He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


18. Chapter 18


It's an uncommon surprise on Monday when I find out that Scarlett is stopping at her Mother's house for the week. She never really mentions her, I guess Timothy would prefer it is she didn't see her Mother. Clearly their marriage ended badly.

I'll still have to see her at school, but it will be nice not having her around. I sound vile, but so is she.

The car is all mine, but instead of taking advantage of it, I decide to walk in with Finn instead. I feel like we are back on track which is nice.

"So, how are you feeling after the other night?" He asks, barely giving me chance to say hello. I think I know what he's getting at, but I just like to double check.

"About what?"

"That twat standing you up during the presentation and then that other twat escorting you and then ditching you at the dance" he says, pointing out the obvious which makes me feel great (sarcasm intended).

"I'm fine" I say, losing eye contact in hope of dropping the conversation. Friday night was an utter disaster; meaning talking about it is the last thing I want to do.

"Clearly not" he laughs, knowing me too well.

"Finn! Enough" I laugh, my voice tiring out.

"I'm worried about you" he says, rather seriously.

"Why? There's no need to be" I say.

"It's Nathan" he says, not being very clear.

"What about him?" I ask, rolling my eyes at the mention of his name. It's fair to say I'm a little (actually a lot) pissed off with him at the moment. I was really grateful for what he did at the dance, but afterwards he was really weird about it. He ignored the text I sent him, making me feel like an utter idiot. Escorting me when his stupid friend decided not to is the least he could have done after everything he's put me through in the past. I shouldn't even be grateful.

"You're growing fairly fond of him, what happened to you hating his guts like every other sane person?" He asks.

"You're wrong I'm not, I still can't stand him" I insist, although the look on his face still seems to not believe me.

"Whatever you say" he sighs. It irritates me when he doesn't believe me.

Once we get to school, we're instantly choked by a swarm of smoke. At first sight I notice it's Vivian and Isaac, then I realise all of them are crowded around the front gates laughing and smoking. Nathan is talking to Gray and they appear to be having a joke, which kind of pisses me off as Nathan seemed a bit angry with Gray the other night. It's funny how quickly people can change and go back to their ordinary selves.

"Oh there's Willow, I'll see you in assembly" Finn says, tapping my shoulder before hurrying away and ditching me. He mustn't have noticed their group as quickly as I did, because if he had then I'm sure he wouldn't have left me on my own. I feel instantly intimidated when I'm around any one of them, so for some reason I pull my black school cardigan even tighter around myself as I briskly walk past them. I hold my breath as I do so, smoking has never really been my thing. What's the point in doing something that could kill you just to seem 'cool'.

"Morning May" Gray teases as I go. I blank him and the others, looking at the ground to avoid eye contact.

"May?" Nath repeats, being naive enough to think I simply didn't here them. I purposely ignore him too and then it becomes pretty obvious that I'm doing it deliberately.

"... Hello... Anyone there?" He says again, hurrying a little to catch up with me as I walk up the steps to the entrance to school. I ignore him for a couple more seconds before realising that he won't leave me alone until I reply to him.

"Good morning Nathan... Now... is that all you wanted?" I say, huffing and rolling my eyes before walking through the door and not bothering to hold it for him, taking pleasure in watching it shut in his face.

"Who's pissed you off then?" He asks, raising his eyebrows as he catches up to me once again.

"No one" I tut.

"Someone has... Scarlett?... Your stepdad? Gray? Yeah it's definitely Gray isn't it?" He asks, thinking he knows everything, when he really doesn't.

"Hmm... Did it ever cross your 'brilliant' mind that it might be you?" I ask, widening my eyes at him. He laughs in response as though he wasn't expecting that response.

"I thought you were head over heels for me after what I did for you the other night" he replies, acting self righteous.

"Would you stop being an obnoxious big head for one second and leave me alone?" I ask, not even being sassy, instead I'm being rather serious.

"I'm guessing it's your time of the month" he says, rolling his eyes. That's just rude and now I'm even more pissed off. How is that the only explanation he can think of? Clearly it's more because I'm sick of his mixed emotions and his stone cold heart which doesn't let him show any sort of feelings.

"Screw you" I tut, contorting my face at him, right before I storm away.

"Yep definitely your time of the month" he mutters, rather loudly as I go. That makes the situation worse because a few people hear him say it.

"Idiot" I sigh.

The other night, I actually thought it was possible that he could change. I must have been out of my mind. I send all the hate to Gray's door, when really Nathan is the biggest dick head around here.

Unfortunately I have Drama third lesson, it's been alright recently, purely because I've been civilised with him. Besides, that project we were working on was dropped not long after it had been set. It was a shame because I thought I did a good job on my script.

Miss Bailey doesn't give us anything to do for the first ten minutes of lesson, she's too busy flicking through her folder, possibly searching for her lesson plan.

I sit with a few girls, knowing that if I sit by myself then Nathan will be able to taunt me. I can feel his eyes on me. He's sat on the row to our right, his legs up on the chair in front, watching me. It sounds creepy, but I know he's just doing it because he's agitated. You would think that Nathan is the sort of person that wouldn't care if you were pissed off with him. Then again he always lets girls down gently and they never seem to hold a grudge with him, so I suppose he isn't really used to having a girl hate on him.

"Okay if you all get into groups of four... Three or... Something" Miss Bailey mutters, rather carelessly as she continues to search through her papers.

"I'd prefer groups of two" I hear him mutter next to my ear, from the row behind. I don't know how he manages to creep up on me so easily. I lean forward in my seat, just to get away from him. I ignore him and see who everyone else is teaming up with. Two of the girls I was sat by have gone and teamed up with two guys and the other three seem happy on their own. But they do look over at Nathan rather intently, as though they wouldn't mind him joining their group.

"Space for one more Nathan" one of them smirks.

"Na I'm good" he says, not taking his eyes off me to even look at them.

"Are you sure-"

"Yes" he says, climbing over the row and slumping carelessly onto the seat next to me. They look away rolling their eyes as they do so, I'm sort of sick of all the girls seeing me as some sort of obstacle to him.

"Would you quit it" I sigh, looking directly at him now.

"Quit what?" He asks, acting like he doesn't have a clue what it is I'm talking about when it's obvious he does.

"Being an annoying jerk!" I snap, maybe a little too loudly as every quietens down as I say it.

"You're such a drama queen" he laughs to himself as he leans back in his chair. That just annoys me because I'm not.

"Shut the hell up! I am not" I say, getting uptight with him.

"You are just accept it!" He laughs, but I can tell he's a bit frustrated too. I don't see why, I don't bother him, he's the one that came over here in the first place.

"I'm sorry but I'm not going to accept that! Will you just leave! Me! Alone!" I yell at him. He's not annoying me anymore, he's making me angry.

"Oh god you two, can you both just go to Whitmore's office please, I can't concentrate with your bickering" Miss Bailey says, not even paying attention to who she's talking to.

"With pleasure" I say, grabbing my bag and barging past Nathan as his legs were in my way.

"May what is up with you?" He says, soon right behind me as I walk down the corridor.

"Leave me alone" I say, not even shouting.

"Yeah I'm not going to do that" he sighs, like that should be obvious to me.

"And why is that?" I ask, now shouting at him. He doesn't respond, instead he grabs my hand and pulls me through the next door, which happens to be the library.

"Nathan what are you doing" I say, but he just makes me follow him right to the back of the library until we are quite hidden behind a shelf of books.

"Why are you pissed at me?" He asks.

"I'm always pissed at you" I say.

"And why is that?"

"It's nothing, look we should be in Whitmore's office" I say, sighing as I turn away.

"Don't walk away from me" he says, not in a controlling way more like he's sick of me doing it.

"No I'll do what I want and don't even-" I begin before he shuts me up with a kiss, which he seems to be doing a lot lately. It quickly gets heated and he starts undoing a couple of the buttons of my blouse. Just as I find his belt buckle, we both nearly jump out of our skins when someone starts shouting at us.

"What on earth do you two think you are doing?! You should be in lesson! This behaviour is completely out of order!" Our deputy head mistress yells at us. I'm panicking and feeling totally exposed as I attempt to do up my blouse. Nathan on the other hand is careless, he rolls his head back and sighs as she shouts, like he's pissed off she interrupted us.

"I expect this behaviour from you Harper! But not from you Miss Lockwood!" She shouts, victimising me when we are both responsible. Nathan is probably more to blame.

"I'm sorry, we're sorry..."

"Are we?" Nathan mutters, I guess I was speaking for the both of us there. But he should be grovelling too, unless he wants detention.

"Miss, we will go back to lesson-" I say, desperate for her to drop the discipline.

"I'm afraid that is totally out of the question! Headmaster's office this instance!" She yells, her voice goes right through me.

"Alright, we were heading that way anyway" Nathan says, not at all bothered.

"I beg your pardon?!" She says, unhappy with that back chat.

"Oh nothing" I say, stepping in.

We follow her all the way to Mr Whitmore's office. How could I let myself get into this situation? I'm going off the rails I swear.

"Now, The receptionist is right out there, so don't even think about trying anything!" She yells, before she leaves us alone as she goes to find the headmaster. I watch her go, then swallow a lump in my throat, she puts me on edge.

"What's the matter? Never been to the head's office before?" Nath asks, like being here is normal to him.

"Yes of course" I say, putting my guard up for some reason.

"When?" He asks, clearly not believing me.

"A lot before I went to Spain" I say, looking to my lap, I suppose not really keen on talking about it.

"Oh yes, I forgot about that wild side you have" he says, which I pretty much ignore.

He searches his pockets before pulling out a lighter and a box of cigarettes.

"Can you put these in your bag? I left mine in drama and Whitmore will go mental if he catches me with them again" he says, actually asking me nicely.

"Why don't you just quit? Like you told your Mother you would" I say, being smart mouthed with him.

"I could quit whenever I want beaut, I'm not addicted, it's just something I do"

"Why? It's bad for you" I say, getting a little tetchy. I can't help it, I have a really strong opinion on people smoking just because they think it's cool, is killing yourself cool?

"Alright, look after them for me and I will stop" he says, raising his eyebrows and offering them to me.

"You lied to your own Mother so I'm sure you're capable of lying to me" I say, pointing out the obvious.

"I won't lie to you" he says, his face seeming truthful.

"Alright then" I say, but not really believing he wouldn't lie to me. I take them from him and his hand holds mine for a moment as I do so. Just then the door swings open and Mr Whitmore storms in. We both roll our eyes.

On Tuesday I spend lunchtime in detention. Separate detention to Nathan of course, they wouldn't let us share the same room after what Miss walked into in the library. It's pretty lonely, I'm sat in here with two regulars and an annoying precocious third year. The worst part is that they aren't even giving us anything to do, we're just being made to sit there and stare at the blackboard whilst everyone else out of this room is enjoying their lunch or socialising with their friends. I know we probably shouldn't have been doing that during lesson, but what we were actually doing is none of their business. Two months ago I would have been totally embarrassed by the whole situation, but now I'm completely careless, I don't know why I've changed.

"You're all dismissed... Same time tomorrow Miss Lockwood" the supervisor says as the bell rings. That's just great, a week of detention.

"Have they even given you any time for lunch?" Finn asks, joining me as I walk out.

"Nope, that's how it's going to be for the rest of the week and two days next week" I say, huffing excessively. Being treated like a child is one thing I despise about this school.

"So are you ever going to tell me why you're in detention?" He asks smirking at me, he thinks this is funny, I on the other hand do not.

"No I am not" I say, for some reason I would be extremely embarrassed if Finn knew, but if the entire school knew I wouldn't be.

"I didn't see Nathan around today, he wouldn't have anything to do with this... Would he?" Finn asks, curiously. I can tell through his voice that he isn't accusing me of anything, but it still feels like he knows something.

"No! Why would you think that?" I demand, getting very defensive.

"Why wouldn't I?" He asks, laughing like it's obvious.

"Oh shut up" I tease.

"How many times do I have to tell you? He's bad and he's no good for you, he's cruel and self centred..." Finn says and it's getting to that point where I'm getting sick of his lectures against Nathan.

"Enough! You know Finn, I think you'd be surprised... He's not the person everyone thinks he is" I say, not meaning to stand up for Nathan, but I can't help myself. For some reason I don't like hearing people talking about him like that. I know I hated him yesterday, but I suppose I was being a little uptight, what he did at the Ball was really selfless and I wish people like Finn would realise that he's not all bad.

"Oh god don't tell me he's brainwashed you into thinking that?" He laughs, as though he's mocking my intelligence.

"Look I don't want to fight" I say, folding my arms, putting a stop to this debate before it goes too far.

"Fight about what?" Willow says, joining us.

"Your charming cousin" Finn mutters.

"He is his fair share of charming actually" I say smugly, not being able to fight my hunger for the last word of this argument.

"Are you on something?" Willow asks, laughing with Finn.

"What makes you say that?" I demand, taking a step back from the both of them. Willow laughs again in response.

"Because even though he's my cousin, Nathan is a total twat" she says, her language surprising me.

"You don't know him as well as you think you do" I say, I know he's her cousin, but it's not like they ever spend time together.

"I've known him my whole life, his Mother is always talking to mine about how out of order he is, how many hearts he breaks and the stupid things he gets up to... Like smoking" she says, widening her eyes at me, it's almost like they think I'm some child that doesn't know what she's getting herself into.

"Well said Willow!" Finn says, smirking at me.

"Actually he's given up smoking" I say, rolling my eyes at them.

"Your just as stupid as the rest of them if you believe that" Finn says, laughing yet again.

"Oh so I'm stupid am I?... Thanks a lot Finn!" I argue, storming away from them. As I do, I happen to walk straight past Nathan, joined by Gray and Alyssa. It doesn't stop me from walking away from Finn, but me doing that does catch their attention. Mostly they just look shocked that Finn is the one I've just laid the sass on. I huff as I hear him and Willow follow me out.

"Well hey Willow... Up to anything tonight? Do you fancy going out with me instead?" I hear Gray say, what a sleaze.

"Okay then"


"NO!" She shouts.

"Look I don't want an another fall out between you two" Willow says, once we're clear of them.

"Neither do I, but Finn is making that very hard" I snap.

"Okay I'll shut up" he says, I suppose he's as sick of this dispute as I am.

"Good" I say.

"So... Do you guys want to go out later?" Willow asks.

"Where?" I ask.

"I don't know... We could go for a meal" she suggests.

"Sure, but we have sport now, so see you later" I mutter, before Finn and I walk to lesson. I can't deny that there's still tension all the way there.

Not that I don't want to go out with my friends, but sometimes I get bored of their standard idea of fun. Going for a meal is not exactly exciting. I suppose that is something I enjoy about spending time with Nathan, everything he does is a lot more thrill seeking.

After going home for a few hours and getting ready, I get the car to a restaurant Willow insisted we were meeting at. They are the ones making conversation all night, I pretty much stay out of it. I'm still wound up about earlier on. I sit with my chin in the palm of my hand for the majority of the night. The service is pretty poor, meaning we are here for bloody ages. Once we are finally onto coffee, Finn seems to pick up on the fact that I haven't really said anything since we got here.

"What's up with you?" He asks. Does he really think I'm over our argument already?

"Well to be totally honest I'm still pissed off Finn" I say, beginning to feel careless of the prospect of another argument.

"So you're saying that you'd rather be spending time with Nathan than us?" He asks, not laughing this time, he's more offended now.

"No I never said that!" I insist as I clearly didn't.

"May what's gotten into you? You hated Nathan for so long and now-" Willow asks, as though it's wrong for me to not hate someone.

"Perhaps I've seen the good in him, like nobody else ever has!" I say. I don't know why I'm sticking up for him like this, it's just the way I feel.

"There's no good to see!" Finn insists.

"You don't know him like I do! Neither of you do" I say. Funnily I'm not sad or upset, I'm just angry; which is something I seem to be a lot lately.

"We're trying to protect you... To look out for you and if you can't see that then maybe you should go and spend time with that lot, those people you'd rather be friends with than us, clearly" Finn says, fairly harshly.

"I know you care Finn, but I know what I'm doing" I say, chucking a note on the table to cover my third of the bill and then I get the hell out of there. If I stay I'll just go even more crazy at the two of them than I already have.

I get home late and intend on going straight to bed, but something feels wrong. I hear yelling as soon as I approach the front door. Concern is what drags me in. I know for a fact, that Scarlett is staying at her Mother's house this weekend. So it's definitely got nothing to do with her.

It's bad, but I'm pleased, when I walk in and hear Timothy and my Mother having an argument. Hopefully their marriage is breaking down already. I know that it's a really horrible thought, but I hate him and I don't want him married to my Mother any longer.

I should probably intervene and see what is going on. They're all the way in the kitchen, which is at the back of the house, so they are yelling quite loudly.

"You know why!" Timothy shouts, only intriguing me more.

"You can't say-" Mom begins before they notice me walk in.

"Mom are you okay, what is going on?" I ask, noticing how stressed out and upset she looks. I'm worried, but more angry, I would kill that son of a bitch if he ever hurt my Mom.

"Everything's fine darling, why don't you go to your room, your back quite late" she says, not like she's annoyed I'm back late, more like she's using that as a reason to get rid of me. I'm not going anywhere.

"You've came just in time May! We need to have a chat!" Timothy says, sort of scaring me. He's being quite intense.

"Timothy don't, just let her go to bed" Mom says, pulling him back, as he was about to say something.

"What's this all about?" I ask, confused. I know Timothy hates me like I hate him, but something must have started this. I notice he has a tumbler half filled with brandy on the side next to him, I've never seen him be much of a drinker.

"I got a call today..." Timothy says, worrying me, I wonder where this is going.

"Timothy, just leave her-" Mom begins, before he puts his hand in the air, as though to stop her from talking. I notice the stress lines on her forehead become more clear.

"Who from?" I ask, folding my arms and giving him attitude.

"From headmaster Whitmore, he let me know that you'd been skipping lessons to spend time with that Harper boy, whom I distinctly remember telling you to stay away from!" He screams at me. This is kind of an embarrassing situation, I bet Whitmore told him everything. It's got nothing to do with Timothy, yeah he told me to stay away from Nath, but he doesn't even have the right to tell me what to do.

"You can't tell me what to do Timoth-" I begin, before he rips off my head.

"YES I CAN! Ever since you moved in here, you've started giving me a bad reputation and I won't put up with it any longer!" He shouts. Mom starts to panic as she sees how angry he is.

"Shut up! If anyone's bringing shame to this family it's you, how dare you tell me what to do!" I shout.

"May, don't say that, just go to your room and calm down" Mom insists, as she looks from me to Timothy and worries about his response.

"No Mom! You shouldn't put up with this bastard and neither should I!" I defend.

"Don't you dare say that about me! You take that back this instance!" He says, shouting more than humanly possible. I notice my Mom's got tears in her eyes. Where as I'm just pissed off.

"I'll say what I want! I will see who I want to-" I begin to say before he storms over to me and slaps me hard around the face. My cheek pounds at the sensation. It takes a few seconds for me to regain knowledge of what I was about to say. My cheek stings as I hold my hand to it, giving him a look of betrayal. I knew he couldn't stand me, but there's no need to resort to physical violence. Mom just stands there stunned, tears fall down her cheek, but she doesn't say a thing. Is she too scared? If she's too worried to defend her own daughter because of what he might do or say then I'm so done. I can't stay here.

"Say something!" I yell at my Mom, but she ignores me.

"Mother! Can you hear me? Please just say something!" I scream at her, wiping away a tear as quickly as possible so that I don't seem weak. I'm not asking her to rise to him, I just want her to stand up for me. Her upper lip is shaking and now her crying is more obvious as she's sort of sobbing.

"Now you listen! You do as I say, or there will be consequences" Timothy threatens, grabbing his brandy, acting as though he didn't just abuse me.

"Mom? If you don't say anything, then I'm going" I say, not planning on giving her much chance to say something. Either way, I'm not staying under this roof any longer.

The way my Mom isn't even looking at me hurts, I have to go. I walk away and then start a jog as I go up the stairs, just to get there faster.

I go to my room and grab any bag I can. My hair falls over my saw cheek, so I tuck it behind my ear.

Out of my wardrobe, I grab an armful of clothes and stuff them in this bag, along with make up and toiletries. In about three minutes, I'm all packed up.

I hurry downstairs and Mom rushes out to see what I'm doing.

"Darling... Please just stay and talk to me" she stutters, wiping under her eyes with a tissue.

"Mom don't, don't try and convince me to stay in this house, with that utter lunatic! If you had a brain, then you'd leave too" I say, before walking out and slamming the door behind me. I open the gates and slip out, wandering into no direction at all. I have no clue where I go from here. My whole world just seems to be falling apart, everything is getting worse by the minute.

Finn is still out with Willow, so my friends aren't an option. After earlier I don't want to involve them in this anyway. I suppose there's Alyssa, but I don't want her interfering in my personal life. I could always go to Finn's Mom, but she's so close to my Mother that she would probably insist I go back and talk to her. I feel homeless, with no where to go.

I wonder into the town, but everywhere is quite dead. It's dark and cold and part of me is scared. I have to call somebody, there's no way I'm going back to that house. I can't call my Dad, he would just insist on coming all the way over here when he's got his own life to live. If only he knew, he'd be here in a heartbeat.

I scroll down my contacts list and come to a stop, when I see Nathan's name. I scroll past it, but then back again. Is it worth a shot? Would he care that I have no place to go? I don't have any other option.

It dials for a little while, which makes me think he won't answer. It's late, but only 11:45pm and I doubt he goes to bed early. The ringing stops, which means he's answered.

'May? What's up? Is this a late night booty call?' He asks, seeming confused, but then breaking the ice with one of his not so funny jokes. As if I'd call Him up at 11:45 to see if he wanted to have sex.

'Nath, I wouldn't call if it wasn't urgent, but I don't know what to do' I say, sort of panicking, as I really don't know how to tell him what's going on. I guess part of me is worried he will just laugh. Then again, the other part of me thinks that he will be completely understanding.

'Are you okay? What is it?' He asks, going unusually serious.

'Erm...' I stutter.

'May spit it out' he says, if anything, seeming a little desperate for me to tell him what's going on.

"I just don't know what to do, I've just had an argument with Timothy and..."

"What did he do?" He asks, sighing like he's guessed.

"We had a huge argument and I just had to get out of there... He's pure evil I swear" I say, struggling to say it. My voice is rather panicky, probably due to the fact I'm alone in the dark.

"I hate that guy! He can't treat you like that!" He yells, getting really angry. I'm relived this is his reaction, it shows he cares. Maybe his heart isn't as stone or as cold as I thought.

"My Mom didn't say a thing, she didn't even stand up for her own daughter, she's weak... I like to think I'm not, which is why I walked out" I say, remembering it makes me sort of down and I think he can tell through my voice.

"You sure aren't weak May, Where are you now? I'm going to come and meet you" he says, surprising me. Out of everyone I didn't think he would be this concerned and helpful. This is the side I tried to tell Finn and Willow about. They just see him as some narcissistic bastard, he is sometimes, but other times he's like this. Selfless and kind.

"I don't know erm..." I say, trying to figure out what street I'm on to respond to his question. I notice a couple of shops, one being an off licence and read the name out loud. Then I see a street sign.

"What? On your own? You're crazy May Lockwood!" He yells, but still he manages to find it a little funny.

"Well... It is a little scary in the dark I suppose" I say, taking a quick look around and feeling completely out of place. I get even more scared the further I look around.

"Stay there, I'm coming" he says, hanging up. I guess this street must be rough or something, if he didn't like the idea of me being here on my own. That thought makes me even more nervous. If I die, maybe Timothy could be blamed. I can see the headlines now, 'evil step father abuses stepdaughter and leads astray...'

I stop there as I begin to frighten myself even more.

I thought I'd regret calling Nathan, but I don't. He has good in him sometimes. I wait around for ten minutes or so and it's absolutely freezing, I wish he'd have told me to meet him.

I try not to draw attention to myself, when a group of lads walk by, they're older than me and look a little intimidating. I bet they're university students.

As I haven't changed since going out with Finn and Willow, I'm still wearing the casual playsuit and denim jacket I put on before I went out. Thankfully I have the jacket to cover myself up, although it's not keeping me warm. I pretend I'm looking down my phone as they walk by, I don't know why I'm so on edge. I'm shaking, I think because of how cold I am, as I can see my breath through the darkness. I haven't really been stranded on my own, this late, in the dark before.

"Alright darling" one of them says, stopping, making the three others stop too. He walks closer and my heart sinks. It's like I knew this would happen, it's all Timothy's fault, I wouldn't be in this situation if he weren't such a knob.

"She's a little shy I think" one of the others says, finding this funny, they all seem to as they laugh in unison.

"Leave me alone yeah?" I say, trying to avoid looking at them.

"Why would we leave a pretty girl like you alone huh?" The first guy says. I'm really panicking now, I hate these sorts of situations. He walks closer to me and now I don't know what to do.

"Want to come out with us hottie?" He suggests, looking me up and down. I begin to think about walking away, I don't care if Nath told me to stay here, I'm a little scared. These drunken idiots are making me feel vulnerable.

"Come on, you know you want to" He adds.

If I leave, where am I going to go? I don't even know where I am. This is terrifying. The guy walks closer to me and I seriously consider running away.

"Hey!" I hear another guy say, but it's none of them. I look behind my shoulder and see Nath walking over to us. I've never been so glad to see him. He strolls over, wearing black skinny jeans and converse with an oversized grey hoodie. He has an exciting sort of intimidating vibe about him; even to these idiots.

"You having fun chatting up my girl?" He says, now right in front of them. I feel my cheeks blush as I wasn't expecting him to say that. I know he's just saying it to warn them off, but it's still sort of nice. He has his hands in the pocket of his hoody and he looks down at these tossers, like they're peasants.

"Your girl? We'll see about that" the other guy says.

"No your going to stay away from her, or you'll have me to answer to" he says, showing them whose in control here.

"Oh I'm so scared" this idiot says, sarcastically. "She's coming out with us" he adds.

"That's not going to happen, so go fuck yourselves" he says, turning around to face me.

"Come on beaut" he says, linking his hand around mine as we walk away.

"Posh boy twat" one of them says, but Nath ignores them. He is a posh boy, but I like it.

Once we turn a corner he stops.

"Why were you just standing there? You know there's some rough guys around here" he says, sort of laughing at my stupidity.

"You told me to stay, so I stayed"

"Well... it's good to know you do as I say" he teases.

"I didn't really have any other option"

"Your step dad is a fucker" he says, shaking his head.

"Tell me about it" I say, hugging myself with my arms to keep warm.

"Why are you so cold?" He asks, running his hand over my shivering wrists.

"Because it's bloody freezing" I say, pointing out the obvious.

"No it's not" he laughs.

"Yes it is" I say, trying to avoid my teeth chattering. "You're such a girl" he teases.

"Well obviously" I say.

"Here, have this" he says, pulling off his grey hoodie, which momentarily pulls up his black t-shirt, showing his abs.

"Are you sure? You're not freezing?" I ask, noticing now all he has is a t-shirt.

"I'm fine!" He insists. "You look nice by the way" he says, casually. He looks away, but then looks straight back at me.

He looks intently at me, gently running the fronts of his fingers over the cheek Timothy hit. He must have hit it pretty hard, considering it's still stinging a little and clearly it's still visible. I suppose the light from the street lamp helps it become more noticeable.

"What did he do to you?" He asks, quietly, containing his anger.

"I back chatted him like I always do, but he'd had a drink, which I'm guessing is the reason he slapped me" I say pulling on Nathan's huddy, not really eager to go into detail.

"May that's abuse, you can't let-"

"No I can't let him control me anymore" I say, the anger is returning as I think about him. "He's not going to tell me what to do anymore" I insist.

"What do you mean? What was this all about?"

"You" I laugh, this conversation is so serious, I try to break the tension a little.

"What do you mean me?" He asks, as we start walking again.

"Whitmore rang him about the other day"

"The other day?" He asks, confused.

"School... The library... When we were-" I say, until he catches my drift.

"Oh yeah, how could I forget?" he jokes, like it would be memorable to him.

"Anyway... he's told me to stay away from you"

"Yeah he told me that too" he sighs, clearly trying to avoid how fuming he is.

"I really... Really have no clue what I'm going to do now" I say, laughing at how screwed I am.

"Why did you call me?" He asks, curiously.

"I had a little dispute with Finn and Willow" I say, making out its not as bad as it is.

"What was that over?"

"You" I say.

"Damn, I seem to be at the bottom of all the drama going on in your life don't I? Maybe it's best you stick with me" he smirks.

"You know, everyone thinks and says you're dangerous, but really... Your not" I say, smirking back at him.

"Wow, I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me May Lockwood" he laughs.

"Don't get used to it" I say.

"Look, you're going to stay at mine tonight, alright?"

"Alright" I say, pleased he's being so... Kind.

His parents are in bed when we get to his. The last time I was here was after Scarlett's party, when I walked home like a cheap one night stand the next morning. Even if I was friends with Finn or Willow, or even if my Dad was back, I'd rather be with Nathan tonight. I feel safe here.

"Thanks for doing this" I say, as he holds his bedroom door open for me. I start to panic when I go in, what if he thinks he's going to get sex out of this. That's the last thing I'm in the mood for. I pull off his hoody and my jacket. I'm not going to bother changing so I stay in my playsuit.

"Why do you seem nervous? Your safe now right, I did kind of just rescue you" he says, sitting next to me on his bed.

"I don't want you to think I called you because..."

"May, I'm not always that shallow, I don't expect anything from you" he says, making me happy inside.

"Look" he says, forcing me to give him my attention.

"I'm never going to let that son of a bitch go near you" he says, looking right into my eyes. This is him, this is the Nathan I like, not the Nathan that everybody else thinks he is.

"Thanks" I say, signing.

"You should get some sleep" he suggests. I try for a while, but I can't, I'm still reliving earlier on with my Mom and Timothy. I notice Nathan asleep. I lie closer to him and let my head lean on the t-shirt covering his chest. I suppose it's a feeling of security and sustainability that helps me close my eyes and drift to sleep.

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