He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


3. Chapter 3


Scarlett seems harmless, but I don't want a step sister.

"Your friends with Nathan Harper?" She asks, like he's some sort of celebrity.

"No, we are not friends" I say harshly, just as the driver carries on. Why is it such a big deal to her that I was talking to Nath? I suppose he's that guy that all the year elevens are obsessed with. If only they knew what a prick he is.

We get in and I go straight to my room, I've already got stacks of homework, so I decide to get on with some of it.

Nathan has some nerve saying things like that to me, but I can't help finding him extremely attractive. What's wrong with me? He's a dick head, but I can't seem to stop thinking about him.

At six I'm told that Finn has stopped by. It's so weird getting back into this lifestyle, getting used to Finn just living around the corner again. It's probably the only positive thing about coming back here.

"What's up?" I say, hopping down the last few steps of the staircase. I still haven't changed clothes, I'm still in my uniform. Which is surprising, as I hate it so much. Black skirt that is tight on my hips, I think my Mom is convinced I'm a size four or something. Then us girls are forced to wear long sleeve white blouses, along with a red and black striped chiffon bow; I suppose it's better than a tie. We thankfully don't have to wear blazers, although the boys have to. Instead, I wore a black cardigan today.

"How was the first day?" Finn asks.

"Awful" I sigh. He comes in and we go up to my room. He's not gay or anything, but he's intrigued to see the expense of the closet my Mother has arranged for me.

"What was so bad?" He asks, in a tiring voice like he thinks I'm making a big deal out of nothing.

"Where do I start? First I'm cornered by that sick fool Grayson, somehow I forgot how annoying he is and then Nathan is back to his old obsession of taunting me!" I say, pulling an obvious sad face.

"Okay I get it, I hate those two and Isaac" Finn sighs.

"Isaac Anderson? Yeah thankfully he's one that isn't in my Tutorial group" I say, although I'm still pissed off about having to put up with Gray and Nath in my group.

"He missed Tutorial, he was probably skipping class, most likely had an appointment with his drug dealer, God I hate him and the others!" Finn says, getting a little frustrated, just talking about them.

"Why, do they bully you?" I ask, like a concerned Mother. If he says yes, then I can guarantee I will go and kick their asses.

"No they're just dicks" he says, but I'm still worried that they are mean to him.

"Agreed, you should have heard some of the things that creep was saying to me earlier" I say, remembering it gives me shivers.

"Which one?" Finn asks, making me laugh.

"Nathan, he was saying all these typical fuck boy comments and then he asked me to go to a gig tonight, it seems like a few people are going" I mutter, not too intrigued by the idea, but I still think the gig sounds good.

"What he asked you? You've got to go, we've got to go" he says, suddenly looking interested. His enthusiasm makes no sense at all.

"Why? What's changed your tune?" I ask.

"Okay there's this girl I like, her name is Louisa, she was new last year so you wouldn't know her, but she's friends with Alyssa, so they will probably be going" Finn says, looking like he's about to beg me to go. If this Louisa girl is friends with Alyssa, then I doubt she will be that nice. Alyssa has changed a lot since I was friends with her.

"So you want to go?" I ask, dreading his response.

"Please can we? I want her to notice me" he moans, he sounds like a fourteen year old girl, that's dying for a boy to look at them. I've never seen Finn this obsessed with a girl, he's had a girlfriend before, but it was someone he knew from chess club. His most committed relationship was when he and I got married on the school field in year four. Remembering it makes me laugh inside. I guess he does a lot for me, so I could do this one thing for him.

"Fine! But you better not leave me with one of those dicks, he said to meet at 7pm so we better get a hurry on" I say.

"What are you going in your uniform?" He laughs.

"No course not, go and socialise with my Mom while I change" I say, pushing him out my door.

"No problem" he smiles, still pleased I said we can go.

Now what on this earth am I going to wear? Oh yeah, I have a brand new wardrobe, full of brand new things. A gig sounds pretty low key, but I don't want to be underdressed. Like I care how people think I look. Maybe I do care, just a little.

"May come on!" I hear Finn say outside my door, half an hour later. I still look at my reflection and pat down the black skater dress I've decided to wear. It's got lace on the chest and at the top of the arms. Thankfully it's a cross between casual and dressy. I've given my hair a bit of extra volume and topped up my eyeliner and mascara. The only thing I need to choose is a pair of shoes. Those heels can go home, I'm not stumbling down the street in them. I choose a pair of flat, black boots and grab my bag. Why am I even going? It will be hell.

"Finally, I forgot how long it takes you to get ready" Finn laughs, as I walk out.

"I'm a girl, what do you expect?" I joke. He's just stayed in what he was wearing before, jeans, a blue shirt and converse. I'm dreading this.

Just as we're about to leave, I'm stopped by Timothy, who has just got back from his offices.

"Where are you going May?" He asks, frowning at my dress.

"Finn and I are just going to a gig" I say, attempting to leave again.

"Where is it?" He asks and I realise I don't actually know. We are meeting at the bar, but that's not where the gig is.

"Erm just in town, see you later" I say.

"I want you back by 11:00pm it's a school night" he demands. How can he boss me around? He's not my Father.

"My Mother didn't give me a curfew" I say and he doesn't look too impressed by my back chat.

"Well I'm giving you one, I'm sure she would agree with me" he says, giving me an intimidating look. I'm about to argue back before Finn sorts it out.

"It's okay May, we will only be there a couple of hours, let's go" he says and we leave.


I get the car to pick up Gray and Isaac. Then we're driven into town, where we meet up with Vivian and Alyssa and a few of their friends. It doesn't take long for Isaac and Alyssa to start lip locking. They're not a couple or anything, they're just fuck-buddies. I can't remember the last time one of us had an actual girlfriend, you just get bored of them. Viv (Vivian) is giving me the eye already. We've hooked up a few times, only when I've been off my face. She's got long black hair and always wears her trade mark red lipstick. Ripped tights cover her white legs and she's in a crop top and skirt. She looks beddable, but every time I see her I think, been there done that.

"Alright Nath?" She winces.

"Yeah I'm good and you look it" I tease, I can't help myself. I'm flirty and horny all the time lately.

As we go into the bar, I wonder whether May will show, I hope so. I tell the guys I invited her and they seem surprised.

"What May Lockwood?" Isaac says, in between ordering drinks. We look old enough to not be ID'd.

"You haven't seen her?" I ask.

"I skipped half the day, I was out of it" he says.

"Well you missed a treat, she was hot before but, now she's improved even more" Gray says, his choice of words make me laugh.

"She was a little prude though, you didn't even fuck her did you?" Isaac says, rolling his eyes. May and I never actually dated, we went on a date, but she wouldn't give it up to me. We can soon change that.

"Nope, but she's no virgin anymore" I say, hoping more and more that she will turn up.

"Want to have a bit of fun?" Gray suggests.

"Go on?" I say, taking a swig of my bourbon.

"Fancy having a bet? See who can fuck her first?" He says.

"You're on" I say, pretty determined.

"Prepare to lose fellas" Isaac says, smashing his glass into mine. I'm the one that has a past with May, surely I have the advantage. I'll get her so obsessed with me, she will be dying to hook up with me.

"What are you lot talking about?" Viv says, purposely reaching over me to grab her drink.

"Just having a bet, that's all" I say and she won't quit asking questions until I tell her.

"Oh, well my money is on Gray" she says, smirking to him.

"Why?" I demand.

"Because you're too into me to want to hook up with anyone else" she says to me, I know her well enough to realise she's just joking. At least I hope she's joking.

"You wish" I tease.

"What is Finn Sanders doing here" she laughs, making me turn around quicker than anyone.

"He's here with May" I say, looking just behind him and seeing her. As if she's actually turned up, that's impressive. What's even more impressive is what she's wearing. It shows a little bit of cleavage, but it could show more and the dress could be a little shorter, it already reaches halfway up her thigh.

I'm definitely going to win this bet, I want her and I tend to get what I want.

"Wow she's, changed" Viv says, adjusting her own outfit, I assume feeling jealous. Alyssa is first to say hello to them and invite them over.

"Alright guys?" I say, finishing my drink, which didn't last long. Finn doesn't respond, he just wonders off to a couple of Alyssa's friends. I would say Alyssa and Vivian's friends, but Viv is sort of a loner and she likes it that way.

"Hey Finn don't-" May begins to quietly yell at Finn for leaving her. Why am I sensing that she doesn't want to be here?

"Drink?" Alyssa asks her.

"Sure, I'll have a vodka and Coke" she says, realising she has no choice but to stay in our company.

"I'll get it" I say, knowing that will make her uncomfortable.

"No it's fine" she begins, but I've already ordered it now. I grab my wallet out of my jacket pocket and pay for her drink. It doesn't bother me, it's a true fact that girls are more into you if you buy them things. However, I don't think May is one of those girls, but it's worth a shot.

"Shall I slip something stronger in there? She might be a bit more easy if I do" Isaac says, under his breath. It's really bad, but for a second I actually consider it. But I couldn't.

"No, you can't cheat Isaac" I say, like that's the only reason I don't want him to spike her drink.

"Fine" he sighs.

"Didn't see you today, how are you May?" He says, turning around to face her. He's acting nothing but charming, clearly trying to trick her.

"Isaac, yeah I'm good, you?" She replies, being extremely more polite to him than she has been to me. From what I recall, she hates him an Gray as much as she hates me.

"Great, catch you in a bit" he says, smiling before returning to Alyssa and Viv. Now it's just me and her, I'm surprised Gray isn't here desperately trying to charm her. We don't take bets lightly.

"So you did come then" I say, remembering her making it pretty clear that she wasn't going to come tonight. I hand her the drink I just got for her.

"I'm only here because Finn wanted to come" she says shortly.

"You sure you didn't come to see me?" I ask, noticing her blush.

"Seriously? Of course not" she replies, before she looks over to Finn and attempts to leave me.

"Come on, why can't we just forget what happened before you left?" I suggest, as I stop her from going.

"You know perfectly well why not!" She says and I let her go. This is not going to be easy. What happened with us isn't even that bad.

After about ten minutes we head to a club in town where the gig is. I notice Gray attempt to talk to May, but thankfully she seems to ignore him.

Even though it's a gig, she spends the most of the night talking to Finn and another girl. Our year group is so small that I should know who the girl is, but I don't. Isaac and Gray have hardly made an attempt on chatting up May. Then again, Isaac went to the toilets with Alyssa ten minutes ago, he just wants a girl to fuck, he doesn't care who it is.

"I'm going to hook up with her" I say to Gray over the music, before taking a swig of my drink. Looking at her on the verge of the forming mosh pit that's in front of the stage.

"Good luck with that" he laughs.

I catch Finn before he goes up to the bar to get what looks like another glass of lemonade. I don't have anything against the guy, he's just a bit of a bore. The type that's too scared to use or get ID and hang out with us.

"Can I help you?" He says, sort of sighing. I guess he hates me, probably because I'm everything he wants to be.

"Why won't May even look at me?" I ask.

"After everything that happened with you two, I think she's trying to erase you from her memory" he says, not an inch of care in his voice, like he agrees with her.

"Nothing hardly happened" I moan, shaking my head. I laugh a bit, as the both of them are so melodramatic.

"Just leave her alone, she wants nothing to do with you" he says, making me seem like a bad guy. At that point he walks off.

"Oh whatever, enjoy your lemonade tosser" I say, I can't help my anger sometimes. I know it makes me sound like a prick, but it's hard to stop it. Gray repeats my comeback in a sarcastic way. I look and see May is now on her own. I sense an opportunity.

As soon as she sees me, she walks in the complete opposite direction. I follow her, maybe looking like a bit of a creep, but I couldn't care.

"Where are you going?" I say, when she makes her way into the mosh pit. She's so petite and not used to crowds like this. She forgets about me being the thing she can't get rid of, when she realises she's trapped herself amongst all these people. She unlike me, gets pushed about a lot, I just barge people out of my way.

"May come here!" I say, offering her my hand as she's completely stuck unless she does. She takes it and I easily get us out the other side. The smell of alcohol on people's breath's and sweat got really gross. Now I can smell a coconut or almond oil sort of smell on May. It makes me want her more.

"Would you rather get squashed than talk to me?" I laugh.

"Yeah I would" she says with her arms crossed. If that were the truth then why would she take my hand?

"Don't exaggerate May, you're just trying to push me away" I say, trying to hold back a knowing look.

"You're right, I am trying to push you away, so go away" she protests.

"You'll want me sooner or later" I say, teasing her by running my hand down the side of her dress. It's like I'm teasing my self, as I feel my jeans tighten. One night with her is all I need.

"You're always so full of yourself aren't you? That hasn't changed" she says, huffing. Just as I'm about to give her another cheeky comment that will wind her up, Finn rejoins her.

"What are you doing over here?" He asks her, giving me a dirty look. Probably because I called him a tosser five minutes ago.

"Nothing, let's get going" she says, about to walk off before I stop her.

"Where do you think you're going beaut?" I say.

"Home, I have to be back by ten" she says, can she not bare to be in my company that much, that she makes up some bullshit excuse to get away from me.

"Isn't your curfew at 11?" Finn says, making her give him a discrete look. I smirk at her.

"Let's just go" she says, dragging Finn away. I laugh to myself as I watch her go, taking advantage of the view.

At around 1pm I get home, completely bladdered. It's school tomorrow, but I'm used to staying up late.

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