He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


15. Chapter 15


Why? Why is he still obsessing over me, when we've already slept together? I thought that now I've done the stupid things he wanted, that he would finally back off.

The thing that scares me the most, is how much his horrible bad habits are growing on me. For some reason, the things that used to annoy me aren't as irritating anymore. I hate myself for thinking that, but it's just the way I feel. It's like when he calls me 'beaut', I actually kind of like it. The worst part about this whole situation, is how Finn is reacting to it. We haven't spoken in a couple of days and that's just from him finding out that I kissed Nathan. I've got to realise what's more important, my best friend or meaningless hook ups with an extremely hot guy who also happens to be a total jerk. Finn is obviously my priority. There's just something about this thing with Nathan, it takes my mind off all the other shit and makes me focus on myself.

As soon as I walk through the front door, Timothy is right there. His presence depresses me.

"Alright?" I say, just to make conversation, as his intimidating glare started to make me feel uncomfortable.

"Your Mother wants us all to have a family meal tonight before we leave, so no going out, dinner is at 7" he says, sometimes I wish he would just let an inch of a smile show. It must get a bit boring being a miserable bastard every single second of every day.

"Sure" I say, rolling my eyes as I look away from him to walk up the stairs.

"Oh... And May" he says and me being a fool actually stops to listen.

"What?" I ask.

"I made it perfectly clear the other day... stay away from him" he threatens, before walking away with the evening paper in his left hand and a mug of coffee in his right hand. I stand there on the stairs for a moment and let my shoulders fall. Timothy doesn't upset me, he just annoys me. That's another reason for this whole thing with Nathan being a bad idea, but I'm still intrigued by him.

If I'm honest, I am a little scared of Timothy, but he's not going to stop me from doing what I want and seeing who I want. I need to grow more of a back bone and tell him to go do one.

Family dinner is such a waste of my life. Timothy's business is the main topic of conversation, that's all he cares about. Then it's onto the details of their honeymoon, which my Mother is ecstatic about. They leave in the early hours of the morning, it sounds horrible but I'm sort of looking forward to them leaving for a couple of weeks.

"I'm going to miss you girls" Mom says, looking at both me and Scarlett with a look of content. It feels fake, because since the wedding, me and my Mom haven't been right.

"Yeah" I say not too enthralled, as I prod my dinner with my fork. Sitting at a table with two people I don't like (that are technically my family now) is pretty much torture. We are going through a rough patch, but I'd still rather it be just me and Mom.

"Take lots of pictures! I wish I was going with you both, you'll have such an amazing time" Scarlett says; the annoying brat.

The thing is, they won't have an amazing time, Timothy is still going to be working from wherever they are. You'd have thought he would take off at least one week to spend time with his new wife. It's not like he can't, he owns the damn business, but he cares more about that than he cares about my Mother.

"Thank you Scarlett" my Mom says, making me laugh as she's a little surprised by Scarlett's enthusiasm.

"Your welcome! So what are you going to get me?" She asks. Honestly, I thought I was spoilt by my Mom buying me all those clothes when I moved back here, but Scarlett is a hundred times worse.

"Well we haven't thought about that yet Scarlett" My Mom responds. Timothy isn't paying any attention whatsoever, he clearly doesn't care that his daughter is acting so spoilt. He's more interested in the printed figures he's looking over whilst eating his dinner. I can tell from her voice that my Mom is a bit annoyed. I would be too... Hell, I am annoyed.

"Well I have some suggestions if you'd-" Scarlett begins.

"Hey, it's their honeymoon, they aren't going just to buy you gifts so leave her alone!" I snap, sitting bolt upright in my chair.

"Oh sorry May I wasn't aware you were with us!" She moans, as though I've been ignoring everyone so my presence was simply unnoticed. Sometimes I feel invisible in this house, but it's Scarlett that makes me feel that way.

That's it, I've had enough of her sass.

"Sorry, I just couldn't ignore you being such a spoilt little brat" I say, speaking the truth.

"May! Enough" Timothy snaps, giving Scarlett a pity look, as though I'm the bad guy here. Seriously, didn't your parents always encourage you to tell the truth? I do and I'm yelled at for it. Having said that, he's not one of my parents, stepfather does not count.

"I think May just wants us to have a nice time on our honeymoon Timothy" Mom says. Am I hearing this right? Did she really just stick up for me? Bloody hell.

"Well... I don't approve of that sort of language at the dinner table" Timothy threatens. Ugh, I hate him so much.

"Yes, maybe you should apologise to Scarlett May" Mom says. This is what is so annoying, one minute she's on my side and then before you know it she's agreeing with Timothy. She frowns at me, expecting me to do as she says.

"I'm so so sorry Scarlett" I say, with excessive sarcasm. Her response is an irritating smug look.

I go through another awful ten minutes of dinner before my phone rings. I pull it out of my back pocket and notice it's my Dad calling. That instantly puts a smile on my face, as talking to my Dad brings back my sanity. I would give anything to be in Spain right now. I go to answer, not really giving a damn about 'table manners'.

"Put your phone away May" Timothy says, glaring at me.

"Yes, not at the dinner table love" Mom agrees.

"Please can I just go upstairs and answer it" I say, being extra polite (even though I don't want to be) just so that they will let me.

"No they can wait!" Timothy says. At this point I seriously want to kill him.

"But... It's my Dad" I say, a little hurt that they won't even let me just have a quick conversation with my own father.

"You can call him back later love, now put it away" Mom says, just as the phone rings for the last time.

"Next time, either leave your phone upstairs or put it on silent" Timothy says.

Is he for real? We aren't living in the Victorian times. I'm so angry I could scream; I actually think I might.

"You two are unbelievable! Why won't you let me have a quick chat with my Dad?!"

"You can call him back later May! And would you stop raising your voice at the table" he says, the hypocrite; that's all he ever does.

"You really don't get it do you?! He works shifts so I won't be able to now" I moan. It sounds sad, but I haven't seen my Dad in so long, a little conversation is the one thing I look forward to.

"May don't be so dramatic" Mom tuts.

"Oh you know what? Forget it, I don't even want to be here... Have a nice honeymoon" I say, pushing my half full plate forward and storming out. When I say out, I literally mean out of the house.

"May get back here!" Timothy shouts, whilst I look back and see my Mom with her head in the palm of her hands. Sometimes it's like she's embarrassed by me, actually that's always the vibe I get from her.

I just sit outside on the bench on the front garden for a good half an hour. I tried calling my Dad back, but I missed my chance. I honestly wish I could just get a taxi to the airport and get a plane home, because this is not my home. I knew I disliked Timothy before I moved back here, but I didn't realise I hated him so much. He's the biggest ass I've ever met.

When I'm back inside, it seems like everyone has gone to bed. The car is picking Mom and Timothy up fairly early, so it makes sense. I don't see Scarlett, so hopefully she's buggered off to bed aswell.

I go up to my room and toy with calling Finn. I don't, purely because I know he will ignore me. It's horrible having him hate me. Sleeping with Nathan was not worth loosing my best friend. Hopefully he will come around, he only thinks I kissed Nath, I don't think I could tell him everything. He would definitely resent me. It's not like he's jealous, he's just disappointed. But I don't think I regret it, I loved sneaking around with Nath. He's pure evil and a complete heartbreaker, but I don't have feelings for him, so I should be alright.

This fall out with Finn and all the drama at the dinner table is playing on my mind. Even though everything with Nath is the cause of everything with Finn, it's still the least important thing that's going on in my life. Somehow it's like sleeping with Nathan is the most normal thing.

Thinking about it all is getting too much, so I decide to go downstairs and get a drink. When I say a drink, I mean a drink drink. I grab the first thing I see, which is Gin. I don't even like Gin, but I'm not feeling fussy, anything will do. I whack some in a glass and drink it neat, desperate for it to kick in. Whenever I drink, it's like I'm completely away with the fairies, which is a great sensation when you're feeling the way I am right now.

I pour myself another glass once it's all gone and decide to take it upstairs.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I say, when walking through the house to the stairs. I almost drop my glass to the floor as I'm looking at Gray walking down our stairs. What? How? When? Why? Are just a few of the questions I'm dying for him to answer. He must have snook in when I was upstairs.

"Don't worry I'm not stalking you, even though I am desperate to sleep with you and win the little bet I have going with the lads, because let's be honest... You'd obviously pick me" he says, attempting to be flirty, but really he's acting like a total creep. Does he not know that Nathan won that already? Surely he would have told him by now. Why wouldn't he?

"Oh whatever... What are you doing in my house?" I ask, dropping the other conversation as it seems like the best thing to do.

"Calm down, I was here with Scarlett" he says, I can't help it, I burst out laughing. Gray and Scarlett... That's pure banter. Call me a bitch, but I hope he breaks her heart. When did he get here? He must have snook in while I was in my room, if Timothy knew, it would be Scarlett's funeral.

"What's so funny?" He asks, laughing along because he's weird like that.

"Oh nothing" I say. I'm beginning to think it's the Gin laughing, because it's really not that funny. Actually I take that back, it's hilarious. How desperate is Scarlett? I know I'm not one to talk, I slept with Nathan who is the lowest of the lows.

"Hey I have a question for you" he says. This is so weird, just casually talking to Grayson. I can't stand him, shouldn't I be kicking him out of my house?

"Go on"

"Am I invited to this party?" He asks.

"What party?!"

"The one you're having on Friday" he says, knowing more about it than me.

"It's only a few friends! How do you know about that?" I insist.

"Everyone knows Hun"

"Oh whatever, you can come" I say, surely Scarlett will be here, so he can crack on with her if he wants.

"Nice, what about the guys and potentially Lyssa and Viv?" He asks.

"I'll consider it" I reply.

"Oh I see, am I your favourite Lockwood?" He smirks, getting cocky as he looks smugly at me.

"Dream on" I say, taking a swig of my drink.

"Back on it I see" he says, somehow noticing I'm drinking alcohol, it could pass for water.

"Not exactly"

"Well, if it's any consolation, drunk May is a lot more fun" he winks.

"Oh please! Isn't it about time you went home Gray?" I suggest, starting to get annoyed now. No matter how much Gin I drink, Gray will still be a complete fool.

"Do you really want me to go?" He asks.

"Goodnight Gray" I joke as I carry on upstairs and he decides to leave.

"Hey will you open the gates for me?" He asks.

"No" I laugh, as I carry on. Part of me wants to stay and watch him climb over the gates, something about that sounds completely hilarious.

In the early hours of the morning, my Mom comes in to say goodbye, but I pretend to be asleep. Things are so awkward between us at the moment. Yeah sure I'll miss her for the next two weeks, but it'll be nice to have a break from Timothy. It would be great if Scarlett tagged along too, just so that I would be free of her as well. Once I hear the front door shut, I go straight back to sleep.

The last four days have been awful. Finn has ignored me every chance he got. It's weird not having him around. I've had enough of it. I've got to make things right.

As soon as the bell goes for our last lesson (which happens to be a free period), I make it my mission to find him. It doesn't take me long, third row of the library is his claimed place, right next to the literature books. I open my mouth, but no words come out. He has his face engrossed in a book at the desk; paying no attention to his surroundings, therefore not noticing me.

"Before you walk away, just listen" I say taking the seat next to him.

"I'm listening" he sighs, slowly shutting his book and looking at me.

"So... Finn... Look... I don't want to lose you as a friend, you're like the most important person in my life" I say, hoping that will be enough for him to forgive me.

"Maybe you should've thought about that before you let that sod slobber all over you" he says, smart mouthed. His choice of words make me shiver a little; in a bad way.

"You know what he's like... Do you really think I had a choice?" I say, enjoying pointing all the blame on Nathan.

"Did he force you?" Finn asks, all of a sudden looking concerned as he sits upright in his chair. It's nice that he's still about to get protective of me, even though he sort of kind of hates my guts at this present moment.

"Not exactly, but it was a mistake... You know him and I have a sort of... past"

"Yeah, a bad past! A past which I thought you'd learnt from" he says, getting all agitated.

"I have! For gods sake Finn! I'm sorry, I really am" I say, desperate for him to listen.

"You don't have to apologise to me, you just have to let me kick that bastard's face in" he teases, instantly changing the atmosphere between us. This is the Finn I know.

"You can if you like, but maybe somewhere other than his face" I joke, making him crack a very slight smirk.

"Sorry I've been ignoring you May, I was just angry, I still am but..."

"...But you can't bare to not hang out with your best friend a day longer" I smile, roughing my hand through his messy blond hair.

"You're right, you are my best friend... which is why I'm looking out for you" he says, restoring his serious face.

"I know Finn, but honestly you don't have to, I can look after myself"

"But you're so naive, I can't help but be concerned" he jokes, pretending to be fatherly.

"Naive! I am not"

"Yeah you kind of are mate" he laughs.

"I'm just going to take that as a compliment" I say.

"Yeah you do that" he replies, cracking a full smirk now. It's good to see him happy, it's only been six days but I've missed it.

"So apparently, I'm having a party tonight"

"Oh yeah I heard a few guys going on about that in first period" he says. Great, how many people know about this? It's definitely Scarlett's fault, she's probably invited every single guy she's laid eyes on.

"Well, you better be there to help me keep things in order"

"So exactly who is going?" He asks, curiously.

"By the sounds of it... Everyone" I say, rolling my eyes. I do care, but then again if I get in trouble I will just have to make it pretty clear that it was Scarlett who invited everyone.

"I guess I'll come... Is Willow going to be there?" I ask.

"Yeah I think so, it's not really her scene, but then again it's not really ours either" I joke.

"I'm glad we're good May" he says, randomly.

"Me too, now I have a fair bit of gossip to tell you" I say, excited.

"May, you know I don't like gossip" he tuts.

"Trust me... You'll like this gossip" I smirk, just before I tell him everything I think is going on between Scarlett and Grayson.

He can't seem to stop laughing about it until the bell goes. I guess we just argue like brother and sister, it can't really be avoided. I'm just glad we're okay now.

Once we're out of school we seem to be talking non stop, he is my best friend after all and I haven't spoken to him all week. Our happiness is ruined when we walk past the school gates and turn left down the pavement. It's ruined because standing against the wall, smoking cigarettes and talking amongst themselves are Nath, Gray, Isaac and Vivian. We all immediately lock eyes. The tension is too much.

"Ah, are you two lovebirds back on track?" Isaac laughs, thinking he's being really funny when he's really not. Finn and I are obviously not together, but people like to joke about it for some unknown reason. Finn has always said its jealousy, but I just think it's because they are mean and cruel. Not that it would be the worst thing in the world, but he's like my brother, so the thought just makes my stomach turn.

"Shut the fuck up dick head" Finn snaps, he's always had a short fuse.

"Oooh not very friendly Sanders" Isaac says, making them all laugh. I'm trying to avoid even looking at Nathan, I'm so confused when it comes to him. I may be blanking him, but I can feel his eyes on me.

I look at Finn and notice him looking fuming. He's about to yell something in Isaac's face as he steps forward, but I hold him back.

"Finn don't rise to him, let's go" I snap trying to catch his attention, but he's too fixated on Isaac, giving him pure evils.

"That's right, listen to your girlfriend Sanders" Isaac smirks.

"Twat" Finn mutters, as he walks away and I follow.

I hear them all mocking him as we go, including Nathan which is a bit annoying. Only because it's another reason of why he's pure evil and sleeping with him was a huge mistake; I think.

Finn goes home and says he will come round tonight for this party. Willow decides to come round early, just to get ready. It's nice having a girl as a friend, Finn is great but I think he gets bored of me asking his opinion of my outfit all the time.

"What are you wearing?" She asks, peaking through my wardrobe.

"I'll just throw on one of those dresses I suppose" I say, not really bothered about what I'm going to wear.

"How about you?" I ask, just to be polite.

"Well... This" she says, awkwardly gesturing to what she's already wearing. How do I always get myself into these situations? I've probably really offended her now.

"Oh... Sorry I didn't mean it like that-"

"No it's fine" she says shortly. She looks fine, I really didn't say that intentionally. Her brown hair is straight as always, limited make up as always and she's wearing a blue blouse with black jeans.

"Willow I'm really sorry" I say, feeling really guilty.

"Can I ask you a question?" She says, seeming a bit upset.

"Yeah sure" I say, sitting down. I feel like I want to be extra nice to her now, as I've just completely offended her.

"Do you think I'm... Sort of... Boring"

"What? No of course not... What do you mean?" I ask, she's not at all boring, she's usually quite fun to be around.

"Like plain and sort of ugly?" She says, getting a bit upset.

"Willow you're none of those things! Who's put these ideas in your head?" I ask, getting a bit defensive of her.

"Well Gray said-"

"Of course he did, ignore the bastard" I insist, you'd never think that Nathan would let Gray be so cruel to his own cousin, but then he is Nathan and Nathan doesn't care about anyone's feelings.

"Well he's right, I mean look at me... My hair is boring, I hardly do any make up and no dresses suit me" she moans. She's such a pretty girl, she doesn't need make up to look better. But I know what it's like when you feel like you do.

"Do you want me to do your make up? You can wear one of my dresses and we could curl your hair at the ends" I say, not that I think she's needs my help, but I'm hoping it will cheer her up.

"Are you sure?" She asks, seeming a little excited.

"Yes! This is actually quite fun" I say, digging into my make up bag. I obviously couldn't do this with Finn, so that's another reason it's nice to have a girl as a friend.


"What is that guys problem?" Isaac mutters.

"Who's?" I ask.

"Finn bloody well Sanders, who do you think?" He says. We're still hanging around outside school and it seems like Isaac and Gray still haven't dropped the little quarrel they had with Finn earlier.

"You do kind of push his buttons" I joke, realising I'm talking about myself more over.

"Nonsense, he's just sensitive and immature" Viv tuts, harshly.

"I'm surprised he didn't bite your head off Nath" Gray says.

"Why would he target me?" I ask. I know Finn hates me, but surely he hates all of us equally.

"Apparently he found out you kissed May and he was fuming, probably because he wants her himself" Gray says.

"Well he will have a job, she's my target this evening" Isaac says.

"I don't think so, I've been seeing her damn step sister just so I could get an invite tonight" Gray protests. Him and Scarlett? Wow he must be desperate.

"Well tough, she won't be going home with you mate" Isaac says, getting a little competitive. It's quite funny for me to watch, I've got what I wanted.

"Your all so petty, are you still going on about this silly bet?" Viv moans.

"Yes we are, but it will be over tonight when I-" Gray starts to explain, getting a bit cocky. I interrupt him before he can go any further.

"Bloody hell, will you two drop it, the bets over and actually it's about time you paid up" I say to them. They both look at me for a moment before one of them has something to say about it.

"What are you saying?" Gray asks.

"I'm saying, the bets over because I won" I say, shrugging my shoulders like its not a big deal.

"What you slept with May?" Isaac asks looking shocked, as he puts out his cigarette against the wall.

"Yeah, twice actually" I smirk.

"When!? I don't believe you" Gray protests.

"Why would I lie? If I was going to then surely I'd have said it a long time ago" I say, pointing out how dimwitted he's being.

"When then? Do share the details" Isaac says, leaning against the wall, ready to hear the 'gossip'.

"Last week at her Mum's wedding and I didn't even have to flirt with her, I was just smart enough to know when she needed a guy's company" I say, making Gray and Isaac out to be the fools.

"Last week? Why are you just telling us now?" Gray asks, getting out his wallet.

"I don't know... I just didn't" I say, shrugging my shoulders.

"Was she bad in bed or something?" Isaac laughs.

"No, hell no, she was... There are no words" I smirk, noticing the jealousy on their faces.

"Then why didn't you tell us?" Isaac laughs.

"You were trying to protect her weren't you?" Viv suggests, with a look on her face that makes her think she knows everything.

"No what do-"

"You care about her and you don't want people to start calling her a slut" she laughs, pointing at me. Gray and Isaac look as confused as I feel.

"You don't know what you're going on about Viv" I moan, she can be really annoying sometimes.

"Yes I do, just admit it"

"For fuck sake drop it! I don't give a damn about May's feelings" I say. I don't lie, that really is how I feel.

"Alright then! Calm down... I'll see you boys later" she winks before walking away.

"Man she pisses me off sometimes" I say and the others agree.

Once I'm home, I shower and change into black skinny jeans and a grey top. At around half nine, I decide to fly solo and gatecrash this party. I throw on my grey lace ups and my black bomber jacket before leaving. The gates and doors are already open at May's place, so I walk straight in. There's a fair few people here, a lot of them are a year younger. It's understandable, as I heard that Scarlett was the one who invited everyone.

Isaac is officially uninterested now that he knows I've slept with May, but Gray is still here. I've never met anyone as desperate as him. Knowing that I've already had sex with May wouldn't stop him.

I look around, noticing a few hot girls. Parties are great, because girls always put more effort into their appearance. But I'm not exactly interested in any of them, I wonder where May is. It's been a week since I've been with her, I'm forgetting what it was like.

"What are you doing here?" a girl tuts behind me. You'd think it was May, but it's not.

"I'm gatecrashing Scarlett" I say, smiling at her. She looks alright, I'll give her that.

"You weren't invited!" She moans. She's hated my guts ever since the whole thing at Gray's. To me that was ages ago now, but girls never forget things.

"That doesn't matter to me" I say.

"May!" She yells, almost tearing the house down with her screams. I stand there in an uncaring manner, not really bothered about Scarlett's disapproval of my presence here.

"No need to shout! What do you want?" I hear May argue from behind. She doesn't notice me until she walks closer and I turn around to see her.

Wow. I don't know whether it's just because I'm so horny for her, but she looks damn hot. Red suits her, she should wear it more often. It's a sort of lace dress, it pronounces her curves nicely and her chest of course. The high heels she's wearing make her legs look longer. Also, her hair is curled and I love it when her hair is curled.

"Nathan, I didn't know you were invited" she smirks, folding her arms.

"Exactly! He's not, so get rid of him" Scarlett moans, storming away.

"You know a please wouldn't go a miss! And you're the one that invited everyone here so-"

"Don't blame this on me!" She squeals.

"He can stay" May replies.

"Screw you both!" Scarlett yells before she disappears out the back door and into the garden.

"Whinging little slut" May mutters, making me laugh.

"Wow, cold" I tease.

"Don't you start" she threatens.

"Oh no, I agree with you beaut"

"Who wouldn't?" she smiles smugly.

"You know, you in that dress is really doing it for me" I mutter, as I stand there with my hands in my pockets.

"Is it?" she says, looking away from me and not accepting my flirty comment.

"What's your game?" I ask, curiously. Sometimes she's so hard to read.

"I don't know what you're talking about" she says, loosing eye contact. Losing eye contact means she does know what I'm talking about.

"One minute, your acting all devilish all up for our meaningless hook ups and the next... Well... You go back to hating my guts"

"I always hate your guts" she says, smiling as she pats me on the shoulder.

"It didn't seem that way last week when you-"

"Do you want to keep your voice down?" She says harshly.

"Not really no" I say, responding with the same smugness she was using. She walks away, leaving me as equally confused as I was before this little encounter.

Surely May would be up for hooking up with me again, maybe I'm being a little ambitious. She had a lot on her mind last week and I guess I was sort of a way to take her thoughts away from everything else. I go back to find Gray, who is currently perving on every girl that walks past him. We go through to the kitchen, which seems to be where all the drinks are.

"Bourbon?" He suggests.

"Yeah sure" I say.

"What are you cracking into their family's supply?" I ask, jokingly, however I am a little worried he will say yes.

"Isaac's not coming then I guess?" He asks.

"Nope, he's probably getting stoned or having sex with Alyssa... Who knows" I laugh.

"No she's here"

"Oh dear, she won't be too pleased to learn he isn't coming" I say.

"What makes you say that?" He asks. He's really slow sometimes.

"She's obsessed with the guy" I say, finding it funny as always.

"I thought they were just fucking"

"Yeah they are, but she's definitely into him more than he knows... Poor guy" I joke.

"Yeah Isaac's issue is that he doesn't-" he begins to say, before he completely stops talking. He starts staring at someone that has just walked into the kitchen.

"Willow?" He mutters, just as I turn around to see that he's talking to a girl that looks just like my cousin. It is my cousin, but she looks completely different. She's done something with her hair, she's got some heavy make up on and she's wearing a short dress which I'm certain Gray will be pleased about.

"Hello Grayson" she tuts, before blanking him and helping herself to a drink. That was her telling him to go away, but he isn't going to do that. Now he can't take his eyes off her.

"Is that really you Hun?" He smirks, seeming impressed.

"Yes, it's Willow, you know the Willow that you basically called ugly the other day" she says, giving him sass, which is very unlike her. Maybe alcohol has that effect on her.

"Hey! I did not and you're far from ugly love" he says, using that as a lame pick up line.

"What is it? Is it my hair? My make up... Or perhaps this dress?" She asks, running her hand down her side.

"Yeah the dress is good" he mutters, desperately staring at her.

"Too bad your such a shallow arse then isn't it! Next time you call a girl plain, maybe you should consider her feelings" she says, showing her frustration as she smugly walks out.

"Willow hold up... You know I didn't mean..." He mumbles as he basically hurries after her. Everything is physical in Gray's mind, I'm not saying I'm any different, but at least I don't make it so obvious.

I hang around with Alyssa for a while, as I don't enjoy Gray telling me every five seconds how 'hot' my cousin is. It's an uncomfortable conversation I do not want to be a part of.

We both notice him now trying his luck on Scarlett. It seemed as though she was his way of getting to May, but now I think he's just trying his luck on anyone. Spending twenty seconds in Scarlett's company is pretty much torture, so why would you want to waste your time flirting with her?

"She's stupid if she falls for his fake charm" Alyssa says.

"What just like you did?" I laugh, testing her knowledge. It's true, she has slept with Gray, that's what a good amount of alcohol and two horny teenagers are capable of.

"That was a long time ago, do not remind me!"

She tuts, seeming uncomfortable with the situation; which only makes me want to continue talking about it even more.

"How many times was it again?" I joke, before she punches me in the chest. Lyssa is feisty when she wants to be.

"Shall we talk about some of your stupid mistakes? Oh hang on its you that's everyone else's stupid mistake" she says harshly, but it doesn't hurt my feelings, nothing ever does.

"I've never been your stupid mistake" I point out.

"Yeah... Your good looking and everything Nath, but I'm not going to be the girl that's slept with three of her mates, I'm not Viv"

"I'm actually the only one Viv has slept with out of us three, she thinks Gray is an idiot and I don't know about Isaac... Maybe she just hasn't got round to him yet" I laugh.

"You haven't hooked up with Viv for a while"

"Yeah... She's boring, I've been there and I've done that" I say, the thought of having sex with Viv is not even slightly exciting.

"Aren't you charming" she says, sarcastically.

We head outside, where a few people are playing different drinking games. I choose not to play, I'd rather just drink my alcohol at my own accord. Alyssa is totally up for it, so she ditches me for a pathetic little game. I'm fine with standing on my own, I have the confidence to.

My loneliness is soon ruined when I'm joined by two familiar faces. Willow follows a rather moody Finn.

"Have you calmed down after your little tiff earlier on Finny?" I joke, realising I'm stood on my own and have no one to laugh at that.

"Nathan don't" Willow says, seeming completely serious.

"Look I've just come to say, leave her alone" Finn threatens. I'm curious... Does he really think I'd listen to him?

"Let me guess, you're referring to May" I say, sarcastically.

"Don't take the piss, I'm being serious!"

"Yeah I can tell from the look on your face mate" I reply, noticing anger written all over him.

"Can you two just have a civilised conversation?" Willow tuts.

"No" we both argue in unison. She holds her hands up as though she's giving up with attempting to keep the peace.

"I mean it Nathan, you've done enough to hurt her in the past" he snaps. Just before I'm about to speak, I notice May curiously looking over from the other side of the room. She instantly makes her way over here.

"Look mate, who I fuck... Really has nothing to do with you" I argue, I'm not going to lie; he's actually grating on me now.

"Yeah well I'm talking about May, not all your other fuck-buddies" he responds, looking particularly repulsed by the phrase.

"Yeah I'm talking about May too" I say, pointing out the obvious, before I realise what I've just said. He mustn't have known. Did he just think we had kissed?

"What?" He says, seeming fairly shocked just as May joins us.

"You... You slept together?" Finn says, looking from me to May.

"Finn-" She begins, seeming totally let down.

"No... Don't May" he says, biting his lip as though he's trying to hold back his anger. May lets out a huge sigh and doesn't bother to follow him as he walks away.

"Finn, wait" Willow says, being the one to go after him.

"Look... I didn't realise he didn't know"

"No, it's not your fault, I should have told him" she says, seeming disappointed in herself.

"Yeah you probably should have" I say.

"Just like you told all your mates earlier" she mutters, making me unsure of whether she's annoyed that I did or not. How did she find out about that Something tells me Gray had something to do with it.

"Hey everyone! Thought you might like to know, we slept together!" May shouts from the bottom of her lungs, as she gestures from herself to me.

"May, what are you doing?" I say harshly pulling her back, I'd never have thought she would do something like that. Everyone starts talking amongst themselves, Scarlett looks disgusted and May walks off to get herself another drink.

I give her ten minutes or so. I'm unsure of whether or not she hates me tonight. I'd have thought she would be trying to explain herself to Finn right now, but she's still here. I half expected him to make an attempt at kicking my ass, but he seemed more angry with her. Which seems a little pathetic, it takes two people to have sex. After she's finished doing a few shots (surprisingly with Alyssa), I decide to go and have a word with her. I don't know why she felt the need to tell the whole house that we had sex.

She's just about to poor herself another shot when I walk over to her, I pull the bottle from her, resulting in her giving me a death stare. She's had a few, but she's only a tiny bit tipsy, still herself.

"Can I have a word?" I suggest, still clutching the bottle of vodka away from her.

"If you give me my bottle back" she bribes, seeming particularly attached to this vodka.

"Talk first" I say and she surprisingly accepts.

We walk away from a crowd of people, as they're still talking about her, well... Us.

"What's up posh boy?" She asks, smirking as she runs her hand over my shoulder.

"Wow, vodka makes you cocky"

"You know it" she says, trying to seem laid back.

"What was that all about May?" I ask, smirking as though I know she's drinking for a reason.

"What was what? That incident with Finn?" She says and I nod.

"He found out and you told Gray, Isaac and the girls... So why shouldn't everybody else know?!" She says, putting on a fake look of amusement.

"Yeah Scarlett now knows... If your parents find out, won't they kill you? Or kill me actually" I say, remembering Timothy insisting that I am to back off. I'm sick of everyone's threats, am I really that bad that they think I'm no good for a girl like May; I guess they're right. But it's only sex, which is kind of harmless. Fair enough if I was being some kind of controlling boyfriend, but that's really not my style.

"Timothy is not my parent and he can fuck right off, like... I don't give a damn" she says, folding her arms and getting frustrated just talking about the bell end.

"And what about Finn? Surely you're just a bit upset that he's probably lost all respect he has for you now" I suggest, realising my choice of words are a little harsh.

"I don't care, I can do what I want" she protests. I sort of take advantage of that statement.

"Did I mention how much you in that dress turns me on?" I say, leaning closer as I talk.

"Not so bad yourself" she teases, flashing a smile. I've never noticed how nice her smile is, it's kind of a sexy quality. I guess I don't see her smile that often, as she's usually hating on me. Her teeth are perfect and she has nice lips; that sounds weird, but it makes sense to me. She then bites her lip, which drives me crazy.

"Don't be a tease beaut" I insist, her being a tease just makes me want her so much more.

"You know technically, this is Scarlett's party not mine, so I can leave it whenever I want"

"Hmm, what are you suggesting?" I say, whilst my hand seems to find her waist.

"I think you know what I'm suggesting" she smirks. It's unique to see her acting so easy, she's usually such and uptight and stressful person. Maybe it's me, perhaps I have a laid back sort of effect on her.

"Is that the drink talking?" I wonder. I don't want her accusing me of taking advantage of her again.

"No it's actually not, I'm in my right mind Nath and I want you" she says, clutching a fistful of my bomber jacket.

"What about Finn?" I suggest, the May I know would be more concerned about how pissed off he is right now.

"It's like you said before, who I sleep with is none of his business" she mutters, knowing how much I want her right now.

"Then how about something we haven't done before, my place?" I suggest, not really hiding my eagerness.

"Great, I'll meet you there in ten" she says, having to physically tear my hand from the lace of her dress. This party really isn't my thing anymore, little does May know, but I've noticed two people being sick already. This house is going to get trashed.

I take a slow walk back, somehow thinking I should have just waited for her there. I feel a little uneasy about her walking over to mine on her own in the dark, not that I'm worried, I'm just being a gent.

We could have had sex at her place, but I can guarantee that everyone there would've had something to say about it.

Like it would matter anyway, but when I'm home I realise my parents are out. I find a note on the kitchen counter, saying that they're staying at their golf resort for the weekend. It's not theirs, they're just members and friends with the owners. I never get invited, but that's a good thing because I get a free house. Izzy is back at University, so I'm all alone. That's when May turns up, I guess I'm not so alone after all.

"You sure you want to betray your best friend, for the third time?" I joke.

"Which room is yours again?" She asks, ignoring my question.

"I like this May" I say, taking her hand and leading her to my room.

"So how many girls have you had up here?" She asks, seeming a little fidgety as we enter my room. My guess is that the alcohol is wearing off a little.


"Actually... Don't answer that" she says, angry with herself for asking the question.

"Calm down, we've done this before, there's no need to be nervous around me" I say, laughing a little. It's funny how her mood can change so quickly. She goes from being cocky to showing a little bit of shyness.

"I'm not nervous!" She protests.

"Prove it" I say, pulling her to my bed. It's an achievement when I have her out of that dress, I don't know what the fascination with it was.

She gets more confident as the night goes on.

She drifts off to sleep afterwards, rolling over to me without realising. I'm not going to push her away, so I just go with it. I'm not going to complain about having a naked girl pressed up against me. I've just got what I wanted, but I want it again. This want for her won't go away, I don't get it. What's so special about her?

I wake to an annoying text tone going crazy. May wakes up also, not at all surprised of where she is. That must mean she was 100% sober last night and knew exactly what she was doing. She grabs her bag off the floor, weirdly still trying to cover herself up with the sheets, even though I've seen her naked how many times now.

"Is that you?" I ask, as she checks her phone.

"Yeah... 3 missed calls and a two texts from Scarlett... maybe I'll just turn it off" she says, rolling he's eyes. I think she dislikes Scarlett more than she ever disliked me.

"What has she got to say?" I ask, curiosity getting the best of me. She unlocks her phone and reads the message.

"'Oh my God! You need to get home right now... Where on earth are you?!'" She says, reading the texts out loud. If that was me, I would just ignore it. May isn't like me, she's eager to know what is going on. I guess a morning hook up is not going to happen.

"I need to get back" she says, before hurrying to get changed. All I can think about, is when is this going to happen again, I'm not satisfied enough. It's been about six hours and I want her again already. I really need to get over myself, this isn't me. People are going to start thinking things if I hook up with her again. It's kind of worrying that she doesn't seem to hate me so much anymore, part of me is concerned that I'm growing on her. This is just sex, I hope she knows that.

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