He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


19. Chapter 19


"Morning" I mutter, holding back a smirk. May sits up in my bed, stretching her arms out, as I stand leaning against the doorway to my ensuite. I guess last night was a blur to her.

"Morning to you too" she says, wiping under her eyes to wake herself up.

How? How does she look so good when she's been sleeping for 7 hours. She didn't take her make up off last night, who knows why. If she's self conscious then there's really no need. Not to sound like a cliche, but she's always been a pretty girl, I'd know due to the fact we've known each other our whole lives.

"How are you feeling?" I ask, rather seriously which I seem to be doing a lot lately.

"Urghhh!" She exclaims, grabbing one of the pillows and screaming into it, as she slumps back down to a lying position. Her perfectly curled hair is spread over the pillow behind her head.

"That bad huh?" I laugh, standing up straight as I walk over to my side of the bed and grab my phone. It's weird, having her here seems so normal.

"Yeah that bad, seriously! Fuck my life" she moans, sitting up again; she's such a fidget.

"Let it out beaut" I respond, pretty chill about her outburst.

"I've never hated anyone more than that bastard man!" She shouts, yet again.

She pulls the covers from herself and gets up. I notice her bare legs, my hoody is big enough on her to cover her knickers. That doesn't change the fact that I'm still turned on.

"Well, you're going to stay away from him and that house right?" I say, just needing her to say it to reassure me.

"Of course" she says, we catch each other's eyes. She wraps her arms around herself, the sleeves of my hoody cover her hands. Her attitude has changed now, almost as though she's forgot about Timothy for a second and remembered where she is.

"Sorry for calling you" she says, looking at the floor. That's the most ridiculous thing she could have said to me, have I not made it clear that I was happy to be there for her?

"May it's nothing" I say, realising I'm thinking about it too much. I too look away.

It's not like I have feelings for her. Like I said, I've known her forever, of course I care about her wellbeing.

"I best sort my things out and get a hotel" she says, walking over to her bag.

"You can stay as long as you want beaut" I tell her casually.

"Thanks, but I should probably go somewhere Timothy won't be able to find me" she says.

"Yeah I understand that" I say.

"Crap!" She exclaims. I frown at her, confused.

"What now?" I laugh, walking over to her.

"St George's! I don't even have my uniform" she says, hands on her head.


"What do you mean so?" She says, as though this is the end of the world. She always was a good student, until I started hanging around with her that is.

"Bunk off, go get yourself checked in somewhere, I'll cover for you" I insist.

"Is that bad?"

"Probably, but who gives a fuck?" I say, as she shrugs her shoulders in agreement.

"You're turning me into a rebel Nathan Harper" she frowns, not entirely convinced. It's true I suppose, I do bring out her bad side, but she needs to live a little.

"You've always been a rebel at heart" I say, grabbing a towel for my shower. She clicks onto what I'm doing and instantly gets together her things.

"Don't fancy having a shower with me then huh?" I tease. I'm unsure whether I'm being serious or not, the thought of it sounds pretty decent.

"Dream on" she tuts, deep down finding it funny.

"Alright, your loss" I wink, heading into my ensuite.

"I'm going to go then, thanks again-"

"Stop apologising already! It's fine beaut" I say, shaking my head to show how fine it really is. My night was fairly boring last night, until she decided to ring me.

"Thank you, bye" she teases, grating on me in a good way. I watch her open my door and I turn around, intending on carrying on with my shower.



Two voices say in unison, both full of surprise. For some reason I panic and my eyes widen.

I look around the door and see my Mum and May face to face in my bedroom doorway. I don't see May's facial expression, but my Mum looks gobsmacked. Clearly my Mum was just about to enter as May was leaving.

"I was... I was just leaving... nice to see you Fran" May says to her, the words rushing out as she quickly walks past her and carries on her way out.

"Yes erm, you too... bye love" Mum says to her, down the corridor, acting completely bewildered.

She looks utterly horrified as she turns back to me, lowering her head at me and raising her eyebrows.

"Care to explain?" she mutters, with a knowing look. How kind of May to leave me to talk my way out of this one.

The thing is, my Mum has walked in and seen a girl in here before. But the girl being May, makes this situation completely different. Different in a bad way.

"It's not what you think" I say, which comes across as utter bullshit. It was the most innocent night ever, much to my lack of appreciation. I would never force May into it, I might suggest things, but I'd never physically do anything she didn't want me to. Besides, she had a rough time last night, I guess the last thing she wanted was to hook up with me. That doesn't mean it's not something I haven't thought about, is been at least a week, I need May again.

"Nathan Alexander Harper what have you done?" Mum asks, a lot of disappointment in her voice. It's none of her business anyway. The reason she's annoyed is because she loves May, she worships her I swear to god. Her and my Dad see her as this innocent rule-abider that would never get up to the things I do. They are so wrong. I understand that recently and in the time before she left, I had a lot to do with May's acting out, but she's her own person.

Plus, she kind of initiated the sex the first time.


"Do you take me as some kind of fool son?" She asks rhetorically, shaking her head. I'm surprised by her reaction. I didn't think she would be this bothered. Her and my Dad tease me about May all the time, but they never believed that she would be foolish enough to actually go for me, again how wrong they are.

There's always been a physical attraction between myself and May, it was bound to happen.

"She had a little disagreement with that vile Stepfather of her's, I said she could stay here" I insist, loosing eye contact, as the death stare she's giving me is getting a little intense.

"Oh I can believe that, but can I believe my son actually selflessly offered a vulnerable girl to stay in his bed?!" She shouts, sarcastically.

"Well believe it Mother!" I say back, honestly getting sick of her constant digs at me being a bad guy. Just because Izzy was such an 'angel', she thinks I should act the same way.

"Tell me everything right now, because if Timothy and Cassandra know about this then I know for a fact you will be in big trouble" she says, widening her eyes at me now.

"There's nothing to tell and anyway..." I begin, before my wondering mind takes me off track. How does my Mum know that Timothy doesn't want me and May spending any time together? I haven't said anything and May would never tell my Mum that.

"Hang on, what makes you say that?" I ask, holding my arms.

"Say what?" She asks, clearly as confused as I am.

"That Timothy and her Mum wouldn't be happy to hear about this" I respond.

"Well... he and your father had a little chat at the wedding and..."

"Did he threaten Dad too?!" I yell, damn right pissed off now.

What does this narcissistic bastard have against me? Who the fuck does he think he is to not only threaten me, but my Dad as well.

"He's a powerful man son, even your father is wary of him" she tells me. It takes me by surprise, because my father is the sort of man that doesn't take any shit from anyone.

"This is so petty and ridiculous" I argue, chucking my towel across the room.

"I know! But you've just got to deal with it, whatever is going on with May, put an end to it. Our families still need to be civil" she says, which to me sounds like some Montague and Capulet bullshit.

"Nothing is going on with her!" I insist, my hands finding the back of my head, as I get frustrated.

"Do you think I'm stupid? I'm not blind, I can see exactly what's going on" she says, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"Just drop it Mum seriously" I say, actually annoyed now, I find my towel again and head to my bathroom.

"It's impossible to have a conversation with you! Hurry up, the car will be here shortly" she tells me, before leaving and slamming my door shut.

How ridiculous?

May and I have slept together twice, that's it. Timothy needs to calm the fuck down and more fool my parents for actually feeling intimidated by his threats. I'm not going to be as vulnerable as them, I can do what I want with whoever I want.

Timothy Edwardson might scare my parents, but he doesn't scare me.

Johnny our driver picks me up around 8am and heads to St George's. Gray can get his own lift to school, ever since the dance he's really pissed me off. The guy can be a right pretentious wanker when he wants to be. First buggering off to fool around with May's evil little brat of a Stepsister and not being present to actually escort her. Then he cornered me afterwards to insinuate that I have strong feelings for May which he knows is complete nonsense.

That's Gray, he's a stirrer and he loves causing trouble.

School is guaranteed to be boring today. I'm sick of this place. I've spent 14 years of my life in private education and I've just about had enough.

I look up at the old building as I get out of the car and head up to the gates.

Things soon get interesting when I look up and see two people running down the stone steps from the front entrance. It's appears to be Isaac running after Alyssa. I'm actually surprised that he is even at school at this time, he's usually smacked out from whatever pills he took the night before.

"Alyssa get back here!" He yells, clearly angry. She is crying, I haven't seen Lyssa cry in ages. I guess Viv toughened her up throughout their friendship.

"Stay away from me!" She yells, storming away even faster, as she passes me. She leaves and heads down the footpath. Although she is a bit reckless, it's very unlike her to skip school. Whatever's going on between them must be pretty serious.

Isaac reaches me, intending to carry on.

"Mate leave her" I say, holding him back.

"I can't" he says, looking on at her.

"Pull yourself together" I say, pushing him back. He needs to snap out of it. I make him follow me to the common room.

"Please do explain" I say, sitting down and putting my feet up on the table in front of me. He remains standing, I notice he's totally out of it but it's not like he's high, it's something different.

"It's Lyssa" he mutters, not even looking at me when he talks.

"Yeah I guessed, I thought it was just sex between you two anyway-" I begin.

"Yeah exactly!" He angers, sitting down. I give him a look of confusion, wondering what he's getting at.

"She's... well she might... be pregnant" he mutters, the words sickening him. It's like the floor drops from beneath me. It's self centred of me to think, but I'm just glad I'm not in his shoes. How could they be so stupid?

"Holy fuck" I say, looking at him with my eyes wide. Now his attitude completely makes sense.

"How did that even happen?" I ask, holding my forehead. I'd be bricking it if I were him.

"Fuck knows, I guess we were out of it sometimes and just forgot to you know" he says, his face falling into his palms.

"Okay, first don't tell your folks or Gray loud-mouth for that matter and second, you've got to go and find Alyssa" I say, encouraging him to get up and go.

He barely speaks as he leaves school.

During lunch I wind up sitting with Gray and Viv in the courtyard. Gray lights up and offers me one.

"Na I'm good, I said I'd quit with the smoking" I say.

"What'd your Mother finally say to get through to you?" Gray laughs.

"Nothing actually I just-" I begin, before remembering that it was actually May, I promised her I would stop when we were in Whitmore's office the other day. May, I had totally forgotten about her. Maybe I should check she's found a hotel room alright.

"So, are you going to tell us what the hell is going on with Lyss and our favourite druggie" Viv laughs, getting comfortable in her seat, eager to hear what she wants to know.

"If Lyssa wanted you to know then she would have told you Viv" I say, looking at my phone as I get up and leave. No messages from May, not that I would expect her to check in with me.

"Where the hell are you going?" Gray says, watching me go.

"Who knows" I mutter, turning back to them as I walk.

I notice a message from my Dad. He never texts, so this is odd.

'Can you please come home straight after school son, I need a word'

That's even more weird for him to say. There's no guess in wondering what that's all about. May Lockwood of course.

I head to sport for last lesson. Oddly I'm cornered by Finn. I half expect him to throw a punch at me after everything that he found out at the party the other week.

"What can I do for you Sanders?" I ask, maybe giving him the impression that I can't be bothered to waste my time talking to him.

"I don't want to ask you this question, but have you heard from May at all?" He asks, crossing his arms.

"Hmmm, let me think... maybe last night when we hooked up" I joke, I know how to piss him off. The look he's giving me isn't great, pure hatred written all over his face.

"Whatever, the funny thing is that I actually believe you" he mutters, sighing and turning away.

"Keep your hair on Sanders, I'm only pulling your leg" I laugh to myself. He turns around, sceptical. Clearly he believed what I said.

"So did you see her yesterday or not?" He asks, sick of talking to me already. He does grate on me sometimes, it's irritating how protective he is of May. Being truthful, I do believe that it is platonic between them, he acts like her brother; which is kind of annoying.

"Yeah I did. She told me you two had a little... disagreement... shall we say" I inform him, trying to keep the smirk off my face. I do like to wind people up.

"I don't know why you find that funny, it's your fault" he says, driving me mad with this constant whining. He needs to get over himself.

"How is it my fault-"

"You slept with her!" He says, like it's obviously the reason, which it is but he's just being over dramatic; as usual.

"Last time I checked Sanders, it takes two people to fuck" I say, rolling my eyes. I'm all for the jokes and banter, but he's starting to piss me off now. Why is it that I always get all the blame?

"Whatever, just stay away from her" he argues.

"Don't tell me what to do" I mutter, squaring him up.

"Lads! Break it up, warm up now" Mr Benson says, interrupting us and putting his foot down. I thought he was fairly chill, but since the start of the year he has became very impatient with the disagreements Finn and I keep having.

After doing as my Dad said, I'm at home waiting around for him to get back.

I've changed into jeans and a grey top, that uniform were forced to wear is the worst.

I try calling Isaac, but no answer. I guess he's got more important things to do than answer my call. I still can't get over the idea of Alyssa being pregnant. Her parents would go mental, as would Isaac's.

"Nath" Dad greets when he gets home. You can tell he's had a rough day, let's hope he doesn't take it out on me.

"So, do tell me what is going on" I say, casually taking a seat at the kitchen counter.

Dad loosens his tie, whilst grabbing a class and the bottle of Bourbon out the cupboard.

"Jesus it must be bad" I comment, looking at the bottle. My parents go on at me for drinking, but it's my Dad's fault for giving me my taste for Bourbon.

"Your Mum told me what's been going on with Cassandra's daughter" he says, rather seriously. I roll my eyes and walk away. After today I'm so sick of the confrontation about May Lockwood.

"Nathan, I'm talking to you" he says, following me through the house.

"Yeah... and I don't want to listen"

"Please son, just end whatever is going on between you and May" he asks, remembering how much I dislike doing as I'm told.

"Why?" I ask leaning against the wall and crossing my arms, I can't help my curiosity "...what's Timothy got on you that's so bad?" I ask, outsmarting him.

"That's besides the point, please just do this for me" he says, trying to reason with me. This must be important, he's on the verge of begging. Of course I don't want my Dad getting in any kind of trouble, but why should that bastard Timothy be able to threaten us like this. It's completely out of order.

"Please son" he says again, as I ignored his previous comment.

"There's nothing going on with us anyway. We're not having this conversation" I say, grabbing my bomber jacket and heading for the front door.

"When are you going to grow up?!" He argues, just as I slam the door behind me.

I walk for a while before calling her. It's a short conversation. All afternoon I've been wondering if she's alright and has found somewhere to stay. Of course the conversation with my Dad is lingering in my mind, but that doesn't stop me from ending up at May's hotel room. I knock the door and she lets me in.

"You didn't have to come" she says.

"I wanted to" I smirk. I have no clue where my head is at. I could really do with a drink, but I can wait.

"How was school?" She asks. This is officially unusual, within the past 24 hours we've had nothing but normal conversations. I usually can't speak for ten seconds without her being at my throat.

"Never mind that, have you spoken to your Mum?" I ask, walking into the room. It's a pretty nice room and that bed looks damn comfy. But who would want to sleep in it when there's more interesting things to do.

"No, ten missed calls later and I'm still ignoring her" she says, looking away, not wanting to talk about it.

"Of course you are" I say, letting out a slight laugh. I can't stop thinking about what my Dad said. I've never been one to listen and do as I'm told, but this could be serious.

We look at each other for a moment. She's wearing a casual playsuit that shows her chest. I notice she looks stressed, which is understandable. I hate Timothy in general, but even more so for how he is responsible for this whole situation.

Naturally she leans in and we start kissing, I hold the back of her neck and gently pull her closer. My hand goes through her hair as I loosen her neck. I pull away, which catches her by surprise. That kiss was different, it wasn't the sort of kiss that was leading to more. She looks at the floor, seeming embarrassed that I pulled away. But she has not need to be. If I had it my way, I would have her right here, right now.

"I have to go" I say, looking at the door.

"Oh okay" she says, stepping back and hugging her arms. There's no need for her to feel awkward around me, maybe I'm just putting her in that position.

"See you round then" she says abruptly, walking round to the other side of her bed. I should have know she would get tetchy sooner or later. No matter how nice I've been to her recently, there's always a part of her that is going to hate me.

"May don't-"

"It's fine, you should go" she says, running her hand through her hair and holding her shoulder which drives me crazy.

"Let me know when you take your sassy pants off" I say holding the door on my way out.

"Oh just get out"

"Goodbye to you too May" I say, not at all surprised by her cold goodbye. That's just what she is like, probably her best quality in my opinion.

The whole walk home I have regrets. Why didn't I just sleep with her? She wanted it and so did I. Why do I care about what Timothy or my Mum or my Dad say or think? I can do what I want, surely.

I contemplate going back, I want her so bad now. Annoyingly I'd be surprised if she would even let me back in after that little dispute. I carry on home.

I need to make my mind up. Should I keep my distance from her for my families sake or choose the better option of carrying on with these spontaneous hook ups. I can't get enough of her.

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