He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


6. Chapter 6


I feel like skipping today, but my attendance was so bad last year that I'm lucky I was allowed back. I guess this year is more important, being our last year. So bunking off is probably not the best idea.

At least it's Thursday, that means it's Friday tomorrow. Gray will be having his usual first week back party tomorrow night. He's thrown one every year since we started St George's. It's not much of a big deal, Gray throws parties all the time, because his parents are never around to stop him. They work away a lot, not that he complains.

"Car is waiting son, hurry up" my Mum says, tapping my door.

"Yes I'm coming" I moan. It's not like I've only just woken up, I put too much effort into my appearance to be able to have a lie in. If I didn't add a little gel to my hair, then it would just look a mess. It still looks a bit rough, but some girls like that.

As soon as I'm out the door and past my Mum, I pull my tie undone, for the time being. It strangles me to death.

"Hey can you pick up Gray" I say to the driver, when I slam the car back door behind me. I notice him frown in the mirror and he then nods. We pay him to drive us where we want to, so he should do as I say without the attitude. We have a fair amount of wealth, big house, chauffeur, private education and so on, but I never really brag about it. There's people at St George's with more wealth than us, May for example. Her soon to be stepfather Timothy is totally minted, that must be what her Mum sees in him (but even she has her fair share of money, so it can't be that) because around here he's known as a total bell end. At least that's how my family see him, much to my appreciation our Mum's are really close, but Mum and Dad have never grown used to Timothy. In my Dad's particular choice of words, he's a big headed and self righteous wanker. It's fair to say that it's clear Timothy isn't too fond of us either, so the feelings mutual.

"Of course Mr Harper" the driver says in response to my question, he doesn't seem too thrilled about picking up Gray, he never does.

I would have said Isaac too, but he usually has his own lift. Besides, he went out last night, no doubt Alyssa tagged along, meaning he's probably still at hers after one of their meaningless hook ups. Not that I'm judging, as I'm just as bad. But Viv and I have only had sex a couple of times, mostly when I'm totally out of it. I'm still surprised that May assumed she was my girlfriend, the word girlfriend kind of makes my skin crawl. It's a hell of a load of commitment, that I don't see myself ready for at any point in the near future. I'm pretty sure that the last time I had one was in about year 7. One night stands are more my style and they have been for the past few years, who cares if that makes me a seem like a total prick, girls love it.

"Alright Johnny" are Gray's first words to our driver Jonathan, when he gets in the car. Gray can be a bit of an annoying tosser sometimes, but we're all used to it now, maybe not Jonathan. He's a fairly new driver, the last one quit because I kept requesting to be picked up in the early hours of the morning after a night out. I don't see what the big deal was, we paid him extra.

"Mr Blackburn" he sighs, before carrying onto school. Gray like me hasn't bothered to do up his tie yet, there's really no point.

"So did your Dad get a call from that old spinster?" I ask, referring to our deputy headmistress.

"Most likely, but he didn't say anything"

"Your lucky mate"

"What? did you get a bollocking?" He laughs.

"It wasn't that bad, Dad was more pissed off that she called him"

"So is the bet still up for grabs?" He says, I assume meaning did I have sex with May last night.

"Nope she's not giving it up easy, she hasn't changed in that area" I say, it was right what she said yesterday, I do see her as a challenge.

"It's probably just because it's you, just you watch, I'll make her give in"

"Yeah alright then" I say, with no faith in him at all. There's no way on this earth she would sleep with Gray, it's clear that she completely hates him. She hates me too, but somewhere deep down, I know she has soft spot for me.

"You watch, she will" he says, with a look of pure determination.

I ignore Gray's attempts on May throughout Tutorial. She doesn't look particularly pleased, as a matter of fact she looks like she's so infuriated she could kill him.

"Hey! Nath" Alyssa says from the desk across from me, as though she's trying to get my attention.

"What is it Lyssa?" I say, not too enthused about turning to face her, from the moan in her voice it's bound to be something I can't be arsed to listen too. I'm having more fun watching Gray's failed attempts on May.

"We're you out with Isaac last night?" She asks, pretending like she cares less than she does. Me and Gray are 70% sure that she's into him more than she lets on. He had better watch his back, before she starts declaring herself as his girlfriend, Lyssa is that type of person. When she and Viv became friends, she started acting like her, no boyfriends and hook ups instead. But it's clear that inside she craves a boyfriend, Isaac is not aware of this, as he would be running far from here if he was.

"Nope sorry Hun" I say, knowing it wasn't the response she was hoping for.

"Well where was he then?" She asks, attempting to conceal the care in her voice.

"God knows"

"He's probably out of it again" she pouts. Alyssa doesn't like the fact Isaac is into drugs more than the rest of us.

"Yeah that sounds like him" I laugh, but it doesn't adjust the serious and worrying look on her face.

"Lyssa, he will be fine, calm the fuck down" I say and she manages to nod.

After ten minutes of being in Tutorial, Mr Haroldson finally notices I haven't done up my tie.

"Harper, stand up" he says fiercely. I do as he says as I haven't got the effort to rebel right now.

"What's up?" I ask casually, the class quietens down now and I appear to have everyone's attention. I wasn't asking for it.

"First of all, sort that tie out, secondly are those jeans?" He asks, his eyes about to pop out in anger, when he looks down at my choice of uniform.

I notice a couple of people adjust their own ties out of the corner of my eye, I suppose they're scared of Mr Haroldson, but to me he's purely just a tosser.

"Actually they're skinny jeans" I correct, really not meaning to backchat him, I guess I can't control it sometimes. I hear a girl laugh behind me, I turn around and check her out, winking a little. She's not that great, but I love attention from girls and I get it quite a lot.

"Look at me! Stand up straight and take your hands out of your pockets!" He snaps, the vein in his forehead pronouncing his anger. I take my time in looking away from the average girl and back to that old fucker.

I'm assuming he doesn't like it when I act as though he doesn't bother me one bit, then again, it's no act as he doesn't scare me at all.

"What's your problem?" I laugh, putting my hands up just to over prove that they're out of my pockets.

"Tie! Now" he insists. "Or Headmaster Whitmore's office" he adds, purely threatening me.

"Hmm, nope" I say, I'm only winding him up, I'll do it in a minute. This is just entertainment, it's much better than wasting almost twenty minutes of my life in this sodding Tutorial, listening to him rant on.

Before he can discipline me anymore, someone else pipes up.

"God just do as he says and stop wasting our time" she says, her voice getting high pitched. There's no need to look around to see who it was, I'm fairly certain it was May. Perhaps she's the only person in this room that wasn't enjoying that, as I notice a couple of other girls staring at me. They seem to like guys that rebel against the rules, but May doesn't. Or it's probably more that she doesn't like it when I do it. She has some kind of evil vendetta against me.

I roll my head back to look at her, frustration is practically orbiting her.

"What was that?" I ask. I heard her perfectly, but I get the impression that she didn't mean to speak up as loudly as she did.

"You heard me!" She yells, before sitting back, realising she's drawn attention to herself. One thing I like about May, is how much of a coward she is when she gets confident in raising her opinion.

"You're right I did" I say under my breath.

"Silence! The both of you!"

We both ignore the words coming out of Mr Haroldson's mouth.

"Arrogant pig" May says, glaring at me.

"May stand up!" He demands. She also does as he says. We're both stood up now and I don't see what it's supposed to achieve.

She's there giving me death stares and I'm taking advantage of the shortness of her skirt and the good view from here. I can't express how much I'd enjoy pulling it right off.

Clearly Mr Haroldson is a perve himself, as he picks up on it too.

"And why do you think you're dressing like that to school May Lockwood?" He asks, frowning. She looks creeped out that he noticed and attempts to pull it down. It doesn't help as the skirt is so short.

"Like what? I'm wearing this right?" She says, pointing to her school bow.

"Dressing like a slut isn't on the school agenda May, but you have my stamp of approval" I tease, a couple of people gasp at my choice of words before laughing. She's not a slut at all, but I knew it would get to her.

"Slut?" She repeats, pissed off.

"I think both of you need reminding of the regulations here at St George's, Headmaster's office now!" Haroldson insists, nodding to the door.

Gray and Alyssa laugh in unison, I agree this is funny. I know how much May just loves spending time with me (sarcasm intended of course).

"Both of us?" She repeats.

"Bad luck Hun" Gray says to her, still attempting his charm. I know May doesn't like pet names, but I think that deep down she enjoys it when I refer to her as beaut. But she 100% doesn't like it when Gray does it.

"Grayson silence, or you'll be joining them"

Mr Haroldson says, looking very stressed out. He stares from us to the door expecting us to leave.

We get to the door at the same time and since she's been back here I don't think I've seen her so wound up.

"After you beaut" I joke, acting polite.

"This is your fault!" She insists, just after she storms away from me and out of our Tutorial room.

"May come on" I say, strolling down the corridor to catch up with her. I'm taller than her obviously, so me walking normally equals up to her on the verge of power walking.

"May!" I say again, without the laugh this time. She continues ignoring me, which gets to me, I don't like being blanked.

"Hey!" I say, grabbing her hand, pulling her back and some how ending up having her against the wall. I'd be at a really good advantage point now if she was wearing a low cut top, damn the uniform.

She's not choosing to avoid me now, she's just a little shocked about how quickly that all escalated.

"Don't walk away from me, I don't like it" I say, shaking my head.

"I'll do what I want" she says, which just gets to me even more, so I teach her a lesson as I let my hands drift down to her waist. A shade of rose seems to always go over her cheeks when I touch her, which just proves how much she wants me.

"You see that's where you're wrong" I say through a breezy laugh. She struggles for a response when my hands find the edges of her skirt, at a touch of her bare legs I feel a little turned on. Then again I'm always turned on. I'm about an inch away from finding the outskirts of her knickers, when she slides across the wall of lockers and out of my touch.

"Do you not understand personal space you creep?"

Her face contorts and I notice she's sort of breathing fast.

"Whatever, this could have got really fun, there's always next time" I say, making it seem like she's the one that missed out.

"Next time? There won't be a next time" she says, folding her arms, keeping an eye on the distance between us.

I decide to walk away now, just to prove its okay when I walk away from her.

"There's always a next time with you May" I joke, whilst walking away.

I pull a cigarette out of my blazer pocket and hold it between my two fingers, still facing her as I head for the exit of this hell hole.

"Where do you think you're going? Whitmore's office is this way" she says, looking at me like I'm stupid.

"Yeah screw that, I'm going for a smoke" I say, about to walk out the fire exit, it's too much effort to go out the normal way.

"You promised your Mother you wouldn't smoke again!" She says, having to shout for me to here. A laugh is the last thing she hears from me.

After a long day of five boring lessons and only one free period, I walk with Viv until we meet up with the others. Whenever we're alone together, it's different, she's a lot more cocky when we're with the group. I suppose that our hook ups are so good that I always leave her wanting more.

"So who's virginity will you be taking at Gray's Party this year?" She asks, with a devious look about her.

"The newbies aren't that great this year, I don't have many options"

"There's plenty of little prudes in our year that are still untouched, what about them?" She asks. She isn't interested, she's just desperate to know who I've got on my mind.

"Perhaps I've got my eyes on someone" I say, restraining from telling her who.

"Let me guess, May Lockwood?" She asks, rolling her eyes. Jealousy is Viv's biggest fault, I don't like jealous girls, it's just petty.

"Could be" I say, just to wind her up.


"What?" I laugh, looking innocent.

"Why is every guy in this school so obsessed with that annoying bitch?" She wines, her choice of words describe herself more than May. May keeps herself to herself, I'm fairly certain that I'm the only one she verbally abuses (but I do sort of deserve it), she doesn't get involved in anyone's buissnes, so it's quite damn obvious she isn't a bitch. Annoying however, she is a little, but it's attractive.

"Why wouldn't anyone be into her? Have you seen her?" I joke, widening my eyes. It's probably disrespectful of me to say something like that to the girl I occasionally have sex with, but Viv never takes offence.

"What is it? The boobs? Or the ass? Both of which she doesn't have?" She says, starting to get frustrated, she doesn't like it when someone else has all the attention and not her. I look at her like she's stupid, because she's so wrong.

"She kind of does though Hun" I say, almost correcting her.

"I know" she tuts "and she's really curvy and pretty"

This is the point where she expects me to pay her some sort of compliment. She probably wants me to tell her she's just as attractive, but that would be a lie and besides, I don't do that sort of thing. If I've ever complimented her on her appearance in the past, I've been totally out of it and just saying it so we could hook up. Viv is alright looking, she's hot, but she has nothing on May.

Just as we reach the others, Viv goes to walk off with Alyssa, but I need to talk to her. She seems a lot more chilled out than she was this morning, but that's probably due to the fact Isaac finally decided to turn up to second lesson and the rest of the day.

"Lyssa, a word?" I suggest, nodding for her to walk with me.

"Sure" she says, ditching Viv with the guys.

"What do you want Nathan?" She says, looking back and forth to the others, like she's eager to get away.

"I'm sorry am I stalling your fuck session with Isaac?" I joke.

"Very funny" she moans.

"Look you know May?" I say, hoping to get some advice from her.

"Yes obviously" she says, crossing her arms. Lyssa has a bad temper sometimes, but it doesn't suit her.

"She won't quit hating on me so what am I supposed to do"

"Interesting, Nathan Harper can't get a girl to bed? Well that's unfortunate" she says, winding me up and walking away.

"What do I do?" I ask, catching up to her as we walk back to the others.

"Is this to win the stupid bet you idiots have going?" She asks, disapprovingly.

"Sort of" I say, losing eye contact.

"Then your a perve and you should leave her alone"

"Thank you your so kind" I tease.

"Sort out your own desires Nath, maybe you should take the hint, not all girls are obsessed with you" she laughs, walking away with Isaac. He has a chirpy grin on his face, I would too if I was getting laid, but I'm not. It's been a couple of weeks, a guy has needs, I can't wait around for a one night stand with May forever. Distance might be the best solution.

Alyssa doesn't know what she's talking about, every girl is obsessed with me (probably even her) Except May, who must be delusional or something. It's clear we are both sexually attracted to one another, she's just finding any reason to hate me. Maybe she does have a reason to hate me, I know I'm an ass, but that's just who I am.

Just as I'm about to head out the gates, I spot May stood with a skinny blond chick. I know I just decided to give her space, but what the hell, that's really not my style. I give her a smirk when our eyes meet and she realises I'm coming over. I walk up to them and she instantly finds a reason to leave, I guess she has a knack for finding excuses to get away from me.

"Hello and goodbye May" I joke, pointing out how pathetic she's being. She will have to face me sooner or later.

"Nathan Harper" the blond girl says, looking shy and coy.

"Hello hottie, who might you be?" I ask, actually intrigued to know who this mystery girl is. She's alright but she's not overly hot, better than the rest of the year 11's at least. Innocence is what I see in her and it's drawing me in. It seems I have a target for Gray's party tomorrow. That's if she's invited, then again Gray is so horny that he would probably invite every girl in this place.

"Nathan, it's me Scarlett?" She says, like I'm some kind of mental person that should know who she is.

"Scarlett?" I ask, racking my brain, but not having a clue.

"Timothy's daughter, May's sister" she says, desperately wanting me to recognise her. Then it clicks.

"I doubt May would approve of you calling yourself her sister" I say.

"Why would you say that?" She asks, looking hurt. Now that she's started talking, I've kind of accepted that she's not as innocent as I thought, no surprise considering she's the spawn of Timothy .

"Well because she hates you right? Or she at least hates your Dad" I laugh. I don't need May to tell me that, it was clear when her parents divorced that she didn't like Timothy and it was clear at the weekend when she arrived. At that ladies dining association party my Mum dragged me along to, it was fairly clear there was tension between them, I would know that having being unable to keep my eyes off her the whole afternoon.

"No she doesn't" Scarlett says, not wanting to believe me.

"So you coming to this party tomorrow?" I ask, purely trying to change the subject.

"Grayson's party?... Well I haven't actually been invited-"

"Trust me love, you are invited, it starts at 8" I say, getting bored of the excited smile on her face.

"Oh my God really?" She says, annoyingly in a high pitched tone.

"Yes really" I say, sort of glaring at her, I can't help it she's just acting so immature.

"I will see you tomorrow then" she replies, her face beaming.

"Yeah whatever, perhaps you can do me a favour yes?" I ask.


"Make sure your soon to be sister comes along too" I smirk, at which point I decide to ditch her and walk away.

May is far too stubborn for me to be able to convince her to come, so maybe Scarlett can do that for me.

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