He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


17. Chapter 17


I'm constantly counting down the days until I graduate from this school. It's so old fashioned with this stupid and pointless Debutant ball. I'm being forced to attend by our deputy headmistress. Given the amount of detentions I've had alone this year and the number of times she's been on the phone to my parents; due to my slightly reckless behaviour, she has insisted that I am to attend. The other two are probably going anyway, due to Gray's idea that he will get sex at the end of it and Isaac's interfering parents. Thankfully we just have to attend, we don't necessarily have to escort, which doesn't really make much sense. Gray is escorting, but he won't tell us what poor girl he's convinced to go with him. I say poor, because I know for a fact that Gray hasn't hooked up with a girl for a couple of weeks; very unlike him. So whoever he takes, he will certainly be planning to screw. I don't blame him, I'd do the same, but he lacks tact. Which is what puts girls off.

As the damn deputy decided to inform my Mum of her decision to make me attend, I'm now stood in a gentleman's outfitters store in town. Having a Tailor measure me for what feels like more than half an hour, is the last thing I wanted to waist my day doing. I've had a tux before, I have plenty at home, but Mum insisted I was to have a new one as this debutant ball is 'such an important part of my final year at the academy' as she would say. She has already picked at least five different jackets for me to try. I always end up with the same; black blazer, crisp white shirt and a thin black tie. Gray is different, he's a lot more extravagant with his suites, I swear he thinks he's some kind of pimp.

"Can you please show one inch of interest" Mum snaps, as I sigh at the shirts the Tailor is suggesting.

"No, because I don't give a damn" I laugh under my breath.

"Nathan Harper! Enough with the attitude, pick one now" she insists. I'm not five years old anymore, her calling me by my first and last name rather loudly does not scare me. Yet she thinks it does.

"The white one" I sigh, looking up from my phone for just a second. I'm not really interested in the texts I'm sending either. Vivian is still trying to talk me into escorting her, but to put it lightly; fuck no. She thinks she can sway me by offering sex at the end of the night, but if I wanted to sleep with her then I would, I always get my own way.

"Ugh it's so much easier taking your sister dress shopping, you're just like your bloody well father" she mutters to herself. I shake my head in response, finding it a little funny.

"Which jacket would you prefer sir?" The Tailor asks.

"Whichever one is black, and hold the trousers I'll probably just wear black jeans, now if you'll excuse me, I've got places to be" I say to him and my Mum, I step off the measuring stall and grab my coat off the stand.

"And where do you think you're going?" She asks, seeming disgusted.

"Out, I have a life you know" I laugh.

"What about shoes?" she almost shrieks.

"Mum, how many pairs of evening shoes have I got? Enough" I mutter, pulling on my coat.

"You're hopeless son" she tuts, just as I get the hell out of there. It's Thursday already, so I understand I've left it fairly late, but I don't care.

Everyone seems to be at the bar, so I decide to tag along. I grab a drink with Isaac. He seems angry, it's easy to tell because he gets angry a lot. Maybe it's the pills or maybe it's just his personality, either way he does well in letting it show. I order him a double as I think he needs it.

"What is up with you?" I ask.

"Sexual frustration" he says, clearly joking. There's no way he or I for that matter would ever experience that feeling. If you want sex, you have it, there's plenty of girls at school that wouldn't say no to either of us.

"Parents?" I suggest, I know for a fact that Isaac's folks are complete uptight snobs. So it would make sense for him to be angry about that.

"No! It's fucking Alyssa" he shouts to himself.

"Oh... That would make sense" I mutter, looking up and seeing Alyssa giving him a death stare from the other side of the bar. I can't decide who looks angrier, actually I can... It's definitely Isaac.

"How do you do it Nath? How do you make Viv back off?" He moans.

"It's second nature by now" I laugh.

"You sure about that? May seems a little clingy, I hear you hooked up once again the other night?" He asks curiously, temporarily dropping his anger.

"She's not clingy" I say shortly. I don't want to talk about May, I'm trying to help him relieve his anger against Alyssa.

"Then why haven't you dropped her yet?" He says, as though that's normal to us; which it is, of course.

"I will, I have" I say, looking away.

"She's taken that well then, why can't all girls be like that? Unlike fucking Lyssa!" He says, the anger coming back in full.

"What's she done to piss you off so much?" I ask.

"She wants me to take her to this bastard Ball, it's just sex between us, so I'm not going to escort her" he moans.

"She's probably got the wrong idea" I suggest.


"Because you sleep with each other all the time... Like three times a week-"

"Well it's probably more than that"

He chuckles to himself.

"Yeah well there's your answer then, that's why you can't get her to back off" I say, realising how clear it is.

"Well... I think she will back off now" he mutters.

"Why what did you do?" I ask, curiously.

"Maybe I disrespected her a little-"

"I don't even want to know" I laugh " but seriously mate, what's the big deal with her?" I ask.

"Mate you'd know if you'd slept with her"

"Gray said she was bad in bed" I point out.

"Well... Maybe it's different with me" he says, proudly. He still seems fairly pissed, so I drop the conversation.

About half an hour later, the girls storm over. Alyssa leading them instead of Viv for a change. Viv does look good, but I have my eyes on Alyssa's friend Louisa, she looks good in the dress that covers up hardly any of her body. My lingering eyes are something I can't help. Viv looks the same as always, black skirt, straight hair and red lips.

"We are going to get going, this stupid tension is pissing me off!" Alyssa yells, focussing her attention on Isaac. He casually pulls away from the bar and bites his lip, containing his anger.

"Bye Nath" Viv winks, nudging past me as she goes.

They are barely out the door, before Isaac bolts after them.

"Isaac don't" I insist, as I follow him. His anger is bad.

He slams the doors open as we walk out.

"Lyssa get back here!" He demands. She turns around, arms folded and giving him sass. Her other friends cower behind her, perhaps just a little threatened by Isaac.

"Come on let's go somewhere else" I suggest, I hate arguments when there's a few people.

He doesn't listen, instead he is still fuming. He definitely doesn't like girls walking away from him.

"What's your problem?" She asks.

"I think you know" he argues.

"What are you on? You're acting crazy! And I don't need that, so maybe you should just leave" she says.

"Enough with the attitude! Are you still pissed at me about this fucking ball, because we can-"

"Oh no, it's fine Isaac, I found an escort so your officially off the hook" she insists.

"Who?!" He shouts.

"Someone from last years graduating class" she says, which could potentially be a lie. But she knows how to get to Isaac.

"Who!" He yells again. He's unbelievable, he tries to tell me that it's just sex between them, but he's clearly possessive of her.

"Night Isaac" she tuts, walking away.

"Fucking hell Alyssa!" He yells into the air, as he kicks a lamppost in frustration.

"Calm it mate! Move on" I laugh.

"I don't want to!" He says, not appreciating me finding his anger funny. He wonders away, probably to blow off some steam.

Friday morning comes around quickly. All people are talking about is tonight. Part of me wishes it was last year, as we didn't have to be a part of these shenanigans then. I stick with Gray all day, Isaac has decided not to turn up. It's not unlike him.

It's soon lunch, we grab some food and spend the rest of the hour in the common room.

It's just for our year group, which means everyone in here is yet again talking about the Ball.

"So your actually freely coming tonight?" I ask, already knowing his answer. But I don't know where he's got his enthusiasm from.

"Of course" he says, with a nudge of encouragement.

"Why?" I ask, not seeing any positives in going.

"Let's say I have a hot date" he says, seeming rather impressed.

"What? Your kidding me right? Your actually escorting someone" I say, absolutely taking the piss out of him.

"I sure am" he smiles confidently.

"Who?" I ask curiously.

"You see that little hottie over there, with the curled almost auburn hair and kinky smirk" he says, his way of describing this poor girl makes me cringe just a little. I look up, but I'm somehow worried that I know who he's talking about. I lock eyes with her.

"May?!" I say, maybe a bit too loudly. I catch her attention and Finn's, meanwhile Gray sits there looking mischievous. Why on earth he wants my seconds I do not know. I don't know how I feel about this, not that I care.

"Damn right" he winces.

"What? How?" I ask, retorting my face.

"I suppose it must be my uncontrollable charm-"

"Gray mate she fucking hated you the other day" I say, pointing out the obvious.

"She hated you, but you still fucked her" he says. I shake my head at him, he's unbelievable sometimes.

"Your bullshitting me" I insist, as that seems like the only logical explanation.

"Ask her" he says, making me realise that he isn't lying, he has a tell and he's not showing it.

"There's no way she would voluntarily say yes to you" I point out, still trying to get my head around this.

"Okay fine... her Stepfather did sort of arrange it with my Father... she kind of has no choice in the matter" he laughs. That sounds pretty cruel to me, how does that bell end get to dictate who she goes to the Ball with.

"I'm guessing that's why you were taunting her so much the other day" I say, looking at May somehow feeling a little sorry for her.

"Yeah, but it's not all my fault, she didn't even want to go to the Ball and now she's being forced to go with me" he smirks.

"Oh yeah May is certainly not the sort of girl that would enjoy this type of thing" I say, before shutting up when I realise I'm acting like I know her too well.

"I know, when you think about it... She's actually kind of weird" he says. She's not weird at all, she's just different and unique. There are loads of Vivian's and Alyssa's at this school, it's refreshing to have someone unlike them around here.

I ignore his comment as though I wasn't listening.

"Well if you've got yourself a date, then I need Isaac to come and join me in taking the piss out of you" I wind up, as I wonder away.

By May and Finn, Alyssa is sat with a couple of her friends. I sense a plan brewing. I walk straight up to that girl I noticed last night, Louisa.

"Hey Louisa" I smirk, taking advantage of my charm. Her knees instantly go week, as she nervously takes a seat next to Alyssa. If she wasn't wearing foundation, then you'd see her cheeks glowing red.

"Nath... Nathan, how're you?" She asks.

"Good thanks beaut" I say, taking a seat next to her. I notice Finn and May looking over and listening in just as I sit with my back to them.

"Now, I wondered if you could do me just a little favour" I say.

"Name it" she responds, almost desperately. She is really shy, I'm only now realising it. I've never really been interested in shy girls, I like someone that's just a bit confident, not cocky, but a little bold.

"Would you fancy going to this Ball with Isaac for me? He could really use a date" I say, pimping out my friend.

"What? Me?" She stutters.

"Excuse me" Alyssa buts in.

"What's the problem Lyss? You have a date with an older guy, you said so yourself" I reply, looking at her knowingly.

"So I did... Well... Isaac can go to the Ball with whoever he likes, but I must admit... it's pretty lame that you have to ask someone for him" she tuts, walking away.

"He will pick you up at 7, he likes girls in red" I tip, standing up and turning around to see May and Finn quickly returning to speaking to one another, acting as though they weren't just eavesdropping.

"So... My idiot of a friend is taking you to the Ball I hear" I tease.

"Nathan just go away" Finn interferes. He will never let me have a harmless, playful conversation with her, it's kind of pathetic.

"Well heads up, he likes it dirty" I joke. She was present the other day when he was bragging about what the night would end in. Maybe a streak of jealously is coming out of me, not that I would have offered to be her escort anyway.

"What do you mean?" She asks worryingly, before retorting her face when realising what I'm talking about.

"You surprise me May, I thought you'd kick up more of a fuss about this whole situation" I say. I notice she doesn't seem her normal self. That realisation is confirmed when she gets up and walks away, not angrily, more like she's fed up.

"Hey, May don't-" Finn says, trying to get her to stay.

"Do you really think she would listen?" I say.

"Oh piss off" he moans, slouching back in his seat. I wonder off in the direction May just left in.

"Your temper always gets the best of you doesn't it May" I say, walking behind her down the deserted corridor.

"You're supposed to be staying away from me" she says, as I catch up to her. I can't deny, she looks good even in her school uniform, my attention is focused on where her skirt finishes. She catches me staring and shuffles it down a little so it's not so high. I smirk at her.

"Yeah... But we both know that's not going to happen" I point out. She comes to a stop and runs her hand through her hair. She looks stressed and on the verge of letting out angry tears.

"You okay?" I ask seriously, looking her in the eyes. If I wasn't so busy checking her out then maybe I'd have noticed sooner that she's clearly really upset.

"No I'm not okay!" She yells. "I hate this school, I miss my home, I miss my Dad, my new stepdad is an evil bastard who is actually threatening me to stay away from you, my new step sister is a colossal bitch and now I'm being forced to go to a stupid Debutant Ball that I have no interest in, and my escort is a complete twat!" She says, letting it all out and slumping her arms in frustration.

"May breath okay, calm down" I say, holding her shoulder as she was a bit tensed up.

"Yeah that's easy for you to say, but we can't all have the perfect life of Nathan Harper can we?" She says sarcastically, before walking away, again. That must be her area of expertise as she seems to do it all the time.

"I think you'd be surprised" I say, which she completely ignores.

I have a free period last lesson, so I decide to skip it and go home. Just as I'm walking out the gates, I notice Isaac. Clearly he's only just shoved his uniform on as his top buttons are undone and his tie is loose around his neck.

"Mate, what is the point in turning up now? You do realise it's three, there's only one hour of school left" I laugh.

"My charming Mother pretty much kicked me out of bed about half an hour ago" he mutters. Isaac is that guy that cannot stand his parents, he hates them and they seem to hate him. My folks do my head in sometimes, but I don't hate them. I'm quite lucky that I'm not in his position. He walks closer just as I'm about to respond. That's when I notice his face, there's no bags under his eyes, they're just red, like they're sore. He's squinting hard, as though his eyes still haven't adjusted to the daylight.

"What did you take last night?" I ask, curiously staring at the way he looks.

"What?!" He snaps defensively, clearly whatever he took must still be affecting him. "I had to blow off some steam" he explains.

"Yeah alright" I say, frowning to myself. I kind of sigh out of disappointment, I know I'm not perfect but one day he's going to kill himself with what he takes.

"So why're you leaving?" He asks, finishing up his shirt.

"Because we have a free period mate, wake up" I say, continuing my way home.

"Oh and by the way, I've got you sorted tonight, pick Louisa up at 7" I say, confusing him.

"Alyssa's friend, nice one mate" he mutters, who knows whether he's pleased by that or not.

"She's fit and practically melted all over the common room carpet when I told her you were taking her" I say, making him suddenly seem eager for the upcoming evening.

"So, who's Alyssa taking?" He asks. Clearly he's more interested in that.

"Who knows" I mutter.

"Fuck sake" he moans.

"Calm down, go ask her yourself" I laugh, before carrying on home.

I take a shower around half 7 and then find a suit laid out for me on my bed. I throw it on, adjusting to the fitting. I take a quick look in the mirror, making my hair a little more messy with my hand. The dance officially starts at 8, but most people there around half seven. Due to my lack of interest, I don't really care about getting there early, or getting there at all actually.

"Nathan!" My Mum shouts for the third time from downstairs. Our House is pretty huge, so she must be yelling loud for me to hear.

I take my time coming downstairs, as I'm too busy scrolling down my phone.

"It's past 8, the Ball has started!" She argues.

"What do you care?" I ask, before looking up and seeing her and my Father formally dressed. My Dad in a nicer suite than the ones he wears for work and my Mum in a floor length dress.

"For god's sake are you two actually coming?" I moan, sighing.

"Of course we are, everyone is going" Mum insists. She has a point, the parents enjoy it more than we do, although that could be my biased opinion.

"Well let's get this over with then" I say.

As we're on the way there in the car, my Mum can't quit nagging me about everything.

"... And I'm highly surprised that you haven't escorted anyone" she tuts.

"Why?" I sigh, looking at her using my eyes to show how sick I am of her questions.

"Because that's all you ever seem to bloody well care about that's why" my Dad laughs.

"God you two don't know me" I laugh under my breath.

"What's that supposed to mean?" My Mum asks, like she's defending. My Dad and I share a look of amusement.

"I'm not the guy that takes a girl to a Ball, I'm the guy that leaves with her" I joke, but it is the pure truth.

"Don't be disgusting, honestly where do you get it form" she snaps. I get it from my Dad, that's where.

"So... We both thought you might be taking May" My Dad says, deliberately dropping that into conversation. It's funny, because May's Stepfather knows exactly what's going on between us, but my Dad doesn't have a clue or my Mum for that matter. I'd like to keep it that way.

"That girl wouldn't want anything to do with you, after the way you've treated her over the past couple of months" Mum says, rolling her eyes. She's more hung up about that topless picture I sent around than May is.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you"

I say, quietly under my breath.

"What was that?" She demands eagerly.

"Oh nothing... Look we're here" I say, jumping out of the car before the driver even puts the handbrake on.

I roll my eyes at how dressed up the 'ballroom' is. The music playing is boring and slow. One would say it's elegant, but to me it's just a complete cliche. I grab a glass from a passing tray. Non alcoholic of course, so I sneakily pour in some of my hip flask supply, hiding the glass behind the inside of my blazer. There's no way I'm getting through tonight sober. Everyone is here, I'm clearly last to arrive. Thankfully the presenting hasn't begun yet.

I ignore the photographer on my way past the band. I notice Alyssa, she wasn't lying, she has managed to find an older guy to escort her. When I say older, I mean one of last years students. Vivian is with one too, clearly that's where Alyssa got the idea from. She desperately tries to be like Viv in every possible aspect, when really she's better off being herself. She's in a lilac dress which compliments her light hair, she's keen too show off some skin considering how low the slit is over her cleavage. Viv is wearing a tight black dress, it reaches up to her neck. Black doesn't suit her, it just makes her seem really gothic considering how dark her hair is and how much make up she wears on her eyes. Isaac wonders over to me, with his arm happily situated around Louisa's waist or more so her ass. She's wearing red as I suggested, I don't know if Isaac likes red, but I do and she looks pretty good. By good I mean slutty.

"So your seriously not escorting?" Isaac asks, as though I should feel left out, when I feel fine.

"Fuck no" I laugh, taking a swig of my drink.

"What is she doing here?" Isaac says seeming fairly put off as he pulls his face at someone behind me.

"'She' had no choice in the matter" I hear her say as she walks up to us. Scarlett's annoying voice is hard to not recognise. Hearing it cuts up my ears.

"I thought you were grounded" I say, as disappointed as Isaac was at her presence.

"Funny, I thought that was none of your business" she argues, shoving my shoulder as she carries on past us.

"You could always take her home" Isaac jokingly suggests.

"No chance" I say, shrugging my shoulders. I could easily get her in bed, but there's no way, I couldn't put up with her for the night. Besides, Timothy would have me slaughtered if he found out that not only had I slept with his stepdaughter, but his own daughter too. It's not worth the bloodshed, no matter how good she looks and to be honest she's not the best looking here tonight.

"I'm calling it, I like that girl" Gray says, joining us solo. By like he means he wants to fuck her.

"Could you really put up with her in bed?" I ask, laughing at how awful it sounds.

"You like anyone with Tits" Isaac retorts.

Gray seems to happily accept that insult.

His suit is fairly 'different' to ours, ironically grey in colour, checked and underneath over his white shirt is a navy waist jacket and bow tie. His hair is neatly styled with gel, where as I haven't gone to that much effort.

"Where's your date?" Isaac asks curiously.

"She would prefer to not be stood with me unless she absolutely has to" Gray says, clearly embarrassed. I'm surprised he hasn't already made up some bullshit about him being the one wanting to be away from her.

"Who are you escorting?" Isaac asks curiously, perhaps it's thanks to Louisa, but he's definitely perked up since this afternoon.

"Lockwood" he smirks to himself. Isaac's face says it all, so I spend the next two minutes explaining.

"Poor girl" Louisa says, making us both laugh, Gray on the other hand looks insulted.

"Where is she then?" Isaac asks, partly unconvinced.

"Here" I mutter, noticing her behind him. He parts from Louisa so May can join our little gathering. She does not look happy, she seems as bothered as she was this afternoon. Her hair is fully down unlike most of the girls here tonight, some have it plaited and some have it half up half down, but her's is just nicely curled over her shoulders. I like simple. Her dress is simple too, but still head-turning at the same time. Initially it's beige, but it's almost like two dresses as over the top is black lace. Its sleeveless and it hangs from her chest. Tight at the top and then the material flows out to the floor at the bottom. The leg slit is teasing me so much my jeans tighten.

"Looking good" Isaac winks, which is a comment that clearly threatens Gray as he stands upright and walks closer to her.

"Drink Hun?" He suggests.

"For the third time no! Just leave me alone, you may be escorting me, but if you hadn't noticed, the presenting hasn't started yet" she snaps at him, being smart mouthed.

"Fine, well you had your chance love... Perhaps I'll find someone else to go home with" he proudly mutters as he shifts past her.

"I never would have gone home with you! Why don't you get that through your thick skull" she moans at him. She checks her make up with her hands, probably due to stress, but there's no need she looks fine.

There's one thing I can't get my head around. Gray was with us before she was. So why would she come over here if she knew he was here. To be honest I can't think of one reason of why she would happily come and stand with any of us, surely she would rather be with Finn. They seem to have made up yet again, maybe it really is platonic with those two. I'm sure he would have attempted to beat me up by now if he did have feeling for her. Maybe I would understand if I had a friendship like that.

"So he's either done something, or its your time of the month" Isaac says to her, laughing. She looks fuming, but before she can yell at him in response, we're joined by another.

"May! A word" Timothy 'quietly' shouts, as he walks up to her. She huffs as she rolls her eyes. As they walk away, I briefly hear some of what he has to say.

"Stop acting so out of order, Grayson is your escort... Raising your voice at him is not a good image and..."

God I hate that guy more and more every time I see him.

Everyone is brought together for the presenting at 9:00pm. We're hushed as our deputy headmistress does the opening. I glare at her the whole time, I'm still not happy about being here. It's a completely personal type of punishment, because she knew I would hate to attend something like this.

Most of the girls in our year stand in line to the left of the stage. Their escorts stand to the right of the stage.

"So let's begin shall we..." She continues, introducing some man of local importance to the stage to help with presenting.

Unfortunately Isaac has been situated right in front of Alyssa's date due to alphabetical order. I can see the anger return to his face, he will be squaring this guy up soon. I'm so relived I'm stood amongst the crowd and not up there with all of those. I pitty them all right now. I'm half tempted to go on my phone as this presentation is already boring me to sleep. I don't, as it'll only piss my Mum off even more.

The guy our deputy invited on to stage, starts with a small speech, mostly about how glad he is to be here, which is obviously a bag of bull, as who on earth would be glad to be here? After that, they finally begin.

"Louisa Argent, escorted by... Isaac Anderson"

They both join at the middle of the stage and walk together to the front. The whole concept of this ball is an utter waste of time, what does it even prove? Two minutes later, it's onto the next couple.

"... Alyssa Bailey, escorted by..." She begins saying, meanwhile Isaac gives the poor guy that's escorting her the harshest dirty look. Alyssa pretty much did the same thing when it was Louisa and Isaac on stage. After laughing to myself at their pettiness, I look around and notice someone missing. I double check two times, but Gray is nowhere to be seen. I see where he should be in line and he's not there. May is in line on the other side, so where is he? I give it five minutes, they've only announced two people.

"Willow Harper... escorted by Finn Sanders"

H, I, J, K, L, he has four more letters until his turn. That's if there's even a girl with a last name beginning with I, J or K. You'd have thought he would be here, considering how eager he's been all day.

"... Angelina Leighton..."

I'm starting to panic now and I don't know why, I'm not the one standing up there waiting for someone. I notice May is feeling the way I'm feeling, probably worse than I'm feeling actually. The girl behind her is attempting to comfort her. Gray literally has until Angelina and her escort walk off the stage. That comes around pretty quickly and now May is looking terrified.

"May Lockwood..." Our deputy says, at which point I don't even think, I just walk through a crowd of people up to the right of the stage. I feel bad for her, she didn't even want to go to this stupid thing in the first place and now my idiot of a friend has stood her up; probably on purpose. I get a few funny looks as I jump the queue of other escorts, but I'm not really thinking about them. I'm focused on May nervously walking onto stage. I can't tell if she's ready to kill someone or ready to cry.

"Escorted by..." They say, clearly knowing what is going on as well as May does. They seem more worried than her. I start walking up the stage steps.

"Grayson-" she begins to recite from the card in her hand until she notices me.

"Sorry... Escorted by... Nathan Harper" she says, smiling as though she read the card wrong, when really I kind of saved the day there. I casually put my arm around her as we walk to the front of the stage. I'm quite good at just going along with anything. I'm acting more natural through this than she is. She turns her head to me and I guide us of stage. People are clapping, which I ignore.

"Thank you" she mutters in my ear. I look up, acting normal. I feel like she's whispering for a reason. When that reason becomes obvious, I distance myself from her a little bit. Timothy is the reason, of course he is. What just happened there is not good, he will be fuming. One with Gray for disappearing and two with me for stepping in. I plan to walk in the other direction to her as I notice him looking at us. When he can no longer possibly see us because of the audience, May takes my hand and walks.

"May what are you doing?" I ask curiously, following her. She ignores me until we are out of their and in the school hallway by the lockers.

"You know that you're supposed to be dancing out there with everyone right?" I say, as it is customary to do so after everyone is presented.

"Fuck the dance! Why did you do that?" She asks, half angry and half relived I did what I did.

"Do you wish I'd have left you to be embarrassed in front of the whole crowd?" I ask. I don't know if I've done a good thing or not.

"No of course not... But-"

"Then stop freaking out" I laugh, she's so tensed up she needs to relax.

"But, why would you do that for me?" She asks, confused and not being able to believe that I'm selfless enough to help her.

"I don't know" I mutter, gesturing for us to go back inside. Perhaps I am a little uncomfortable with this conversation.

"There must be a reason, I mean it's you Nathan when do you ever do-"

"Maybe I felt a little bad for you okay, now can you just appreciate what I did and drop it" I say, getting a little tetchy.

"Wow, and here I thought you were cold as ice and you didn't let yourself have feelings" she teases, making me crack a slight laugh.

"Whatever... We should go back inside" I suggest, walking up to the door. I barely take two steps before she gently grabs my wrist, implying she doesn't want to go back inside. I walk back to her.

"Nathan I'm serious... Thank you" she says, looking me in the eyes. She has really pretty eyes, I never look there, I'm usually more interested in what she's wearing.

I'm about to say something, I don't know what exactly, but before I can we are interrupted. May jumps out of her skin when she sees Timothy walk out of the doors and into the corridor.

"What's going on here?" He asks, glaring at the both of us. Then I realise that she's still holding onto my wrist and we are sort of naturally close. She looks down and removes her hand from my wrist so quick you'd think I was on fire.

"Nothing" she says plainly.

"Get back in there this instance" he demands. She swallows a lump in her throat and I notice just how threatened she is by him. She walks out and I follow her, I guess I've got myself roped into this dance now that I've escorted her. I go to follow her out the door, but Timothy holds up his arm, blocking my way.

"What the hell is your problem?" I ask, getting really sick of him interfering.

"Am I going to have to take matters further Nathan? I've told you enough times" he says, glaring into my eyes. He is a scary guy, but he doesn't scare me.

"You can do what you like, but you can't control me... or her" I argue, which takes him by surprise. I guess he's never had anyone backchat him like this before. May probably has, but not enough.

"May will do whatever I say and so will you! One more time Nathan... If I catch you two together one more time, you're going to regret it" he threatens. If my Dad knew how many times he's threatened me then he would not be happy. I don't react well when people tell me what to do, if anything I rebel.

"You may not like me, but May does and you can try and ignore that as long as you want, but it's never going to change anything" I say. It's something I've been considering for a couple of weeks now. May doesn't hate me anymore, I'm pretty sure she likes me, I'm not being modest but she's been acting different with me recently. It's the way she looks at me. She would never admit it, or would she?

"You should watch what you say Nathan-"

"No you should, now move!" I say, barging past him and back into the Ballroom.

"Where the fuck were you!?" I demand when I see Gray walk up to me.

"Just... Having some quality time with a certain someone... What did I miss?" He asks, casually nodding to someone over my shoulder. I look back and see Scarlett smirking at him. So he was too busy fooling around with that skank (probably in a toilet cubicle) to remember he should've been out here escorting May.

"The whole damn thing" I say, actually a bit pissed off with him. I don't know why, maybe Timothy has just wound me up so much that I'm taking it out on everyone else.

"Whoops, never mind I would have enjoyed seeing May completely embarrassed in front of everyone... shame I missed it" He laughs, making me even angrier.

"Well you didn't miss anything, I escorted her so go ahead and thank me!" I say, wishing he would stop being such a twat for five seconds and realise what he's done. Why would he be absent for the presentation when he's enjoyed tormenting May about going with him all week? He doesn't make any sense. I know I usually have my eyes on a few girls, but Gray is even worse. One minute he's into Willow, then May and now Scarlett.

"You shouldn't have stepped in, it would have been a laugh" he smirks.

"No it wouldn't" I say seriously.

"God would you stop this, it isn't you" he laughs, looking sort of disappointed in me.

"Stop what? What do you mean?" I ask, rolling my eyes.

"Maybe you could make your feelings for May a little more discrete" he suggests, laughing at me. I don't know what feelings he's referring to because I don't have any, so that's what I tell him.

"Please, you haven't been the same since she's been back and how many times have you hooked up with her now? Surely you're bored of her" he moans. I haven't got a clue what he's going on about, I'm trying to tell him he shouldn't have just left May up there and now he's victimising me instead.

"Fuck off mate, get used to it... I won the bet so fucking get over it" I say, getting a bit vocal. I walk away before he starts pathetically denying it.

I'm feeling as angry as Isaac was the other night. Why can't people get off my back? I'm so done with this stupid Ball, what a waste of my life.

"Nathan! There you are son" my Mum says, walking over to me. I'm really not in the mood for this right now.

"What do you want?" I say, perhaps being a little rude.

"I'm very proud of you, what you just did was extremely selfless" she says, her face beaming as she acts all Motherly.

"Mum it what nothing" I mutter.

"Yes it was, my son is a gentleman I knew you couldn't hide it for long" she says, expecting me to laugh along but I can't, I'm highly pissed off right now and this isn't helping.

"No I'm really not... I'm going home, this pathetic get together is really not my scene" I say, mocking it through the sound of my voice.

"You're not leaving Nathan" she says, thinking I'm going to listen.

"Yeah I am, catch you guys later" I say, walking away before I say something I regret.

"Nathan!" She attempts, but I carry on.

This Debutant Ball is a fucking joke, so is Gray and so is that bastard Timothy.

"Hey Nath there you are! Leaving so soon? How about a dance?" Vivian says, pathetically trying to convince me to stay by the way she's pushing her chest out.

"No thanks" I say, walking past her.

"Come on! You know you want to and we can go back to mine after and-"

"I said No thanks!" I say, my temper snapping.

"Oh sorry have you got some other girl to waste your time with? Let me guess would it be May bloody Lockwood" she whines.

"Vivian piss off alright!" I shout in her face, which she seems to accept. I get the hell out of there and walk home just as it starts to rain.

Once I'm back I grab the bottle of Bourbon from under my bed and grab this stupid tie and blazer off as soon as possible. I check my phone and see a text.

"I'm so sorry about Timothy. Thanks again for tonight"

It says, from May of course. What am I supposed to say to that? She doesn't need to keep thanking me. Maybe I shouldn't have done it, if she does 'like' me, then it's only going to make the situation worse. So I ignore it.

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