He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


16. Chapter 16


It's pretty much as though I'm running home when I'm on my way there. I hate calling it home, because even though I live there, I don't consider it my home. My home is back in Spain.

That text from Scarlett has gotten me all panicked. What if the house is totally wrecked? What if someone's hurt? Thinking about all the possibilities scares me.

I felt like some common prostitute, leaving Nath's house like that. I know all we are doing is hooking up anyway, but it just made me feel really cheap. I'm glad that I chose to wear a casual dress last night and I also thankfully changed my shoes before I went to his house. Can you imagine running home in heels and a revealing dress?

It's worrying that the gates are still wide open at the house, that means Scarlett didn't lock up last night. She had one job and she couldn't even do that. I know I'm technically the oldest, but it was her responsibility considering the party was all her idea.

I try the front door, somehow hoping it won't open. Unfortunately it opens straight away, meaning she didn't even lock the front door either. Anyone could have walked in, maybe they did. She wouldn't answer her phone when I tried calling her back, which I guess is sort of worrying. I know I can't stand the girl, but I wouldn't want anything really bad to happen to her. Crashing and banging is what I hear when I walk through to the back of the house. I suppose those noises are worrying, but it doesn't feel like something terrible has happened. The one thing I'm certain of, is that this house is a complete mess. There was a pile of sick near the front door, discarded plastic cups everywhere you can see and spilt alcohol all up the stairs; thankfully the floor is wooden.

"Scarlett?!" I shout, just as I walk into the kitchen and lock eyes with three people. First Scarlett is stood there looking terrified, her hair is messy, last nights make up smudged under her eyes, still wearing her extremely slutty dress which she pointlessly is attempting to cover up. Her jaw is trembling. I now put two and two together and realise that the crashing and banging noise was the sound of her tidying up all the empty bottles. The other two people I'm looking at, are my Mother and Timothy. Seeing them instantly sends panic through me. Then I realise something, this party was Scarlett's idea and where was I? I was at Nathan's, therefore not responsible for any of this in their eyes. Although, I think I'd be in more trouble if they knew I was at Nathan's.

"Mom, Timothy, you're back?" I say giving them a complete look of innocence, not really understanding why they are here.

"Our trip was cut short, due to business reasons! Where were you last night?" She shouts, before lowering her voice when asking me where I was. It's typical that Timothy's stupid business would ruin their honeymoon.

"Me? I was out with Finn and Willow after school yesterday, then we both stayed over at Finns... Because it got late, he didn't want us going home on our own... What happened here?!" I ask, directing my smug glare onto Scarlett. She now looks back at me looking utterly mortified. I bet she didn't see that coming. It's about time she tasted some of her own medicine.

"You weren't here last night?" Timothy asks, surprisingly calm.

"No, I popped back to change after school and then I was with them all night" I say, acting like the innocent Angel he thought his own daughter was. In all fairness, Scarlett has asked for this, so I don't feel guilty.

"What! Dad she's lying! She was here, this is all her f-" fault? She was about to say it's my fault, how is it when really she's the one that organised the whole damn thing.

"No! That's enough Scarlett! Don't you dare blame May! You are responsible for our house being utterly disgraceful!" My Mom screams at her. I bite my lip, attempting to hold back a smirk.


"No buts!" Timothy snaps, holding in his anger or more over his disappointment.

"Dad I didn't-"

"Scarlett I am not happy about this!" He yells, that's pretty obvious, giving the creases on his forehead.

"Turning up and finding our home in an awful mess, clear alcohol use, the gates and front door open and a boy in your bed is disgusting behaviour from your part! Honestly I thought I'd raised you better than that!" He shouts, at which point Scarlett starts crying, making me have to discretely cover my mouth to avoid laughing. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my Mother lightly glaring at me, as though I should be taking this more seriously.

"It's her you should be blaming not me!" Scarlett moans, giving me a death stare.

"Scarlett enough! Own up to your mistakes, now go to your room! You're grounded for the rest of the school term and if I ever see you with that delinquent ever again then you'll be grounded until you're eighteen!" Timothy demands, she's 15 so three years being grounded would be pretty intense, I'm assuming he was being sarcastic. I wonder who was in her bed, it wouldn't surprise me if it was Gray.

"Cassandra I'm-" Scarlett begins to attempt on my Mother, somehow thinking that she might convince Timothy to be lighter on her punishment.

"You are not talking your way out of this one Scarlett, room! Now!" My Mom says, I'm proud of her, she's really standing up for herself, and me for that matter.

Scarlett stamps her foot in annoyance before storming out and up the stairs to her room.

"Did you have a nice few days?" I say, attempting to diffuse the tension.

"I think I'd rather not talk about it right now love, I'm sorry you got caught up in this" Mom mutters, stretching her forefinger and thumb over her forehead, clearly stressed after that argument.

"Right of course, would you like me to call the maid?" I say, taking a look around the kitchen and realising it's the messiest part of the house. There's at least ten bottles of empty spirits on the middle counter.

"No it's fine darling, I'll do it" she says, searching in her bag for her mobile and then leaving the room when she dials.

I really wish she would have let me call the maid, because now I'm stuck with Timothy. It's always awkward and I hate him so much. To avoid it, I just walk out.

"May" he says, still looking annoyed and disappointed. Thankfully that's because of Scarlett not me.

"Yeah?" I say, stopping. I can't help it, but every time I talk to him, I'm sort of sighing.

"I know you would lie to me, but I'd like to think you wouldn't lie to your own Mother" he says, curiously looking at me. My pulse jumps, because I have just lied, it was only a little white lie. If I'd have organised the whole party last night then I probably wouldn't have lied, but I didn't I just went along with it, Scarlett's the one that's responsible.

"I'm not lying Timothy, I wasn't here last night"

"Oh no I believe you May, but you'd better hope it was Finn's house you stayed at last night" he says, his voice cold and knowing as always. That's surely a threat, right? He cannot know I stayed at Nathan's, he would go mental if he found out and if I'm honest I think he would be more angry with me than how angry he currently is with Scarlet.

"I don't know what you're going on about" I say, squinting my eyes out of confusion.

"Yes you do" he mutters, harshly looking me in the eyes as he walks past me. He gives me the chills, in a bad way of course.

If there's one thing I remember about last night, it's how careless I was, sometimes (actually, all the time) when I've had a drink I have this whole not-a-care-in-the-world vibe. It gets the best of me sometimes. Sadly it is the reason I didn't sort things out with Finn. Things were finally good between us, I guess it was short and sweet. In a way I'm glad, he had to find out at some stage, but it was a bad way to find out. In some ways I'm a little defensive about the whole situation, I know Finn is only trying to protect me, but who I choose to sleep with is nobody's business but my own. Still, I'm going to miss my best friend if I don't sort things out with him.

I'll give him a couple of days to calm down and then I'll attempt to say something.

It's Monday morning and I've been completely off the radar for the past two days, meaning I haven't even texted Finn. There's been so much tension at "home", Scarlett hates me more than she ever did, my Mom is really pissed off with her and Timothy is still fuming with her. Even though I'm sort of innocent in their eyes, they aren't treating me any different. They're too angry with Scarlett to even pay attention to me. Timothy still continues to look at me with curious eyes. I have totally 'disobeyed his command' by sneaking around with Nathan when he told me not to. He can never know.

Willow and Finn are obviously going to school together, meaning I have to walk in on my own. I haven't shared the car with Scarlett since before the wedding. I'm afraid of what she might say to me if we're left on our own.

Just as I walk through the gates, I'm joined by a total nuisance. Gray decides to walk with me out of nowhere.

"What do you want?" I sigh, really not in the mood to talk to him.

"Quick question May, there's no need to bite my head off" he says, looking at me like I'm being an utter bitch. I suppose my resting bitch face could possibly be the reason for this. I'm not happy unless I'm friends with Finn and it's my own fault that he currently hates me. I look back at Gray and although I don't want to talk to him, the sooner this conversation is over, the sooner he will piss off.

"Go on then" I say, coming to a stop and folding my arms.

"On a scale of one to ten, exactly how much does Willow hate me?" He asks. Is he serious? He's got to be the most shallow person I've ever met, he's only interested in Willow now that he's seen her in a dress and heels. Guys like him make me sick, I can't help wondering if Nathan is like that, it wouldn't surprise me if he was.

"Not as much as I do Gray" I say, raising my voice at him.

"Just answer the question Hun" he says, holding me back, as my intention was to carry on to Tutorial.

"How am I supposed to know?"

"Don't lie, it doesn't suit you" he smirks.

"What makes you say I'm lying?"

"I'm clever May, I can just tell, besides you're not very good at hiding it" he tuts, seeing right through me.

"You really want to know? She can't stand you, no one can" I snap, storming away, my bag swinging behind me. I can see today ending badly, I'm so wound up already. I'm not good at controlling my anger when I've got so much on my mind.

"What are you doing?" I demand, as I notice him catch up with me. He's like an annoyance you can't get rid of.

"Well, you've been back here a couple of months now May, surely you're aware that we are in the same Tutorial group" he says smart mouthed, as though I'm an idiot.

"Yeah I know, but does that really mean I have to put up with you the whole way to our room?" I ask, sounding fairly argumentative. These corridors are wide enough, he can walk away from me and still get there. Call me antisocial, but this is Gray were talking about, he just has the worst personality.

"I would have said the reason for you being a narcissistic bitch, could be because you're sexually frustrated, but from what I hear... Nath satisfied you enough just the other night" he says, smirking at me. That whole statement just makes me ten times more angry. For one, he has some cheek saying that to me, it's sort of disrespectful. Two, what happens between me and Nathan has got nothing to do with him. Finally, what the hell has Nathan said to him?

I feel sort of embarrassed, probably due to the fact that what he just said has drawn some attention onto us. I try to keep my head down, but I can't help it, I look up and notice basically every single person I know. Typical.

Nathan, Vivian, Alyssa and Isaac are stood outside our Tutorial room. I notice Mr Haroldson writing on the chalkboard through the glass window of the door. A few girls from the year below linger outside the girls toilets; it wouldn't surprise me if Scarlett was amongst them. To my left I catch a glimpse of Finn and Willow grabbing a few books out of their lockers.

"Cat got your tongue?" Gray teases, tapping me lightly on the shoulder. His face annoys me so much, the way he looks at me with such mockery. This isn't a joke, the way he just spoke to me made me feel like a whore.

"Shut up" I say plainly, keeping it in.

"Huh?" He asks, expecting more from me than that. I was trying to be reserved, but if he's going to act like a cocky little shit then I might just act like a moody little bitch.

"Will you just quit it? What do you want?!" I demand, getting desperate for him to just tell me why he is so insistent on my company. I know the answer, he just likes to wind people up. Out of him and the other two, he's definitely the worst for that. It's as though he gets a buzz off it.

"Oooh sounds like it is sexual frustration" he murmurs, as though it's really degrading. The most annoying thing is that I'm not, how can I be? I only slept with Nathan two days ago, that's enough, I mean come on... I'm not Vivian.

"Oh please! You know what, that little thing you were just asking me about, I lied, she hates you more than you could know and don't even think about trying it on her, because not one single girl wants to sleep with you!" I yell in his face.

"You would, if you had half the chance, desperation is written all over you Hun" he mutters, shrugging his shoulders, it's like he thinks everyone agrees with him from the way he's proudly looking around. No one agrees with him, I certainly don't and now I've reached my limit, I cannot tolerate him anymore.

"How dare you!" I shout, attempting to slap him around the face for that totally disrespectful comment. Annoyingly he holds my hands back so I can't. I can see everyone looking even closer at us now.

"Can't you take any banter at all Hun?" He laughs, I hear a snigger and realise almost immediately that it's Vivian.

"You're repulsive you know that" I say, glaring right at him. He lets out an effortless laugh.

"I'm certain that you're the only girl around here that thinks that" he says, just before I catch him off guard and push him back with all my force, until he's against the wall. He's loads taller than me and I feel sort of useless just pushing him, but he deserved some kind of punishment for the way that he's acting.

"If you wanted me then you should have just said" he smirks, making me push him even harder.

"Come on guys break it up" Isaac manages to say through laughs. I notice him shaking his head at Gray, hopefully that means they're laughing at him being an idiot and not me. At the end of the day, I was only defending myself, maybe I'm just a little too good at it. I'm still glaring at Gray, until I feel a warm hand tear mine away from his shoulder, making the other hand pull away too. I suppose I need to calm down. I step away and almost walk into Nathan who is the one that just took me away from that little encounter.

"Don't rise to him" he mutters with his back to everyone, sort of like he doesn't want anyone else to hear him say it.

"What?" I ask, pretty sure I heard what he said, but not so certain of why he said it. It was weird, the way he said it and the way he's looking at me makes me realise how serious he is.

"He's jealous and it makes him a bit verbally aggressive" he mutters again.

"I can take care of myself" I say, not wanting him to think I need him to calm me down when I'm angry.

"Yeah" he laughs "I kind of just realised that"

I now realise that Finn and Willow aren't collecting books anymore, they've gone, which means I'm on my own. It's almost time for tutorial, so I guess I've just got to stay with this lot.

"By the way Gray, I never wanted you and I never will want you, why don't you get that through your thick skull?" I suggest, intending on standing on the opposite side of the corridor, as far away from him as possible in this vicinity.

"Whatever you say love" he laughs, straightening his previously perfect uniform, attempting to regain his manhood.

"And don't call me that" I insist.

"What do you want me to call you? Slut, Whore, Bitch or Slut... Oh wait I already said that one" he says, thinking he's funny.

"Will you just quit it?!" I yell, regretting it when Mr Haroldson storms out of the classroom door. At his presence in the corridor, Isaac and Vivian decide to sneakily wonder away, considering they aren't in this Tutorial group.

"What is going on here?! Am I going to have to send someone to Whitmore's office?!" He shouts, every snap of every word making my body jump.

"Educational debate" Alyssa says, jokingly to us, but he just accepts it and let's us go into class. I get a weird feeling from Alyssa, it's like she's putting herself out to try and re-patch our old friendship, but then she's still nothing near the girl she used to be.

"and what happened to not rising to him?" Nathan asks quietly, as he lets me go through the doorway first.

"That's really not my style"

"Yeah I should have known that" he laughs, walking over to his desk.

Haroldson lets us take our seats, before he demands our attention for announcements. It's usually the part of Tutorial that I'd quite like to fall asleep during.

"As you all know, the school's dance hall is soon going to be refurbished..." He begins, meanwhile I'm ready to drop off. "Due to this... St George's annual Debutant Ball will be brought forward and is now taking place Friday next, starting at 8:00pm" he continues, receiving a mixture of happy responses from the girls and frustrated groans from a few of the lads. I however, am completely unbothered. Maybe it's because of how angry I am at the moment or how much I've got on my mind, but mostly I think it's because it doesn't interest me.

St George's Debutant Ball is held every year, usually a month or so before Christmas. It's more for the girls than the boys, boys are just there to accompany the girls. You don't have to attend, so I doubt I will. It's only ever year thirteen girls that get presented, meaning it's my only opportunity, but that doesn't change my perspective of it. It just seems totally pointless.

"I'm glad to hear your enthralment" Haroldson says, sarcastically to a group of boys. "Your deputy head mistress wants me to encourage you all to attend... so sign up sheets are at reception, dress code is formal; dress length restrictions apply for you girls, all attending must be accompanied by a partner..." he says, as though he's reciting an instruction manual. A few people snigger at him calling a date a partner. He clearly isn't particularly interested in telling us all about this Ball that he really doesn't give a damn about.

"... Parents are obviously welcome, tickets are also available at reception, which are for sale at £50 per person" he says, I know that in my Mother's eyes, that price wouldn't be an issue. But in my opinion or as my Dad would say 'that's bloody ridiculous'.

I remember going to my cousin's Debutant Ball here, back when I was in year 10. From what I recall, the majority of her year showed up, even the boys. Does that mean it would be weird if I didn't go? Who would even be my 'partner'? I'd only want Finn and by the looks of it, that isn't going to happen.

"What's the matter?" I hear Alyssa say quietly from the desk on the next row.

"Nothing why?" I say, I'm slowly getting over that spat with Gray, obviously my face doesn't show it.

"Aren't you excited about the Ball?" She asks, as though it's customary for every girl to be ecstatic.

"Not particularly" I reply, she gives me a weird look before returning her attention to Mr Haroldson.

Once we're finally out of there, I'm eager to get to my English Literature lesson, purely because I share it with Finn and we do usually sit together. For some annoying reason, the stupid Debutant Ball is all people are talking about. Seriously, I do not see what the big deal is.

Vivian joins them out of nowhere, she's in the other Tutorial group, so she must have been pretty eager to rejoin her group as we've only just been let out of there.

"... So what do you say Nath? Fancy accompanying me" Viv winces, nudging him, before touching up her red lipstick in a handheld mirror. Clearly they were informed of the Ball too. Does she not realise how desperate she sounds?

"Viv I'm not even going, so how about no" he jokes, making me laugh a little. I didn't conceal that laugh, meaning Vivian is now glaring at me. She flicks her long, straightened black hair behind her shoulder, as though she wants me out of her face, when really I'm already about three meters away from them. Their little 'clique' take up the whole corridor, meaning I'm stuck behind them, so I can't exactly not listen to their conversation.

"What do you mean you aren't going?!" Alyssa demands, as though it's a crime.

"I mean I'm not going, a stupid Debutant Ball really isn't my style, let alone escorting someone" Nath replies, his whole posture seeming completely uninterested in the idea.

"Come on you bore, you know what the night might end in if you escort some little hottie" Gray says, winking at who knows who.

"Fair point, but still, it's not worth the ball ache of a stupid dance" he moans, making me realise that our views on this event are exactly the same.

"Oh I think it is" Gray says, sneakily looking back and smirking at me. Why would he do that? Why can't he just leave me alone and why is it me that he's victimising? I can't stand him any longer.

"Excuse me" I say politely but quickly, as I budge past Alyssa and Gray. I pretty much power walk away, I feel intimidated in their group.

Although I'm walking away, I can still hear them talking, talking about me.

"What is her problem? Seriously" Gray laughs, like I'm the one that has a problem and not him. I mean come on, you don't just casually say to someone in the middle of conversation 'are you sexually frustrated?' And you also don't call someone a bitch, slut or whore. When I think about it, I take it really personally. When I shouldn't, as Gray probably says that about everyone, he has no respect for anyone; especially girls.

"I think you are her problem you fool" Alyssa jokes.

"I'm not the one she's fucking, it's you she's probably got the issue with" I hear him say, presumably to Nathan, I don't dare look behind me to see.

"Jealously doesn't sit well with you does it mate" Nath mutters, in my head I can picture the way he looks, totally chilled out and not really listening or not really bothered about what they are saying.

"She's just a sensitive little hoe" Viv wines, does she seriously think I can't hear her? How can she be such a colossal bitch. I'm not being modest, but I'm hardly a hoe. I never should have started this thing with Nathan, it was such a bad idea. Now they all think that I'm some kind of slut that is easy and desperate and I'm not. Vivian can call me sensitive, because I am, what she said and what Gray has said has really upset me and I've had enough of them, all of them. I sharply turn a corner and walk even faster. The corridors are dead, so either we got let out late or early.

I start to cry out of anger, it's the only way I can relieve it. People frustrate me so much, having said that I don't actually think it's people in general, it's just those people. I don't really know where I'm going, until I realise I'm by my locker. I may aswell swap my books over now as I'm here, it's surprisingly hard considering I'm trying to dry my eyes at the same time.

"May" I hear him say out of nowhere. I shut my locker door harshly. I've never been so glad to see Finn. I try a smile, but my face won't let me, it falls again and I can't really hide the tears running out of my eyes. He pulls a pity face and holds his arms out. I hug him and hope that this means he doesn't hate me anymore. He's like my brother and it really pisses me off when people say we're into each other because we really aren't.

"I'm guessing you've learnt your lesson then?" He sighs as he lets go of me. He doesn't say it in an I-told-you-so voice, which is one thing I love about Finn.

"That's not why I'm angry"

"What now?" He asks, sort of concerned.

"Gray, Vivian, all of those bastards" I moan, drying my eyes with the bottoms of my palms. I realise that it's not all of them that have upset me, Nathan had nothing to do with it.

"Look I can forget about the past couple of weeks May, but you need to stay away from them and him, they're pretty much dangerous, you know what they're like" he says and I do understand what he's saying. He's completely right, he always is.

"I can try, but it's a small school Finn, how am I supposed to avoid them all?" I ask, realising it's virtually impossible.

"How did you do it before?"

"Why do you think I left?" I joke, making him laugh just a little.

"If they do or say anything then they'll have me to answer to" he says, straightening up.

"You're tough when you want to be aren't you?" I tease.

"Come on let's go to class and get this stupid day over with" he says, putting his arm around me as we walk away.

It's such a weight off my mind that he wasn't too angry with me, he didn't seem angry at all really, maybe he just needed a couple of days to deal with what he found out. I can see why he would be annoyed or upset about it, he hates them as much as I do, so finding out I slept with Nathan must have been a bit of a shock to his system.

After a day of keeping to myself and being the quiet person I usually am not, I meet Willow and Finn outside school. Every person I've walked past on my way here have talked about the Debutant Ball and it's starting to do my head in.

"Why won't people shut up about this damn dance" I moan.

"Because everyone is excited for it, aren't you?" Willow laughs.

"Not particularly" I sigh, whilst clearing my throat. I've just noticed Gray and Alyssa by the entrance to school, so I once again try to keep my head down.

"Are you actually going?" I ask Willow.

"Of course, I can't wait, you do realise that every girl looks forward to this event ever since their first day here" she says, making it seem weird that I'm not one of those girls.

"Who are you even going with? You know you have to have an escort right?" I say, making sure she knows what she's getting herself into.

"Finn of course" she says, before they exchange a smile.

"Great, so even if I do go, who am going to go with?" I joke.

"Seems like you've got other options, is my cousin not at the top of the list?" She asks, not sounding like the Willow I know. She seems suspicious to know what's going on with me and Nathan. I break the look I'm giving her and try and look away. I don't know how to respond to that. I'm worried it's made things awkward with Finn again. I notice Gray and Alyssa start to walk down the steps, making me desperate to leave.

"I need to get home, I've got a load of work" I say, using that as a get out card.

"We can all walk" Finn suggests.

"No it's fine, I'll see you both tomorrow" I say, walking away with my arms folded.

Just as I'm walking home, it starts to rain a lot and I have no coat and no umbrella, after the day I've had I'm past the point of caring. I get to the cross roads and notice Nathan across the street, he's obviously decided to walk the long way home. He's one person I don't want to talk to right now, purely because I don't know what I would say. The last time we spoke was this morning when he was telling me Gray was jealous for some reason, what exactly is it that Gray would be jealous of?

I stop overthinking and look up, annoyingly we catch each other's eyes almost immediately. I blink away and then just walk in the direction I came from, he was clearly crossing the road meaning he is coming the same way as me. I end up power walking my way home and take a shortcut so that I get to turn right, as I'm pretty sure that Nathan has to turn left.

I walk down a deserted street and look over my shoulder to check he's not behind me, when I look back I nearly jump out of my skin when I notice him in front of me. What? And how? Are two of the things I want to know. Yeah he's taller than me and he has longer legs, but surely he would have to be Captain America to get here quicker than me. Then I look at the situation logically and realise he too probably took a shortcut.

"Are you avoiding me?" He asks, raising an eyebrow before smirking. He's smirking because he's pleased with himself, for being more clever than me. He probably knows his way around this area a lot better than I do.

"What makes you say that?" I ask, looking at the ground.

"Potentially because you just saw me and then you bolted" he laughs, obviously seeing through me. I'm not particularly enjoying standing here in the rain. My make up will run sooner or later and for some reason I actually care about my appearance in front of him.

"I was just trying to get home quick, you know... What with this rain and everything" I say, laughing just to make myself seem believable. He too is soaked from this rain.

"Whatever, you can make up whatever excuses you like May" he says and I'm not really sure of how to respond to that. "... Anyway, I was wondering, what started that little spat with Gray earlier?" He asks, curiously biting his lip.

"Yeah... I don't really want to talk about that right now" I say, looking up at the rain falling over us.

"Why not?" He says, sometimes it's like nothing could ever possibly bother him. But sometimes I think it's a front, he does care about things, he just doesn't let him normal human emotion show.

"Look he was just winding me up... Being his usual... Disrespectful self and he took it too far" I say.

"You surprise me May" he mutters. He's always so vague when he talks, or maybe I'm just not clever enough to understand what he's getting at.

"Why?" I ask, almost shouting, as the rain trickles down my face and nearly into my mouth.

"Out of everyone, I never thought you would let him get to you" he says, irritatingly as though he's a little disappointed.

"Surely I have a right to be upset when he's calling me a slut!" I say, defending myself.

"Beaut, you really need to learn how to contain your anger" he jokes. I try really hard to hold back a sarcastic smirk.

"Do you not think I've tried?!" I say, he doesn't see how hard it is.

"Try harder" he suggests.

"How?" I ask sharply.

"Use me, come on, take out you're anger on me"

"Do you mean punch you? Because that would be extremely relieving" I tease. I now notice that we are both shouting over this rain, as its now gotten heavier and it actually hurts my shoulder blades as it falls.

"No no, not that exactly... There are other ways to distract yourself" he laughs at my eagerness. I realise he's sneakily walked closer to me within the past two minutes.

"Like what? Nath what are you trying to suggest? Because you-"

"For gods sake" he sighs through a laugh. I feel butterflies throughout and nervous thoughts when he grabs my side, pulling me into him. Holding my left cheek with his other hand, which is even colder from the metal of the silver band ring he always wears on his middle finger. He pulls me further into a kiss, which I can't deny is pretty exhilarating due to the rain. My hands manage to make their way up to the back of his head. His this dark hair is wet but still satisfying to run your fingers through. Snapping out if it, I pull back and loosen my grip of his hair.

"Feel better?" He asks. He's totally right, it does relive my mind of all the other thoughts I have. I see him as a drug; it's not good for you, but you're addicted to it.

"Nath no, I can't, I need to go" I say, mixing up my words. He doesn't seem in any hurry to encourage me to stay, thankfully.

"Sure, I get it... You need a good amount of time to keep telling yourself how bad I am for you, am I right?" He says, surprisingly correctly.

"Something like that" I say, already wishing I'd said something different.

"See you later beaut" he says, winking at me right before he carries on walking, now he decides to pull up the hood of the zip up jacket he has on over his blazer. That was a weird encounter, next time I'll have to walk away, this can't keep happening.

Nathan only ever flirts with me, we never share a proper conversation, which proves he only likes the physical stuff. You don't have to be a genius to work that one out.

Back home, my Mother's face drops when she sees how drenched I am from the rain. She rushes me upstairs and wraps a towel around me.

"Honestly May what were you thinking? You could catch a cold" she says, fretting over nothing.

"I'll be fine and I don't really control the weather so I couldn't avoid it" I say, making her tut at my sarcasm.

"We pay for the car to pick you both up, not just Scarlett" she insists.

"Yes I know, but I usually like walking" I laugh.

"Well... Then you're mental" she replies.

Once I've been in the shower and I'm all dry, I go downstairs just as Timothy gets home. I still feel the tension in the house. I do feel bad for my Mom that her honeymoon got cut short. Perhaps they have been arguing about that, it was obviously Timothy that insisted they should come home. At the dinner table, the topic of conversation goes onto the Debutant Ball. I don't think I could count on one hand how many times I've talked about this today. Scarlett goes on talking about it for a good five minutes, thinking she's sucking up to them by talking, but both Mom and Timothy are ignoring her by not listening.

"We shall have to get you a dress May" Mom says, squeezing my hand and looking excited.

"Oh no, it's fine, I'm not going" I say shortly.

"Excuse me? Yes you are" She insists.

"But Mom I don't want to"

"May Lockwood, this is your only chance to be presented at the Debutant Ball, you are going! No arguments" She says, not shouting just being unfair.

"But I really don't want to" I whine, the corners of my mouth turning upside down.

"Yes you do" she says. I hate it when Mom's try and insist that you agree with what they're saying when you clearly don't.

"I'm not wasting my time with it, I don't want to buy a new dress and then I'll have to find a date and-"

"Mmm" Timothy interrupts, before swallowing his mouthful of food to talk. We all look at him, waiting for him to speak.

"That's already taken care of"

"What is?" I ask, thinking I know what he's talking about, but still confused.

"It's quite a public event May, you'll be representing all of us, so I've sorted you out a suitable escort" he says, like that's a normal thing to do. Who picks their stepdaughter's date to a Ball? That's just ridiculously controlling.

"I don't get a say in this?" I ask, sort of gobsmacked.

"Afraid not" he says.

"And are you going to tell me who it is? Or am I going with a complete stranger?" I ask, raising my voice (which I seem to be doing a lot lately).

"Don't be so dramatic darling... It's Blackburn's son, Grayson, you know his father works with Timothy" Mom says, whilst she watches my mouth fall. If I had food in my mouth, then that too would have fell.

"What?" I ask, just checking I heard that correctly.

"Grayson Blackburn and that's final" Timothy says. My eyes briefly shut out of pure disappointment. This is obviously why he was being such a wind up with me today, he must be the only one of us that knew about this. I don't say anything, because I know I'm never going to talk my way out of this.

"Excuse me" I say, putting my napkin on my plate and leaving the table. They don't say anything, they just let me go.

How am I to process this? Not only am I being forced to go to the Debutant Ball that I have no interest in, but now I'm also being matched with Gray. Someone hates me, someone is definitely torturing me. This is too unfair.

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