High School

It's Izzy's First year of High School. Follow her on her journey through Year 7. As she deals with the mistakes of last year and the struggle of this one.


1. Two Weeks Till School

I can't believe in two weeks I start High School, I thought to myself. I have my school Uniform, my School bag and my Books.I am in a class with my Bestie Innika, things could not get any better. I just hope the mistakes of last year don't follow me here. 

Today I am going to hang out with Innika. HONK!!! HONK!! the must be innink and her mum here to pick me up, i grab my bag and head for the front door "Bye Mum I'll me home later" i yell as I leave. i jump in the car and were off, i talk to Innika the whole way to her house. when we get there i jump out with innika and we go in side. we talked and laughed for a while. 'hey izzy want to go to the Mall" Innika asked "Sure" I said, when we got to the Mall we shopped for about an hour after we went to the food court, we were sitting down on our phone when i heard a voice i did NOT want to hear, it was my Ex-boyfriend Wil. "Hey Izzy what are you doing her" he asked with a careless tone. I looked over at Innika and saw this look on her face that made it seem like she was about to kill him, i put my hand toward her to tell her to calm down "the same thing as everybody else" i said in return to Wil's question, "you got your answer now could you leave"Innika said with an angry tone " Alright I will leave you two bitches" Wil said laughing. i want to get up and punch him but i didn't. after the mall i went home and had dinner, i went to bed after that because i couldnt stop thinking about what happened with Wil, what if he makes my first year of high school hell and to top that i started thinking about a big mistake i made last year and i was worried. i cant let9itmall follow me here it would ruin my life all over again.                      

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