Mother Nature

You'll just have to see


1. Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry about how much I have disappointed you. I cut down your wood children, the ones you twist and twine and carefully sculpt each time. I'm sorry about me mining through your heart, just to reach a cheap metal while slowly killing you. I'm sorry for hunting your animal children, which you take 9 months to develop into something beautiful, into something amazing and graceful and breathtaking, into something we hunt to hang on the wall in the front room. I'm sorry for filling your lungs with toxic gasses, that rain down and your plant children, and dress them in a toxic coating, that eventually kills them. I'm sorry for building city after city across your beautiful and rich skin. I'm sorry for letting fires rip across your soft skin, leaving marks that will never truly heal, that kill my sisters and brothers. I'm sorry for picking your soft colorful hair that we humans call flowers. I'm sorry, great mother, for all the pain me and my brothers and sisters have caused you. I'm sorry about how we kill your baby's teeth and bones to sell, and how we drill through your skin to reach your thick blood we call oil. I want you to forgive us, and I want to let you heal. I'm sorry, dear mother, that we are slowly killing you, just for our own selfish needs.


   The Human called The Weeping Bird

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