Rats of The Sky



2. Meeting Him

The boy stared at us like he was a wild dog that got away from the clutches of the pound. He had a maniac gleam. His clothes did not look like they were from this year. I would say they were rotting onto his skin- but that would be over doing it a bit. His hair looked okay, he could use a shower- but who am I to judge? The most important thing was: the boy was taller than me. All the boys- and my brother, are shorter than me. Taller men are always handsome. Him. Other than height... There was something else that caught my eye. Maybe it was the chocolate he was carrying...

"Mary, he's loaded with chocolate..." Jack whispered. Oh no, Jack seances danger.

"How did you get all that?" I gestured to the 20 bars in his arms. He shook his head and pushed passed in between us.

"It's not safe out here." He started to run. "If you can catch up I might be able to tell you!" Around the corner he went. I made a quick glance at Jack and smirked.

"No we are n-" Jack knew when I smirk I want to do something devious. I did. I took his hand and bolted in the same direction as the boy. I saw him and caught up quickly. The turns threw me off, though. I did pay attention to where we were so we could find our home again. Jack, I don't think he was paying attention to where we were going, only to the fact he couldn't stay balance through all this running and turning. Then the boy slowed and looked at me and Jack. We were at a "Rent Me" store that was broken down. The boy ducked through the the broken glass door. Vanished.

"Mary, we are not going in there. You see that broken glass? It's sharp! It's dangerous! We could get cut or...or even lose an eye! And...and what if we leave that cut unattended, huh? It will get infected! Worst case: it will get so infective do that you'll have to amputate your limb."

"You forgot the part where it gets stuck in my eye and I'll go blind." I replied to him like a smart arse. I went ahead and ducked into the same glass door hole as the boy with the chocolate. Jack did too. Jack tells me I he does the things I do under his will. I simply tell him I don't make him- not always at least. I know he secretly wants to be a rebel.

Inside the store had dirt on the floors, or brown dust that layered over and over. Cob webs hung from ever corner and the only light that was in the smallish room was the red glow of the Exit sign that hung above.

"Up here." I heard a whisper coming from the far back. There was a ladder leading up to the ceiling panels. One was pushed back and there a was a faint light. I stepped over supplies, broken wood, and empty bottles to get my way to the ladder. Jack did the same but tripped and fell multiple times. I owe 'em.

This might have been the climax of my life, but I could have turned back any moment. This wasn't an adventure yet until I met my tour guid. To meet him, I stepped onto the ladder and kept going up. The light got brighter and brighter. It was a room, same size as the one below. This room, it had quilted carpets- or old blankets if you wanted to be exact, laying all over the floor like a collage. Jack tripped on the edges of the corners, too. "You two are just in time to hear it." He turned a nob on the radio. Hear what? He switched through channels.

"Code 10-20 at Mick Mill's shop on 234, (211) suspect young white boy."


"Boy had large

amount of money."

"Where are his where bouts?"



"Over and out."

A police scanner. The boy began to laugh. "That's me. Aye, if this was the radio, I'd be famous!"

"That's nothing to be proud of!" Jack shouted. "Now, they'll be all over your back. And now you dragged us into your mess!"

"The police didn't see me. Only a man thought I was suspicious... I saw the cop from behind the corner talk the the clerk about me and he didn't give a good read on me. Clerks. Never. Remember. Customers."

"That doesn't mean!-"

"They don't know it's me, jeez Louise. You are a worry wort made by shivers itself!" He looked away from my brother's glare and smiled at me. My eyes went big. "So what do they call you two?"

Jack shook his head but I paid no attention. What was the boy going to do? Go all FBI on me? "I'm Mary, and this little freckle is my brother Jack."

"Nice to me you. Wilbur but call me Will."

Will was very nice and told us all the stories of the police wanting him because he looted pockets and tips on restaurant's tables. He was a child of the local orphanage and usually sneaks out because none of the care takers notices a missing child. Will said he gets bored so he got the idea to venture out his window. Like me. My tied ting was showing when my jaw dropped when he told me times where he stays up here for weeks and nobody notices him coming in and out of this "Rent Me" store. And that sometimes he goes days without food and has to rummage for scraps. Of course he over exaggerated "scraps". Will gave Jack and I two bars each and in return, I gave him our apartment building address and the ally we go through by the Chinese restaurant. Heck, I don't even know our room number, just that's it's on the third floor and had "Maple" inscribed by the handle and pudding stains at the bottom hinges.

Sad to say it but we hadn't seen Will in two weeks. Jack and I even go to Mick Mill's store to get some rock candy after school to see if Will would happen to show up too. Never did he come... And those two times we snuck out again did not see him in his fort nor the corner of Mick Mill's. I was delusional, I understood that and I just kept my head down at home and the walk to and from school, I did not go out my window anymore. I lost hope because I thought I had a new potential friend who understood me... I guess not. He was a scum rat who wandered the streets for shiny coins and crumbs that fall to the floor.

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