Flirting With Danger

Secret agent, Adams, was sent from New York to London to work for MI5. He couldn't have been partnered with anyone more different to him; a rich, stunningly beautiful aristocrat, who had joined MI5 as a spy. Together, they had been unstoppable, but their differences had made sparks fly. Then a twist of fate separated them. Now he was back to see if the sparks could develop into something more.


4. Flirting With Danger Chapter 4

~~"You know, I was thinking, the club has surveillance," Charlie pointed out when Luke got back into the car. "It's not the most up to date equipment, but they do keep the footage on discs."

Luke's face lit up with hope. "Well, let's go check out the discs then," he said, starting up the car and moving slowly back down the track. "You know where the equipment is?" he asked.

"Yes, it's in the director's office," she replied.

"You know where that is?" he questioned.

"Of course," she said, as if he should have known that.

By the time they returned to the club, the sky was beginning to darken and the reception area was practically deserted. The receptionist looked up when they entered, but Charlie simply waved to her and led Luke past her desk and down a corridor to the end where the lifts were located.

"Well, that wasn't too difficult," Charlie said, as they entered the lift and she pushed the button for the top floor.

Emerging, she led Luke down another corridor towards the only door on the top floor, at the far end.

"It's just up here," she said, pointing ahead.

"This director guy, won't he be in there?" Luke asked.

"No, he's not here on Sundays," she informed him, reaching into her bag to pull out a set of keys as she walked.

Luke eyed the keys with surprise. "You have keys to his office?"

She turned briefly to glance at him. "Yes, we're friends."

"Friends?" he echoed, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes Luke friends, I'm with Richie, remember?" She tutted, turning her head back.

"Hey, I never said nothing," he replied defensively.

"Hmm, but I can just imagine what was going through that overly active brain of yours Adams," she reprimanded.

"Oh, I have all sorts of thoughts you don't know about Charlie," he came back, running his eyes up and down the sight of her in that backless dress right in front of him. Hell, that dress was going to be the death of him!

"I bet. Please keep them to yourself," she said, finally stopping at the door and slotting the key into the lock.

They entered a large room, which was dominated by a heavy wooden desk, leather sofas and all number of sporting motifs and photographs decorating the walls. Charlie threw her bag down onto the desk but moved past it to open the door of an adjoining room. Luke followed.

"It's over there," she said, gesturing to another smaller desk with the surveillance equipment on it.

Charlie hovered by the door, nervously eyeing the first door for evidence of anyone approaching.

Mindful of how important the surveillance evidence could be to him, Luke rushed to the desk. He quickly found the eject button on the equipment and pressed it, but turned his attention to an open folder of other discs while he waited for the equipment to respond. He flicked through the pages of the folder, slipping out the last few discs.

"Hurry up," she urged.

"Right, let's get outta here," he said, minutes later, but looking up in confusion to see Charlie backing into the room.

"Charlie?" he questioned.

She stopped, frozen to the spot in the middle of the room. Lifting a finger to her lips, she indicated for him to be silent.

"What?" he mouthed to her.

"I'm sure there are people out there?" she mouthed back.

From behind the desk, Luke pointed to the adjoining door, hoping that she would get there first. She began to move slowly towards it, with the aim of closing it without the people who were clearly heading down the corridor seeing. Pushing it, so as to leave just a crack to look through, Charlie cautiously peered into the first office. It couldn't be the director; who on earth was it? She knew this would happen. It was just typical! The last thing she wanted was to get caught sneaking around the director's office. Eager to also see, Luke stood behind her. Placing one hand on the wall, and the other on the door frame, he reached to look over her head.

There was a man and woman in the other room, speaking in hushed voices. Sounded like they were up to something. Maybe they had something to do with the murder? Probably not, but you never knew. Luke strained to hear what they were saying and quickly became aware of why they were there.

"What if we are caught?" the woman whispered.

"Makes it all the more exciting, don't you think?" the man replied, pulling the woman to him and kissing her passionately.

Charlie abruptly leant away from the door and collided backwards into Luke. She turned her head, her face a picture of shock, and whispered to him,

"They're kissing each other."

He stifled a laugh. "We'll make a detective out of you yet Charlotte."

"But he's married," she whispered back.

"I assume not to her," he replied, leaning to peer through the door again. "Tut, tut, looks like he's a dirty boy then," he said, placing his hand over Charlie's eyes suddenly. "Lady Charlotte... " he whispered into her ear, "you probably shouldn't look right now."

"Why, what's happening?" she asked.

"Looks like they are about to do more than just kissing, " he chuckled.

"What?" She swept his hand away and was shocked to see the man unzipping the woman's dress from behind. She stepped out of it, to reveal black lacy underwear, stockings and suspenders!

Charlie swung her head around to see Luke grinning from ear to ear. "Hmm, not bad," he said, observing the semi naked woman. His eyes dropped to Charlie, sparkling mischievously. "Luke!" She covered his eyes this time. He could smell some kind of perfume or hand lotion. "I think you've seen enough. All I need now is for you to get overly..." she faltered. He moved her hand away.

"Overly what?" he whispered, watching her with an amusement.

"You know what I mean," she replied, turning her head from his disturbing expression, but averting her eyes from whatever on earth was happening in the adjacent room. Things were definitely 'developing' if the noises she was hearing were anything to go by: soft female murmurs and the sounds of the man's rapidly developing arousal.

"Oh Lord," she muttered, placing a hand over her face.

Luke chuckled, and moved his mouth closer to her ear to whisper intimately, "It's only sex Charlie. You should try it sometime; you might like it."

She turned her head slowly and glared at him. "Very funny Adams," she said, before turning back to face the door.

Luke watched the profile of Charlie's face thoughtfully, a slight smile on his lips. She wasn't going to look he noticed, or would she?

Charlie was always so secretive about her sex life; he assumed she had one, she had to, surely. Funny, as hot as she always appeared visually, Luke had a real annoying problem imagining Charlie all worked up sexually, and the more he tried, the more he couldn't imagine it, making him want to make it happen all the more.

Still, it was going to be interesting to see how she would deal with this little dilemma.

Luke's attention turned to the adjoining room. "Hate to say it Charlie, but I really do think they're gonna do it," he warned.

"Yes, I got that impression from the sounds Adams."

The slight movement of Charlie's head in front of his nose made him look down to see, to his amusement, that she was taking a hesitant look.

Well, who would have thought it? Maybe she wasn't as reserved as he'd suspected.

Charlie's eyes cautiously lifted to peer through the gap. She needed to know what was going on and when they'd be leaving so Luke and her could get out of there.

She could see that the man was still wearing his suit at least, but he was standing behind the woman, pressing her against the opposite wall and grinding his hips!

Oh Lord, they really were having sex! Charlie took all the comfort she could out of the fact that at least they both hadn't stripped naked!

But the sounds were getting louder and bolder. She focused with determination on the door handle.

Luke, however, watched the action, and was unashamed to do so. The man was grabbing the woman's arm at that point and pulling her across to the desk chair, where he seated her on it. He positioned himself and renewed his onslaught. The woman appeared to be thrilled by the new position and shifted eagerly. Luke's eyes widened. He reached in front of Charlie and covered her eyes again just in case, despite them being diverted. Laughing softly into her ear, he whispered, "Err, they're kinda showing too much right now Charlie. Trust me on this."

"I've no intention of looking," she replied, brushing his hand away. "Maybe you should do the same. Just a thought."

"I'm having a thought now too Charlie," he whispered back.

"Not that again," she replied. He'd been bad enough that day without having further stimulation!

Hold on, what did he mean exactly?

She made the mistake of turning inquisitively. Why did she do that? Not a good move. His gaze dropped to hers the moment he sensed her head shifting towards him, and she was at the mercy of his full attention. Yes, he was definitely far too stimulated already! Those shameless eyes of his took their time assessing her. They were everywhere. God they were stripping her naked! She hated herself for the heat that crept into her face and seeped downwards, affecting every part of her as it went. He was insufferable! He should look away, be a gentleman, but this was Luke Adams. There was no chance of that and she knew it. Her heart raced and her body began to tingle the more their eyes remained on each other. He really was enjoying himself. Well, she wasn't. No she was not! No! No! She didn't want this to be happening. It was scandalous. She would look away, but she didn't want to see anything in the other room. It was justifiable.

Luke was surprised at Charlie's boldness. He wanted to keep her eyes on him while the events happening in the room next door affected them both. His expression filled with some sort of triumph, daring her not to look away. He was enjoying this intensely and was going to take every advantage of knowing exactly how her mind worked. Her competitiveness would take over, leaving him free to revel in the arousal that she probably didn't know was written all over her face. It was something in the years he'd known her that he'd never seen before and it was probably the biggest aphrodisiac he'd ever experienced. No, correction, he could honestly say that he was actually more aroused then than he had ever been before in his life just by looking at her. Her flushed face just seemed to intensify the blue of her eyes and make her expression more explicit than ever.

Where was this going? He wasn't sure, but he wanted to know that very second! Okay, so he instinctively knew that he wasn't going to find out then, but whatever reason she still had her eyes on him, he didn't care too much because he was watching something in her that he'd been waiting, and hoping to see for years, something that may have been cut short by him having to leave for New York. He'd never known for sure, but he'd always wondered. Damn it, he was kidding himself, he did want to know now! She was the epitome of frustration!

The two people in the other room suddenly began to get louder and more explicit in their utterances, causing the atmosphere in both rooms to intensify.

Luke's smile grew in response as he continued to search Charlie's eyes. She began to weaken under his scrutiny and his smile that spoke volumes.

Charlie was forced to admit to herself that she was in trouble. It was an unfortunate situation to find herself in. What were the chances of that happening? With Luke turning up out of the blue and then this on top. But, like it or not, she was rapidly losing her cool. When were they going to bloody well finish?

She couldn't take it anymore and broke the tension with a small laugh.

"Luke?" she chastised.

Hearing his name from those lips of hers in that situation, however, only made that moment more arousing for him.

"What?" he feigned innocence but his smile gave him away.

"Stop it." She was now smiling too.

"Stop what?"

Oh good Lord, they were smiling at each other like flipping school children. She had to get a grip.

"You know exactly what," she came back.

"Hey, you're looking at me," he challenged.

"Where else am I supposed to look?" she asked, finally turning her head back to scrutinize the door handle again.

He chuckled from behind her. "Don't worry Charlie, I'll let you know when it's safe to look out there," he assured her.

"I bet you will," she replied, not doubting that he was brazen enough to continue observing the scene unfolding in the next room.

"He's moved her onto the office chair," Luke whispered to her.

"Yes, thank you Adams, I don't need a running commentary."

Since he had last looked, the woman had become even bolder. She was certainly working herself up, and the man too. Their husky voices could clearly be heard, making the whole scene even more erotic, with the woman letting the man know exactly what she wanted him to do, and the man obviously becoming more aroused as he encouraged the woman further. What was also evidently heightening their excitement was their fascination with the thought of being discovered like that!

Luke's excitement was quickly approaching that of the man's in the other room. His eyes flicked to Charlie, and back to the scene, and Charlie again.

"Wooor... they're horny," Luke observed, his voice thick and gravelly in her ear.

Charlie closed her eyes in torment. It was getting awfully hot in there. "State the extremely obvious Adams," she whispered, not daring to turn her head again. God he was so bloody oversexed all the time! It didn't exactly make working with him easy. Had the heating been turned on that afternoon or something?

Luke was actually beginning to hate that guy for all the action he was obviously getting. If Luke had been frustrated before, he was ten times worse now. It had been bad enough having to deal with Charlie in that dress, and her telling off against that car had been downright torment, but having her there, in that situation, without being able to do anything was bordering on torture. With the low moans, panting and groaning from the other room floating into theirs, Luke simply gazed down at Charlie helplessly, throbbing with unspent desire.

Charlie groaned, which didn't help Luke's predicament at all, and rested her head against the doorframe. Her breathing was becoming more laboured the hotter she got.

"I wish they'd hurry up about it," she whispered, almost to herself.

She clung onto the doorframe for dear life and waited a painstakingly slow few more minutes until all the moaning and panting built to a crescendo and finally stopped.

Charlie put her hands together, looked up and mouthed, "Thank you God."

Luke chucked to himself, despite the throbbing that he knew was going to last maybe for the rest of his frustrated life if Charlie had anything to do with it.

He tapped her arm and she turned.

"Was that good for you?" he mouthed, grinning.

"Shut up," she whispered, her eyes suddenly widening in panic.

She grabbed his arm, pulling him away abruptly from the door as footsteps could be heard approaching.

The door creaked as it moved, and they both held their breath with anticipation.

Oh God, please don't let them be caught there like that by the club members. Charlie frantically tried to come up with a reason for them being there.

The door closed however, and she let out a sigh of relief as the footsteps and muttering finally faded into the distance.

"Phew, I thought we were busted then," Luke commented.

Charlie moved to the door, eager to leave.

"Luke," she said moments later. "I think we might have a slight problem."

"What?" he smiled. Maybe the problem was that she was so horny, she had to make him do to her what that man had done to that woman?

"They appear to have locked us in."

Okay, not exactly what he'd expected.

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