He lead them through of maze hallways all lit with a single torch.

They found them selves to be in the stables at the end of the maze. The man swiftly helped the woman and her child into a black carriage with two horses leading it outside the old, stone stable. The stage coach wore a black cloak that covered is face. The old man shut the door and backed away. He gave a nod to the coach, who then cracked the whip across the horses back. Off they took into the night, the horses hooves pounding on the stone road. Once out of the castle gaits the coach removed his hood. He looked to be about 13 years old. His short, raven-black hair flapped in the wind. He had a square jaw and a straight nose. He was strong as a mule, though he looked like a twig and he was quicker and more clever then men twice his age. His most noticeable feature was a red scar on his right check.

Up in a tower another little girl watched as her mother and sister fled the castle. Tears swelled up in her big, emerald-green eyes. They dripped down her round face. Her dark brown hair all tangled. She was only eight. She rushed down the stairs to catch the coach before it left the castle but once she got out to the court yards he was too late. Falling to her knees  she burst into tears. Why would they leave me? What did I do wrong? She thought this over and over in her head. A gentle, warm hand was placed on her small shoulder. She gerked to see who it was. The old man, whom she had known her whole life, then grabbed her arm and was pulling her into his arms. She stood up and embraced him. Her tears were wiped on his jacket. He bent down to be eye level to her. "I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise." He placed a hand on her forehead and closed his eyes. She began to sees blurs then colors and finally nothing. Sleep overwhelmed her as her eyes just and she collapsed into the man's arms. He gently picked her up and as her head fell against his strong shoulder. 

The man turned to see ten men approaching him. A stop of his foot sent them flying backwards. He ran through the castle gates but was soon shot with an arrow in his right shoulder. He kept running, the men kept pursuing. In the alleys of the streets he found a small hole in the wall. Placing the young girl inside he placed a invisible cloak on her. The men had gained ground by then and chased him out of the alley missing the sleeping girl in the wall. 

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