Kidnapped by 5sos

Katie is kidnapped by 4 random guys on the street, she suddenly woke up on the floor chained at not knowing were she is.


3. On Tour Day 1

The next morning I woke up to people jumping on the bed, I opened my eyes and saw all the boys jumping on the bed and I looked what time it is.... 3:30 in the freaking morning. They all stopped jumping on the bed and I shut my eyes again and they laid next to me and they all feel asleep on me until my alarm clock went off at 7:00 am, All the boys jumped off and they went to there rooms to shower and I went to my room and shower and did my makeup, my hair, and change. Once I was done it was 7:45 and the boys already had the luggage in the car and Michel picked me up and brought me to the car and I had to sit down on his lap because the luggage took up a lot of space. 

We finally go to the airport and we all jumped out and someone got our luggage out and  took it to the plane and loaded it. I walked in to see One freaken Direction standing right in front of me! I loved them so much but didn't show my inner fan girl. When we were walking over there and all I heard was, "Who is that girl?" and "Shes really pretty". We finally got up to the boys and they said there HI's and Hello's and talked of a little bit till Harry spoke up. 

"Who's the chick?" Harry asked a little rude but not to rude

"Umm... This is m-my girlfriend" Luke said studering a little bit nervous

"Play along" Luke whispered in my ear, I just stared at the ground and nodded. 

"I'm Katie, Luke's girlfriend and he wanted to bring me on tour with them". I said with a week smile and looked back down at the ground. I could tell the One Direction Lads were not buying but they acted like they bought it.

"Oh alright." Liam said with a big cheesy smile. Then our flight got called to bored so we boarded the plane and I was between Luke and Michel. I was so excited that I was staying with the One Direction boy's this weekend, but I also wanted to get out of this place. I am planning to escape sooner or later when there not expecting it. 

*Skip rest of flight

We got to the hotel and there was no paparazzi or fans surrounding us, Thank god! We walked in cheeked in and went up to the room and the boy's had to discuss where everyone is sleeping so they told me to got to the other room with the One Direction boys till they figure it were they and I are sleeping.  I walked into the room and they gave me weird looks and I sat down next to Harry. 

"We know your not Luke's girlfriend so why are you here?" Harry said quietly 

"Promise that you won't tell the boy's I tell you!" I say back

'Promise" They said in sync

"Well.. Um. The boy's kidnapped me when I was walking to school, Th-They didn't tell me why they did, and Im scared of Calum and Ashton." I say almost crying

"Wow.. And We won't tell them okay, But who do you like the most out of them, Like, Who do you have a crush?" Niall asks with a smirk

"Well I would say Luke.. Maybe Michel but I can't fall for my kidnappers." I said quietly 

"Yeah I understand" Niall said with a nod. Then the door opened and the 5 seconds of summer boys walked in and Harry was talking to Louis and Liam about something stupid, (I know Zayn left the band and sorry if you don't like him but it felt weird to leave him out) Which Zayn and Niall were talking leaving me sit there like an idiot and staring at the ceiling. 

"Katie you can go and your and Luke's room it's room 124" With that Calum moved his hand forward which made me flinch a little.

"Am I really that scary?" Calum asked with a sad expression on his face

"No just reflexes" I say with a weak smile and grabbed the key and walked out of the room to room 124, I unlocked the door and walked in to Luke sleeping with...

A stuffed Penguin. I giggled silently and walked in and took the penguin from him and he woke up instantly.

"GIVE ME MY PENGUIN BACK KATIE" Luke screamed in his morning voice. I ran outside the door and back into the other room that the other guys were and I ran to the door and they opened it. I looked behind me to find Luke not far behind so I ran in and hid behind Michel and then Luke ran in. 
"SHE TOOK MY FREAKEN PENGUIN!!!!" Luke screamed still in his morning voice

"Woah Mate just chill it's just a penguin" Harry said and covered his ears. 

"Katie give Luke his penguin back" Michel said a little harsher the I think he expected. I got up and gave Luke his penguin back.

"Now hug it out" Ashton said with a little smirk. Me and Luke hugged for only a little bit and I backed up.

"Now kiss" Calum said with a huge smirk on his face. I started to back away a little but Luke grabbed me and pulled me to him and kissed me. We pulled apart and I shoved the penguin to his chest and walked out the room, Once I was out the room I ran down the hallway to mine and Luke's room and locked the door behind me and laid on the bed. I screamed and cried in the pillow because the only boy I ever kissed was my boyfriend Austin but he died in a car crash 2 years ago. When Luke kissed me I felt sparks in my stomach and butterflies, Do I have feelings for Luke Hemmings?

Luke's POV

I grabbed her, pulled her close and kissed her. When we pulled apart she shoved the penguin on my chest and walked out of the room. I felt sparks when I kissed her, I had butterflies in my stomach. I can't believe I kissed her! Do I have feelings for Katie? 

Michel's POV


Katie's POV

I laid there motionless thinking if I have feelings for Luke Hemmings.. Then I heard the door unlock and Luke walked in and laid by me.

"I'm sorry Katie I didn't mean to grab you that hard, I hope I didn't hurt you".

"Don't worry you didn't hurt me I was just shocked that a guy like you would kiss a girl like m-" before I could finish my sentence he kissed me. This time the kiss was different, It was full of love and lust. We pulled apart and he stared in my eyes and said the words I always have wanted someone to tell me. 

"I love you Katie" Luke said and kissed me softly

"Luke I love you to" I said and blushed. Luke laid down and I laid down next to him and we cuddled and soon enough I fell asleep listening to his heartbeat. 

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