He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


13. Chapter 13


"What do you think you're doing?" I say to Nathan, in my usual harsh tone.

"We've just had sex in my hotel room and now you're asking me what I'm doing?" He says, looking confused, but still acting like a pretentious jerk.

"You agreed you'd come down five minutes after me" I mutter, as I notice two wedding guests walk past us, giving me funny looks. I'm fairly sure they heard what he just said.

"I'm not playing games May, just deal with it, this is what hook ups are all about" he says, redoing his tie. He could have done that upstairs. It makes things ten times more suspicious.

"Damn you" I sigh, before walking right off. I straighten my dress a little, just out of nerves.

I can't believe what I've just done, that's twice in twenty four hours. What is wrong with me? I've never done anything so stupid in my entire whole life.

I dream of retracing my steps, when I walk into the wedding hall and all the guests are sat being served main courses. I don't think my departure was as unnoticed as I'd hoped. In all honesty I didn't think my Mother would even blink an eye. Nathan makes things worse when he walks in after me, straight over to his seat which is with the same people he was sat with last night. I notice his Mom look a little confused by his absence, but not as much as mine. My Mother's eyes are on me like a hawk. I choose to ignore it and take my seat.

"Where the hell have you been for the past twenty minutes? And what on earth have you done to your hair" Finn says, overly frowning at my hairstyle. That immediately makes me self conscious. When I look in my mirror and fix it to how it looked before, I'm reminded of Nathan grasping onto my hair less than ten minutes ago. This is all his fault. I know it takes two people, but I'm still going to lay all the blame on him. Nobody would understand, no matter how much of a complete twat Nathan is, he is also extremely good looking and it's so hard to say no to him. Denying him for so long just made it worse.

"Erm... I was hoping to miss the God awful speeches, but I doubt I have?" I say in response to his question. He actually accepts that as a valid reason for my absence.

I feel like what has really happened is so obvious, then again maybe it's just obvious to me because it's on my conscience.

"Nope sorry, you've got the joys of that to look forward to" Finn says, sarcastically. The speeches can't be any worse than last night. Last night just needs to be written off.

In a good way, I haven't really thought about it that much. Probably because I've been too busy sneaking around with Nath, he really does completely take my mind off everything.

I'm still conscious of how my hair looks after the main courses are finished, so I have to go to the toilets to check it.

"May... what is going on?" Someone says. I look up and see my Mom's reflection in the mirror. I turn around to face her.

"What are you talking about?" I say, laughing just to lighten the situation. She holds up her wedding dress, as she walks closer to me. She tucks a loose piece of her blonde hair behind her ear, as she looks at me with worried eyes.

"Is this some kind of cry for attention? For today, I honestly thought we could forget about last night"

She says, looking her fair share of hurt. How could I possibly forget about last night? And how could she?

The feeling that your an outcast, never really goes away. No matter how much time I've spent with Nath in the past twenty four hours, it's no where near enough to erase last night from my memory.

"Cry for attention?" I repeat, laughing. That's really not my style, it sounds like something Scarlett would be capable of, but definitely not me.

"Skipping our wedding reception" she says, folding her arms and expecting an explanation. Everyone is so over the top, I only missed the first course, what is the big deal?

"I hardly-" I begin.

"Where were you?" She asks. I can't exactly say, sorry Mom, I skipped the first part of your wedding reception because I was having sex with Nathan, the same Nathan your now husband insisted I was to stay away from. Something tells me that wouldn't go down particularly well; note the sarcasm.

"Nowhere, I just went to freshen up, no offence but this dress is a pain in the ass" I say, making her frown at me using the word ass. I'm going to hell for the amount of excuses I make and lies I tell.

"Don't lie to me" she says, widening her eyes.

"Im not-" I start lying.

"You were with a boy weren't you?" she says, with a look that knows something. I pause before answering. I consider just telling her, but if I do then she would think it's some kind of cry for attention, when it's really not. It was a heat of the moment sort of thing and it was all Nathan's fault.

"... I don't know what you're talking about" I say, attempting to be as believable as possible.

"May I can smell the men's aftershave all over you" she says, raising her voice.

Crap, I didn't think about that. Maybe I should have showered. If Nathan weren't such a posh boy with his expensive aftershave, then I wouldn't even be having this awkward conversation right now. Having voluntary sex with someone takes two people, but I'm blaming it all on him.

It annoys me that she's raising her voice, I'm eighteen soon and the guys I choose to spend my time with really has nothing to do with her.

"Of course I haven't, it's probably Finn, he's desperate to impress a girl any girl, I'd watch out if I were you" I joke, trying to be lighthearted.

"Honestly Mother what do you think of me?" I say, noticing she's starting to believe me slightly. I guess I'm rather good at making my way out of trouble.

"I'm sorry" she says, bowing her head.

Now I feel bad, because everything she's accused me of is true, but now she feels guilty for being so judgemental.

"It's fine, we best get back out there" I suggest, receiving a slight smile from her before we rejoin the party.

Day soon turns to night and at some point everyone starting joining the dance floor. I stay as far away from it as possible, poor Finn is dragged up by Willow. He's not the best dancer in the world, then again neither is anyone else on that dance floor. It's also getting late, some guests have started to leave, I wish I was one of them. This has to be the worst part about weddings, it's just awkward.

Scarlett is also up there, doing slut drops around a small group of guys when her Father isn't looking. How desperate can you get?

I stick to being antisocial by scrolling down my phone. There's nothing else for me to do besides drink and after last night, I don't want to see another glass of carbonated alcohol for a long time.

"May! Hi" someone says, pretty much shouting over the music. I notice it's Isobel, Nathan's older sister. It is nice to see her I suppose, she's nothing like him.

"Isabelle, how're you?" I say, following her to the bar, as it's quieter there. We have general chit chat for a few minutes before she makes things really awkward.

"So look, I know it's none of my business, but I heard about what my stupid brother did" she says. My heart sinks, as I wonder what she's referring to. She couldn't possibly know about what happened between Nath and I last night and earlier on. Unless Nathan has a bigger mouth than I thought, I can guarantee he's already blabbed to Isaac and Gray.

Then I stop being such a paranoid idiot and realise she's more than likely talking about the photo him and Isaac sent around. That was a distant memory until now, it makes me feel even worse about everything I've done with Nath. How could I sleep with him? The guy that purposely took and sent topless pictures of me around the whole school. What's happened to me to make such a gullible and dumb fool?

"Sorry is it a sensitive subject?" She asks, most likely because I haven't replied. I've been too busy overthinking my stupid mistakes. I can't even call Nathan a drunken mistake now, due to the fact I was completely sober before.

"No no, I'm over it, your brothers stupid mind games don't get to me" I say. I suppose that picture going around did affect me, but how could it not. It's disrespectful towards girls to do that. Disrespectful is one of Nathan's biggest flaws and I still slept with the guy. I guess you could call me the idiot.

"Well I've had words don't worry" she says.

"Oh you really shouldn't, he's never going to change" I insist.

"It's just him attempting to flirt with you if that's any consolation"

"It's pretty messed up if that's his pick up technique" I frown.

"He's probably just desperate, the guy has liked you since you were kids" she mutters, before taking a swig of her drink.

What? I think before having to say it.

"I'm saying he was probably just flirting, because he wants you so much" she says, not understanding what I'm getting at.

"You just said he liked me" I repeat, sounding fairly put off.

"Well yeah, isn't it obvious" she says, like I'm delirious to what she's talking about.

"No not really, I don't see how a guy that 'likes me' could do all the shit he's done to me in the past" I say, not intentionally raising my voice.

"May don't get upset" she patronises.

"I'm not upset" I insist.

"I can tell you are, but it's not a big deal"

"You don't even know me, so leave me the hell alone" I say, feeling my face contort. I'm speaking harshly to her, but everything she's saying is just infuriating me more and more.

"I'm sorry I don't understand what I've done wrong"

"Nothing Isabelle, I'm the one that's done something wrong!" I say, letting my forehead fall into the palm of my hand. There's so much going on at the moment. Part of me feels bad for her, I'm completely going mental at her and it's not her fault.

"May calm down" she says, looking a little concerned. I notice I've unintentionally drawn attention to us. I look up to see Nathan making his way over here, he looks different to the way he usually looks. It's almost as if he looks overly curious as to what's going on.

"Look, it was good to see you, have a nice night" I say, walking away and out of there.

Everything she said just made me feel worse and worse. Nathan never liked me. He's only ever wanted me for one thing and I've given him the satisfaction of it. How could I sink so low? What would Finn think of me if he knew? What would my Dad think? What would my Mom think?

It's something that girls like Alyssa and Vivian would do and I'm pretty sure I'm nothing like them. But what I've done kind of puts me in the same category as those two.

All I want to do is go to bed at home. Screw this wedding, screw everything. I don't care anymore.

"Hey May!" Someone says sharply. It's that distinctively, annoying voice you'd recognise anywhere.

"What is it Scarlett?" I reply, mimicking the same sharp tone she used.

"Do you have an anger issue or something?!" She exaggerates, squinting at me.

"What?" I say, kind of offended.

"Every time I see you, your either shouting at me or someone else!" She 'shouts'. Hypocrite.

"Maybe people piss me off, people like you" I say, not being able to avoid my sarcasm.

"It's our parents wedding, stop ruining everything" she demands.

"Ruining everything? If you hadn't realised Scarlett, you're the only one that noticed me go off on one just now, so I'm hardly the one disrupting their 'big day'" I say, having to get my point across.

"You spoil everything! Your such a negative person and your presence depresses me" she moans. Call me sensitive, but her choice of words are sort of hurtful. She's basically calling me a home-wrecker.

"There are many things you are, but I'm not as cruel as you are, I wouldn't say them to your face" I say, hoping I come across as the bigger person.

"Oh go and find someone else to cause a dispute with, I'm going to bed!" She snaps, walking towards the lift.

I feel like tearing my hair out, I'm that wound up. It's just one thing after another all the time.

After about five minutes of standing around feeling sorry for myself, I go to the lift and crouch down against the wall, whilst I wait for it come down. I cross my arms over my knees, not even knowing where I'm going now. I can't go to my room, I'm sharing with Scarlett, I'm afraid we will start world war 3. I don't even know what room Finn is in, so it looks like I'll be getting a taxi home at this rate.

"What's going on?" Nathan says out of no where. He sounds sort of upbeat, as though he thinks I won't go crazy at him like I have with everyone else.

"I don't want to talk to you" I say, acting childish before returning to slumping my head over my arms.

"Well tough you're talking to me" he says, annoyingly offering me a hand to get up.

"There's nothing to talk about" I say, standing up without his help. I'm pissed at him, I let him take advantage of me twice. Maybe the second time wasn't entirely his fault, but I'm still annoyed at him.

"So what did my sister say to make you storm off?" He asks. It's weird, it's as though he seriously wants to know why I'm down. The thought of him actually caring, makes me feel uneasy.

"Nothing" I mutter. It's weird that it's not awkward between us, considering I was naked in front of him a few hours ago.

"Will you stop being so damn stubborn and talk to me" He laughs.

"I've just had an argument with Scarlett and now I have to go and share a room with her, so please feel free to shoot me" I joke, although I'm not actually upbeat enough to be making jokes.

"Is that it?" He smirks. The look I give him answers his question straight away. "Why didn't you say that in the first place, come on" he insists, pulling me into the lift. Standing in the lift together is a lot different now to how it was earlier.

"You can stay in my room" he suggests, although it's like it's not even a suggestion.

"Nath no, I'm not having sex with you okay" I say, annoyed and half tempted to stop the lift doors from shutting.

"Whoa, who said anything about sex? You've satisfied me enough for one day beaut" he says, holding me back so that the doors shut.

"You're going to let me share your bed and not expect sex?" I ask, as though what I'm saying sounds normal to me. I'm entirely surprised by the way he shakes his head.

"I know I'm a total man whore May, but I can be nice sometimes" he replies, saying exactly what I was thinking.

"Yeah that's a rarity I'm not used to" I say, rolling my eyes.

"Oh please, I'm always nice to you" he says, as though I'm being melodramatic. I can't think of one example to justify what he's claiming.

"Really? Like when you sent a photo of me topless around the whole entire school!" I say, getting angry just thinking about it.

"Are you still hung up on that?" He mutters, like it's not a big deal. He swipes his key card and holds the door for me. I prefer entering his room like this, as apposed to entering with his hands all over me and my dress unzipped.

"I'm never going to forgive you for the shit you've put me through Nath" I say, as it's the honest truth. Yeah I may have slept with him, but I'm not going to forget everything he's done in the past. Some people say the past is the past, but I can't say that, I don't see how you can forgive someone for hurting you like that.

"I felt pretty forgiven last night and earlier on" he says, raising his eyebrows.

"Oh don't kid yourself" I laugh.

Just as I casually sit down on his bed (the sheets of which are still scrunched up from earlier on), I realise I'm going to have to sleep in my underwear, as I was stupid enough to not grab some clothes from my room. I don't know why I see that as a big deal, considering I've already been naked in front of him today.

"I'll just... sleep on the sofa" I say, looking at the red sofa and seeing it as my bed for the evening. I need a blanket or something to cover myself up. I'm kind of self conscious about sleeping in front of him.

"No way" he says, shaking his head, plucking up the pillows. His blazer was off before we came upstairs, now he undoes a couple of the buttons on his shirt before pulling it over his head, grabbing it from the back. I try and look away from him, I guess you don't appreciate their good looks when you're so caught up in the moment.

"We've had sex... a couple times now" he says, smirking a little "... So I don't see why sharing a bed together is any different" he says, making me shiver a little (shiver in a good way).

"No I'll take the sofa, seriously" I insist, trying to act casual and ignore what he said. I make my way over to it, grabbing the throw from the end of the bed. It'll have to do.

"Beaut take the bed" he says, laughing.

"No Nath, honestly it's fine" I say, getting tetchy. I'm not being overly moody with him, I guess I'm partly grateful to him for letting me stay here and not in my room with that little brat.

"May were not arguing about this, get in the damn bed" he says, raising his voice. I know he's only playing, but he can be quite demanding when he wants to be.



"No!" I say, not meaning to laugh.

"May Lockwood get here right now" he jokingly shouts. I protest by sitting down on the sofa.

"Am I going to have to force you?" He suggests.

"You can try" I say smugly, lying down and facing the opposite way so that I don't have to look at him. I shut my eyes and the first thing I realise is his strong arms wrapping around my waist.

"You asked for it" he teases, picking me up over his shoulder and putting me down on the double bed. The shock made me squeal in protest just a little.

I'm still fully dressed, but he is topless. I can't help my hand drifting down his chest. The grooves in his six pack are too noticeable to avoid.

It's weird, he's on top of me, holding my arms against the mattress and I can't stop laughing. It's definitely the first time I've laughed all day.

I finally come to my senses and act as serious as I usually do. I clear my throat as I sit up.

"I guess the bed would be better than the sofa" I say, accepting it.

"Obviously" he mutters. His eyes focus on me, as though he's trying to tempt me into returning to the state we were just in.

"Well good night" I say, rather hurriedly. This moment I'm lost in needs to end, I'm not sleeping with him again. I don't need to, I don't want to and I shouldn't.

"Hold up... What were you talking to my sister about before you stormed off?" He says, purposely offending me. I wouldn't say I stormed off, I'd say I casually came up with a reason to leave.

"Nothing you need to concern yourself with" I say, lying on my side.

"It was me you were talking about then" he assumes, also lying down.

"Potentially" I mutter.

"Potentially means yes... What did she say?" He asks, not sounding too thrilled.

"She was just apologising for your mistakes" I reply, eager to end this conversation and get some much needed sleep.

"Oh really? That's what made you storm off?" He asks, knowing there's more. I sit up, as part of me knows he won't let me sleep until he's gotten it out of me.

"Okay, she told me you've liked me since we were kids... Which is just a load of bull that makes me cringe" I say, realising I may as well just say it how it is.

"If by like she means have some sort of desire to sleep with, then she's right" he says, looking pleased with himself.

"Way to make me feel like a slut" I say, pissed.

"You're far too innocent to be a slut beaut" he says, before tapping off the light. I assume that's my queue to go to sleep, but that comment has messed with my head. Was it his idea of a compliment? It couldn't have been, Nath doesn't do compliments, unless it has something to do with the way you look or the clothes you're wearing.

"You know what, maybe I should just go back to my room" I say, sitting up. I'm so hesitant it's stupid.

"Lie back down" he says, not even paying attention, he too is lying down, like he's about to go to sleep. He didn't even see me sit up, it's almost like he knows me too well.

"Fine" I accept and do as he says.

I have a pretty reckless night, due to how awkward I feel sleeping next to him. Last night was fine at the rehearsal party, but that's because I was completely wasted. I've avoided alcohol all day, but I kind of wish I'd have been a little tipsy before deciding to share his bed. I notice the clock and realise it's half five, I'm dreading waking up next to him, so I decide to get myself out now. I look over at him fast asleep on his back. He looks sort of angelic when he's sleeping, you'd never believe how narcissistic he is when seeing him like this. In a weird way, he has been nothing but nice to me tonight. It's as though he is two completely different people, one minute he is almost acting like a gentleman, but before you know it he will be back to his usual ways. At that thought, I ignore the way he looks and remember him for who he really is and quietly get up and sneak out.

I get back to my room and thankfully don't wake Scarlett up. I manage to shower and get changed into something more comfortable than that god damn dress. It's half six by the time I have everything in my suitcase and I'm out of there. Surely everyone else is still asleep, so I decide to go down and have breakfast as there's nothing else to do. Just as I walk out of the lift, I notice Timothy at the front desk; he's most likely hassling the poor woman he's talking to about the hotel not being up to scratch, or something condescending like that. I bolt it just to avoid him, it's not so easy to go unnoticed when your dragging a suitcase.

"May?" He says, walking over to me. Typical.

Why is he even here? It was his wedding night, surely he should be with my Mother.

"What's up?" I say, standing up my suitcase.

"I want answers" he demands, folding his arms. For a minute I think he's joking, because I don't have a clue what he is talking about.

"Excuse me?" I laugh.

"Where were you yesterday?" He asks. This is really beginning to piss me off now, it's my life and I'll do what I want. Why does he have to pick up on everything I bloody well do?

"Oh I was at this wedding, you might have been there too" I say, being sarcastic with him because I know it frustrates him.

"Don't act smart with me, where were you?" He asks. I wasn't acting smart, I was pretty much stating the obvious.

"Where was I when?" I say, sadly knowing exactly what he's talking about.

"When everyone was seated for the meal... you disappeared, it was your Mother's wedding day and you decided to wonder off... so tell me May, what is more important?" He asks, patronisingly. The way he speaks is sort of scary, it's as though he knows all your secrets and at some point he will use them against you.

"I really don't think it's any of your business" I say. I would probably lie anyway, but I would never stand here and tell him that I was having sex with the guy he specifically warned me to stay away from.

"That's where you're wrong, it is my business, you're my stepdaughter now" he says, like he cares when he really doesn't. This look he gives you makes it so obvious that he wishes you'd never been born. In his eyes, he's perfect, my Mother is perfect and his daughter is perfect... And then there's me; not so perfect and a complete mess.

"Look I was only gone for ten minutes, what's the big deal?" I snap, receiving a dark frown from him. He doesn't appreciate you raising your voice at him.

"If that's your answer, then please tell me... Who's bed did you share last night?" He asks, suspiciously.

"What?" I laugh, finding it hard to believe that he could possible know.

"You were supposed to be sharing rooms with Scarlett, but you weren't there"

"Well your not-so-charming daughter was verbally abusing me last night, so I don't know... Maybe I didn't want to share a room with her" I say, smart mouthed.

"That doesn't answer my question"

"For God sake! I crashed in Finn's room because I didn't want to be in a room with her, are you happy now?" I demand. Something tells me by the look on his face that he doesn't believe my lies.

"That's odd considering Finn was staying in room 121 and you came out of room 207" he says, widening his eyes at me.

"What the hell? Do you have people stalking me or something?" I say, kind of freaked out.

"Room 207 was booked by the Harper's, so do explain" he says rather intimidatingly, as he ignores my question.

"You have issues" I say, feeling particularly sickened. How on earth could he know I stayed in Nathan's room without having someone follow me?

"Last warning May, stay away from him" he says, calmer than you'd expect. He walks over to the lift, he walks as though he believes he's more superior to everyone else.

A while later, I bump into Finn in the lobby. He looks at me strange, I suppose he's surprised that I'm up so early.

"How'd you sleep?" He asks.

"Fine" I say, sharply. I don't want to say anything that will make him pick up on what really happened.

"What's got you so tetchy?" He laughs.

"Timothy, the creeper" I say, still hung up on our previous conversation.

"Ah, that explains it then" he says.

"He can be a scary guy you know"

"Yeah I know, when are they going to sod off on their honeymoon?" He asks, making me laugh.

"Soon I hope"

"Do you know what I think?" He says, widening his eyes.

"What do you think Finn?" I ask, partly knowing where this is going.

"I think you should have a party when they are away" he says. I knew it.

"No way! Are you kidding me? Timothy would kill me" I joke. It's no exaggeration, I'm fairly certain he would take drastic measures if he knew I'd thrown a party at the house whilst they were away.

"All the more reason" he says, shrugging his shoulders.

"Good point, I'll consider it" I reply, the idea growing on me. No doubt Scarlett would grass on me if I did throw a party.

"So... How was sharing your hotel room with Satan's child last night" he asks, gritting his teeth. His description of Scarlett is completely on point.

"It was..." I begin to make up some rubbish, before the lift pings open, making us both look behind from the front desk. Talk about bad timing.

"Nath" I mutter, or more so whisper under my breath. Finn looks at me, as he heard me say Nathan's name.

If anything he looks suspicious, but how could he possibly know?

This is an awkward situation, considering I snook out this morning. He doesn't pick up on us looking at him until he walks out of the lift. Black t-shirt, black jeans, black lace ups, his dark hair messy; his best look. Black is just his colour, it must pronounce his eyes or something. He slowly looks up from his phone and sees us both. Gently, the standard look on his face turns into a minor smirk.

"Morning" he says, elongating the word as he causally walks past us and out of the hotel. There's so much going on inside my head right now, I don't know what to think. I'm not going to lie, partly I enjoyed sneaking around with him yesterday. His rebellious behaviour is rubbing off on me.

"What was that all about?" Finn asks, looking at me confused.

"Nothing" I say, pounds of guilt filling me up. I normally tell Finn everything. How can I keep this from him? I can't. But how do I tell him.

"May?..." He says, noticing the pity on my face.

"Finn I..."

"Go on..." He prompts, seeming concerned. This is even harder than I thought.

"Nathan... He and I... We kind of... Well he sort of kissed me, maybe a couple of times" I say, I can't bring myself to tell him everything.

"Excuse me?" He says, looking as freaked out as I was earlier with Timothy.

"Finn I didn't mean to" I begin, but he's too angry to listen.

"You've got to be kidding me, you kissed that guy? Were you high or something?" He says, finding that the only possible reason that I could let myself do it.

"No, it was just in the heat of the moment" I say, making him snort a laugh.

"He wants you for one thing May!" Finn insists. That makes me feel ten times worse, because that thing Finn is referring to, is something I've already done.

"I know, but I was drunk" I say, lying again, I was drunk at the rehearsal party, but I wasn't drunk all the other times.

"I don't believe you! How could you degrade yourself like that"

"Finn I'm sorry, I know how much you hate him, I hate him too but-"

"But nothing! It takes two people to kiss May"

He says, even more annoyed now. If this is how he reacts to finding out I kissed Nathan, then how would he react if he knew I'd slept with the guy.

"Finn calm down!" I say, as he will cause a scene in a minute. It's far too early in the morning to be having a debate.

"You know what I feel kind of sick, I'll see you later" he exaggerates, walking out.

"Finn!" I shout, hoping he will respond, but he carries on storming away from me.

I'm so sick of everything and everyone. Finn is the only person that has kept me sane since being back here and now he hates me. I can't go through school without him, I've got to make this right. This thing with Nath has got to stop. I'm not the girl that has one night stands with complete fuck-boys. That's something Vivian does and I don't want to be anything like her.

I never would have done anything this stupid in Spain. Maybe it's my growing hate for Timothy and school and everything else that's making me stray away from my normal ways.

Thinking of being back in Spain makes me really want to be there right now. Life would be so much easier.

I decide to ring my Dad, surely that will cheer me up just a little, there's nothing else that could tame my awful mood.

I grab my phone out of my back pocket. Before I can call my Dad's number, I'm distracted by a notification on my screen. A text from Nathan. I should ignore it shouldn't I? But part of me doesn't want to. It's not as if I have to reply, so I could just read it and ignore it, right?

'Text if you get lonely beaut... I'm here if you need a pick me up ;)' it says.

Just reading it, I picture him saying it. I feel a devilish smirk on my face. That's really not like me. His sleazy texts should repulse me. Why aren't they repulsing me?! What's happening to me?

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