He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


5. Chapter 5


The weeks went so quick when I was in Spain. Now that I'm back here, it couldn't be going any slower. It's only Wednesday, which is a fact that is completely depressing.

Finn had to go in early for a meeting, so I've had to walk in on my own. He keeps me in order, as now I've ended up being late. I should have just accepted the lift I was offered, Timothy doesn't like it that I walk, so I just do it to irritate him even more.

I hear the school bell ring when I'm still a street away, making me hurry to get there in time. I'm not particularly bothered about being late, but I hate waking into Tutorial when everyone else is already there.

"Sorry" I say, creeping into our room, hoping not to draw attention to myself.

"Why are you late May?" Mr Haroldson asks, walking over to the seat I've just claimed. It's at the back desk, far away from everyone else.

"Erm..." I stutter. I suppose I probably spent more time on my hair and make up, considering Finn wasn't there to rush me. I guess that it's not a valid reason for being late.

Everyone is now looking at me, which is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I notice Nathan, Gray and Alyssa, reminding me that they are all in this Tutorial group. Thankfully Vivian and Isaac are in the other group, but I'm still stuck with the worst ones.

"Well?" Mr Haroldson says, beginning to get a little frustrated.

"I guess I woke up late" I say, looking away from him and grabbing my Homework Journal out of my bag, everyone else has theirs out so I figure I should too.

"That is not an acceptable excuse May Lockwood! This better not happen again or I shall be be contacting your parents" he snaps, scaring me a little.

"Keep your hair on... oh sorry you haven't got any" I mutter, intending for him not to hear. I find it quite funny, considering he's practically bald, apparently so do the rest of the class, as they all start laughing. I'm pretty sure I said that quietly.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing Mr Haroldson" I say, looking innocent. He wonders off to the front of the classroom and drops it.

When the bell goes for first lesson, I head towards the door. I try to keep back, so that I don't get caught up talking to Alyssa. Even Mr Haroldson goes out before me. Just as I approach the door, Nathan is right there. He has a hand on either side of the door frame, blocking the exit as he looks impressed with himself.

"What do you want?" I say, knowing there's a reason he won't let me out.

"I want a lot of things from you beaut" he says, looking me down. I've had enough of him this week, he's like my shadow, always there when I least expect it.

"Move!" I demand, pushing him by the chest, but he won't budge. He's so much taller than me, there's no way I'm strong enough to push him out of the way. I've already kicked him in the shin this week, although I'm willing to do it again.

"Woah, okay getting physical are we?" He winks, infuriating me even more.

"Like hell"

"You know, when you get confident in yelling at me, it just makes you ten times more attractive than you already are" he says in my face, making me lean back. I can't help but let my cheeks go slightly red, he has that effect on me and there's nothing I can do to prevent it. Nathan is a complete Wanker, but at the end of the day, he's still a really good looking guy that keeps on saying flirty comments to me.

"What makes you think you can say that?" I ask, crossing my arms, remembering that his level of arrogance is higher than his level of hotness. I start to uncross them and seem more laid back, when I realise I was just doing exactly what he said he likes. How can a girl showing their frustration make them more attractive? What a load of nonsense, I swear he just says these things to get to me.

He's a strange one, it's like he gets turned on when I shout at him, God knows what that is all about.

"I can say what I like, you should know that" he replies, looking at me intimidatingly. I realise I'm not going to get anywhere with this argument, so I decide to change the subject. If I change his trail of thought, maybe I'll get him to budge, so that I can get to my lesson. I can't be late again.

"Shouldn't you be off flirting with your own girlfriend?" I say, frowning at him. I'm not sure what the situation is with him and Vivian. Finn says they're close, who knows, but let's just assume they are together.

"Girlfriend?" He repeats, laughing. "I thought you knew that's not really my style"

The way he shakes his fingers through his hair, just irritates me. It's like he loves himself sometimes. It may be an attractive mannerism, but his good looks and flirty persona do not alter my opinion on him.

"Vivian... Aren't you two..." I ask, not knowing how to phrase it.

"Oh I get it, are you jealous of my number one fuck buddy? Because that's all we are" he says, a classic example of how much of a sleaze he is.

"Gross" I answer, looking repulsed. When he drops his arms and puts his hands in his pockets, I barge right past him, he was about to say something, but not one part of me wants to listen.

"If your jealous of Viv, you can always take her place beaut" he says, raising his voice so that I can still hear when I walk away. I look back and notice him now leaning against the door frame, looking narcissistic and cocky.

Why would I want to sleep with him? I suppose physically he's got more positives than I can count. That's what fools girls, because they don't realise what a scumbag he is. Thankfully I have my head screwed on properly and I know exactly what he's like and he will never change. Bad boys never do.

When third lesson comes around, I'm relieved I have sport. It's a lot more laid back than all of our other lessons. Why would anyone not choose to take sport? For one out teacher Mr Benson is so good looking, he's not particularly strict and he treats you more like an equal. I can pretty much have him all to myself, considering that the majority of this class are guys, there's ten of them and then me and another girl.

Two of the guys are Isaac and Nathan, which is a terrible shame. I don't care how hot Mr Benson is, I wish I'd have taken something else if it meant I didn't have to endure Nathan for another lesson five times a week. Thinking about him being a pain in the ass in drama yesterday, just reminds me that I'm supposed to be going round his house tonight. I actually care about getting good grades in Drama, so I can't ignore the fact we were paired up together for the play.

"Hello?" Finn says in my face, he's my sanity in this lesson, I'm so glad he chose sport. I realise I was totally phased out then.

"Yeah" I say, breaking my glare that was fixated on Nathan's annoying face. Him and Isaac are winding up the other girl in here, I don't really know her, from what I remember she's fairly quiet.

"I know your angry that those dick heads are in this class" he laughs, reading me so well. "But you can't spend the whole lesson sending them death wishes through your eyes" he jokes. Maybe my glare was a little intense, but thankfully Nathan in particular was too busy tormenting that poor girl to notice me looking at them.

"You know what he said to me earlier?" I say to Finn, taking his advice and looking away from them.

"Go on" he prompts, looking a little cautious of what I'm going to say. He has his hands in his pockets and he's leaning forward, eager to hear what Nathan said to me earlier.

"He basically told me I could be his new... Fuck-buddy, as he put it" I say, the phrase itself is enough to make anyone feel nauseated.

"What a Wanker, well in that case, you should probably be doing a bit more than glaring at them"

"No I'm staying away from him" I insist.

"Oh really" he says, disbelievingly. I laugh at his lack of faith in me.

"Finn I can't stand the guy, I'm steering clear of him" I say, looking into his eyes so he knows I'm not lying.

"I wonder if the reason I don't believe you is because your going round his house tonight" Finn says, rolling his eyes. He cares too much, I can look after myself.

"For the drama project, nothing else" I say, if it was anything other than drama then I wouldn't be going.

"Well if he tries anything, you call me" he says, being a bit proactive. Finn is like my brother and I love it that he's there for me, but sometimes he's a little intense.

"Oh and what are you going to do?" I joke.

"Kick his ass, that's what I'm going to do" he says, jokingly of course, Finn would never get into a fight with anyone, he's too kindhearted.

"He'd beat you to a pulp"

"I know" he says, sighing. Finn is pretty tallish anyway, but Nathan is taller and he's just generally more... Muscly. Not overly muscly, he clearly doesn't do weights or anything, but he's got just the right arms.

"I'm serious though May, don't fall for his charm, you know what he is like, just the other week he left two year 12's heartbroken because all he wanted from them was sex and then he binned them off" Finn says. I suppose that now wouldn't be the best time to tell him that Nathan kissed me yesterday. I didn't mean for it to happen, he just caught me off guard.

"He's still the same bastard he was two years ago" I mutter.

"Right everyone warm up is over" Mr Benson says, his voice is another attractive quality he has, it's always really mature, but flirty at the same time. He has a bit of a track record for going out with students, it's only gossip of course, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were true. He's so forward with all the girls, from what I remember anyway.

Within the time he spends telling us about our lesson objective, I just stand there admiring him.

"So if I split you into three groups" Benson says.

"Come on sir, can't we choose ourselves?" Nathan says, why did he have to but in and ruin things.

"Not after last time" Sir replies, making me eager to know what happened last time, so I ask Finn. I've missed so much, being in Spain for the past two years.

"I can't remember" he says, quietly.

"Your useless" I joke, making him laugh, catching Benson's attention.

"May Lockwood, nice to have you back" he smiles "but do me a favour and don't interrupt my lesson yeah?" He says casually.

"Sure" I smile back, he looks at me for a moment and then continues talking. For a teacher, he's not that old, I'd say he's in his early twenties.

He starts choosing the teams, making me go into a daze until Finn is chosen, turning my smile upside down. He's the only one I want to be on a team with.

"And last but not least May, Isaac's group please"

His charm is not enough to make that sentence appealing at all. It's so typical, Finn is on a nice team and I'm on a team with the two people I can't stand the most in this room. I suppose it could be worse, thank God Gray doesn't do sport.

"Please can I go in that group" I ask, pointing to the team Finn is on.

"I don't know, the numbers will be odd" he replies, indecisively.

"Am I really that bad Lockwood?" Isaac jokes. He's totally contradicting himself, as its Nathan I want to avoid more than him. I ignore him and turn back to face Benson.

I am probably taking advantage of his reputation of being interested in students, when I stick my chest out and act smitten with him.

"Please put me on Finn's team sir" I say and being a perve he grants my wish almost immediately. I didn't think I would sink as low as just now, but it was worth it. I suppose it's kind of creepy that me sticking my chest out changed his mind.

"Flirting with teachers to get your own way, I'll remember that" I hear Nathan mutter behind me. I squirm at the shock of him talking next to my ear. Instead of fighting back, I just walk away from him, which is something I seem to be doing a lot lately.

We get on with a game of basketball for the rest of the lesson. I forgot how tiring it was.

Once I'm home at 4pm, it's a relief. All I want to do is chill out and watch a movie. But I can't, I've got to go to Nathan's at 5pm. It's like he planned it, that we got paired up together and I hate him for it.

I feel anxious, as the clock ticks closer and closer to 5pm. I must be mental to have agreed to go in the first place. The only reason I'm anxious, is because I know what he's capable of. All I need to do is start this play, perhaps write as little as two pages, then I can get the hell out of there.

Just so he can't be a creep and look at what I'm wearing, I throw on an oversized jumper, skinny jeans and a pair of boots.

"Where do you think you are going?" Is Timothy's first question, when we bump into each other. Me on my way out of the house and him on his way in. It's kind of annoying that he has his own company, being the boss, he lets everyone else do all of his paperwork. Meaning he never has to stay at the office late, which would have been a benefit, as it would mean less family time. But he's usually locked in his study anyway.

"Out" I say, carrying on in my direction. I don't see why I need to tell him where I'm going, technically it's none of his business.

"Out where?" He asks, stopping the door from opening.

"I'm going to work on my Drama coursework with the partner I was teamed up with" I say. I could have just said with a friend, but there's no way Nath and I are friends. Although something tells me he might think otherwise.

"Who is this partner?" Timothy asks, intimidatingly. I feel like he's about to question me on every single thing.

"Nathan... my Mothers friend's son" I say, looking at him like he's stupid, which I doubt he will approve of.

"Ahh Nathan Harper, then I want you back home by nine" he says, as though the fact it's Nathan has to change my curfew. I'm not going to argue with him, I would actually prefer it if tonight he made it even earlier. It's just an excuse to get away from Nathan's as quickly as I can.

"That's fine" I say, expecting him to move so I can go out. He looks surprised that I've accepted the nine o'clock rule so lightly. Usually I would kick up a fuss.

"Right, well Martin is still out front, he will take you round" he says. Martin being the driver.

"Fine" I say, walking out. I don't want to waste time arguing with him.

Maybe I should just turn around and go back home. I could do this project on my own right?

What kind of input is he going to give, he obviously doesn't give a damn about getting good grades, at least that's how he comes across.

I open the gates and close them behind me, as I walk up their drive. I'm either purposely walking extremely slowly, or this drive is just very long.

I ring the doorbell and then stupidly drop my notepad and all the loose pages go flying. I attempt to scramble them all up before the door opens, but that doesn't go to plan.

"May, hello love" it's a female voice anyway, but that was too much of a nice and polite way to say hi to me, for it to be Nathan. I look up and see his Mother, Francis.

"Hello Francis" I say, standing up and desperately trying to stuff the bits of paper back inside my notepad.

"Can you manage?" She laughs, not bothering to help, but it's all good.

"Yeah thanks" I say, walking through the door she's holding open for me. Once I'm inside, I take a moment to look around, my eyes trail up and around. Their house is just as I remember it, there's a lot of memories coming back to me as I look. Nath is sort of lucky in a way, he has this perfect little family, his parents are happily married and have been for the past 25 years and they have this lovely home full of memories. There's pictures of Nathan and his sister all over the walls, the pictures of me that my Mother had have all been replaced with pictures of Scarlett graduating middle school. Sometimes I miss the way it was a few years ago, just me Mom and Dad.

I realise Francis is talking to me and I'm not listening, so I stop being nosey and actually pay attention to her.

"... But anyway, Nathan told me you we're coming over" she says, oddly looking excited. I'm surprised Nathan actually told his Mother, does that mean he talks about me? If so I don't care.

"Yeah it's just for our Drama project" I say, pointing out my notepad, why else would she think I'm here?

"Well my Son is hibernating in his room, if you want to go on up" she jokes, before walking away. I wish she would have told him I'm here, I don't particularly want to go in his room. I feel nervous, but I'm not, it's more like I seem awkward.

Do I knock his door? Or just walk in, is the first thought that comes to mind. Surely I can't just barge in, he could be doing anything in there. Things I don't really want to see or even know about. God knows how I remembered which room was his, the memories I'm thinking of now are very different to the ones I recalled when I was downstairs. Different in a bad way.

After knocking lightly, I hear him say 'yeah', so I go on in.

It's so typical that he's stood there with his top off, doing small weights (which I was fairly certain was something he didn't do). There's no denying that he looks good, anyone would be a fool to say otherwise.

I can't help but look, he's sweating a little, but that makes him look even better.

"May" he says, elongating my name, whilst smiling.

"Hey" I reply, looking anywhere but at him. He clearly just caught me staring, it's obvious when he laughs slightly. I roll my eyes around his room, it's a typical guys room, but it does smell nice, I recall the aftershave I've noticed he wears.

"You can look at me" he says, sniggering as he walks closer to me. I can't look straight at him with his shirt off, it's too distracting. I attempt to look straight in his eyes, but that's probably worse.

"God alive, can you just... Put some clothes on" I insist, throwing a top at him, that I found on his desk. I attempt to look anywhere else.

"Why?" He asks, turning the black top the right way around "afraid you might like what you're seeing?" he adds. He has a knack for saying slight things that trigger my anger.

"Not in the slightest" I say, trying to keep chilled out, considering I now know he likes it when I show my frustration.

"Okay, you carry on reacting the way you are, I'll just sit here and... Wait for you to crack" he smirks, before slowly pulling on his top and then running his fingers through his hair like he did this morning. It's so unfair that all the attractive guys are such wankers.

"Can we just get on with this bloody project?" I say, widening my eyes at him.

"Sure, take a seat beaut" he says, nodding his head at his bed. Just looking at it, I feel sick in my throat. When I think about the amount of girls that must have spent the night in those sheets, it's more or less haunting. To avoid throwing up, I grab his desk chair instead and drag it over to his bed. Me being a little over dramatic, amuses him.

"Right lets get this over with" I say, opening up my notebook.

"May beaut, why do you hate my company so much?" He says, sitting down on his bed, as close to me as he can get. After leaning back, he starts annoyingly clicking my pen, before I snatch it from him.

"You know perfectly well why I hate you" I say, sharply. He doesn't give up the interrogation.

"Enlighten me" he says, the sarcasm makes my blood boil.

"Let's just say, I'm glad my oh so perfect boyfriend Caleb was my first, if I was some dumb slut then it could have been you" I say. Every word is true, I was so close to sleeping with Nath before I left, purely because he tried to force me into it, because that's the type of disturbing fuck boy he is.

"Ex boyfriend" he annoyingly corrects, seeming pleased with himself. It's as though he thinks it upsets me, but it doesn't, caleb was nice, but I'm kind of glad to be shot of him. I am sort of using him just to annoy Nath.

"Will you just be quiet?"

"Whatever, but you would have had a better time if I was your first" he says, like a self loving tosser.

"I doubt that very much" I say, looking down at my notepad, trying to avoid the deep look he's giving me.

"Is that so?" He laughs, getting close, meaning I have to look up. I notice he's got really good cheekbones when I get a glance.

"So divorcing couple, thankfully I have some experience in this topic" I say, purposely changing the subject. I'm so glad I chose to do divorcing couple for this drama project, if Nathan had his way and we were doing boy and girl on a first date, then I'm fairly sure that it would end in tears.

He surprisingly cooperates and manages to not ignore me while we write about a scene and a half.

When I look at the time, I'm shocked it's only seven, it feels like I've been here ages.

"I've had enough now" he says, shutting my notepad and taking it away from me.

"Hey I-"

"Be quiet" he jokes, as he sits up to face me.

"No I won't, you can't tell me what to do" I defend. He bites his lip, which confuses me.

"What?" I ask, as it's like he's refraining from telling me something.

"You know"

"I know what?" I say, massively confused now.

"For fuck sakes May" he laughs, like I'm being really slow, but I'm not, he's just acting weird.

"What?!" I shout, standing up, just as he does the same.

"Look at me" he says, lifting my chin, he's got to stop getting so close.

"No I want to go home"

"May, there's unfinished business between us" he says.

"No there is not" I persist.

"There is beaut, you want me, as much as I want you" he says, running his hands down to my waist. I come to my senses, when I feel him grasping at the edges of my jumper.

"Get off me you sleaze" I say, pushing him back with more strength than I knew I had.

Thankfully, whatever creepy response he was conjuring up in his mind is interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Not now" he moans.

I open the door, as I'm intending on leaving anyway.

"You're not leaving are you May, dinner is ready" Francis says.

"Huh?" I say, looking oddly at her, finding it hard to process the fact she assumed I was staying for dinner. Francis is lovely, so is her husband and so is their daughter, so how on earth did they produce someone as poisonous as Nath?

"Are you coming?" She asks us.

"Yeah we sure are" Nathan smiles, knowing that it means I will have to stay longer.

"Honestly it's fine Francis" I say, attempting to make excuses.

"Nonsense, come on" she insists, making me realise I have no choice in the matter. Nath pulls a pleased grin as he walks past me, expecting me to follow.

This is a nightmare. Dinner with this jerk, it's almost like a date. The thought sickens me, thank God his Mother is here to break the awkwardness. Although it's never awkward with Nath, he's always got something to say to me, which is not a positive thing.

"So how's being back at St George's love?" Francis asks me, as Nath annoyingly pulls the seat out for me. I shall not be fooled by his fake good manners. He makes the situation worse, by taking the seat right beside me, there's at least eight seats around this table and he chooses that one.

"Oh it's great" I say in reply to Francis' question. It's total bollocks of course, I hate that school more now than I ever did. I guess it's more the people that I dislike.

"Brilliant" she says, tucking into her food.

"How's Isabelle getting on at university?" I ask, Isabelle being Nathan's older sister. They are complete opposites. The only reason I know she's at university is because of her Facebook status, I don't think I've ever had a serious conversation with Nathan to know anything like that.

Francis rambles on for a while, telling me about how great Isabelle's grades are and how much she's enjoying it. I'm not as interested as I thought I'd be, it just makes me wish I was at university, anywhere that isn't St George's sounds like paradise.

"So the wedding is soon is it not" Francis says, looking more excited than anyone. I hate these constant reminders of my Mothers marriage to Timothy. It's like sitting back and watching your Mom marry satan.

Before I can reply, I'm interrupted by hearing the front door shut.

"Oh that should be your father" she says, standing up and leaving the room. I really wish she would have stayed.

"So, will you be needing a date to this wedding?" He asks, edging closer to me.

"I thought you didn't do dates" I say, smugly. Why would he date, if he didn't want a girlfriend? He told me himself this morning, that having a girlfriend isn't really his style.

"I do if it means the night will end well... If you know what I-"

"Yes of course I know what you mean!" I snap, wound up that he thinks I'm stupid enough to to not catch his drift.

"Okay" he says in a calming way, as though he's surprised by my stroppy reaction. He continues eating his food, knowing he's hit a nerve. Every time I speak to him, he does this annoying half smirk and half laugh thing and basically, I hate it.

"Stop that!" I say, getting too irritated to put up with him.

"Stop what?" He asks innocently.

"That belittling laugh, it's like you see me as some kind of challenge" I say, probably sounding really weird. But that's exactly how it feels, it's as though like he said, he's waiting for me to crack.

"I don't know what you're talking about beaut" He says, doing it again.

"That right there!" I say, pointing at his grin.

"You love it" he jokes, taking another fork of food.

"No I do not!" I insist, smacking him on the arm. It doesn't phase him and it just makes the situation worse as through his top, I could feel his muscle.

"You love everything about me and your so desperate for me it's unreal" he teases, it's as though the words just roll of his tongue, like he actually thinks that.

"Oh you're such a self loving, arrogant and-"

I begin, before the door opens and his parents walk in. I look straight down at the food in front of me, acting like I wasn't just about to verbally abuse their son. He violates my privacy all the time, so it's fair enough.

"Oh hello May, nice to see you again" His Dad says, as though he's eager to get this exchange of hellos over with.

"Yes you too"

"Son, a word please" he says to Nath immediately, not really processing my response. He nods his head to the dining room door, as though he wants to have a word with him in private. I'm interested in what he's going to say, I don't care if that makes me nosey.

"Greg what is this about?" Francis asks him, looking defensive. As though her angel of a son would never do anything wrong. If only she knew what a jerk he is.

"Yeah do share Dad" Nathan says, leaning back in his chair, ready for whatever his Dad has got to say.

"Fine" Greg says, laying his blazer over a spare dining chair.

"Greg not in front of May" his Mother suggests, getting flustered, but he ignores her. I want this to be said in front of me, I want to know what trouble he's gotten himself into this time.

"I got a call today, from that Miss Clayton, or deputy head as she likes to call herself"

The way he imitates quotation marks, when saying deputy head, makes me laugh. This family is a lot more down to earth and genuine than mine and I like it.

"Yeah, and?" Nath asks, not at all bothered.

"And she informed me that she caught you smoking on school grounds" his Dad says, looking angry. I bow my head as I knew that he smoked at school.

"Well she's a little late with her 'call the parents scare', this was yesterday, and today actually" Nath replies, being a grade A twat. It's as though he thinks that smoking and being big headed would impress me, but it doesn't. Smoking kills you and it's not impressive at all.

"Hand them over" His Dad says, looking more disappointed than angry.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, they were Gray's" he says, finding this funny.

"Nathan Alexander Harper, give me your cigarettes right now" his Mom steps in. I don't find this as funny as I thought I would, because I actually agree with his parents. He shouldn't be smoking, he's cleaver, he knows it's bad for you.

"Mum calm it alright, would I lie to you? They're Gray's" he says, looking her in the eyes, making her seem to believe him a little more.

"I know you wouldn't, just promise me you won't do it again" she says, running her hand back and forth over her chest, in a worrying way.

"I promise" he says, carrying on eating. He's such a talented liar, there's no way he will do as his Mother says.

"If I get one more call from that old bag" his Dad says, taking a seat and tucking into his own dinner. The both of them don't seem that bothered at all, they're so laid back. My Mom or more so Timothy, would go mental if they caught me with a cigarette. Then again, I wouldn't be that stupid. Alcohol, yes, but cigarettes are a definite no no.

"You won't get another call from that old bag" Nath says, imitating what his Dad just said.

"Good, it's the first bloody week back" Greg says.

I feel really awkward now, as though I'm crashing their family dinner. It's not like I don't feel welcome, I guess I just don't want to be here.

"I should probably get going" I say, straightening my knife and fork, although I have only eaten half of it.

"Already?" Francis says, like she wants me to stay.

"Well I've got an awful lot of other work to get on with" I say, not as skilful at lying as Nath.

"Of course" he says, obviously the sarcasm is intended. I consider kicking him in the shin, as it gives me such pleasure, but I'm afraid his parents might notice if I do.

"Well alright then, it's been nice having you over" she says, smiling.

"Thank you for having me" I say, getting up.

"I'll walk you out" Nathan offers, although I really wish he wouldn't.

I'm lovely as I say goodbye to his parents, but then I turn into a moody cow when I walk out with him.

"So school work is your bullshit excuse for getting away from me huh?" He suggests, with a look of disbelief as he stops at the door.

"I'm afraid so" I say, acting devious. I really shouldn't, after what he said earlier, it sounds as though he likes my sarcastic and feisty side.

"Your more than just a pretty face aren't you" he says, standing back and looking pleased. I mean really, who even says that? What does it even mean?

"Okay I'm going to go now"

"Not so fast" he says, annoyingly.

"Nathan don't even bother trying to repeat what happened in the toilets at school yesterday-" I begin.

"Your notebook" he laughs, offering it me from off the side, as I was about to forget it. Well now I look stupid.

I snatch it from him and give him a fairly harsh glare.

"Later beaut" He says, opening the door for me.

He was going to try something, he's just restraining himself, so that I look even more stupid.

"I don't think so, I'd rather-"

"Well tough, I'll be in tutorial with you in the morning"

He loves the fact we have to spend time together against my will.

I refuse to reply to that and instead just leave.

Every time I've been in his company this week, I feel as though I need to go and punch out my anger.

For the second time since being back here, I've returned home before my curfew. Part of me wants to return after my curfew, just to show Timothy he's not the boss of me.

"Hello love" Mom says, when I walk into the living room. Timothy is sat with his head in the evening paper, I've been back a couple of days and I've already gotten used to the fact he doesn't spend much time with the family. He's usually locked away in his study, sorting out his work (but that's a good thing). He takes a glance at his watch as soon as he sees me, it's as though he wanted me to be back after my curfew.

"Where's Scarlett?" I ask, purely out of curiosity, as I don't see her.

"She's out at a friends, she will probably be back late" Mom says. Something about that doesn't seem fair, Scarlett the 15 year old is out late and I'm home at 7:45, me being the one who'll be 18 in a couple of months.

"Did you have a nice time at Nathan's?" She asks. I was hoping he wouldn't be mentioned again tonight.

"Yeah the best" I say. I was being sarcastic, but Timothy looks up, seeming to think I'm being serious. What's it got to do with him anyway?

"Oh right, it's nice you two are getting along again" My Mom says, with a sort of look on her face that's encouraging her to smile, like she doesn't particularly want to.

"It was just for our Drama project that's all" I insist.

"You don't have to justify yourself to me love" she says, making me feel like I'm trying to prove to myself that schoolwork is the only reason I spent time with Nath tonight.

"I'm going to bed" I say, crossing my arms, about to head upstairs.

"It's not even 8 yet darling" Mom points out.

"Who cares?" I say, walking, or more like storming up the stairs. Being back here has just increased my temper, for some reason, every little thing seems to get on my nerves.

When I look through the notes we made for this short play, I realise how good it actually is. Nathan may be a git, but he's actually really smart. I carry on writing, as I have nothing else to do.

Not five minutes later, I'm interrupted by a knock on my door. I don't have chance to respond, Timothy walks straight in. I don't like it that he just walked in without my consent, I could have been changing or something.

"What is it?" I say, sort of expecting him to tell me and then leave.

"I'd like a word"

"Go on then" I say, perhaps being a little rude.

"I'm not sure how I feel about you spending time with Gregory Harper's son" he says intimidatingly. God knows why he can't just refer to him as Nathan.

"I'm not spending time with him" I say, laughing at how stupid he sounds.

"You were round his house half an hour ago" he says, knowingly.

"Yeah not intentionally, I can't stand the guy"

"I hope you're telling the truth, that entire family have a bad reputation and I don't want that inflicting on us" he says, like a stuck up dick head.

"It won't" I say, walking out of my own room.

"I don't appreciate you turning your back on your future step father May" he warns.

"I'm going in the shower okay!" I say, raising my voice and slamming the bathroom door behind me. I wasn't intending on going in the shower, but if it gets me out of being questioned by that twat, then I'll take it.

Timothy really needs to mind his own business. What's going on between Nathan and I really has nothing to do with him. But then again, nothing is going on between us and nothing ever will. I'm about 75% sure of that, he's definitely not going to stay away from me.

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