Rats of The Sky



1. Change

My life changed after I met a young boy by the name of Timothy Wallis. I was only twelve and my brother turned twelve three days before me. My brother Jack was like a safety pin rapped in bubble rap, he thought he should never get in trouble or do anything risky. Ironically, I was the sibling that wanted to do all the bad things and get both of us in trouble. Our father knew that we were uniquely special and loved us very much. He would praise our-my mischief and my brothers strong companionship, something our mother did not. Mother was strict and always said she wanted the best for me. She only praised Jack because he listened and did what he was told. Me... She would tell me to be good but I would end up in the neighbor's kitchen, pretending to beg for table scraps. Mother only fed us at the times where only breakfast, lunch, and dinner were served- no snacks, no brunches, no linners... It was a sad roof to live under. All I was trying to do was open the curtains to bring in sunshine. That normally lead to me having a bar of soap in my mouth.

Then, one day... Mother had to go to the hospital. "She will have to stay there for a while." Father would say when we asked why she went. One time we visited, mother wanted to talk to me, alone. Oh God, what did I do this time? I thought, as I dragged my feet on the white revolting floors. I walked in and saw mother more weak and pale. I was confused because it looked like she was dying, and father said she'd only be there for a little while... I clenched my fist because I already did not like what she was about to tell me. "Mary," she fixed the strand of hair that fell into my face. "You were always my little girl," my stomach tightened. "And you will always be." I wanted to puke. "There is a reason why I was always hard on you," Was? Are you saying you're going to stop being hard on me? "The day your brother was born," Now you're bringing Jack into this? What did he do? "You were also supposed to be born as well. But you weren't." I felt my face grow cold. What she said sounded like it was a bad thing. "The doctor told me before hand I was going to have twins, but when your brother came out first, the doctor said you weren't ready yet. You were premature. You still needed time." I scrunched my eye brows. I didn't understand what in the world she was saying but I did not like it. "Couple days pasted, you were still inside me. I was told that one of us would not make it through the next pregnancy. But look how wrong they were... I got my beautiful daughter that brought me life." She tried to smile, but all I saw was pain. She coughed, and coughed again. I sat there on the corner of the bed as doctors and nurses came it to give her medicine and a nurse ushered me out. That was the last time I ever saw her.

Father was not sad nor did I see him cry. All I can say was he became a confused man. Often looked at things like he didn't know what their purpose was. His first word in his sentences began with a stutter. I now know that he loved mother so much that he was a puzzle that lost an important piece and wondered if he'll ever get it back. Jack and I never had the power to fill in for mother's missing piece.

Not that soon after mother's funeral, father sold our home and we moved to Gulliver's City. Jack said that Gulliver's City was the Miracle city. Something he read in books about it. Miracle. That's what dad always called me... Maybe this was a perfect match. I was so excited, when we were getting ready to go I didn't even remember how to open a door. So Jack opened the car door for me. It was a while till we finally reached the city. Three months passed, we were moved into a home apartment, three rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen. Best part was: there was a fire escape ladder right outside my window. Exploring at night. It was like Christmas on a day that wasn't December 25th. I knew my brother didn't find this an awesome experience but I tried to add some fun on his part too. Like: he could also use my ladder of amazingness, I would go to the library with him, and we could have sleepovers like at the old house. Knowing Jack wasn't feeling right at home wasn't the only thing I noticed. Without mothers dieting, he was gaining a little pounds. I saw that was making him shy around other kids at our new school. I would secretly help him by stealing some of his snacks. I food was taking him down it had to take me too. But no matter how much I ate, I still ended up scrawny...

One night...

Jack and I had a sleepover in my room, it was the night of our twelfth birthday. I said to him that since we were young adults we should venture out into the city. He thought I was crazy, but that's what he always says before he gives in. Of course I gave him my signature smirk and busted out the window down the ladder I would constantly look up to see if he was still above me. I would have been slightly frightened if he mysteriously disappeared... When my foot touched the side walk, I realized that this alley was in between our apartment building and a Chinese restaurant on the other side.

"Jack! Do you know what this is?" I gestured to the restaurant.

"Uh... The back door?" He pushed his glasses up.

"No! Our chance for free fortune cookies!"

"Well, they look closed so I don't think tonight's the night."

"Tonight is the night for something... And I got a whole pocket full of change to get us something for our first breakout."

"You mean, you actually planned on this? You knew we would go?" He looked at me like I was insane.

"Either way, if I told you before hand we would still be standing right where we are now."

He glared at me and sighed. I smiled and patted my cheeks and walked to the end of the side walk. I gasped when I looked at all the lights and cars. "It's so pretty." I said in awe. Look in Jacks eye said, I've seen better. He wasn't impressed but I had to show him what I saw in this place. I took his hand and ran down the side walk. I had no idea where I was running to. My brother would ask me where we were going, I would shrug and smile ear to ear. I guess I should have paid attention to where I was going because I ran into a boy who was carrying a pile of chocolate...

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