He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


7. Chapter 7


This week is finally over. Walking out the gates just now, is what I've been waiting for since Monday. It's Friday which means it's the weekend, thank God.

Finn isn't as thrilled as I am, even though it was the start of the year for everyone, he's more used to school weeks here than I am. It's great being back here with him and my Mother, it's great getting to know Willow too, I've never really had a friend that's a girl, it's always just been me and Finn. There's a couple of positives, but I miss Spain so much, I miss my Dad and Juliette. I was used to seeing them every morning and in the past week I've spoken to them twice.

"What are you thinking about with such content?" Finn laughs, bringing me out of another one of my dazes.

"Spain" I sigh.

"I should have known"

"Hey if you don't mind me asking, how come you moved to Spain in the first place? Most girls would stay with their Mother" Willow asks.

"I guess it was more that I wanted to get away from here" I say, but the real reason is obviously Timothy. I hadn't known him that long when I left, but it doesn't take long to know that he is poisonous.

"Then why the hell did you come back" she laughs.

"Oh I'm sorry do you two not enjoy my company?" I joke.

"It's great having you back May" Finn says, giving me a sweet look. He's adorable some times.

"I would say the same, but I didn't really know you when you left...so" Willow says awkwardly.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't have wanted to know myself back then"

"Don't be so melodramatic" Finn says.

"I'm not" I say, getting a bit embarrassed. Willow obviously never really knew me back then, because after my parents divorced I spent a lot of my time with all those idiots like Alyssa and Grayson. I was quite harsh on Finn back then too, I suppose I sort of ditched him for them. It only went on for about three weeks before I came to my senses, then a couple of weeks after that I moved to Spain with Dad and Juliette. Hanging around with them made me do things I had never done before, like drinking which I did pretty well. I would never go back to that me.

"May listen to me, what happened when you left, it wasn't your fault" Finn tries to comfort me. Whenever I think about this it gets me down.

"I'm guessing my lovely cousin had something to do with it" Willow asks warily. It's still so hard to believe that she's related to Nathan, they're just so different.

"He screwed you over pretty good, so your going to stay away from him right?" Finn says, looking at me like he's trying to get my reassurance.

"Look I don't want to talk about it" I say, trying to think of something to say to change the subject entirely. Remembering my life two years ago, makes my stomach turn. I was so vulnerable and naive, I like to think I've changed.

"Incoming" Finn mutters, confusingly. I look up and see Gray wondering over with his hands in his pockets. Thankfully he's on his own so it could be worse.

"Alright girls?" He says, with a beaming smile on his face, he really is a sleaze. "Oh and you, hello Sanders" he adds. People like Gray never treat Finn like an equal and it's not fair. He's one of the only decent guys around here.

"Do us a favour and carry on walking" Finn sighs.

"Sure, but you girls will be coming tonight won't you?" He asks, trying to hide how desperate he is for us to say yes.

"Your annual party, I'd rather not" Willow replies, looking at her feet. I notice that she's quite intimidated by him, which is odd. You'd think Willow would be more popular, being Nathan's cousin, but she's not.

"Come on cousin girl, you can bring a friend" he jokes. Cousin girl? Can he not even refer to her by her actual name?

"See you tonight May" he says to me, as he continues walking. He's just like Nathan, he sees me as some kind of challenge and I want to know why.

We carry on walking home, but the conversation of Gray's party also carries on.

"Your going to think I'm crazy, but please can we go?" Finn asks us, making me give him the freakiest look ever.

"Who are you and what have you done with your sensible mind?" I say sarcastically.

"Come on please?" He says, about to beg. This is a weird situation, because it doesn't make any sense.

"You only want to go, because Louisa is going, am I right?" Willow suggests, clearly reading him well.

"Maybe" Finn says, trying to hide the fact.

"Really?" I sigh, finding it hard to process that he would actually go to that awful party just for some girl.

"Well I like her" he says, giving me those pity eyes.

"Then ask her out, don't make me go to this crappy party against my will" I say, storming off. My temper gets the best of me sometimes.

Shortly after I receive a text from him, saying we should go because it will be fun. It will be anything but fun, intact it will be torture.

Finn does my head in sometimes, he wants me to go to Grayson's party, but there's no way. It's not like he needs me to get in, I'm invited and thanks to Willow being Nathan's cousin, so is she. Gray told her she could bring her friend, her friend being Finn. So I don't see why he needs me to go.

Gray reminded me that I'm invited many times this week, but he's such a perve that he's probably invited every single girl he knows. It's the sort of party that will be so predictable, it will end in a disaster. If I go, I'll end up looking after all the drunken idiots. That's not really the way I want to spend my Friday night.

The only reason Finn is going is because of this Louisa girl he's so obsessed with. He needs to get over himself, she seems like a total stuck up cow. Then again she may just seem that way because of the people she hangs around with. Finn hates everyone else that is going, like Nathan, Isaac and Vivian. He's never really had any issues with Alyssa, but she's that type of person, always two faced and you never know where you stand with her.

I text him, making it quite plain that I won't be going. I'd rather stay in and work on this drama project and that's saying something.

"Hello darling" I hear my Mother say, as she walks into the hall.

"Hey Mom" I say, smiling. I can guess what the next conversation is going to involve. Ever since I got here she's tried to get me to spend time with the family and socialise. But I hate Timothy, so I don't particularly want to talk to him and Scarlett is just annoying.

I agree to have a cup of tea with the two of them in the kitchen, although I think that is the friendliest I'm getting today. Thankfully Timothy is still at the office so sadly he won't be able to join us, what a shame.

The thing that annoys me so much about Scarlett, is that she's so far up my Mother's arse it's insane. She's always desperately trying to be better than me, which I hate, because I'm my Mother's daughter and she's not even her stepdaughter yet, so she should back off.

"How was St George's today then girls?" Mom says, smiling. Why is she so enthusiastic about school? I've been there all day, so I hardly want to come home and talk about it. The worst part, is that my Mom is so in on the school, she's on the council so she knows all my teachers and Headmaster Whitmore.

"Really good Cassie, I got my grade back for that literature essay you proof read" Scarlett says, making me discreetly roll my eyes. She's such a kiss ass. Who enjoys telling they're family about their grades? She must have some sort of problem if she actually enjoys talking about school, I can tell she does as her face is now beaming.

"Oh wow! What did you get?" Mom asks, excitedly. They're making me want to throw up.

"A of course, although Mrs Charlton said I was only one or two marks off an A star grade" she says, the big head. I've never once achieved an A star, so it feels like she's completely rubbing it in.

"Oh Scarlett well done! Your father will be so pleased" Mom says, holding her hand to her chest, acting like its a big deal, which it isn't.

"Okay, I'm going to go take a shower" I say, finishing my tea and looking for any reason to leave this cliche of a conversation. It was a mistake, as my throat now burns from downing that tea, it was still really hot.

"How was your day?" Mom asks me, taking a break from praising Scarlett.

"Oh it was great" I say sarcastically, but she doesn't pick up on that. I decide not to tell her that I'm pissed at Finn.

"Aww good, did you get any grades back?" She asks. I really wish she hadn't said that, because now I look dumb next to Scarlett.

"No I didn't, I'm going upstairs" I say, attempting to leave again.

"May, your coming to the party aren't you?" Scarlett asks. I stop walking away and turn back around.

"Gray's? No" I laugh, making my opinion on Gray fairly clear.

"What party is this?" Mom asks, seeming interested in our social lives.

"Grayson Blackburn is having a house party tonight, I'm not going and you shouldn't want to either" I say to Scarlett. In some ways, she's just an innocent year eleven, she has no idea what people like Gray are capable of.

"Well that sounds delightful, you should both go together... It'll give you a chance to get to know each other better" Mom says, seeming thrilled by the idea. Now that she's said that, I don't want to go even more.

"Yes sounds like a good plan to me" Scarlett answers. Why is she so desperate to make me go? I was fairly certain that she disliked me too.

"No way, I'm not going to that creeps house"

"I hardly think Grayson is a creep darling" Mom says, laughing along with Scarlett. I don't know what they find funny, they have no clue what he gets up to, I'm sure if my Mom knew, then she would have a different opinion about us attending this party.

"Please May?" Scarlett asks. Why do people need me to go with them? I'm sure she's quite capable of going on her own.

"Nope" I say, waking away this time.

"May you're going with your sister, now stop being stubborn and go and get ready" Mom says, calling Scarlett my sister, just aggravates me even more. I never thought the day would come, where my Mom is the one telling me to go to the party and I'm the one saying I don't want to. It's a bit strange really.

"This is so unfair!" I huff as I storm off. I can't control my rage.

After realising I have no choice but to go, I message Finn and let him know. He of course is delighted and says he will meet us there. Why do I wind up going to these things when I don't want to? First the gig and now this stupid party. I've been here a week and I can't keep up with the social life.

Eventually I finish my hair and make up; the same as always. Then I stay in my silk robe for about half an hour, deciding what to wear. It's always such a task.

I try on a navy mini dress and end up staying in it. All the tags are still in these clothes, it's literally like your at a shop and your trying them on in the dressing rooms.

It's a party, so I can't exactly go in flat shoes, so I brave the heels. I've never been very good at walking in heels, but these ones are okay. They're at least four inches, which is quite good for me. They're black and suede, quite nice really.

I go downstairs and realise it's actually time to go. Scarlett walks down the stairs, or more like stumbles down the stairs; due to the ridiculous heels. Surprisingly her dress is long sleeved and fairly long.

"Right girls, I'll be dropping you off, I'm willing to exceed your curfew, but I need to know you have a lift back" Timothy says.

"Yep, Finn's Mom will bring us home" I say, total bullshit of course, Gray doesn't live far away so we can walk.

"Keep an eye on May" Timothy mutters to Scarlett, but I can obviously hear. Surely I should be the one keeping an eye on her, considering I'm the eldest. Sometimes Timothy acts like I'm a reckless idiot.

He drops us off and I get out as soon as possible. I don't want to be here, but I suppose it's better that staying at home and putting up with that bellend.

"Did Finn's Mother really offer to pick us up?" Scarlett asks, so gullible. She starts to shuffle her dress up so that it's shorter, now that her father can't see.

"No course not, we can walk" I say, laughing a little.

"Oh, I don't think my Father would approve of that" she tuts.

"Well tough it's happening, unless you want to stay over at Gray's, which you really don't" I insist, the thought makes my skin crawl. He'd probably attempt trying it on with you, every chance he got.

We meet Finn and Willow and go inside. Gray lives in his parents apartment. It's actually bigger than a standard 3 bedroom house and it has stairs, but it's still classed as an apartment. It looks so beautiful and grand at the moment, but within the next five or so hours, it's going to get completely trashed.

After five minutes, we get separated from Finn and Willow. Soon we are graced by the company of Isaac and Nathan.

"Sanders gone to get himself a lemonade?" Nathan says, taking the piss out of Finn. It's irritating that he calls him by his surname, like he's not worthy of his first name. Nath takes a swig of his neat liquor and looks me up and down. It's like he's judging me, inside his head he's probably rating me out of ten.

"Glad you made it May, fancy going for a tour upstairs?" Isaac winks, it's so stupid, this isn't even his apartment.

"No thanks, you sleaze bag" I mutter, feeling repulsed by his attitude. He's also acting the way Gray was earlier.

"Who do we have here?" Nathan says, intriguingly. He basically brushes me aside, when he takes his eyes off me and looks at Scarlett. He knows perfectly well who she is.

"I'm May's sister remember" Scarlett begins to stutter, before I cut her off.

"Stepsister" I correct, although even that's not true, as thankfully Mom hasn't married Timothy yet.

"Oh yes, I've seen you around" Isaac says, smiling at her. She blushes, clearly having no sense at all, she will get fooled by their fake charm.

"Well she does go to our school!" I say, making my frustration clear. Nathan annoyingly puts his attention back on me.

"Can I get you a drink gorgeous?" he says. I don't blush, because I have my head screwed on properly. The look on my face makes it clear I'd rather suffer from dehydration. He lets himself laugh when he notices how much he's already wound me up.

"Okay, how about you beaut?" He asks Scarlett, making her all nervous. For some reason, him asking her just infuriates me even more, so I walk away. I need to find Finn, he's much better company than those three, how could he ditch me with her in the first place.

"What's your problem May-June-July? You jealous?" Nathan asks, suddenly beside me. Did he really just follow me?

"Of course not! And stop calling me that!" I shout.

"If you say so" he says, walking away.

"Dick" I mutter, hoping he heard it.

"Oh and May?" He asks, with a serious look on his face, which fools me.


"You look pretty fit tonight" he winks. Total perve.

This is the exact reason why I didn't want to come tonight. I've ended up on my own, now I'm just stood here like a total awkward fool. If I was a little more friendly, I would talk to some people. But this party is full of dick heads.

I notice Alyssa with Isaac and Vivian. You'd think Alyssa was dating him, but she's not, apparently they just hook up all the time.

Willow comes over and brings me a drink. Considering who she is related to, she's really nice.

"Guess who Finn is talking to" she says, seeming a bit put off.

"Louisa" I say, looking over her shoulder and seeing Finn desperately trying to make conversation with her. If she's anything like the girl Alyssa has turned into, then he should want nothing to do with her.

"She's all he ever talks about" Willow grunts. She mustn't approve of this Louisa girl either.

"Does he really like her?" I say, it's not like Finn. He usually falls for a girl that he has things in common with and I can say with absolute certainty that Louisa is not one of those girls.

"I'm not entirely sure, I think he might just be looking for someone to lose his virginity to" she replies, finding the logic pathetic.

Out of all the guys in our year, Finn is easily one of the couple that are still virgins. It's not even a big deal, but I can see why he wants to lose it, I guess he feels left out or something.

"Does he want to be like your darling cousin or something?" I joke.

"Oh yeah about him..." She says, making me worry.

"What is it?" I ask desperately, noticing she's a little hesitant about telling me.

"Well I heard from Christina, who heard from someone out of that group" she says, pointing to the few girls surrounding Alyssa and Vivian.

"Go on" I insist, ready to force it out of her. Part of me is worried about what she's going to say. Has Nathan being spreading things about me? Probably making up some crap about me. That first date we had a couple of years ago, he told everyone we hooked up, so I had to make it clear we didn't. You'd think he would have matured by then, but obviously not.

I look at Willow funny, as though I'm expecting her to just spit out what she's going to tell me.

"Okay... Apparently the guys have a bet going" she says, wearily.

"What kind of bet?" I ask, although I think I know what she's talking about.

"Seeing who can have sex with you first" she says, looking as equally put off as I feel.

"Nathan and Gray?" I say, looking furious. What absolute creeps, it sounds like they think I'm easy and I'll sleep with all of them at some point. I'm not like that at all, which really makes me angry. This makes sense now, how they all keep acting weird around me, it's because I am a challenge to them.

"Yeah and Isaac, I just thought I'd give you a heads up"

I honestly thought that Isaac would be too busy having random hook ups with Alyssa to want another girl. That just shows how disgusting he is, two girls in one day wouldn't surprise me. Then again, that's more Nathan's style, Isaac is more into the drugs.

"They are so gross" I say, the corners of my lips turning upside down, just from thinking about those jerks.

"Is that it? Your not going to go crazy at them?" She asks, sort of laughing, seeming surprised. What impression must I give people?

"Nope, it will just encourage them, Nathan likes it when I'm... Sort of... Feisty" I say, awkwardly.

"I don't know how I'm related to him sometimes" Willow says.

"Are you two close?" I ask, purely out of curiosity.

"Yeah a little, but he never really talks to me at school, I guess I'm not cool enough or something" she says, not seeming bothered.

"Well sadly you're stuck with the same last name, so there's no hiding the fact your cousin is a Wanker" I joke.

After another drink, we both want to go home. I don't know where Scarlett has gotten to, Timothy would probably kill me if I left her here and went home.

We go over to Finn, who is just stud on his own, surrounded by Louisa and her friends. She clearly isn't paying any attention to him, but he's still trying to get in there.

"Finn are you coming? We are going to go" I say, almost shouting, just so he will hear. Before he can reply, Alyssa is straight in front of me and on my case.

"What? You can't be leaving already, we haven't even had a drink!" Alyssa says, as though it's a crime. She drags me over to a couple of other girls, one being Vivian, I don't really have a choice in the matter.

"No I've got to go home"

"Don't be a bore, here" Alyssa says, shoving a glass in my hand and filling it a little with neat vodka.

"Honestly I'm good" I say, widening my eyes at the vodka.

"That's not like you May" Viv pipes up. She turns to face me, instantly looking down on me. I never did like her, she's got this intimidating persona about her and she's one of those girls that laughs over the top at every little thing.

"What's not like me?" I ask, as she stands up, or more like stumbles up. Her glass is full to the brim of something and Malibu, I can smell it from here and the coconut makes me feel sick.

"To deny a drink, last I heard you liked your fair share of vodka" she says, adding that annoying laugh.

It really annoys me that people think I'm some sort of alcoholic. Before I left for Spain, maybe I did drink just to get through my parents arguments, but it's nobody's business. Besides its all past tense, I'm not like that anymore.

"You think you know everything about me, but you don't Vivian" I say, maybe getting a little too defensive.

"Haha, what makes you think you can get snappy with me!" She says, half laughing and half raising her voice at me. She's now drawn the attention of Nathan and Gray, who wonder over to see what she's shouting at.

"I'm just saying, don't go assuming things about me when you don't know the half of it" I say, trying and failing to keep calm.

She's one of those girls that's had a perfect life, she would never know what it feels like to go through your parents divorcing.

"God I wish you'd have stayed in Spain you annoying, little-"

"Excuse me!" I say, interrupting her about to curse me. I wait to listen to what she's going to say, but she doesn't say a thing. Instead, she throws her glass of Malibu all over me. Before I react, I get to grips with what she's just done. Everyone is looking at me and she's glaring at me, but I'm just really shocked.

"Woah, Viv come on, too far" I look up from my sodden dress and see Gray telling her off, but he's smiling slightly, like he found it a bit funny. My dress is totally ruined and I stink of coconut. I take a deep breath, trying to keep my calm. But I can't.

"You fucking bitch" I yell, holding my arms up to avoid all the wetness of my dress. It's not just on the dress, it's all over my chest.

"You asked for it hunny" she says, before walking away. My bitch face is getting worse by the second.

"Finn lets go" I say, turning to find him still looking shocked. I notice Nathan smiling, finding this as equally funny as the others did. Him and Vivian are exactly alike, they belong together.

"No you don't want to go just yet" Gray insists, but he couldn't be more wrong.

"Do you want me to sit here all night in a soaked and ruined dress?" I ask, widening my eyes at him.

"Calm down love, you can borrow one of my sisters dresses come on" he suggests, putting his arm around my waist and leading me to the stairs.

"Get off me!"

"Chill out" he says, looking surprised.

"I don't need to borrow clothes, I need to go home" I insist.

"Stop being so stubborn and come on" he says, gesturing for me to follow him. I go along with it, as the smell of Malibu is getting too much.

We get into his sister's room and he starts searching through her clothes. I remember her being two years above us at school, so I assume she's at university or something. From what I remember, she was a little... Confident with her body, so I worry about the sort of clothes she owns.

"Here, this should suit you" he says, throwing a dress in my arms. Then he leans back against the wall, expecting me to change in front of him.

"Is there not anything less.."

"Slutty?" He winks, finishing my sentence. "Afraid it's that or nothing, then again I like the sound of nothing" he says. All I can think about is this bet they have going, it's so gross. Why can't they just leave me out of their stupid games?

I sigh at this slutty, tight, cleavage showing, sleeveless play suit. It's the same level as my pant line and it's also backless. I go with it, as I'm past the point of caring.

"Can you just let me change?!" I say, as he's looking me up and down.

"My house my rules" he says, thinking he's being flirty, but he's just being a complete Wanker.

"Then turn around or something you weirdo!"

"Alright" he says, causally turning around.

I pull my sodden dress off, so I'm just in my white, lacy knickers and bra. I feel uneasy as Gray is in here, this isn't a normal situation.

This is harder than I thought, I can't pull the zip down on the play suit.

"Damn what's taking you so long?" He laughs, turning around. I immediately pull the play suit close to me, attempting to cover myself up.

"What happened to turning around?!" I yell at him.

"What's your problem May, it's nothing Nath hasn't seen before, so why can't I?" He says, walking closer to me.

"Nath has got nothing to do with this" I say, totally freaked out.

"Come on Hun, you know you want me, just admit it" he slurs, starting to ease the play suit out of my hands.

"Stay away from me!" I snap, snatching it back and pulling it on as quickly as possible. I reach for the zipper and then storm out of that room straight away. I hear him chuckle to himself on my way out.

"Who are you and what have you done to my best friend?" Are Finn's first words, when I get back downstairs and he looks at what I'm wearing.

"Don't even ask" I say, still regaining my calm.

"I'm guessing you want to go?" He asks, seeing how angry I am.

"Yes right now! Where's Willow?" I say, looking around and seeing her nowhere.

"She went home, couldn't stand it here another minute" he says. I'm the one that had the drink thrown over me and that prick watching me change and she says she couldn't stand it here another minute.

"Okay then let's just go" I say.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He asks, smirking.

"What?" I ask, fairly eager to leave.

"Your soon to be sister" he says, knowing I don't like him calling her that. We're not sisters, yet anyway.

"Oh crap I forgot about her, where is she?" I ask, not seeing her anywhere.

"Last time I saw her she was with Isaac and-" he begins to say, but that's enough. I ditch Finn and go to find her. She shouldn't be hanging around with people like Isaac, she doesn't know what they're like. I'm sort of relieved when I see Isaac and she's not with him.

"Damn you look good" Isaac says, as I approach him.

He brushes off another girl and pulls me aside, knowing I'm there to ask him something.

"Have you seen Scarlett?" I ask, pulling his chin up so he faces me, as he was just staring at my chest.

"What?" He asks, smirking. Isaac is alright looking, black typical boy hair, his fringe is sort of longish and he styles it with gel. His trademark is the Rolex he always wears.

"Scarlett, Finn said he saw you with her" I say, getting impatient. I may be a little worried, purely because I don't want the backlash from Timothy. Then again, Scarlett is the one that was told to keep an eye on me.

"That fit blonde chick?" He asks, totally unsure.

"I guess you would describe her like that" I say, rolling my eyes at him.

"She went off with Nath, he will probably be getting lucky"

For some reason he seems to be finding this funny, but I don't.

"Where did they go?" I ask. The other day, Nathan was kissing me at school and now he's interested in hooking up with my step sister. Like I would anyway, but now I'm definitely not going to let him win his stupid bet. The total fuckboy.

"Maybe upstairs, or try the dining room, Nath is a bit careless" he says. It wouldn't surprise me if Nathan had sex in a dining room, Isaac is right, it really wouldn't bother him.

"Okay thanks"

"Whoa where are you going?" He asks, in an encouraging voice, as though he was expecting me to stay. I'm not letting Isaac win that bet either, or Gray for that matter. Every time I think about Isaac like that, I just remember the love bites I saw on Alyssa's neck, which he was probably responsible for. It's enough to put anyone off really.

I ignore his question and burst into the dining room. Surprisingly there's no one in there, so I take my chances with upstairs. For some reason, I'm drawn to the study, so I check there first.

When I walk in, I'm surprised that I see the two of them. I'm immediately drawn to Scarlett, she doesn't seem too keen.

"Nathan please don't" she mutters. He has her against the wall, in a casual way. His hands are on her legs, trying to pull up the dress she's holding down. He's kissing her slightly but not much, he's more interesting in undressing her.

"I'm not ready for this" she says, I can tell she's panicking. She's obviously a virgin, so she has a right to be scared, when there's a 17 year old guy ready to force himself on her.

I'm ready to rage. The door was only ajar, so they didn't hear me come in. This is similar to what Nathan tried on me before I left.

"Hey!" I shout, making him look at me.

"Get away from her right now!" I shout again. He rolls his head back, almost about to let out a laugh, but I'm not in a laughing mood.

"Scarlett are you okay?" I ask, genuinely worried about her. I push Nathan away harshly with both hands. He catches his balance. I smell strong alcohol on his breath.

"What's your problem May? Are you jealous?" He says, smirking at me. I completely ignore him. That's the second time he's suggested that tonight, he needs to get over himself.

Scarlett is still shaken up, as she pulls the edges of her dress down.

"I'm okay" she says, clearly lying.

"Hey, it's alright" I say, noticing she's got tears in her eyes. It wasn't that bad, he only kissed her and pulled her dress up, but I understand that she's shocked.

"Finn is waiting for us out there, go and find him, I'm right behind you" I say, being nicer to her than I ever have. She does as I say and leaves me alone with Nathan.

He's about to say something, but I slap him around the face and it feels good. So good.

He looks surprised, but more impressed as he hides the fact that hurt him a little. He then expresses his jaw, surprised at how sharp that was.

"You complete bastard!" I say, glad to see the red mark just under his cheekbone.

"Calm down" he says, holding my wrists as I go to push him again.

"Calm down?" I repeat, showing my anger. "You just tried force yourself on my... Stepsister" I say. I hate calling her that, but it just sounded more dramatic.

"No I didn't, I wouldn't rape her" he says, finding the idea ridiculous, but from where I was standing it looked like that was the way it was going.

"She's fifteen Nathan!" I yell, hoping it will make him realise how messed up he is.

"Your overreacting, why don't we go and have a drink huh?" He suggests, leaning forward, closer to me. I tease him a little, right before I knee him in the balls and he goes into instant pain.

"Your disgusting, first your kissing me the other day and now your-" I say, before he shushes me.

"If your jealous, just say the word" he mutters, in a flirty way. "That outfit is really doing it for me" he adds and I hate Gray right now, for making me wear this. He's still trying his charm on me, even though he's dying to crawl up into a ball in pain. He holds his crotch, again trying to conceal how much that hurt him.

"Look just stay away from Scarlett, or I'll... I'll kick your ass... Again" I say, struggling for a threat, he doesn't seem phased at all.

"I will If you fuck me" He laughs under the pain in his voice. I storm out before he can say another word.

I walk out to find Finn attempting to comfort Scarlett.

"He won't be bothering you again, let's go" I say, she looks relieved. We walk back together and it soon becomes clear that Scarlett doesn't want to talk about it.

Finn goes home, as his street is first. Then it's just me and Scarlett. I know I complain about her all the time. But I really feel bad for her at the moment.

"Look Scarlett-"

"You were right, we shouldn't have gone to the party" she says, wiping her eyes.

"Just keep away from him, he's poison" I say.

"I wish I was more like you"

"What do you mean?" I laugh, trying to lighten the mood, as we walk down our road.

"You know how to sort him out"

"I just know what he's like, trust me you don't want to be like me" I say.

"I do, but for what it's worth I'm sorry I even got into that situation with Nathan" she says.

"What are you apologising for?" I ask, slightly confused.

"You kind of have history with him" she says, really getting the wrong idea.

"Who told you that?" I say, worried.

"Everyone, I thought you used to date-"

"No way in hell, look lets just forget about him" I say as we press the button to open the gates.

"Thank you for saving me anyway" she says, seeming to have calmed down now.

"Anytime" I joke.

"Please don't tell my Father" she begs.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't"

When I go to my room, I realise it's nearly 1am. That party will be going on for a few more hours. I can't get over what Willow told me. Those three jerks are betting to see who can hook up with me first. It's a shame they don't realise that none of them will be winning that stupid bet. Gray and Isaac are total dicks, but Nathan is ten times worse. Sadly I can't deny the fact that it's clear he's been trying a lot harder to win this bet than the others.

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