He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


2. Chapter 2

After I've had an hour or so to unpack, my Mom knocks my door before entering. I've pretty much finished unpacking, I just have to find a home for everything now.

"Aw I'm so happy to have you back darling" she says, her face still beaming.

"Yeah, glad to be back" I lie. I really wish I was back home. It doesn't feel right being back here in a different house.

"How's your new room then? Have you seen your wardrobe?" She asks, looking excited.

"No, what wardrobe?" I say.

"That one" she says pointing to a door in the corner.

"Oh I just assumed that was a bathroom" I say, guessing I sound pretty stupid.

"No of course not, have a look!" She says, clapping her hands together. This room is big enough, but a walk in wardrobe as well, wow.

"Oh my God Mom" I say, it's quite big and full of new clothes.

"Do you like it?" She asks.

"I love it, but Mom this is too much, how much did all this cost?" I say, catching a glimpse of a few designer labels.

"Oh don't worry about that" she says, eager for me to have a look at everything.

"You bought me new uniform too" I say, looking at about five black skirts and white shirts.

"Of course, that's all uniform and then there's the casual section, then over here is a few formal dresses and-"

"Mom honestly you shouldn't have done all this" I insist, but she doesn't take any notice.

"Well enjoy! And over here is a space for your bridesmaids dress, when we go for a fitting" she says. I forgot about the wedding, it's pretty clear that I don't want to go.

"What you've picked a date?" I say.

"Of course, we've been waiting for you to come back, so it's on the 1st of November" she says. Holy crap that's two months from now.

"Great" I say, pretending to be happy. Why couldn't she have cheated on my Dad with someone nicer than Timothy?

She offers to help me sort my things out. I accept as I'll be here all night otherwise.

"So you're father told me you had to end you're relationship to come back home" she says, very maturely.

"Oh yeah, he wasn't that special" I say, just so she doesn't feel bad. It's not an entire lie, coming over here was kind of my get out card. His name was Caleb, he got a bit clingy in the end.

"Good" she says, making my mouth drop open.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask, sort of offended.

"I just wouldn't want you settling down with some greasy haired, Spanish boy, that doesn't deserve you" she says, being snobbish. Caleb was nothing like that, he was very attractive.

"No offence taken" I say, sarcastically.

"Come on love I'm just looking out for you" she says.

"Well don't, your help is not needed" I say, a bit harshly.

"Nathan seemed very interested in you" she says, completely out of the blue

"No he didn't and anyway, I couldn't give a damn" I say, very annoyed at what she's suggesting. I realise I'm a little snappy in response, but I don't like what she's getting at.

"I think you'll find he did, he agreed when his Mother said you'd grown into a lovely young lady" she says. Why would she tell me that? It's like she thinks I care; which I clearly don't.

"I don't care" I say, sighing, this conversation is making me uncomfortable. That was one luxury about living with my Dad, he never once questioned me on boys. He accepted that Caleb was my boyfriend and didn't think anything of it. I forgot what it's like to have you're Mom desperate to know every single thing that is going on in your life.

"Calm down" she laughs, in response to my comment.

"Well you know I don't like him Mom!" I say, hoping she can see what I'm saying.

"Oh never mind then" she says, realising she's hit a nerve.

"Thank you for all my new things Mom, but I just want to go to bed" I say, hoping she will understand. All this talk about Nathan Harper is doing my head in, the jerk is still annoying me and he's not even here.

When I was given the opportunity to come back here, I never thought it through properly. All the people I gladly said goodbye to when I left, I shall be seeing very soon. I can't even change my mind and go back to Spain, because I've now convinced my Dad that coming back here is for the best. I'm just so glad I've got Finn, he's the only one I stayed in contact with when I left.

On Sunday evening all I can think is how much I'm dreading tomorrow. It's going to be so weird. St George's academy isn't just a normal school. It's a private school where the fees cost thousands. There's only thirty kids in each year. I was lucky to get my space back.

Back to present day:

After walking away from that total ass, I try and calm down. He really makes my blood boil. Maybe he's right, I am holding onto the past, but I have every right to. I know what he's like and I want nothing to do with him, there's no way he's changed; if anything, he's gotten worse.

I look down at the plastic wallet I was given on my arrival. It's full of different pieces of paper, telling me what classes I have and what Tutorial group I'm in. When I catch up with Finn, we compare schedules, just as he becomes distracted by something. I realise it's someone he's distracted by when I look up.

"Do you remember Willow?" Finn says, randomly.

"No" I say, confused.

"Yeah you do, Willow Harper, well she's my friend now" he says, like he forgot to fill me in, is she my replacement?

"Willow Harper, Isn't that Nathan's cousin?" I say, on the verge of moaning like crazy.

"Yes, but before you panic, they're complete opposites" he says, trying to hide the fact she's related to the most poisonous, tosser at this school. Maybe that's a bit extreme, but after our previous encounter, I'll say any harsh comment I want.

"I remember her now" I say, realising she's actually really nice. I judge too quickly, maybe I'm like my Mother in that matter.

"Well she's coming over" he says, nodding ahead. A shortish girl with shoulder length light brown hair, is heading in our direction. She like me is wearing the uniform, but her skirt is nearer to her knee. I wish my skirt was longer, it's like my Mom wants me to get into trouble for my uniform. I can imagine she probably just brought these skirts because she liked the label, not the practicality of them.

Willow has a large smile on her face when she walks up to us. They exchange hellos and then she notices me.

"Hi May, I heard you were coming back" she says. Great, does that mean my return has been some form of gossip around here? It's not even that big of a deal.

"Hey Willow, how're you?" I ask, being friendly.

"Good thanks" she says.

"What Tutorial group are you two in?" I ask.

"We're both in 13A" Willow says.

"Great" I sigh.

"13B?" Finn asks, gritting his teeth, he knows I'm not happy about that.

"Yep, that's just typical" I moan, as I make my way to the headmaster's office and Willow and Finn carry on to Tutorial. There was a post it note on the front of the plastic wallet, telling me to go see him, this should be fun.

"Good luck" Finn laughs.

After knocking on the door, I have to wait outside with his receptionist for a little while. Why ask me to a meeting, If he's too busy? I'm waiting around for at least ten minutes. I've missed the majority of Tutorial now.

"You can go in now May" Miss Godfrey, his receptionist tells me.

"Yay thanks" I say and she doesn't look too impressed by my sarcasm.

I barge straight in, realising I probably should have knocked, but who cares?

"You wanted to see me?" I ask, as I walk on in.

"Ah May, yes, sit down" he says, looking up from his desk. He hasn't changed in the past two years. His hair is more grey and combed to the side, as it always was. A white shirt and bow tie is his usual style. Today he's wearing a deep red one.

"Now then..." He begins to say, God knows what this is all about.

"It's obviously great to have such a talented student return" he says, clapping his hands together.

"Thank you" I say, not really knowing how to respond to that.

"Yes, but I just wanted to have a little chat, just to ensure you won't be falling back into your old habits" he says, the most polite way possible.

It's fair to say that when I found out my parents were divorcing, I went a little off the rails, but I had every right to. Anyway I wasn't that bad, I just cut a few classes, skipped a few essays and maybe turned to alcohol. But that's all in the past, I got over it.

"I'm a different person now Sir" I say.

"Yes I can believe that, but I don't want you giving this school a bad name" he replies, sort of looking down on me.

"Have you not met some of the students that go here, it's them you want to talk to, not me" I say, frustratingly crossing my arms.

"Attitude May!" He scolds.

"Sorry, look you don't need to worry about my past, I came back here for a good education, I'm not going to screw that up" I say, regretting letting my anger show before.

"Good, then I wish you look, your Mother and stepfather are on the school board, I'm sure they'd agree with what I'm saying" he says, I agree, Timothy would, but I hope my Mom wouldn't. After all, it was half her fault that I went a little off the rails last time. It turned out that my Dad was also cheating on my Mom with Juliette when he found out about Timothy. So neither of them blames the other, they're still on okay terms I suppose.

"Right, is that all?" I ask.

"Yes that's all, thank you for your time, you can go on to assembly there's only five minutes left of Tutorial" he says. I get out of there as soon as possible.

The halls are empty, so I use these last five minutes to see if I can remember which way the school hall is.

I walk down the corridor and then see someone by the toilet doors. When I get closer, I notice it's two people. A girl and boy full on snogging against the wall. He has his hands on her legs, roughly pulling up the edges of her school skirt. She grabs on his black and red striped tie, as he continues kissing her. I should probably retrace my footsteps, this has the potential of being awkward.

I'm too close now, I can hear him heavily breathing. His hair is brown, almost blonde and gelled at the front. The shirt he is wearing is untucked and his blazer is on the floor, next to his bag.

I clear my throat, pretending I haven't seen them. He looks up, still breathing heavily. She looks around to see why he isn't still kissing her.

"What? Beat it" he says, harshly.

"With pleasure" I say, rolling my eyes, about to carry on walking.

"Wait, I know you" he says, now pulling away fully from the girl. "You can piss off now" he mutters to her and she hurries off, looking scared of what he would say if she didn't leave. How can he talk to her like that? I don't recognise her, so she must be in the year below, or younger.

As soon as he grabs his bag and looks at me with his light blue eyes, I recognise him. Grayson Blackburn.

He is in my year and he's also a complete fuckboy. That's what he was two years ago, in year eleven, so he's probably ten times worse now.

"No you don't" I say, carrying on with getting out of his company.

"I recall that tone, May" he says, pulling me back and smirking.

"Gray" I respond rolling my eyes, no one calls him by his stupid name 'Grayson'.

"Heard you were coming back" he says, looking pleased.

"Yeah what's the big deal?" I ask.

"We missed you around here, it's good to have you back" he says.

"Well it's not so great to be back" I say.

"Do you want to have some fun? You used to like having fun" he mutters. I don't even know what he's talking about. I don't have a past with him like I do with Nathan.

"Oh shut up" I say, hoping he will leave me alone.

"I'll do anything you want me to honey" he says, calling me honey just makes me feel weird.

"Your so stupid" I say, knowing that won't offend him.

"Actually I'm achieving A grades" he replies, hitting me back with his big headed personality.

"So your skipping tutor? Real mature" I say.

"I'd rather fool around with some hottie in the hallway, compared to wasting my life listening to Mr Haroldson drone on about the rules" he says, the way he refers to that girl does not surprise me.

"Who was that poor girl anyway? I'm assuming she isn't even legal yet" I ask.

"Is that what you think of me? If so then you're right"

"You're disgusting" I say, walking away.

"Off to assembly? Me too" he says, joining me.

He tried to talk to me the whole way to the school hall, but I pretty much ignored him.

"Well it's been nice bonding with you" he says, curving the corner of his lip. I look away from him and he finally pisses off and joins his friends. Looking at them, I start to remember everyone. Me being curious, I take a good look at them all, that's when Nathan catches me staring. He decides to walk over to me, he strolls with his hands in his pockets. His dark hair is rough, but still styled. I notice he's wearing black skinny jeans, typically challenging the school uniform regulations. His black jumper is covering the top of his jeans, which for some reason is the place he caught me staring.

I need to figure out some escape routes, for whenever I have to be in his company. Finn and Willow are no where to be seen, that's probably because they're in the other side, meaning all these dick heads are in my tutorial group.

"Skipping tutor already? That's impressive, your back to your old ways I see" he smirks.

"Actually, I was with Headmaster Whitmore, for your information" I say, giving him a matter of fact look.

"Misbehaving are you?" He asks, looking intrigued as to why I was in the headmaster's office.

"Nathan what do you want?" I say, getting fed up of his company.

"I'm just having a conversation with you Beaut, no need to bite my head off" he says casually.

"I didn't think it was possible for you to turn into even more of a dick than you already were" I say, hoping to offend him.

"Your extremely sexy when your tetchy with me" he replies, looking me down and then up, focussing just below my skirt.

"You can't just say that to me" I insist, looking away as his eyes were intimidating me.

"I can say whatever I like" he says, just as a few of the people he was with join us, meaning I can't react to his annoying comment.

"Oh my gosh, May?" A girl says, releasing her arm from around a guys waist.

"Alyssa?" I repeat, almost looking repulsed, when I see how much she's changed. She used to be my friend, but obviously not a good one, as I never stayed in contact with her. The colour of her hair has gone from brown to bleach blonde, she's tarted up her face and decided to wear heels to school. It's only when I notice she's wearing a dark coloured bra through her white shirt that I see love bites on her neck. She's completely changed, I don't want to be harsh, but she's turned really slutty.

"Your back, I've missed you" she says, throwing her arms around me, whilst I stand there awkwardly.

"Yeah, you said you'd come visit" I say, under my breath.

"Oh right, I've been very busy" she says.

"For two years?" I ask, she drops the conversation and then carries on saying hello to other people.

I'm stuck with Nathan and Grayson, as Alyssa is now occupying the company of about three other boys.

"So Nath, who've you got your eye on this year?" Gray says, this is about to become a typical guy talk that I'm not willing to be a part of.

"Quite a few" he says, before giving me a discrete look. He's about to say something before I notice the other tutorial group arrive and go straight to find Finn.

"Oh May, forget to mention" Gray says, as I turn around to see what he wants.

"That's a nice skirt" he says, making Nathan snigger. I give them a harsh glare and carry on walking to Finn. They are so pathetic. I wish I could say it was just those two, but there's a third member of their horrible group. Isaac Anderson, whom I notice when seeing the other group. At least one of them is in the other tutorial group. But I still have to put up with Nath and Gray.

"Thank God" I say, when I get to Finn and Willow.

"What did Mr Whitmore want?" Finn asks.

"Never mind that, have you seen the people that are in my Tutorial group?" I say, ready to have a break down. This is the worst luck. Just as he's about to reply, we're all hushed.

"Sit down everyone, silence" our deputy headmistress says. We all sit on the rows in the hall and endure a boring thirty minute assembly with the year 12s. Surely now that we're year 13s, we shouldn't have to go to assembly. But no, we do.

I find out I'm in Mathematics with Alyssa, when I get to third lesson. There's enough desks for one each, so I don't have to sit next to her.

Thankfully I've found out I'm with Finn in 5 out of 6 classes. It's not too bad I suppose, it's just because the idiot didn't decide to do Drama, like I did. Mathematics and English Literature are compulsory, then we choose four more subjects to specialise in. I carried on with Geography, Drama, Sport and French, bit of a weird combination, but I don't care. My Mother wasn't too impressed when I said I was doing Sport and Drama.

The days at St George's are a lot longer than I remembered them, so I'm relieved when I walk out the gates. Finn stays for chess club, so I leave on my own. Chess club makes him sound like a loser, but he's really not one.

"Alright beaut?" I hear that voice say, the voice that is going to start becoming more and more familiar. I look to see Nathan lingering away form his mates and closer to me. He's got a lit cigarette carelessly held in his left hand by his side. His friends all make a stupid noise when he's approaching me, as though they are egging him on.

"Smoking is bad for you" I say, rolling my eyes and walking away. It's as though he thinks it would impress me.

"I don't care, but, I'll put it out just for you" he says, flicking it in the grass and deciding to walk with me.

"I can walk home on my own thanks" I insist.

"So, are things still where I left them with you?" He asks, lifting his eyes. What does that even mean? He's acting mysterious, he always used to be like that. The weirded out look I'm giving him, makes him realise I haven't got a clue what he's asking.

"Is your virginity still intact?" he asks, who the hell asks that? This is a violation of my privacy.

"To your disappointment, I'm afraid not" I say, it's like he wants me to be a virgin, I'm eighteen in like two months, what does he expect?

"Wow impressive, Spain changed you"

"Yeah, my extremely muscly and gorgeous boyfriend saw to it a long time ago" I say, crossing my arms and looking smugly at him. Caleb was pretty stunning, but I hate to say that Nathan is even better. I would never admit that to him though.

"Boyfriend?" He says, disbelievingly.

"Fine, ex boyfriend" I say, folding my arms.

"Good, it wouldn't have bothered me whether you had one or not, I'm still going to take what I want" he says, giving me a deep, flirty look. Why are all the assholes so attractive? It's not fair.

"You creep" I say, ditching him.

"Not so fast beaut" he says, grabbing my hip and pulling me back so I'm inches away from him.

"What is the matter with you? Let me go" I demand.

"If you come to a gig tonight, then I will" he says, like its a statement, not a question. I feel his breath against me, as I look up and see him smirk. I can smell the expense of his aftershave on his neck, which must have rubbed onto his white shirt.

"No, there's no way" I say, laughing it off.

"You sure about that?" He asks, grasping me tighter.

"Alright fine! But I'm bringing Finn" I snap, he lets me go slightly.

"Finn Sanders, you're actually good friends with him aren't you?" he says, finding it silly. What has he got against Finn? Just because Finn is a good guy, that avoids bad things like cigarettes and actually turns up to all his lessons.

"You know I am dumbass" I say.

"Fine, but will you stop looking at me like I'm dangerous" he says, thinking he's being sexy and alluring, but he is not.

"Well I'm sorry, but you are dangerous, that's why I want you stay away from me" I say, now fully out of his grip.

"How would you know? You've been back like two days" he says.

"I remember the Nathan I used to know and that's enough to put me off for life" I say, strongly rolling my eyes.

"Most girls like it" he says, raising his chin as though he's seeming full of himself.

"Only stupid girls like it" I say, impressed with my comeback.

"Whatever, so I'll be seeing you later?" He asks.

"No I don't think so, now that I'm thinking about it, what would possess me to voluntarily spend time with you?" I say, holding my hands in the air, like I can't think of one reason.

"Meet you at the bar in town, 7pm" He replies, completely ignoring me saying I'm not going. The way he says it, just makes me remember all the memories I have at the bar. Everyone from St George's hangs out there, those that have fake ID anyway.

"Can you not here me? I'm not going to be there!" I say.

"I can hear you just fine beaut, but you said you would come, so you're coming"

Before I can reply, I hear a car horn and then notice a black Bentley pull up beside me.

"Hey May, you coming?" Scarlett says, with the window down just a little. I guess I have no choice, but to accept the lift. It has the potential of being awkward, talking to her the other day was the most words we've ever exchanged. But right now, I love her for saving me from Nathan.

"Would you look at that, I've got to go" I say, pretending I care.

"If you come to the gig, we could take the party back to mine, what do you say?" he asks, giving me the eye. I make it clear his comment was sleazy. I shut the door harshly behind me, relieving my anger just a little. As much as I hate him, this gig sounds good. Maybe I could go and just not socialise with him. Then again, there's no way he would let that happen.

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