He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


14. Chapter 14


I have the back to school blues all day on Monday. Last week was good, great actually. I never thought I'd enjoy a wedding rehearsal and an actual wedding so much. I suppose it does help your boredom, if you've got a fit girl desperate to have sex with you every chance she got. I'm fairly certain that May would disagree with that statement, she will most likely attempt to lay all of the blame on me. But why should there be blame, was it really a mistake? Maybe for her, but certainly not for me. It's weird with May, we've always had this thing. There are no words for it. It's obviously a mutual attraction, but there's more to it than that. Maybe friends with benefits is what we've both always been hoping would happen. Sadly, I think she would also disagree to me referring to her as my friend.

"Oi, you there?" Isaac asks, nudging me roughly. I guess I was lounged out in the school common room, paying no attention to what anyone else was going on about. Monday's have this affect on me, they give me a not-a-care-in-the-world vibe.

"Sorry, what did you say?" I ask, slouching back and folding my arms.

"Free period is over, I wouldn't usually care, but I'm on disciplinary this week" he says, looking his fair share of pissed off. One of are usually in his position, but the school is so pathetic, they monitor you on disciplinary for a week and then drop the whole thing. At which point you return to your ordinary self.

"Come on then" I mutter, throwing my books in my bag; books that were out on the table for me to study, but instead I've been reminiscing sex with May in my head.

My bet with the lads still stands, I haven't told them what happened. I really should, they've got to pay up. Something tells me they won't believe me, it is a very unbelievable factoid.

"So Nath, what have you been daydreaming about for the past hour? Because it certainly wasn't those English Lit books you abandoned" Isaac says, as we walk down the corridor towards our classroom.

"Mate, I'm not daydreamer" I say, seriously. The way he said it made me sound like a right ponce.

"Alright then" he says, his voice still pronouncing his disbelief.

"Perhaps I'm just debating which girl I'm interested in this week" I mutter. I know I sound like a tosser, but maybe that's just who I am.

"Hang on, does this mean your withdrawing yourself from our little bet?" He says, starting to look pleased. I laugh inside, as little does he know that our bet was won ages ago. And by ages ago I mean last week.

"I never said that" I say plainly.

"That's what you insinuated mate" he replies, dying for me to agree with him. Even if I hadn't had sex with May last week, I would easily still have my eyes on her. There is no way I would have let Gray or Isaac get her first.

"No it is not Isaac, out of us three, I'm the only one that's actually attempting to even flirt with her" I laugh, which is the pure truth. May is too much of a challenge for Gray and Isaac, if they want sex then they want it now, they are not likely to wait. I'm usually the same, but May was clearly always going to be worth the wait.

"Alright then just you wait and see Nath, I'll have this bet won by the weekend and-"

"Isaac shut up alright, you can't because I've alr-" I begin to blurt out, before a girl is in both of our faces. It's Vivian, Alyssa is just behind her, but you can hardly see her as Vivian is sticking her chest out excessively.

"What are you two idiots talking about?" She snaps, whilst I literally have to move her aside so we can continue walking. Vivian is very vocal, sometimes it's funny, but other times it's purely annoying.

"Nothing to concern yourself with Viv" Isaac says, laughing at how much she's grating on me already.

"You sure about that?" she says, linking his arm. I notice a slight bit of jealousy written all over Alyssa's face. Alyssa is confident, but Viv is overly confident with herself and she is all over everyone all the time.

"Be quiet Viv" Alyssa tuts. You can tell she's getting annoyed, but a little comment like that will not upset Viv.

"Here you go then, go fuck your 'boyfriend' you're both boring me anyways" Viv says, not surprising me, she's like this all the time.

"Fine" Alyssa says, clearly hurt; she's so weak. She walks away, which doesn't bother Viv at all.

"Lyssa, wait" Isaac says, following her like a dog; and he says he's not her girlfriend.

"Well now that they've pissed off... How're you Nath?" she says, holding my arm.

"You're always going to be a grade A bitch aren't you Viv?" I laugh, mostly at how much she's kidding herself. I basically have to peel her hand from my arm, which I know she won't react well too. I look at her for a minute, her black wavy hair reaches where her bra starts; which you can see is red through the open buttons of her blouse. She hasn't tied her school bow properly around her neck. Her usual red lipstick is on; which is a pain in the ass when you're getting it on right before lesson.

"What is it? Do you want to quickly go somewhere more private?" She laughs, drifting her hand down to my belt.

"Don't kid yourself girl" I say, noticing her frown.

"Well next time your horny for me, you can piss right off" she says. You'd think she's shouting at me, but she's completely chill, this is just the way she acts. Not one part of me is horny for her and I haven't been for a long time. She's not that great, I suppose she's just really hot when you're at it.

"Yeah whatever" I say, walking the way to my classroom and completely ditching her. I say that because she's so full of crap, I know perfectly well that if I said I was up for it then there's no way she would say no to me.

"See you round Wanker" she laughs, through that memorable distinctive voice. I shake my head as I carry on walking, I don't believe her some times. Vivian is completely different to most girls, but different in a bad way. It's not attractive when a girl is a complete slut, that's desperate to have sex with you, even when it's clear you don't want her.

I sit through twenty minutes of lesson, before noticing that May is in here; at the front with her head down, writing in her book. Call me a dick for not even noticing her, but May is not the sort of person that draws attention to herself. Her and Vivian are complete opposites, but when it comes to their defensive personalities, they're actually quite similar. I'm not a soft guy, but it's clear May is a good person, where as Vivian on the other hand, well... Let's just say she's a complete train wreck.

I haven't actually spoken to May, since the kinky text I dropped her after her Mum's wedding. Maybe I was a tiny bit full on, but deep down I know she finds it attractive. The wedding rehearsal was great, but sober May at the actual wedding, knew exactly what she was doing. I guess you could say it's just left me wanting more.

"You're doing it again" Isaac tuts from the desk opposite, with a slanted smirk on his face.

"Doing what?" I say, contorting my face.

"Paying no attention to your surroundings, what the hell are you thinking about?" He laughs, drawing our teacher's attention. She glares at us for a few seconds, before returning her eyes to the stack of work before her.

"Sex" I mutter, in response to Isaac's question. I suppose it's sort of true. I don't know why I haven't told him or Gray, in the middle of lesson probably wouldn't be the best time. They must have known all along that I would be the one to win this bet. I guess you could say that May and I have a sort of staggered history. History is the best way to get a girl in bed.

"Yeah you and me both" he says, rolling his eyes. Anyone would think he's sexually frustrated, but he's Isaac Anderson; meaning every girl in this damn school is after him. I suppose you could say that I'm in the same position, but right now the only girl I want after me, is May.

"Not hooking up with your girl-friend anymore then?"

I tease. Him and Alyssa seriously act like a couple, everyone that doesn't know them assumes it immediately. It's as though they're in an open relationship, as they hook up with other people too, Isaac more than Alyssa anyway.

"Give it a rest, you know we're just bed buddies" he says, his choice of words making me chuckle.

"Just call it fuck buddies mate" I say, tapping him on the back.

"Anything you boys want to share with the class?" Our teacher suggests, trying to act sassy with me, how rude.

"I think it has the possibility of making your ears burn Miss" I joke, making the majority of the class laugh. You can probably guess the people that don't laugh; May for example.

"First warning Harper, now get on with your work" she says keeping calm, but widening her eyes at me.

"She's feisty when she's pissed off" Isaac jokes, loud enough for me to hear what he says.

"Warning for you too Anderson" she says, her eyes becoming even more buggy.

"Very kind of you Miss" he chats back. From the look on her face, we both decide it would be best to get on with our work. I'm not really in the mood for detention today.

It's practically the end of the lesson when Isaac starts it again. He clearly knows something is going on, due to the number of questions he's already asked.

"Why are you thinking about sex? When you could just go and have it with anyone you like" he says, dropping his pen onto his page, he's really trying to get his head around this.

"Why do you care?" I joke, pronouncing my curiosity.

"Answer the question Nath" he says, acting serious.

"It's me, I'm always thinking about sex" I say, smirking. I suppose it is what I'm thinking about 95% of the time, or maybe 99% of the time. I'm young and horny; can you blame me?

"Fair point-"

"Second warning for both of you! Why do I always have you two interrupting my lessons?!" Miss yells, over Isaac.

"There's less than two minutes left of the lesson, why don't you calm down?" I say, making her go red out of rage.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that Mr Harper" she says, with her arms crossed.

"Sorry... Calm down... Please" I say, making her now go from the colour of a peach, to the colour of a tomato.

"One more word out of you and-"

"And you'll what? Send me to Whitmore's office? Go right ahead, I've got a reserved seat there" I say, leaning back in my chair.

"For God sakes!" Someone yells from the back, catching everyone's attention. They seemed extremely pissed off and almost fuming. I'm surprised when I look back and see Finn sat bolt upright at his desk, glaring at me and Isaac, but more so me. What's his problem?

"Just shut up, no one thinks you're funny!" He says, like he's about to snap.

"Actually Mate, the majority of the class does" Isaac says, sticking up for me. Not to be modest, but it's sort of true. Finn is probably one of about three others that aren't amused. The other two being May and our teacher.

I know Finn hates me, but I don't see why he's getting so intolerant with me.

"Enough!" Miss says, almost screeching like she's begging for us to shut up. She looks at her watch and seems relieved all of a sudden.

"Right you can all go, I want this paper finished by next Monday's lesson" she says, grabbing her bag and leaving the classroom before any of us.

"You should pipe up more often Finn, considering it makes the lesson end quicker" I joke, Isaac finds it funny, but Finn of the other hand does not.

"Go do one you prick" he says, leaving. His storm

out routine is less effective than intended, due to

queue of people heading for the door.

I couldn't count on one hand how many times people have called me names today, I guess I have that reputation.

Isaac and I get up to leave, just as Finn walks out. May is straight after him, which I take to my advantage.

"Finn wait! Can we talk? I-" she begins, but he's already gone and she's not going after him.

"You know May, when someone texts you... It's kind of customary to text them back" I mutter, as I approach her outside of class. She has her back to me and it takes her a while to turn around. It's as though she's debating on how to react to me.

"Nath not now" she says, as though talking to me is too much effort. I've certainly never had this sort of response from her. It's as though she wants to be nice to me, but she's got other things on her mind. Usually she would be storming away from me by now, has sex changed the way she chooses to act around me?

"You need to calm down, you know what could help that?" I say, pushing her arm down so that they unfold, as she seemed very uptight before.

"Hooking up with you?" She suggests, raising her eyebrows like she thinks she knows me too well.

"I'd be up for that" I say, shrugging my shoulders.

"Well tough it's not happening, you've got to stay away from me Nath" she says.

"You know May, that statement only makes me want you more"

"Then find some other girl to have sex with, I'm sure it won't take you long... Hey there's a girl over there that's staring at you" she says, being the witty girl she is.

"Very funny" I say, sarcastically.

"I've got something for you actually" she says, searching her bag.

I drift my right arm over her shoulder as my left shoulder leans against the wall.

"And what might that be?" I says smirking, as I lift her chin slightly.

"The script for our Drama project you fool... You know, the Drama project you left me to finish on my own" she says feistily, as she shoves a stapled pile of paper at my chest. I stand upright and take it.

"Aren't you a beauty with benefits...thanks" I say, genuinely grateful. It's nice to have someone do all of your work for you.

"Learn it for two weeks tomorrow, if you were paying any attention in our last lesson, then you'd know that" She says, pulling a smug smile.

"Alright, don't get too cocky" I tease.

"You're the cocky one" she tuts.

"Yeah you're right, do you want to drop round mine tonight? or we could just ditch school right now" I suggest, giving her the eye.

"Oh please, give it a rest, it's not going to happen again you creep" she says. Her saying that just makes me realise how much she doesn't mean it, she doesn't want to call me a creep, it's just instinct. Her opinion on me has changed, I know it.

"We'll see about that beaut" I say, walking away before she can.

I catch up with Gray and Alyssa after school. We go for a short walk, which is pretty much the way home.

"Have you heard about this party on Friday?" Gray asks.

"What party? Where?" Alyssa says, straight on his case.

"Apparently Lockwood is throwing one, that's what I heard anyway" Gray says. I'd be surprised if that were true, surely that new bell end stepdad of hers won't let her throw a party in his home.

"Sounds like a rumour to me" I suggest.

"No it's not, her parents go on their honeymoon this week, so she will have a free house" He says, looking pleased.

"Even so... What makes you think she would invite you?" I laugh, as the possibility of that happening is extremely low.

"I invited her to my party" he says, like it would only be fair.

"Yeah and look how that ended you idiot" Alyssa laughs. I don't really what to remember that night, it wasn't my finest hour.

"She only got a drink thrown over and it wasn't even me" he says, acting innocent.

"There's no way in hell either of you are going to be invited" Alyssa says, like she thinks she will get an invitation.

"What makes you say that?!" I say.

"Seriously Nath, do you want the long answer or the short answer?" She asks.


"Well the short answer is no and the long answer is no because May can't stand your guts because you've always been such a complete bastard to her" she says, finding it funny. I suppose she has got a point.

"Oh who cares, I've always liked gatecrashing anyway" I say, an invite doesn't make a difference to me.

"Yeah, something tells me she wouldn't be too happy about that" Alyssa says, like I'm kidding myself.

"Something tells me she would" I mutter, although neither of them seem to pay much attention.

"So are you over Viv's bitch fit from earlier?" I say to Alyssa, finding it funny.

"Viv doesn't bother me" she says almost immediately, clearly putting on a brave face. Alyssa is still a hint of the girl she used to be, she never used to hang around with us.

"Sure about that?"

"Yes just drop it Nath!" She moans.

"God! Drop it Nath!" Gray says, imitating Alyssa's snappy voice. I laugh along with Gray and Alyssa doesn't bother to hide the pissy look on her face.

"So immature" she mutters.

"If we're so immature, then why are you hanging out with us Lyssa?" I joke, acting smarter than her.

"Well then perhaps I won't" she says.

"Lyssa calm it! You can't take a joke can you?" I ask, whilst she walks away fast, until she's gone. Damn she's so sensitive, God knows what she's like with Isaac when he doesn't call her back or something petty like that.

"You don't half have a knack for making girls storm away from you mate" Gray retorts.

"Gray my friend, you're ten times worse than I am" I say, as it's the bare truth.

"Yeah you're probably right, you know just the other day, this girl in the year below had a huge argument with me because I didn't call her back" he moans, harshly rolling his eyes.

"Did you fuck her, take her number and ignore her?" I ask, reading him like a book. Then again it's not that hard, I'm used to it because I'm exactly the same. Viv is the only girl I've ever called back, but that's only because she's my mate.

"Well yeah, but come on... can she not take the hint?"

"Next time mate, don't take her fucking number, just tell her it's a one time thing" I say, shrugging my shoulders because it's normal to me.

"But when I do that, they go all crazy-psycho-bitch on me" he says.

"Yeah you've just kind of got to deal with that" I say, as even I haven't found a solution to that problem.

Out of nowhere were interrupted by someone shouting at me.

"Nath! Wait up!" A girl says. We both stop walking and I look over my shoulder. Willow walks rather speedily towards us. I haven't determined whether she looks angry or not.

"What can I do for you little cousin?" I ask, folding my arms as she reaches us.

"Willow... Nice... Long skirt" Gray says, taking the piss out of her already. It's fair to say that Willow follows the school uniform regulations, but her skirt is just normal length. It doesn't surprise me that Gray picks up on it, because he likes sluts and Willow is far from that.

"Your such a dirty perve" she says, making me laugh. She's not one to swear, so her choice of insult does amuse me.

"Have you ever considered letting your hair down a little? Or pulling your skirt up a bit higher, sorry... maybe you just like looking plain" Gray suggests, give her a proper good look over. He's always been like this with her, he's worse than Isaac, I don't see why he does it.

"How I decide to dress has got nothing to do with you" she says, avoiding looking at him.

"Yeah alright if you say so" he laughs, giving up.

"Will you be going to May's party on Friday then?" He asks her.

"How did you know about that?" She asks.

"Everybody knows about that Hun" he says. I don't think I appreciate him calling my cousin Hun, but never mind.

"What did you want Willow?" I ask, sick of their bickering.

"What have you done to May?" She demands, crossing her arms.

"You'll have to be more specific" I joke.

"Her and Finn are arguing and you're at the bottom of it, so what happened?" She asks. This is beginning to get interesting, May must have told Finn we slept together, I didn't see that coming.

"Oh calm down, they will be best friends again by tomorrow" I say, finding it pathetic.

"Something tells me they won't as they haven't spoken since the wedding"

"Why do you care anyway?" I ask, avoiding what she really wants to know.

"I don't like having my friends fighting! So please tell me what's going on because I know you know something" she says, getting more and more suspicious by the second.

"Willow nothing is going on, so just drop it okay?" I reply, attempting to reason with her.

"I'll find out Nathan" she threatens, before walking away.

As we carry on walking, Gray appears to be overthinking what just happened.

"What did happen at that wedding? You disappeared for ages" he says, making me realise it's quite obvious if you puzzle everything together. We both disappeared at the wedding and we both came back at the same time, other than sex, what else would May and I have been doing?

"Nothing, Willow is chatting rubbish" I insist

"Changing the subject entirely... How the hell are you two even related?" He laughs. We are very different, but I have this conversation all the time, I'm bored of it. There's one thing that could decrease my boredom right now.

"I'll catch you later, I'm going this way" I say, turning around.

"Where are you going?" He asks, confused.

"There's somewhere I've got to be" I say, laughing to myself.

"Yeah alright, see you round" he says, scrolling down his phone as he continues strolling away.

I keep walking in the opposite direction to my house. It's as though I'm drawn there. I know May won't be too pleased to see me, but I don't care about that. She's going to have to get over her hatred for me eventually, partly I think she's beginning to.

Due to the gates being open, I easily walk up the drive and knock on the door. I feel excited when the door opens, but that excitement soon falls when I see it's the maid on her way out. She holds the door for me so that I can go in, she must have seen me around before, otherwise I'm sure she wouldn't let me in.

May wouldn't want me here, but that only makes me want to stay even more. It's her own fault, the sex was great and now I want more. I sound like a jerk, but that really is all I want her for. I'm not one for feelings.

"What are you doing here creep?" I hear a girl say, spitefully. I would have recognised the voice if it were May, but it's definitely not her. I sense her bitchy persona almost straight away; it's Scarlett.

"Scarlett, how're you today?" I say, raising an eyebrow. I have no interest in her, I just love winding girls up and driving them crazy. It doesn't seem to get to her the way it gets to May.

"Ugh, like you would care" she says, before she skips upstairs.

"Hey have you seen May?" I ask, but she carries on and ignores me. She was still in her uniform like me, perhaps May is still at school.

"Nathan, what are you doing here?" Timothy asks me, as he walks out of his study. This could be potentially awkward, but it doesn't bother me. I would have gone straight up to May's room, if there was no one in.

"May, is she around?" I ask.

"About that, I'd like to have a word, my study?" He says, however it isn't really a question. Something tells me this has got something to do with the whole naked photo thing. It was ages ago now, I don't see why it's still such a big deal. I served my time in detention.

"Okay then" I say, almost laughing. Whatever this is about, I don't really give a damn. Some would say he's quite intimidating, but not to me.

"Sorry, what's this all about?" I say, making myself comfortable and taking a seat. I start messing around with one of the pens on his desk, just to pass the time. He starts by snatching it from me before putting it back in the pen pot.

"I'm not sure I like you hanging around with my step daughter" he says, folding his arms.

"Why?" I laugh. This is some kind of serious conversation and I'm not good at those. I just end up being cocky as usual.

"I don't approve and that's all you need to know" he says. What's that supposed to mean? Am I not good enough? Probably not.

Physically, May and I are equal. But she's way too good for me, in her words, I'm a 'fuckboy'. I don't see what this has got to do with Timothy and why he even cares.

"Cassandra loves me" I joke. To my knowledge, May's Mother hasn't got a problem with me. I've known them all my life, but not Timothy.

"This is my opinion and I don't want you seeing May" he replies, being a bit controlling.

"We're not seeing each other, I don't do commitment" I say, laughing as the thought of it scares me.

"I have eyes on everyone, I know what you two have been up to, I know everything" he says, it's kind of creepy in fairness.

"We haven't been up to anything" I say, I know he would kill her if he knew everything.

"Are you sure about that?" He says, trying to act smarter than me, but it's not going to work.

"Can I ask, why are you controlling who she sees? Bit weird, don't you think Tim" I say, frowning as I sit upright in his chair. His poker face is uncanny.

"I know what you and your family are like and I don't want your bad reputation inflicting on us" he says seriously.

"Yeah... No offence taken" I say, losing eye contact due to the awkwardness.

"Stay away from her Nathan, I mean that" he says, thinking I would actually do as he says.

"I think May can decide for herself who she likes to... Spend her time with" I say, discretely. I'm sure that if I mentioned sex, then he would kick me out right this second.

"You've been warned Nathan, you don't want to get on my bad side, I think you know what I'm capable of" he responds, harshly glaring at me.

"Then I'll get going" I say, massively bored now. He follows me out. I look around one last time, but I

don't see her.

Does Timothy really think that his threats scare me? I've hardly processed a word he said, because I really don't care what he thinks.

On my way out, I surprisingly bump straight into May. She's just getting back from school, how slow does she walk?

If only I'd have turned up five minutes later, we could be up in her room right now. That thought excites me again.

"Alright beaut?" I wink, I know it gets to her so I do it as much as I can. Every time I wink at her, her cheeks blush, which proves how nervous she really is around me. At least that's what I like to believe.

"What are you doing at my house?" She asks, narrowing her eyes.

"Came to see you of course, ever since the wedding... I want more" I say, giving her the eye. She looks surprised at first and then she pulls a fake repulsed look. It's so fake, because she loves it when I say things like that to her. Just to tease her a little, I let my hand run down to her back and pull her waist close to me. Mid of the drive way isn't the best place, Timothy would kill me if he saw us.

"Get your hands off me Nath, what happened the other night was a mistake!" She yells and harshly pushes me back. I catch my balance and slip my hands into my pockets. It annoys her when I act like I don't care.

"Were both times a mistake? Or just the time you were sober?" I ask, picking up on the facts.

"Both times! And for the record, that first time... You completely took advantage of me" she moans, hitting the high notes in yelling at me.

"This isn't helping beaut, nothing makes me as turned on as seeing you when you're angry" I say, lifting her chin and kissing her lightly. She doesn't respond, she just lets me kiss her. I'd like to be doing a bit more than kissing, but never mind.

"No that's enough, go find some other girl to

kiss" she says, wiping her mouth, before walking up to her door.

"I'll just find some other girl to fuck, if you're not willing to do the honours" I say, with a devilish smile.

"And you wonder why I want nothing to do with you!" she snaps, before continuing up to her door, looking positively pissed off at the look on my face.

After a late session at the bar, I get in and intend on going straight to bed. I take a quick shower and fall into my bed. Out the corner of my eye, I see that script May gave me sticking out of my bag. I suppose I could give it a quick glance.

It looks alright until I start reading it, everything is fine, it's just really.... Dark. Our topic was divorcing parents. If she's writing from experience, then she must be a mess inside her head. I suppose you could almost feel guilty for her. But I don't feel for her. Feelings are completely out of the equation.

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