He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


9. Chapter 9


Today is just dragging on, but it's finally last lesson and I have a free period. Annoyingly, we aren't allowed to go home during them, so I head to the library with Finn. I've got a lot of work to be catching up on.

I've decided to take on this drama assignment on my own. After Gray's party the other week, I want to keep as far away from Nathan as possible. He has no interest in the play, so I don't need his help.

"No offence May, but this is kind of... Morbid" Finn says, trying not to upset me, as he gives my attempt at the play a read. He's only a couple of pages in, it can't be that dark. I snatch it from him, so that he can't read anymore.

"Why?" I say, totally taking offence.

"It's just a bit... depressing that's all" he says, looking at me like he needs me to calm down.

"Well, it's written from past experience, parents divorcing, remember?" I say, looking at him like he hasn't got a clue.

"You're still not over it are you?" He says, like he wants me to open up to him. But I don't open up to people, it's my number one rule. It's not like I can't trust him, Finn is the most trustworthy person I know.

"Is it really that bad?" I say, avoiding his question.

"Did Nathan help you write it?" He asks. He always answers my questions with a question, then again so do I.

"Can we not talk about that tosser, he's pissed me off enough today" I say, getting a bit snappy. Just thinking about Nathan sodding Harper makes my blood boil.

"Agreed actually, I hate the guy as much as you do"

"Can you believe his nerve? Tripping me in sport just now" I say sitting upright in my seat, just to have a deep discussion about how much I hate Nathan. Throughout moaning, I get a slight glare of the librarian, she clearly wants me to shut the hell up. I give her a death glare in response.

"I know you don't want to hear it, but it's obviously flirting, he just wants to have sex with you" Finn says, pointing out the obvious. I'm not being modest by thinking it's obvious, when it's a guy like Nathan, it's clear that a one night stand is all he's after.

"Yeah I guessed" I moan.

"What's he said?" Finn asks, looking worryingly curious.

"It's not what he's said, it's what he's done" I say, rolling my eyes just remembering what I found out at the party.

Finn looks at me, expecting me to tell him.

"Him and the other two, they have a bet going" I say, looking put off.

What kind of narcissistic jerks put money on sleeping with a girl, they're treating me like some kind of prostitute and I'm not even getting the money. It's a shame none of them are going to win.

"They're seeing who can sleep with me first" I say, as I notice Finn is beginning to get angry.

Before he can respond, the librarian is right in front of us, frowning.

"Silence, both of you" she tuts. I don't see what the bitch's problem is, there is hardly anyone else in here.

I can tell Finn plans on carrying on this conversation when we leave the library. But I don't want to carry on talking about Nathan, he's done enough to piss me off, I don't think he could do one more thing to make me more angry than I already am.

"Do you want me to say something?" Finn asks, on the way out. The bell ringing, was like a music to my ears. Getting out of this place is the most enjoyable task of the day.

"No just drop it" I insist, knowing it will make things worse if Finn gets involved.

"Okay then" he sighs, ignoring me as he checks his phone. He always does that when he's annoyed, he blanks me by going on his phone. I don't see what he's got to be annoyed about.

"What did Willow want to talk to you about earlier? Louisa?" I suggest, imitating Louisa's annoying voice when saying her name. She's just such a typical girl, she's just like Vivian, so I have no clue why Finn is even into her.

He doesn't bother to respond, which makes me think he's decided to ignore me.

Just as I'm about to yell at him for being a dick, I notice more important things are going on. We've just walked out to the courtyard outside school, people are everywhere. It would seem like a normal afternoon, everyone hurrying to get out of this place. But it's far from normal, they're all staring at me. Some are laughing, some are talking amongst themselves.

"Erm May..." Finn says and I pick up on the anxiety in his voice. It's seems as though he's scared to say something to me.

I do what he just did and blank him too. I don't do it out of spite, I do it because I'm a little more concerned as to why all these idiots are looking at me.

"She's such a slut" is something I'm sure I hear someone say.

"Do you want to say that to my face?" I say, trying to seem tough, but I'm not, that comment hurt. How am I a slut?

"Yeah a hot slut" a guy says, clearly a year below; which just puts me off. A few of his friends say similar comments. Then a few of his friends turns into a lot more people and I realise that every person out here is saying horrible things about me. What have I done for them to victimise me like this?

"May, look" Finn says, with pitty written all over his face. He is holding his phone close to his chest, as though he's unsure about showing me. I snatch it from him. I feel about five different emotions when I look at his phone screen and see myself. My naked self.

Humiliation. That's the first thing. As much as I hate looking at this shared picture of myself, I'd rather not look up and face all these people.

Embarrassment is the next way I am tortured by this. All these comments are making me feel uneasy. I'm still trying to accept the fact that the whole school has seen me topless. The picture was taken in the changing rooms, but you can't tell that's where I am. God knows what everybody thinks, they must assume I had some dirty one night stand and I let some ass take a picture of me. I'd never voluntarily let someone take a photo of me topless.

I battle my way through all these people, I don't quite know where I'm going. Finn follows, attempting to tell people to lay off.

Anger. Anger is the emotion I always turn to, but right now it's pretty understandable. I'm angry because I know exactly who's responsible for this. But honestly, I didn't think Nathan could be that cruel. How could he?

"May lets just go home" Finn says, trying to get me away from all of this, but I have unfinished business.

"Just go Finn, I need to do something"

It doesn't take long for me to spot Gray, he has his eyes locked on his phone screen. I storm right up to him and then see everyone. Nathan, Isaac, Alyssa and of course, Vivian.

"How much for a lap dance?" Isaac says, making Nathan laugh. How can they say things like that after what they've already done? I can feel my teeth clenched, I'm that wound up. I'm probably capable of murder right now.

"Nice May, really nice, I might enjoy this later" Gray says, showing me the picture that burns my brain. He's so disgusting, when did guys get so disrespectful of girls, it's not right.

I don't think, but somehow my anger gets the best of me and I snatch his phone from him. I delete the picture and then I throw his phone onto the concrete pavement; hearing the screen smash.

"You bitch!" He says, scrambling up the pieces. I ignore him, 'you bitch' is not the worse thing someone can say to me.

"May, calm down!" Alyssa says, looking shocked along with the rest of them. "Little too far don't you think?" She says, drifting her eyes over to Gray's smashed phone.

"No, I think someone sending a picture of me naked around the school, is a little too far Alyssa!" I yell.

"I know it was you!" I say, looking at Nathan like he's pure evil; which he is.

"Well it serves you right for yelling at me all the time beaut" he says casually, as though this isn't a big deal.

"Calm down Lockwood, it's only a topless picture, he's done you a favour, maybe now there's someone out there that might actually want to sleep with you" Vivian laughs.

"Well unlike you, I'm not some dirty whore" I say, defending myself, as no one else is. Alyssa used to be my friend, but she doesn't seem to see why I'm so mad. She's too busy helping Gray with his phone. Just like everyone else around here, Gray is minted, he can buy a new phone whenever he wants.

"How could you?" I say to Nathan, actually not yelling at him. I guess I'm past the point of shouting.

Hurt. Hurt is the fourth emotion I feel. I know Nathan is a bad guy, but I've known him since we were kids. I guess I didn't think he was capable of doing this to me. He's essentially ruined my last year of high school, because that picture is the only thing people are going to think about when they see me.

"Come on May it was only a bit of banter" he laughs.

"I don't think making me out to be some kind of slut is banter Nathan" I say, walking away, I can't take their cruel mocking any longer.

I walk fairly fast, until I'm away from all the whispers and all the staring. I walk down a road that's really far from home, when I say really far I mean about five minutes away. But I just want to get home and away from all of this as soon as possible.

"Hey! May! Wait up" I hear Nathan say. I attempt to walk faster to avoid him, but he's soon right beside me.

"May you shouldn't be upset, now you're just like every girl in this place" he says, like that pathetic joke was his way of lightening my mood. If anything, his comment has just upset me more. I don't want to be anything like Alyssa and Vivian.

"I don't need this right now!" I say, my voice breaks up and he catches a look of my eyes that are attempting to hold back the tears. I don't want him to see that he's got to me, I want to seem strong. I can tell that he feels guilty, when he stops me from walking away from him.

"May... Look I'm sorry" he says, with a meaningful look. For a split second, I actually think that he really is sorry. But then I remember that it's Nathan and he's just the same egotistic and cruel guy he always has been.

"Nathan, for once can you just leave me alone? Don't let me make a bigger fool out of myself than what you already have... Just go away" I say walking away, humiliation, embarrassment, anger and hurt just getting too much.

"May, please" he says, but I turn the corner as soon as I can. Like he thinks I would talk to him after everything he's done. How am I ever going to live this down?

"Hello darling" is the first thing my Mom says when I walk in. I've remained strong the whole way back, so I carry on the fake act.

"Hi Mom, I've got a lot of work to do so I'll be in my room" I say.

"Okay love" she frowns, I can tell she thinks something is wrong, but thankfully she doesn't say anything.

As soon as I get upstairs and shut my bedroom door behind me, I slide down it until I'm crouched against it. I completely break down and silently cry.

The last thing I feel is kind of heart broken in some weird and twisted way. How am I going to face those people? That picture is out there now and it's never going to go away. This never would have happened in Spain, all I want is to be sat at my real home with Dad and Juliette. I'm so out of place here. These people are cruel and mean and they're bullies.

I decide to not give a crap about my work. Instead, I lie on my bed, attempting to forget that this day ever happened.

My door soon knocks and before I can say come in, they have already decided to walk in. Timothy and my Mom stand there. Timothy looks angrier than I am, but my Mom looks more concerned.

"Do you care to tell us what has happened?" Timothy says, crossing his arms.

"Timothy don't-" Mom attempts to say.

"No whoever has done this is not going to get away with it" Timothy says, at least he's not really blaming me. I wonder how they've found out, either Scarlett or St George's have already gotten involved.

"Whoever has done this?" I repeat. "For your information, I know exactly who did this" I say, leaving them wondering.

"Nathan, who else?" I say, trying to wipe my eyes, because for some reason, I'm now embarrassed. Timothy has this way of looking at you, making you feel stupid, when really I have every right to cry.

"I told you to stay away from that Harper boy" Timothy shouts.

"Oh darling, it couldn't have been Francis' Nathan" my Mom says.

"Well it was! Stop defending him Mom, he did this"

I say.

"Whoever it was, we need to sort this out" she says, still not believing me. If she was me, then she would know how poisonous Nathan is, but being a Mother, she doesn't see it.

"Get your coats, we're going to see Whitmore" Timothy says. Going to see the headmaster is the last thing I want.

"No way, I'm not going anywhere" I say, falling back onto my bed.

"I said, we're going!" Timothy snaps.

"Timothy no, we can go first thing in the morning" My Mom says, I don't want to go, but I guess that's better than going now. I'm quite surprised she just stood up to him like that.

"Aren't you in town tomorrow morning?" Timothy says.

"Oh yes of course" she says.

"Well I'll go, I'd like to sort this out" Timothy says. Going to have a meeting about this whole thing with him, sounds like the worst thing ever. Obviously my Mother's stupid 'ladies club' is more important than her daughter.

"Whatever, just leave me alone" I say, looking away from them both.

"Darling talk to me" Mom says, looking a little hurt. I don't like to talk about my feelings.

"Please Mom" I say, sighing.

They do as I ask and shut my door behind them.

I think about escaping through my window when my door knocks again about an hour later.

"May, hi" Scarlett says. We've been alright with each other since Gray's party. I guess she's not the worst person around here.

"Hey Scarlett, look I'm not being rude, but I really just want to be on my own"

"I'm sorry about what happened" she says, genuinely seeming understanding.

"What have you got to be sorry about?" I say.

"Nothing, but last year some people were spreading rumours about me, I know how you feel" she says, but I really don't see how she can know what's going on in my head, just because some idiots said things about her.

"Let me ask you this, has the whole school seen you topless?" I say, realising I'm going to have to get used to that fact.

"If it helps, I heard only compliments from all the guys in my class when it came out" she says. I laugh, because that did help a little bit. As long as they don't go calling me a slut like those guys in the courtyard earlier.

"Thanks" I say.

"Do you want to hang out for a bit?" She suggests and surprisingly that doesn't seem like a terrible idea.

"Sure, just as long as we don't go out of this house, I don't think I can face anyone I know" I say, making her laugh.

"Deal" she says.

I sleep through my pre alarm and my actual alarm, when I'm supposed to be waking up. How can I go to school today? And how can I go to this meeting with Timothy. At some point I manage to get up, showered and ready. I think about wearing less make up or covering up a bit more, but why should I change the way I choose to look just because of that picture? I'm not going to let it upset me today, I've got to get over it.

At some point, I just dealt with it and the car is now pulling up outside St George's. Scarlett wonders off, leaving me with Timothy.

Some prat is in my face as soon as we walk up to the entrance.

"I'd love to see what's under that shirt... Oh hang on, I already have" he says, shoving his phone in my face. He's stupid, as I'm more than happy to break someone else's phone. I'm shocked when Timothy grabs him by either side of his blazer, looking fairly pissed off.

"I'd suggest you shut up, I could have you expelled from this school before you can mutter sorry" he threatens, letting him go. The idiot runs off scared. I would be scared if that was me. Timothy is a very intimidating man.

I attempt to keep my head down as we walk to Mr Whitmore's office. Every step I take, I realise how much more I know I can't do this. Just as he welcomes us into his office, I have to go.

"Sorry, I can't" I say, walking away backwards.

"May come back here" Timothy says, as though he controls me, when he doesn't.

"Miss Lockwood, we know Nathan Harper and Isaac Anderson are responsible for this and today I'll be talking to their parents" Mr Whitmore says, making me stop in my tracks.

"Talking to their parents?" I repeat. "Is that all you're going to do?" I say, starting to get upset. I know that Nathan's parents won't do anything about it, they will just say don't do that again and he will make some promise he won't keep.

"Well we don't have any proof, so I can't-"

"Then forgot it" I say, walking out and ignoring Timothy's attempts to make me stay.

Screw the lot of them. Like some stupid chat with my evil soon to be stepfather and the headmaster would help me anyway. The only reason Timothy was so concerned was because he's worried about how it might affect him. Nothing is allowed to tarnish his name, thank God I don't share it. May Edwardson just wouldn't sound right, I'd never take his name over my own Father's anyway.

Timothy hasn't came running after me, so I assume he's decided to talk to Whitmore on his own. Everyone has gone to Tutorial now, so the hallway is empty, which thankfully means that no one is there to take the piss out of me for that god damn photo.

Maybe I could just go home, I don't particularly want to face all those people in Tutorial. It would be better if I was with Finn or Willow, but I'm stuck with my idiot infested group. Straight after Tutorial I also have drama, which is also Finn-less. I've never needed my best friend more.

I intend on going to my locker, but all of a sudden, someone pulls me round the corner. The corridor is deserted anyway, but they've pulled me around so we're more alone, which doesn't make any sense.

"What the-" I begin saying, before I look up and see Nathan is the one with his hands on me. How is he so sneaky like that?

"We should talk" he says, holding me against the wall, casually. The way he is smirking at me, makes me so angry. After everything he's done, he's still here taunting me. I don't want to over react, if I do then he will just get turned on or something; because he's weird like that.

I should kick the crap out of him and yell abuse in his face, but for some reason, I feel like Isaac is more to blame for this. Isaac has sent around naked picture of girls before, so I'm more reluctant to believe it's his fault.

"Talk about what?" I say, gently removing his hands from my hips.

"Sorry about the picture" he says, although I don't buy it, as he still has a slight hint of a smile on his face. It's like he's dying to laugh.

"Then why'd you do it?" I ask calmly, trying to seem like the bigger person. I want him to believe that he hasn't upset me, I want to pretend that the picture hasn't ruined my last year of school.

"It was Isaac" he laughs. He's so unbelievable.

"It was both of you, the picture came from your phone Nath"

"Well yeah it kind of was me too, but like I said yesterday, it's only a joke and you looked really hot anyway" he says, like that compliment is going to make it all better.

"When will you grow up Nath?" I say, my voice full of disappointment. I don't care if he's mature or not, it's got nothing to do with me, but I'm doing all I can to make it seem like I'm not bothered at all.

I choose to make it more dramatic by walking away. I hear him follow me.

"Dammit May, I am grown up" he says, raising his voice just a tad. He pulls me back, when I face him his hand runs down to my waist and then my ass. I hate being this close to him.

"You can't keep doing this-" I begin, but then he smirks before kissing me. I stupidly kiss him too, not even thinking. My hand clutches his black school jumper, I guess I'm caught up in the moment. He slowly pulls away, like he was teasing me. He drops his hands, so his only attachment to me is my hand clutching his uniform. He looks down at my hold on him, looking sort of impressed. I step back from him, disappointed in myself, how did I give in so easily. He's pure evil, but his good looks tricked me.

"What is it?" He asks, noticing the freaked out look on my face. "Do you want to go somewhere more private?" He suggests, biting his lip. He puts his hands out to grab my hip or my ass, but I take another step back.

"Nathan, stay the hell away from me!" I say, returning to my ordinary frustrated self. I don't think I'm that tetchy all the time, I think he just has that effect on me.

"You kissed me back beaut" he mutters, looking pleased.

"No no no, I didn't" I insist, trying to tell it to myself.

"Yes you did, second time since I've been back am

I right?" He says, knowingly. "I'll have you in my bed soon" he smirks, repulsing me.

"No I don't think so" I tut, folding my arms.

"Yes I do think so" he says, annoyingly.

"After what you pulled with that damn picture, you're never going to get me" I say, storming away, but again he follows.

"Do you want to back off?" I say, trying to walk faster to avoid him. All I can think about is his hands on me when he was just kissing me, it's clouding my mind, making me only want more.

"We have Tutorial together, then Drama right after that, remember"

"God help me" I mutter.

"I don't like that whole innocent girl act, I like it when you're like this" he says, just as we approach the door to Tutorial.

"Like what?"

"Frisky" he mutters, holding the door for me. He's a gentleman I'll give him that.

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