A girl is going to school.She isn't very popular.She loves dancing but she would learn how to do better.A group of street dancers come to her town.They want to win a contest and she joins in.Loves comes her way.


1. The beginning

                   I would brake everything on my way.I dance like nobody else.My mom would give a dirty look.Lucky of me me dad was there.I thank him always.                                                                                               ''Let the child have fun dancing, destroying everything,''he would say. Unfortunately, he died.I miss him he would tell me that my dreams of being a choreographer.Would come true.Because i do want to be a choreographer. My mom would tell me is a waste of time.I don't dance no more.Its not that i dance awful.Very well perhaps.                                                                                                                                        I go to a school in Miami,Florida.College, to be precise.I don't live with my mom,actually i have my own apartment.I really don't share rooms,and is very small.When i came to install myself.It look undecorated.Duh.My life was pretty normal, as far as it goes.At my first months of college,pretty awesome.                                                                                                                                                                         Boys every where,i was sheepishly shy. Totally,cooking my own.I head to my locker.and there he was.Hector,the the flirts he always give me.

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