Elizabeth Sanchez, the nice girl and Adam Garcia, the bad boy player become friends after having the same classes and knowing each other for a while. But what happens when one of them catches feeling for the other? They are both confused about their feelings and what will they do? READ TO FIND OUT!! ;))


1. Intro

Elizabeth's P. O. V

          ​    ​Hi, I'm Elizabeth Sanchez and I am 16 years old. Let me introduce myself: I love bands like 5SOS, The Killers, and The Neighbourhood but I like other kind of music except country. My favorite colors are Blue and Black, I'm kind of shy when it comes to meeting new people but once you get to know me I'm pretty nice and silly. I think that's all you need to know when it comes to personality, you'll discover more about me throughout the book. But appearance wise, I have dark brown wavy hair that reaches above my waist and hazel eyes that turn a light blue green color when I cry, I'm 5'3" and I was born on January 30th, 1998 so I'm about to turn 17. (The girl that plays as Elizabeth is Danielle Campbell, which is the girl in the attached photo. )

Me and my family barely moved to Los Angeles, California from Arizona, yeah I know big change. I absolutely hated moving and leaving my best friend but I had to because my mom just randomly chose to move here and I couldn't move in with my dad since they were separated nor did I have a choice. I'm starting high school tomorrow and I am so not excited.

     This is my very FIRST Movella ever so please don't hate, I hope you enjoy! Also don't be shy to like or comment feedback. Thank you! <3 :) - Melanie.

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