He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


8. Chapter 8


Monday morning is a bitch. But not as much of a bitch as Viv. I'm not going to lie, I did find it sort of hilarious when she threw her drink all over May's hot bod. Although it hurt when she kicked me in the crotch, it was still kind of hot, she's so defensive and I love it. But I don't love how much she turns me on, it's so frustrating not getting what I want. That will soon change, I always usually get my own way.

The party was a couple of weeks ago now and I've surprisingly kept my distance from May.

St George's have now decided to step up the rules and regulations, even though we've been back a couple of weeks already. They always do this at the beginning of the term, but it soon fades away. Like I care anyway.

I have no regrets about my attempts on Scarlett at Gray's, I was just trying to pass the time. Hooking up with some random girl always seems to take your mind of what you really want. Scarlett seemed up for it one minute, then all of a sudden May was accusing me of raping her. I'm bad I admit that, but I'd never rape someone. I don't think I'd stoop that low.

Lesson after lesson and I'm bored as fuck. I can't wait to get out of this place. I'd rather be at university, students spend most their time half wasted anyway; positives.

"Heading to sport? Perhaps I'll join you" I say, noticing Finn walking towards the gym. Finn is like a map, he always leads to May. I don't think I've actually spoken to her since the party the other week. I miss taunting her, I missed it more when she moved away for two years.

"I'd rather blow my brains out mate" he says, he's not exactly what people make him out to be. He's a normal guy like the rest of us, he just comes across as a weakling, that's far too over protective of May. After knowing each other for basically our whole lives, I still haven't determined whether or not he has a thing for her. There's one thing for sure, she definitely doesn't feel anything more than friendship for him.

"Mate? Well that's an interesting choice of words, don't you hate me?" I laugh in reply to his comment, purely getting to him on purpose. I ignore his response and walk with him anyway.

"That's about the first correct thing you've said in a long time Nathan" he says, making me seem thick, when I'm really not. If you go to St George's your just naturally clever anyway, but I like to think that other than hooking up with girls and spending most of my social life at clubs in town, that I also get good grades.

It annoys me when people refer to me as Nathan, most people just call me Nath. It's like you're in trouble when someone says your whole name.

"I've done nothing for you to hate me, mate" I say, to wind him up a little more.

"Why don't you just sod off and carry on fucking that dirty whore that clings to you like a rash" he says, letting out his frustration. I agree, Viv is a bit of a whore, but she's bed worthy. Why he's bringing her into this I do not know.

"Have I hit a nerve Sanders?" I say, with a pointless laugh. I can't help it, Finn is just pointless.

"You have no right to say you've done nothing to make me hate you!" he says, through gritted teeth.

"Name three things" I suggest, coming to a stop and casually folding my arms. He grasps the strap of his shoulder bag tighter, he really can't restrain himself from showing his anger. If anything, he needs to calm down, a lot.

"Everything you've done to May and then what happened with Scarlett the other week and all in all... Your just a bastard"

"Last time I checked, my folks were married when I came along" I say, hitting back at his bastard remark. He didn't mean bastard in that sense, but I like to test his intelligence.

"What about May and Scarlett then? Is one of them not enough so you have to taunt the other one too?" He says, getting really defensive.

"Quit caring about May so much man, she sees you as her little brother you know that right?" I say, aiming to hurt him.

"I know that" he says. I give him a look of disbelief.

"Bet that hurts you" I say.

"Not one bit, I don't like May that way, she's my best friend, you wouldn't know what it's like as all your so called friends can't stand your face" he says, just making me laugh more.

"That's where you're wrong, you know nothing about me and my friends"

"Well, despite what you think, you know nothing about May so leave her the hell alone!" He says, shoving me a little, but I hardly budge. He's not puny or small or anything, he's near enough the same height as me, but a slight shove wouldn't have an affect on me. I do weights, so it's understandable.

"Go on take a better shot" I joke, leaning my head to the side (showing my cheek), but there's no way on this earth he would punch me, I know that.

"Stop being such a Wanker and-"

"What's going on here?" A girl says. I look up and notice Willow, stood with May. I understand May, but why on earth is she wasting her time being friends with Sanders?

"Little cous, what a pleasant surprise" I smile, stepping away from Finn and walking closer to those two. May is surprisingly not whining at me for just talking to Finn, it's like she's trying to avoid drawing attention to herself. But that would never happen, because she looks so beddable right now. Her skirt is nicely short and it might not be real, but in my mind I can just about visualise underneath her school blouse.

She clicks on that I'm staring at her, so she folds her arms and looks away.

"Seriously, you're like two months older than me, I'm hardly your little cousin. Anyway what are you two arguing about?" Willow says in response to my comment, confused with what's going on.

"A few things, but mostly... You" I say, drifting my eyes over to May. Her response is her huffing at me. It must be hard for her to refrain from insulting me. Maybe trying it on with her step sister was one step too far.

"Leave her alone" Willow sighs, giving me that look of annoyance. I don't have any younger siblings, I only have Izzy my older sister. I guess Willow is like my younger sister, but I do try to avoid socialise with her at school. We're two completely different people, the only thing we have in common is our surname.

"Well, I see you've made a new friend" I say, winding her up, she doesn't have that many friends so it's a surprise when she has a new one. She ignores my comment and looks back at Finn, who is stood there trying to regain his calm.

"Finn can I have a word?" she says, before they walk away together, leaving May with me.

May suddenly looks alarmed when she sees them walking away.

"What? Can't you guys talk later? Finn we have sport"

"No worries beaut, I'll walk you to lesson" I smirk.

"Oh great" she says, squinting her eyes and looking pissed.

"Trust me, I don't like leaving you with this ass" Finn says, glaring at me like a girl. He must be on his period or something.

May walks off and I follow, obviously.

"What have they got to talk about?" I ask, with a look of confusion. I don't get what they've got to talk about that May can't be a part of.

"Probably that Louisa cow" she says, rolling her eyes.

"Louisa Marigold? She's good in bed" I say, making her look at me like she's repulsed. The truth is, I wouldn't know that, but I do know that it will irritate May. "Don't tell me that wimp is interested in her?" I say, finding it particularly amusing.

"You really are an ass you know that? Finn's hardly a wimp" she tuts, and carries on walking.

"Come on, they're two completely different people" I say, pointing out the obvious.

"She would be lucky to have him" she says, surprising me.

"Really though?" I say, not very enthusiastically.

"Yeah, because he doesn't try and rape girls that have just about reached puberty, skip school and smoke" she says, acting like I do all those things. She's always so melodramatic.

"I didn't rape your goddam sister May" I say, hoping to get my point across.

"Yes because I intervened, your lucky, if you'd have touched her, I'd have ripped your balls off" she yells, getting tetchy.

"That sounds interesting" I say, smirking at her in a flirty way. I know it gets on her nerves when I show that her comebacks don't mean anything to me.

"It's been nice chatting, but I'm going to get changed" she says sarcastically, as she approaches the girls changing rooms.

"Sounds great, can I come, I've been intrigued to see what's under this" I say, sneakily lifting her school skirt just a little, before she pulls it down and slams the door in my face. I don't know why I do it, her resistance only turns me on more.

200 metre race is today's activity in sports. I don't mind it, but a few of the others pull their faces when Mr Benson tells us.

"Man, it sucks there's only two girls in this class" Isaac moans. I get where he's coming from, there's only May and another girl, a girl I don't really know of. So May is literally the only girl to check out in this lesson. But I'm not sharing her.

"Isaac, fancy shutting your mouth and instead laying out these cones?" Mr Benson says, laughing. He's never serious with us.

"Sure" Isaac says, grabbing a pile of cones.

"So what's the deal? There and back?" I ask, figuring out the track line. Isaac hasn't laid the cones out yet, so I don't know if it's just straight to the wall or to the wall and back.

"Well obviously, it's 200 metres, idiot" I hear Finn mutter. He doesn't speak very loudly, as he's too scared I'd hear, unluckily for him I did.

"How'd you feel about saying that to my face Sanders?" I say, turning around and squaring up to him.

"Yeah, your an idiot" he says, overly pronouncing the words in my face.

"To me it seems like you're asking for trouble" I say, frowning, but for once he doesn't look scared.

"Maybe I am" he says, raising an eyebrow.

"Finn just drop it, ignore him" May says quietly, attempting to keep her head down. She's acting weird with me today, she's usually a little more sassy. Finn actually seems to listen to her.

"Remember what I said earlier? That's never going to change" I say, cruelly. I'm insinuating me telling him that May will only ever see him as a friend, which he seems to pick up on.

"This isn't about me, it's about how much of an annoying twat you are!" He says, shoving me again. I take advantage of being near the wall and push him back against it, glaring at him. He resists my strength, but that definitely took him by surprise.

"Hey! Do one of you two want to grow a pair and break up this squabble? Honestly, your acting like a couple of girls" Benson says, not doing much to break it up, just huffing before he blows his whistle to shut everyone up.

"Sorry Benson, but Finn is a girl" I joke.

"Nathan shut the fuck up!" May says, out of no where.

I wonder what's rattled her cage. Obviously it's me.

"Ohh okay, she speaks" I say.

"Finn is right, you are an idiot and everyone hates you" she says, getting overly frustrated now. I love her short temper.

"I think your the only one that hates me beaut"

"Stop calling me that!" She insists, stamping her foot.

"Okay beaut" I laugh.

"Your asking for-"

"May! Nath! You can both take the first run, along with you two" Benson says, pointing at two others.

He's not angry with us, he's just looking for any excuse to shut us up.

"Great" she huffs, looking at me like it's all my fault. She's the one that started this.

"Why don't you just stick your chest out at him again?" I suggest as she did it the other week, just to get out of joining mine and Isaac's team. Her sticking her chest out wouldn't be a bad idea.

"Get ready to lose prick" she says, getting cocky. I have to laugh, because there's no way she would beat me.

"Game on May-June-July" I tease. I know that rattling her, will just increase her need to win this race. I won the 200 metre race at last years sport event, so I've got this one in the bag.

She's too wound up to respond to my comment.

"3-2-1 go" Benson says, right before he starts the stopwatch in his hand.

I'm practically half way down the lane in about 3 seconds. May is surprisingly quite close behind in the lane next to me. The other two are no where near the front.

Just as we reach the wall, she's right beside me, I take this as an opportunity to piss her off some more. I trip her which holds her back.

"Whoa watch your step" I say, before running back and coming first.

"Nice one Nath" Benson says, showing me my time on the stopwatch. May catches up and crosses second.

"He totally tripped me!" She shouts, whilst getting her breath back.

"No need to be a sore loser" I say, through a sort of evil smile. I wouldn't have had to trip her to win, but I knew it would piss her off.

Mr Benson doesn't even respond to her, meaning he obviously didn't see me trip her up. Finn is too busy warming up to fight on May's side. She glares at me for the rest of the lesson (like normal really).

Once lesson is over, every one goes straight to get changed. I notice Isaac teasing the other girl in our group, as he walks behind her. I join in just for the banter.

It's so unfair, because as soon as I say something, it's more of a big deal than when Isaac said something. May turns around and walks over to this girl. I'm sure her name is Harriet.

"Hey! Do not talk to her like that!" She shouts at me (only me), with her hand on 'Harriet's' back, as though she's comforting her. I think that what I said was fairly funny and so do the lads.

"Your just looking for any reason to yell at me beaut, but it only turns me on even more" I joke, walking closer to her.

"God what is wrong with you? Stop tormenting girls, you sexist pig!" She shouts, at which point this Harriet girl hurries off, straight past the changing rooms and outside.

"Hey Harriet where are you-" May attempts to say, but she's already gone. Perhaps we were a bit harsh, but I'm not that bothered.

"I think you had better calm down May" I joke, noticing how red she's gone. Annoyingly, I think she's red out of anger not flattery.

"I hate you! You tripped me back there and you know you did! Your an ass Nathan!"

"May, calm down the major menstrual hormones" Isaac says, making everyone laugh. That's guaranteed to get on her nerves, girls hate it when guys suggest that they are being menstrual.

"And your an ass too! Why don't you all just piss off? You bunch of saddos" she says, storming into the changing rooms. I do have a slight soft spot for her choice of insults.

"Well boys, I'm not sure if I like it when someone talks to us like that" I joke. Isaac smiles, as he knows where I'm going with this.

"Paybacks a bitch" he smirks.

"What are you thinking?" I ask, knowing Isaac's ideas are always the best.

"I'm thinking we take a picture of her sexy ass" he smirks, looking thrilled by the idea.

"Why? Because you're so tired of not winning this bet?" I say, with challenging eyes. I'm still certain that I'm going to win.

"Yes maybe I need a little preview of what I'll be achieving very soon" he says, like he's confident he will be the one hooking up with her. I will do anything in my power to prevent that, because I want her, I need her.

"So you're going to go in there and take a picture of her? Mate she will skin you alive" I say, laughing.

"I can be very sneaky" he says, like some kind of pervert. I'm shocked when he actually goes in, May would rip my balls off if I took a snap of her changing. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have that image on my phone, but she'd never approve of it.

"Don't tell me he's actually doing it?" One of the guys says, finding this hilarious.

"What are you all doing outside there?" I hear Finn say, trailing behind on his way into the guys changing rooms. I agree, it does look a little odd, us all crowded around the girls changing rooms.

"Nothing for you to worry about Sanders" I say, in a sort of belittling way. He rolls his eyes, before walking through the door to get changed.

Not a minute later and Isaac is out already. No slap marks on his face, no sounds of shouting or verbal abuse. He seems like a free man, which makes no sense at all.

"Chickened out?" I suggest.

"Does it look like it?" He says, with the hugest grin on his face. He shows us his phone screen. A smile forms on my face, when I see a topless picture of May staring at me.

"What? How?" I stutter, wondering how on earth he managed to do that. She couldn't have noticed him taking it.

"Caught her changing her sports bra, nice right?" He sniggers.

"Very nice indeed" I say, zooming in and getting a closer look before I send the two pictures he got to my own phone.

"You've seen her topless before haven't you?" Isaac asks.

"Ages ago, but she's hotter now"

"What are we going to do with it?" He asks, discovering it's a pointless idea if we don't do anything with it.

"Send it around, it'll teach her a lesson" I joke.

"Are you prepared to do that?" He asks, seeming fairly scared of what May would do if she found out.

"Done" I say, sending it to everyone I know (except my parents and sister of course, that would be potentially awkward). Isaac does it too, that means the majority of the school must be seeing it by now. I realise this is going to go viral, by the time the rest of the guys have sent it around.

We quickly get changed and no one else in the changing rooms seem to say anything, they probably haven't seen it yet.

I head to last lesson, feeing very pleased with myself. I enjoy another glance of the picture on my phone while I doddle into class. It doesn't take long for people to start talking, or more so laughing. They're only laughing because I guess it's slightly embarrassing for her. Every guy on this planet would be satisfied by this picture, I certainly am. May isn't in this class, I wonder if she has noticed yet. It will be very interesting when she does.

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