Kidnapped by 5sos

Katie is kidnapped by 4 random guys on the street, she suddenly woke up on the floor chained at not knowing were she is.


2. Tour with One Direction

I wake up the next morning with little snores escaping Mikey's mouth, he looks so cute when he sleeps. No Katie you can't call your kidnappers cute. I try to get out try to get out of Michel's grip but every time I moved. He finally turned over I guess he was uncomfortable, I looked at the clock it said 7 am. Ugh to early but I got dressed and got shoes on and walked downstairs, No one was up and that means I can escape this place. I ran to the door silently and carefully making sure that the boys wouldn't here me at all. I turned the handle and the door wasn't locked so I ran outside, there was woods. It wasn't a huge town it was a huge house in the middle of no were. I ran and ran until my short legs gave up and I looked at my phone it said it was 8:00 am the boys were probably up looking for me by now. 

Michels POV.

I was still asleep when Katie kept moving around, I kept my arms around her but then I finally gave up and let go of here rolled over to my other side and slept more while she changed and went down stairs. I swear I heard the door open to go outside but I just brushed it off because I knew Calum would be up. Then the boys suddenly walked in and looked sleepy. Calum came in last with his hair messy and looked like he just woke up. 

"Where's Kate" The boys asked in unison 

"I don't kno- Oh shit!" I jumped out of the bed and ran down the stairs the boys not far behind me. I ran to the porch and saw the door wide open. 

"She ran away" I spoke when the boys mouths dropped open. 

"Thank god we put that tracker inside her phone last night." Ashton said while trying to find her phone which we knew she had because she carries it every where she goes. We finally found it and she wasn't that far from here so me and Luke ran while Ashton and Calum drove the dirt bikes in the woods. 

Katie's POV

I was sitting next to a tree when I thought I heard Dirt bikes, but I just brushed it off until I saw a guy with red hair and a blonde sprinting towards me and 2 dirt bikes behind them. I knew that is was the boys. I got up and ran a little until I found a tree that had branches going up it all the way with leaves that would hide me so... I climbed it. The boys ran and then they found me in the tree and started to climb it but they were wiggling the tree which almost made me fall. I had a one hand death grip on a tree branch when the boys jumped down.

"Don't worry we will catch you" Luke said

"I'M TO SCARED!!!" I screamed. My hand was slipping and I kept screaming and saying I'm going to die. My hand slipped and I screamed until I felt my body hit someones arms. I kept my eyes shut until someone whispered something into my ear. 

"It's okay you can open your eyes" I knew it was Michel because of his voice, His voice was nice and sweet, I opened my eyes and saw everyone around me and I clung onto Michel. Michel put me on a dirt bike and got in front wrapped my arms around his waist and smiled. 

*Skips ride home* 

I walk inside and the boys told me to sit on the couch but I didn't I just clung onto Mikey because I was scared of the other boys, so Michel sat down on the couch and told me it was going to be okay. 

"Okay so listen.." Ashton said with a excited voice

"We are going on tour and your coming with us and you get to meet. One Direction because they are touring with us. So go get packing we leave tomorrow morning at like 8:00 am so pack up." Luke squealed like a little girl and Calum rolled his eyes. I didn't get off of Michel so he carried me upstairs. We got up stairs and he sat me down on the bed and pulled out some suit cases and told me to get packing and he will be back after he is done packing. I run and start putting clothes and makeup and girly things that I need in the suit case, and then there was a knock at my door so I answered it and saw Calum, Luke, and Ashton standing there looking a bit angry. They walked in which made me back up and fall onto the bed. They all sat beside me,

"So we feel like Michel is already going to take you from all of us because you and him are so clinging with each other" Ashton said and Luke and Calum just nodded I just rolled my eye and then Calum put a hand up to fix his sleeve but I flinched because I thought he was going to hit me. They looked at me with puzzled looks in silence until Michel walked in and the boys talked to him about how they feel like Michel's hogging me. I just sat there and stared at the ceiling until I looked at the clock it was 6:45 pm.
"Guy's i'm starving can we get something to eat please!!" I said standing up. 

"Yeah sure does Pizza sound good?" Calum asked picking up his phone and dialing the pizza place
"Yeah!" The other boys and I said in sync. We all ran downstairs and waited for the pizza guy to show up so we sat and watch Frozen because It was the only thing that was on "T.V" the boys told me but I really know that they just wanted to watch it. The door bell ran and Calum jumped up and told everyone Pizza was here and holding up 3 boxes of pizza. Wow how much can these guys eat? We all ran to the Kitchen and sat down. Michel across from me and Luke on me right and Calum on my left and Ashton just sat on Michel. 

"Ashton get off me!" Michel yelled and pushed Ashton on the chair beside him which made me laugh because Ashton almost fell off. We all reached for pizza and the boys at like all the pizza besides 2 pieces which I had. We all got up and Luke decided to watch scary movies so we watched Chucky and I sat on Michel lap an hiding my face in his neck every time a scary part came on the movie. 

"Don't worry I'll protect you" Michel said and I could tell he could tell that I was smiling because he started to giggle, Then the movie finished and I was shaking because I was so scared. Then we all decided to go to bed and I walked to my room and laid down and the other boy's did the same. I couldn't sleep though, I kept tossing and turning and I was getting scared because of that movie so I went to Michel's room and he was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him up so I went up to Luke's room and he was sleeping.

"Luke..." I poked his face

"hmm?" Luke asked as he turned over with his eyes shut.

"Can I sleep with you tonight i'm scared and I can't sleep"  I asked him quietly 

"Yeah sure." He said with a raspy voice and pulled the blanket up showing his perfectly toned body.

"Thanks" I said and crawled under the covers next to him and fell asleep listening to little snores from his mouth. 

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