Kidnapped by 5sos

Katie is kidnapped by 4 random guys on the street, she suddenly woke up on the floor chained at not knowing were she is.


5. Day 3 Tour

I woke up in the arms of Luke. Ashton and Calum were on the floor on top of each other sleeping, Michel was cuddling a pillow, and the One Direction boys were already up and making breakfast. I was so tired and I wanted to go back to sleep but everyone's snoring kept me up. I kissed Luke's nose which made his eyes flutter open and he put his finger under my chin and lifted it up so my lips can connect with his. We pulled apart from the kiss and I wanted to go get some breakfast before they went to there concert tonight. I tried to get up but Luke's grip kept getting tighter and tighter every time I tried and moved. 

"5 more minutes" Luke wined and I tried to get up

"No Luke, I'm hungry.. can we please go eat" I said pulling on his hands.

"Okay" He said with a yawn and got up and kept his hands on my waist and we walked to the kitchen were Harry was making breakfast.. Sausage, eggs, and pancakes. 

"I'm going to wake up Ashton, Calum, and Michel." I said walking out of the room. I walked into the living room and Michel was half on the floor half on the couch. I laid on top of Calum and licked my pinky finger and put it in his ear.

"AHHH! That's gross" Calum yelled and made Ashton wake up but Michel didn't move and inch. So I sat on Michael and poked his chest and then I licked my hand because he didn't move and rubbed my hand all over his face, and he jumped up and sent me to the ground making me land on my butt. 

"EWWW, Katie slobber" He said in discust and I got up and hit his shoulder lightly but no he took it the wrong way and hit me back, so I hit him back. 

"Okay I give up, but... this isn't over." He walked out of the kitchen with his nose pointed in the air smelling the breakfast Harry was making. I sightly chuckled to myself and walked to the kitchen were all the boy's were there eating already, and there wasn't any spots so I had to sit on the floor. But, Luke pulled me up and set me on his lap and I tried to get a piece of bacon but he would always take a bit. 

"I will never kiss you again if you don't stop taking my bacon and the rest of my food." I said pointing to my lips and then the bacon.

"Fine" He said and pouted. I kissed him quickly which put a smile on his face and I finally got to eat something and then I was full after I ate 2 eggs and some bacon and sausage.

"Thanks for this amazing breakfast Harry" I said with a smile

"No problem" He said and grabbed our plates and put them in the sink. 

"I have to go get dressed" I said and got up.

"Ugh.. me to" Luke said and got up and followed me up stairs. We got up there and he took off his shirt right away. I went our closet and grabbed a white crop top with a flannel and a pair of high wasted skinny jeans and got dressed and I felt a pair of eyes on me but I knew it was Luke, I mean he saw me in a bikini so whats the difference. I got dressed, did my makeup, and hair and walked to the Living room and there sat Ashton and Harry, they sat there on the couch and stared at me. I don't know why, I mean I am like the ugliest girl in the world. So I brushed it off and I walked to the couch and sat on the left side of Ashton. They were watching My Little Pony, Hey that's why I found that My Little Pony shirt on the stairs. I chucked to myself and then Luke walked down twining with me, He had on a white shirt with a red flannel and black skinny jeans. He walked over and sat on Ashton's lap. 

"Hey Luke's mine" I whined 

"Sorry babe, But I want Ashton right now" Luke said and stuck his tongue out at me, Fine want to play that game huh. I walked out of the room and walked to Michel and said go sit on the couch, he did what he was told and I acted like I had to just grab something to drink and I waked back in the living room and sat on Michel.
"Hey Katie's mine" Luke pouted

"Sorry Babe, But I want Michel right now" I mocked him and we all laughed. We decided to watch more My Little Pony until we heard a Knock on the door...

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